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Author's Chapter Notes:

My role in this story is really to just critique it , that's all. Honest. 


I also recommend you read Terra,Randall, Taking the Lead and My Life With Lily if you want to know  who the characters are, it'll help with the story. Lancealot himself advises it so there you are. 


The first sun was setting over the horizon as the second sun had yet to break over the opposite horizon.  Surrounded by a plain of crystal blue grass stood a lone tree.

 The tree itself had a light golden hew to it with white leaves rustling in the wind.  

 Typically the forest surrounding the plain would be alive with the song of birds, but not today.  Every animal had gathered quietly around the edge of the forest looking onward at the couple underneath the great tree.


“Freia…” grunted a young man.


“I’m here Woden.” replied the woman as she held the man closer.


“Did…we win?” Woden asked as he tried to look up at Freia.


“Yes.” croaked Freia as she moved a lock of hair out of the man’s eyes.


The breath of the young god grew shallower as he tried to hold on for a little longer.  Looking past Freia up at the tree Woden gave her a strained smile.


“You’ve always loved this place.” said Woden as the pain started to subside.  For the first time in his existence he felt cold.  The world that he had created for her was slowly growing darker around him as he felt Freia tighten her grip around him.  

  He could feel warm tears fall onto his face as Freia tried to heal his wounds yet again.  After a millennium of fighting the war between the gods was over.  The leader of the old gods had been struck down and his armies scattered but it was at a great cost.


“Woden!” cried Freia.


“Its okay Freia…Its finally over…” grunted Woden as he felt himself starting to drift away.


“Please don’t go, just stay with me.” Replied Freia as she wiped away the tears streaming down her face.


“Don’t…cry Freia.” Woden said as he placed his palm against her face.

Freia continued to watch on as Woden slowly slipped away in front of her eyes.  As his body passed away towards oblivion the god’s soul shattered, sending pieces away across the different realms.  Freia remained under the great tree crying over her lost.  It was at this point that the king of the gods took pity upon his child.  He would break the most ancient of laws twice.


    The first time by allowing the binding of the fragments of Woden’s soul with the souls of several mortals.  The fragments would then reside inside of the mortal host until they were strong enough to become one again.  When the souls were reunited the god Woden would be reborn.  In order to ease Freia’s suffering the god allowed his daughter to bind parts of her own soul with that of several mortals so that she could always be close to Woden in one form or the other.


It would then be up to fate to decide where and when the fragments of the god and goddess’ soul would be bounded together.  The only thing that Freia had to do in the meantime was waiting for her love’s return.


*Millenniums later*

*Randall’s World*

“I can’t believe that we missed the bus.” grumbled Randall as he kicked a can along the road.


“It’ll be okay.” replied Ashley as she tried to comfort her boyfriend.


“How unlucky can we get though?” asked Randall as he looked upwards towards Ashley.


They were now walking back home from watching a movie at the mall, which Ashley thoroughly enjoyed, after having missed their bus.  It was no big deal in Ashley’s opinion because it meant that they would be together for another hour and a half.  

 Ashley did have to agree with Randall though about their entire luck issue.  She had wanted to see the after credit scene which caused them to be late at the bus stop.   

It was also Sunday which meant that the bus was now making its final trip around the town.  Both of their cell phones had died out earlier from watching videos or playing games together while they waited for the movie.  All of the money had been spent on two movie tickets, a kid ticket for Randall, and some concessions.  When you are a girl that stands at an even 9’4” tall, the amount of candy that you get is staggering.


“You seem happy about this.” Replied Randall as he tugged on the finger he was holding onto.  Ashley had stopped humming to answer Randall.


“Look on the bright side, this just means that we get to walk home together.”


“For seven miles.” grunted Randall.


“I could always carry you.” said Ashley while giving Randall a smile.


“Hmm, let me think about it.” replied Randall as he scratched his chin.


Randall was never able to give Ashley a proper answer as a flash of purple light appeared in front of them revealing a large swirling purple oval suspended off the ground in front of them.  Randall was jerked backwards as Ashley jumped in surprise.  They were only able to marvel at the thing in front of them for a second before they both felt something like a rope tied around their waist pulling them quickly into the portal.  Ashley felt Randall’s hand slip away as she was soon falling into darkness.

*Terra’s World*

“Terra-nyaa, can we have lunch now?” whined Nyarl for about the fiftieth time.


