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October 05 2007

I like my giantesses gentle,most of the time anyways. Stories? I like those with a good amount of plot development or well written sexy scenes, both would be nice. When it comes to writing, expect stories with a good plot and well thought out characters.


Stories I want to do but haven't done yet:

1. A Superhero Giantess story. 

2. A fantasy setting with giantesses.

3. A fairytale story given a giantess twist.(No, not Jack and the Beanstalk. Too obvious)

4. A post apocalyptic tale featuring one or more giantesses. 

5. A story of redemption featuring a giantess.

6. Plenty more but it'll come to me. 


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Stories by Nostory

BFG: Bully by Nostory

Rated: PG • 14 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

High school isn't easy. Being 200 feet tall in a world made for normal people is no walk in the park either. Combine those two and you get Dawn Martel's situation. Throw in bullies who want to mess with a giantess and things get interesting.


Will Dawn be able to handle them? Find out in this tale!

BFG: Dance by Nostory

Rated: PG • 10 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Being over 200 feet tall can make your life pretty interesting but all Dawn Martel wants is an unremarkable life where she isn't the center of attention. A school dance is the last place to get that. 

 Yet she is going for one, despite her reservations about it. She hopes nothing will happen, everyone will forget whatever she did there but not everyone feels that way. A few familiar faces want to make sure she never forgets that night.

Will Dawn survive a night like that? Tune in to find out!

A direct sequel to the last chapter of BFG: Limbo and the entire story of BFG: Bully. 

BFG: Limbo by Nostory

Rated: PG • 15 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Jessica Snape finds herself in a world after mysteriously disappearing from Home whilst on a picnic with her good friend Tucker Martel.

 Where is she? Is she alone? Will she get out? Read on to find out more.

BFG: Sins of the Father by Nostory

Rated: PG • 10 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

What seems to be another day on Home for Jessica Martel and her family turns into a life and death situation when the son of an old enemy returns to seek revenge against Jessica. It seems straight forward, fight him and save the planet but life is rarely so simple. She may need help but who could assist her in such an endeavour? 

Connected Fates by Nostory, lancealot501

Rated: PG • 7 Reviews


  A love story across time and space, four couples from different universes are thrown together. All of them must make sense of where they are  and why are they even there in the first or risk being trapped forever.  


 Lancealot501 is the true author but due to account problems I'm uploading it for him with the pair of us as co-authors. 

Downtrodden by Nostory

Rated: R • 239 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Alvin Summers, seventeen going on eighteen has enough on his plate. Bullies at home and in school, a social life as alive as a fossil and under immense pressure to get to a good college, these don't even come close to the biggest one of all.

 Maybe things will get better, maybe he'll rise up. If it does, the path ahead is fraught with danger and he'll need to be at his best to fend off whatever threats may come his way. 

A story set in the Interiszables Universe created by vgiv. 

From The Ashes by Nostory, versusterminus7

Rated: R • 3 Reviews

We've all made mistakes in our lives, some more serious than others. What if that mistake endangers an entire village? Can you ever come back from that?

For Sery,she find she herself in that exact situation. She's done some awful things, asking herself those exact questions and wondering if coming back from it is a Sisyphean task. 


I'm So Sorry.... by Nostory

Rated: R • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

A tiny, insignificant specimen of a man learns what happens when a man in his position lets down his all powerful mistress. This is not my usual fare so consider this a heads up. Credit to StubbornStain for doing the editing. 

Jade by Nostory

Rated: PG • 11 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Todd, a college freshman runs into Jade. She's a freshman just like him. Unlike him, she's a giantess. Hijinks ensue. 

If you've read my previous stories, The Escape Redux & Uptown Girl, read the chapter named "An Explanation" . If you have never read it, you can still read that chapter but its not essential for you to do so. Also, I'll add new tags to the story if the chapter requires it. 

Prejudice by vgiv, Nostory

Rated: X • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Takes place a little after Downtrodden, and in the same universe as well. A young and aspiring woman, hopes to one day become a member of WFBS, a organization that feels women are superior to men, especially with their now considerable size difference. She realizes how wrong her supposed morale standpoint is through tragedy.

The Escape Redux by Nostory

Rated: R • 54 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

What happens when a young Englisman on vacation finds him washed up on an island? An island containing a sexy sassy giantess to boot? Fun and adventures of likes of which Jack Erikson has never experienced before!

This is a re-write of The Escape, I'm redoing it to address plotholes and the quality of the writing, it could do with an improvement. 

Credit given to fellow user vgiv, who gave me advice on character development, fact checking, someone to bounce ideas off and to critique my writing when needed! 

Uptown Girl by Nostory

Rated: R • 41 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Set after the events of The Escape Redux, Jessica Chen is no longer living on the island she called home for ten years but with her rich billionaire friend Jack who agreed to house the giantess for the time being. She doesn't expect it to be trouble but when you throw a two hundred foot giantess into the mix, trouble is the least to expect.


  As if things could not get any worse, Jessica must contend with Jack's girlfriend Caitlin, a woman who cannot stand the sight of Jessica and believes the latter has an ulterior motive. Which is false, Jessica wouldn't have anything up her sleeve? Or does she? 

Tune in to find out how our beloved sassy giantess gets out of this one!

Also, I had help from both vgiv who helped me with the outline and general idea of where the story and series as would go. Finally, a big thank you to versusterminus7 for providing a second opinion on the story itself!

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