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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry if you thought this would be the next chapter of Downtrodden but I had to get this one out. It's not complete, there are a couple of people I'd like to throw in but they need more screen time before I can get around to it. 

I'll move this to the top of the list once I release the sixth chapter of the story, after I update Escape. 


Alvin Summers


Age: 17, soon to be 18.


Bio: 5 feet 6 inches, 1.68m.


Description: A boy living a life that encapsulates what it means to be stepped on and looked down upon. At home, his step sister Wendy bullies him at every available opportunity. After years of being his Amazonian sister’s punching bag, he has withdrawn himself from society.

 His daily routine largely consists of cooking and cleaning for his family, going off to school and when he comes back, more of the former. Despite all this, he dreams of a day when he’ll be free from all a life of servitude. That day could be the day he leaves for college although he’ll need to be self-sufficient when it comes to money.


   He has a passion for astronomy and when he isn’t running from Wendy, he is running for track although the former hasn’t been explored too much due to his current problems.


Cassandra “ Cassie” Gissel


Age: 18


Height: 159 feet, 48.46m


Measurements: 34-23.5-34


Cup Size: 34C


Weight: 1265 tons,  1147 metric tons


Bio: If Alvin embodies the meaning of the word ‘Downtrodden’ then Cassie would appear to be its antonym. Being a blonde makes her a rarity amongst her fellow giants , her beauty alone could light up the darkest of rooms. That is, if you believe the descriptions given by her male admirers.


     As captain of the cheerleading team, a team that has won back to back state championships and being the girl boys want to be with and the girl every girls wants to be. Life could not be better for Cassie, or so it would seem.


 Even someone like Cassie has problems, some of them stemming from her past and some from the present.


Wendy Mathers


Age: 17


Height: 9 feet 4 inches, 2.84 m


Measurements: 34-24-34


Cup Size:  34A


Weight: 415 pounds, 188 kg


Bio: Alvin’s younger stepsister, his junior by a year, she moved in when Alvin was 10 and she was 9. Even then she already towered over him although things were not to get physical until later, after the passing of David Summers, her stepfather and Alvin’s father.


 Wendy takes great delight in picking on Alvin, whether for fun or simply because she needs someone to practice her wrestling moves on. A part of the wrestling team, she excels at it despite being considered small for an Amazon and is able to even bring down the twelve or thirteen footers. Because of this, she earned the nickname “ Wolverine”, not after the X-men character but after the animal, famed for its giant killing abilities.


  It would be easy to write off Wendy as a mere bully but people aren’t so simple, there are always insecurities at work, driving her choices.


Patricia Mathers


Age: 42


Height: 5 feet 6 inches,  1.68 m


Measurements: 36-27-35


Cup Size: 36C


Bio: Mother of Wendy and rather reluctantly, step mother to Alvin. She works at SilkTech, having been there for the last 15 years of her life since she graduated from college.


  She takes a very hands off approach when it comes to both of her children, preferring to let them have more independence than to micromanage each and every aspect of their lives. She loved Daniel very much and took his death rather hard, she even still thinks of him despite losing him eight years ago.


 She’s hardly spoken to Alvin, other than to make sure he keeps the house spotless and that the cooking is done properly, she feels little to no obligation to go beyond this. It hasn’t come back to bite her in any way so why change something if it ain’t broken?






Chapter End Notes:

Any comments? Did you imagine them the same way I did or did you get something completely different? Did you like my choices? 

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