“No.” replied Terra as she looked back at the little red headed kid behind her.  He was holding a stick with his tail that he was using to have a little sword fight with Icarus.  Terra had to duck under a low hanging branch before rising back up to her height of 10”6”.


“But I’m hungry Terra-nyaa.” whined Nyarl again.


[I’m a little hungry too.] replied Icarus as he successfully disarmed Nyarl’s tail.


“Fine,” said Terra as she tossed her pack onto a clearing beside the road, “but we’re going to make it quick.  I’d like to cover a few more miles before evening.”


“Nyarl, you can go collect the firewood to cook with.  Icarus will start on making a fire with what we have close to here, and I’ll set everything up.”


“Alright then, I’ll be back.” replied Nyarl as he made his way into the woods to look for some dry firewood.


“I’m going to turn on your magic for a little while Icarus so that I can scout out the area.” said Terra as she pulled out Visleam.


[Okay] thought Icarus as he dropped a particularly heavy stone on the ground.


“Are you sure you don’t know what treasure the dwarves have?” asked Terra as she finally found the helmet.


[Not really,] thought Icarus, [I’m guessing that it can’t be Harpianula so that leaves either the sword or the shield.]


Terra was about to take her guess before they were blinded by a sudden flash of purple light.  A swirling purple gateway had appeared before them, and the couple were soon sent flying forward into it.  Icarus tried to reach outwards for Terra as his vision started to dim.

*John’s World*

“Ouch!” exclaimed John as his wife Ashley pressed a rag into his knee.


“Sorry.” replied Ashley as she mentally kicked herself.  Ashley had forgotten to get a refill on the men’s disinfectant so she was now using the more potent women’s version to clean up John’s knee.  She knew that while it stung a little bit for a woman, to a man it must have hurt a lot more.


“It’s okay,” grunted John as Ashley continued to try and bandage up his knee, “it was my fault for not asking you to grab the remote off the top shelf.”


“It was my fault for putting our spare up in such a high place.” said Ashley as she placed a bandage on John’s leg.  Standing back up to her height of 12’7”, Ashley lifted her husband John off of the table and placed him gently back onto the floor.  She had her hands close to his sides just in case his hurt knee couldn’t withstand his weight.  Ashley would have to make a mental note to take him to the doctor office later that day.  John would hate it of course, but it was a wife’s job to make sure her husband stayed healthy.


“That’s a lot better.” replied John as he tested his weight on his knee.  Ashley was about to lift him back up, because she wanted to, when a sudden flash made her yelp in surprise.


A swirling purple oval had appeared inside of her kitchen out of thin air.  Ashley was suddenly pulled off her feet along with John as they were thrown into the vortex.  Everything suddenly went black for Ashley as she fell asleep.

*Lily’s World*

“Lily no!” hissed Jack as he tried to hold back his girlfriend’s arms.


“Just a little snack.” moaned Lily as she continued to try and get ahold of Jack.


Jack was praying the no one in the mall could hear the racket that Lily was making.  They were nearly done with their shopping trip when Lily had jerked him into a nearby closet to have a ‘little snack’.  Now Jack was trying to calm Lily down enough to get home before someone could find them.


“Let me go.” whined Lily as she planted several kisses across Jack’s neck.


“Once you’ve calmed down.” replied Jack with a stern voice.  Seeing that Jack was completely serious Lily decided to turn the odds in her favor.


“Crap.” said Jack as Lily started to expand upwards.


Jack felt huge hands lift him off the ground and gently pin him to the wall.  By his estimates Lily must have grown from her usual 5’2” tall self to just over 11’ tall.  Jack tried to push one of Lily’s hands away but to no avail.


“This is cheating.” said Jack as he looked up into Lily’s hungry eyes.


“And being bigger than me all the time isn’t cheating?” asked Lily.


“That’s because my regular height is 6’3”.” replied Jack.


“Then this will be my new height.” said Lily as she started to snake her hand into Jack’s shirt.


Jack was about to say something back until a flash of light blinded him.  Jack was about to ask Lily what she had done when he found himself falling with her down a purple hole in the floor.  He tried to call out to Lily as she continued to drift away, but he was soon hit by a heavy doziness that quickly knocked him out.


Chapter End Notes:

Please comment, tell us what you think about it! Personally I liked it! 

- Nostory

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