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Author's Chapter Notes:

I really rushed this one out, felt guilty over no update since January. Do feel free to point out any errors in the bios page. 


Yeah, so this is the bios page. One of the things I picked up from the Titan series, hope you like it. 


Jessica  蕙卿 (Huì Qīng )Chen


Age: 21


Height: 195 feet , 59.44 metres


Measurements: 36D/25.5/36


Weight: 2,184 tons / 1,981 metric tons




   People who know Jessica will tell you she’s direct when it comes to her choice of words. Because of her size, she won’t pull any punches when it comes to criticism or insults but th she won’t retract from praise when the situation calls for it. The only people who have never felt this are her parents Wallace and Maria; the sole reason being she respects them too much for it.


   She can put up with a lot of crap from people but thankfully most people don’t try to test her limits, she lost her temper once and after that, no one wanted an encore.


 As a child, Jessica always had an affinity for languages and thanks to her Spanish-Chinese background, her parents made an effort to teach her the language of her ancestors. Jessica took to it like a fish to water, becoming fluent in both Spanish and Mandarin by the time she wore her first training bra. Not even English was neglected and Jessica is proud to be fluent in the three most spoken languages.


 She tries to practice it with any visitors to the island and thankfully, most of them co-operate with her.


Jack Erikson

Jack Erikson

Age: 22


Height: 6 feet 0 inches, 1.83 metres




 Most people would describe Jack as a childish, arrogant cowardly man. These people are correct. With his wealth and connections, Jack has always had everything handed to him on a platter. Girls throwing themselves at his feet and men trying to weasel their way into his inner circle, life has been nothing short of a dream come true for him.


  It does help that he has the looks and charm to win them over, except for one girl, one very large girl .


It is because of this that Jack can’t stand Jessica . It abhors him that she isn’t swooning over him, her indifference to his wealth and looks an affront to him.


 Jack considers him a ladies man , reality backing his claim. He can also be naive, his parent’s large fortune has shielded from the horrors of the world and on a deserted island, that isn’t what you need.




Dr. Wallace   德伦 (Dé Lún)  Chen


Age: 55


Height: 5 feet 9 inches / 1.75m




 Wallace had a hard life as a kid ,growing up against the backdrop of the Cultural Revolution in China but got out  before things really went crazy. Moving to the USA via Hong Kong, he studied hard and graduated with a degree in biology from Harvard before getting a doctorate in genetics.


 He believes science should be used for the betterment of mankind and strives to break through every obstacle between him and the goal. Thus his decision to work with Leighton, a company that specialises in frontier science, modifying the very genome of plants and animals to benefit humanity.


 Not all of it worked out, he still feels the occasional pang of guilt over Jessica’s condition but has told himself it was for the best. She would be dead if not for him.


 He is a staunch family man , Jessica and his now estranged wife Maria the driving force behind all of his work at Leighton. He wished Maria would see it that way but now with only Jessica left, he has thrown himself into making sure she gets the best he can give her.


Lauren Anderson


Age: 42


Height 5 feet 8 inches / 1.73 m


Personality:    In some respects, Lauren resembles Jessica. Both of them don’t tolerate fools, both of them have an aura of intimidation but Lauren achieves it without being a giantess.

The youngest CEO in Leighton’s eighty year history, Lauren is proud of that fact and also because she is the first woman to achieve it.


 Of course, she is not just a pretty face as some of her detractors whispered behind her back.  She has a business acumen most of her older colleagues lacked, allied with a ruthless streak to leave her competitors trailing have kept Leighton going strong in her twelve year reign at the top.


 Even after the scandal over Jessica broke, Lauren didn't flinch. She saw the giantess as more than just an experiment, working with Wallace to make sure she got everything she needed. After all, there may be a situation when she needs something from Jessica….

General Zoltan Soros


Age: 52


Height: 6 feet 4 inches / 1.93m


Bios: A veteran of the first Gulf War where he finished with the rank of Colonel, Zoltan comes across as a no nonense humourless man of the military. Which is true if you meet him at work but since few people ever see him outside of the military green or outside of his meetings at Leighton, its all people know about him. 


 And that is what he prefers so his enemies don't have anything on him. 





Chapter End Notes:

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