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Author's Chapter Notes:

So I was supposed to bring this out after I did BFG: Sins of the Father but I'm stuck in the middle of a serious case of writer's block. I wrote this many months ago and have been sitting on it along with the next two chapters. In order to ensure you all I haven't vanished off the face of this earth, here's the prologue which ought to set the scene for Jessica's problems. 


It would have been something different if not for vgiv's advice and versusterminus7 contributed a few lines in his critque of the chapter; it was too good to leave out so I added them in to the story. See if you can spot them! 

Liam Harding pushed back his sleek waved head of blonde hair as the Channel 4 news chopper hovered over Palm Creek, the wind from the blades messing up his neatly quiffed look on a cloudless morning.

“ You sure about this Liam?” his gray haired cameraman Warren Bishop asked.

 “Dead sure. She’s the only thing any news outlet worth its salt is even discussing. Jessica in morning, Jessica in the afternoon and Jessica in the evening before you rinse and repeat,” Liam replied with a broad grin and a smattering of overconfidence.

  “ And I’ve got the exclusive rights to interview her,” He announced proudly while adjusting her tie in front of a handheld mirror.

 Warren’s eyebrows shot up in surprise, impressed by his claim.

 “ Wow, you got her to agree to an interview?”

Liam winked naughtily, “ Not quite. I made a few calls but I never got an answer.”

“ You could wait,” Warren suggested hopefully.

Liam shrugged, an impish grin on his generically attractive face.

“ Well not the answer I was looking for…”

 He had made his career in getting what he needed from some of the most difficult people out there. Celebrities hiding an affair, politicians masking corruption and even serial killers fresh off an arrest. Only thirty one, a very youthful number for the industry and with all of that behind him, what was a giant woman? He had survived dancing with other devils under the pale moonlight, she ought to be no different. He wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

Warren was mortified and Liam could tell his colleague wasn’t keen on the trip.

 “Fear not Warren, Jessica wouldn’t hurt a fly so we’re in good hands,” Liam yelled over the din of the engine.

 Warren shook his head, his esteemed co-worker had the kind of confidence in himself that bosses loved but made peers anxious.

 “ Well she isn’t violent. Take her closer,”He said to their pilot who turned his cyclic stick( resembling a joystick in appearance) to the left, the pilot himself feeling uneasy over the whole thing. True, she hadn’t attacked any journalists but then no one had tried to approach for comments or interviews lately so it was unfamiliar territory.

 Liam watched as they flew over Palm Creek, passing the shophouses in the main town and as they left, the sprawling manors of the rich and famous. He didn’t need a lot of smarts to tell which one belonged to Jack Erikson, just look for the giant woman sunbathing or the big green tent that had sprouted up over the last few days. All of which were in Jack’s sprawling estate, her tent actually taking up more space his house did; at least three times the area of his house and at least twice the height.

There at last, sprawled on the ground like a big kid napping amongst her dollhouse, he spotted Palm Creek's  newest attraction: Jessica the giantess.

  He smiled down at her, like a hunter viewing his prey through the scope of his rifle, Liam’s rifle would be the power of words and Warren’s own camera.

 From what he could tell, she was just lying flat on the ground, still in the makeshift attire she picked up in Miami, eyes shut and enjoying herself.

  After today, he thought to himself , he would be famous, the first ever interview with a giantess! The last three days had been a whirlwind of information from the government, the reveal that she was a superweapon designed by them, that she was a daughter of one of the lead scientists working on the project was a scandal in itself. There were other little tidbits like her age and name, Liam liked the name Jessica although it didn’t attach itself well when the woman in question stood nearly seventy metres tall- Jessica was the name of the sweet girl in your math class or next door neighbor, not the world's biggest (literal) shocker since the OJ trial.

 However no one had thought to ask Jessica about her thoughts on the issue , how she felt about it. There were plenty of news segments dedicated to discussing every aspect of her. From her looks, to her character and intentions to her personal life. Liam reasoned none of them had the cojones to try, that they didn’t dare venture into the belly of the beast to claim the prize. He had no qualms about that, the girl was harmless. Sure there were a few incidents but those people were foolish, not expecting her to lash out. He knew what to expect and he’d react accordingly.

 Liam vowed to shed some light on this and with his prize waiting below, he wasted no time in giving the orders.

 “Lower us, we’re going in.”


 Jessica wanted alone time- no - she needed alone time, time away from the world. It was all she wanted after being shot at by men and machines but when she heard the steady thumping of helicopter rotors spinning, her heart sank. She had seen them hovering over her and she guessed they were probably recording footage of her for their news shows. She didn’t see the point in all this,.

As the sound got louder, her heart plummeted. She wasn’t going to get a harassment free day after all. Her nose wrinkled as the chopper sent a whirlwind down at her, her eyes pressed themselves closer as she did her best to continue her post workout nap. She had to admit though, this was the first one that descended. None of the others had even dared to come close.

 “Jessica, this is Liam Harding from Channel 4 News and we’re here for an interview,”

 Damn, she thought. This one wanted an interview and it was just her luck to face  a group with even less morals than the military.

 Her eyes opened as the chopper cast a shadow over taut stomach, annoyance written all over her face in the form a scowl.

 “ No comment,” she grunted as she  waved them away.

  God, why can’t they just leave me alone?

Jessica shut her eyes again, expecting the annoying buzzing to disappear but as the noise did not soften after several seconds, she sighed and opened her eyes, this time spotting a guy leaning out of the aircraft with a megaphone in his phone.

  “ No comment? What about the rumours about Penthouse offering you a million dollars to do a full page spread?” Liam asked as he grasped the megaphone tightly.

 “Ugh…” Jessica sat up, increasingly miffed with Liam, even more so when spotted Warren’s camera filming her.

