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I wrote the story based off this image here by StubbornStain. It's a one off and I don't think I described the people too much, because it is based off an image. Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed it! 


iMountain View


Mountain View


Aldo knew why he was here, why he was face to face with the Mistress. That wasn’t her name but it was blasphemous to utter her real name. Aldo had heard rumours of it down in the dormitories where the servants felt bold enough to say it.

Even then, they whispered it out of being overheard. None of them wanted to be punished for a small, nevertheless severe, infraction like that. Aldo had witnessed some of his fellow servants being hauled off to her room for ‘punishment’. However, he didn’t remember anyone coming out after that. None of them were seen again.


“You, little maggot,” her voice boomed from high up, in her usual haughty manner.


Aldo tilted his head up slightly, only to catch himself and stop that motion. He had nearly violated the second rule, never make eye contact with Mistress and her family. That too would get one punished. Only those deemed worthy were allowed to make eye contact with her. Aldo wasn’t; only her closest of friends, advisers and blood kin could lay claim. Even then it wasn’t permanent, she could revoke it at any moment and have them locked up for the rest of their lives for it.


It was a hard rule to follow; the Mistress’ body was considered perfect by many within the queendom. Her thick thighs rippled with power, and her nether regions were covered by a velvet loin cloth as she displayed her bountiful curves. Higher up, her belly protruded out, a clear sign of wealth and fertility. Her breasts were massive globes, big enough to block out her face.


“You spilled my finest wine on my daughter,” she jabbed her long feminine finger straight into his chest.


Aldo watched with dread as she drove it in. His body lurched back from the force. Aldo reminded himself of how small she was now – how she was only a fraction of her true size. Her true size she kept for ceremonies, or if she needed to smite a disloyal town.


He had seen her breasts tower over entire mountain ranges, threatening to gouge out craters in the land, as she scooped up a village before throwing it down her gaping maw; a penalty for a disappointing offering. He was a mere boy, but the message was clear: incur her wrath and there was no one who could save you from it.


“And,” she jabbed it in again, apparently sneering, “It ruined her favourite dress. A dress made of the finest silks from the eastern provinces. Its worth a lot more than you are.”.


Aldo couldn’t see her face, but he assumed she would be sneering.


“You are expendable. Now,” she gave him a good hard shove.


Aldo didn’t resist, letting his body crumple to the floor. He didn’t even try to get up. Even if he did, that would not have saved him from what was to follow. The Mistress fell on him, her groin landing on his bony torso, only separated by the cotton shirt he had on.


“Mmmm,” she moaned.


Aldo jammed his eyes shut, not wishing to look at her face. Perhaps she may spare him if he at least managed that.


She bounced, her stomach slamming into him as she rode him like a horse. She repeated it, each blow placing his ribs under immense pressure. She likely weighed more than any servant, Aldo guessed one of her legs could equal his mass.


“I hope you’ll last longer than the last one. If you do, I may just let you live. Now, lets get you ready for your new job.”


Aldo cried out in pain at the latest bounce, he could have sworn a rib cracked. He heard her laughter, dripping in sadism, as she no doubt enjoyed his suffering. It was her nature, although Aldo had again, heard of a time when she was mortal like them. When she felt empathy. If that was true, that woman was long gone; replaced by a malevolent goddess who only sought to satisfy her most basic instincts.


Then she stopped. Aldo wondered if she was letting him go. She lifted him off the ground but said nothing. He did however, feel a little tingling. What was she doing to him? What of this new job?


It started in his chest but spread outwards like wildfire, pressing down on his body like a stress-ball. Aldo didn’t what it was but it worked at him for longer than he was comfortable with.


“Open your eyes,” her voice boomed again.


This time, it was akin to thunder. Aldo slowly obeyed her, opening his eyes. His surroundings were still a blur as his eyes adjusted to the brighter surroundings. He didn’t where he was now, there a beige rock wall in front of him. It pulsated in regular intervals. Aldo looked further up and saw some strange protusions, a darker brown than the rest with two brown tops jutting out.


“ Now you are truly a maggot,” she spoke again. Aldo felt the ground beneath him move as she spoke, five pillars rising upwards.


Aldo could spot strange ridges on them, oddly familiar but he didn’t know where he had seen them before.


“Your transformation is complete. You are finally in your truest form, a speck before your goddess!” She spoke, nearly yelling.


Aldo covered his eyes in pain, eardrums rattling to the point of bursting. It was becoming clear, those five pillars weren’t pillars! They were her fingers and he was standing on her hand! Aldo panicked and looked up, that was no wall either. Those were her breasts, only magnified! Further up, he couldn’t even see her face, as her chest blocked his view of it. The ceiling of the room was a skyblue but Aldo had seen it many times before. They were still in the palace so she couldn’t have grown. He had shrunk! He was small, perhaps even microscopic as he could spot circular patterns on her palm. There were probably specks of dust bigger than him.


He fell to his knees in despair, wishing she had just killed him.


“I’ll keep you somewhere you cannot slip up. Perhaps you’ll live. Or not, it does not matter to me. But if you do, know that you are far luckier than most to even get a glimpse of my body on this scale.”


Her hand descended and retreated back where her butt crack peaked out over an inadequate loincloth.


With her free hand she pushed out the loin cloth and parted her continental butt cheeks. Aldo only saw darkness. He was frozen in fear, fear of his new surroundings. He was to be squished between her ass, a microscopic stain on a goddess.


The hand began to tilt and he tried to grab on, use the bumps of her hand to hold on, perhaps she might miss him but her superior strength won out in the hand and he fell what must have been miles into her ass crack. Aldo landed on a stray hair inside, holding on to it with all his strength.


Inside, the smell was horrendous , like a field of corpses left to rot in the summer heat and he could hear what must have been her body at work. All manner of strange groans and what sounded like water flowing within her.


He could see the tips of her thumb and forefinger still prying her cheeks apart but at his size, he spotted them gently lifting up. She was sealing him in, her entire body vibrating as she entertained herself at that thought.


He shouted things, pleading with her to show mercy, to give him a second chance. She must not have heard, or more likely she didn’t care for his pleas.


When it slammed shut, Aldo thought he was dead as her crack closed up. He was not so lucky for his body was still whole. Then he felt her cheeks wobble, his surroundings shaking as if an earthquake was taking place. He rose up, then down. It happened again, at regular intervals. Aldo thought he would vomit from just being shake about and after several shakes, he did so. His vomit fell into an abyss, Aldo too if he had not been so lucky.


It took him a while but he worked out the source of the quakes; she was merely walking! A mere step threatened to kill him, he was truly a speck now. He wondered what was doing.


"Probably not even thinking about me," he said to himself. Why would she? He was smaller than a flea right now.



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