“Maybe you’d comment on your relationship with Jack. Are you guys close friends? How long have you known him? How much does it cost to even feed and clothe you?” Liam threw a barrage of questions at a very unamused Jessica, scowling at him.

“ I don’t want to talk to you or any inflated reporter. I’ve never even seen your stupid news show anyway.”

 This time she didn’t bother to lie back down but remained in a sitting position. She would give them a little more time before she made her move. The chopper still hovered above her but she knew this time, it wasn’t out of reach. Her fingers twitched just a little, not enough for Liam to notice as she thought of pulling it down to Earth, give that smug little man a reason to leave her alone.

 Up in the chopper, Warren grew uncomfortable with the smirk on Jessica’s face, he had seen that look on his seven year old daughter and that look preceded something bad.

 “ We might want to leave her alone, she’s not like the others you interviewed. She could pluck us out of the sky,” he whispered.

 Liam shot him a glare, “ No we won’t. Which is why as journalists we must push the boundaries. I want to be the guy whom future generations of reporters will idolise and want to emulate. The Cronkite of my generation, the Hunter S.Thompson of the new millennium.”

He tapped his chin gently as he pondered over the stubborn subject he had in front of him.

“ Jessica, you want to be left alone and I want a great interview from you. I want to give you a  chance to tell your side of the story. Nobody wants to be thought of as a monster, which is what they’re saying. I can promise you that. Mothers are hiding their kids from you, worried you’ll step on them or even eat them. ” He laid on as much charm as he could; past experiences told him he had plenty to lay on.

  Jessica chuckled, “ I’m not a celebrity who needs approval. Like you said I’m a weapon,  It doesn’t matter if you hate an AK-47 or you love it, it doesn’t make it any less lethal. Now go away before things get ugly.  ”

 “ I understand,” Liam said but he had one last plan up his sleeve.

 “ I guess I’ll look for your pal Jack, maybe even talk to his girlfriend-”

“ Don’t you dare,” Jessica growled, almost shouting at them. Liam grinned, more than he ought to in such a dangerous situation. She had inadvertently revealed a soft spot and past events dictated he exploit this chink in her armour.

“ Why not? You don’t own them do you? I can ask them any-”

Jessica’s hand shot out and gripped the helicopter’s base tighter than any of the men were comfortable with. Instinctively the pilot had attempted a rise to get away from the titaness but Jessica’s hand held fast against the mechanical might of the chopper.

Liam and Warren both grabbed the sturdiest solid object they could find, in anticipation of the bumpy ride Jessica would dish out. Was this the moment, Liam thought, when he could say he had gone too far? In over his head and this was it for him?

“Relax people, I’m not going to squash you or anything. You wanted an interview, you’ll get one,” she smiled mischievously. Evidently not Liam’s demise, today was not that day.

 “Wonderful,” Liam straightened his tie and put on his best attempt at a calm demeanour, even if that was the most terrifying helicopter ride of his life.

“Lets get the interview started then.”

 Liam quickly took control of the situation, haughtily instructing Jessica to let go of the vehicle where they made an impromptu and not totally legal landing in the field Jessica was lounging in; Liam assumed no one would go after him for that. Not when they literally had bigger problems to deal with than a illegal landing.

 Only Liam and Warren exited, the pilot electing to remain behind in the aircraft while the two men exited for their interview.

 Jessica sat herself right in front of the chopper, legs crossed and once  she saw Liam and Warren, her hand fell upon them. She chuckled as she heard Liam’s scream in fearful surprise, engulfing both of them in her hand. By now she knew Lauren’s first attack had led to a substantial growth spurt but thankfully she didn’t need to adjust much. Still, it was a little jarring to see that even her thumb was bigger than most people, they used to be finger sized; the new adjustment in scale wasn’t something she needed, much less wanted.

 “Sorry about that,” Jessica apologized to them after she opened her palm at chest level, her tarp covered bosom staring both men straight in the face. Liam couldn’t help but stare, at least until Jessica cleared her throat loudly.

 “Eyes up here little man,” she smiled down at him.

 “I thought we could do the interview on the ground,” he adjusted his tie while peering over the edge of her palm. He was way off the ground, at least seven stories by his estimates.

 “No,I like this,” Jessica shook her head. If they wanted to barge in and ask her questions, they were going to do it on her terms.

 “ It helps me remember things better.”

 Liam looked back at Warren who had gotten into position, the latter shooting him a look that said ‘ you got us into this, now deal with it.’

 “It's not really professional to do this in the palm of another person,” Liam reasoned with her.

 “ Well that’s because it would be really painful for most people if you stood on their hands. Luckily I don’t have that problem, I’m much too big for that to be a problem but if you don’t like it you can leave,” she flashed an impish grin at him. He was trapped, between a rock and a hard place and she knew it.

 “ Alright,” Liam conceded, seeing there was no other way around this.

 “We’ll do it your way.”

“Good, I thought you’d see it my way.”

That was to be the start of Liam’s bad day although at least the camera worked fine as Warren had no problem starting it.

 “ Okay Jessica, let's start with how you became a government fugitive; the public would love to about that.”

 “Hmmm..” Jessica tapped her chin with her other hand, her prodigious chest wobbling with each tap.

  “I guess it all started when….”

That was last thing he ever got out of her because what followed felt like having his brain dragged through a meat grinder.

 Had he known this would happen, Liam would have stopped himself from even conceiving the idea. He would not even have considered asking Jessica for an interview if he was are of Jessica’s exceptional filibustering skills; which she proceeded to give a live demonstration of.

  “ I was always the most standout girl, being the only asian in my class. Not that I ever got picked, maybe once or was it twice? Maybe thrice?” Jessica shrugged her shoulders.

 That was just a hint of what she did, Jessica saying a lot but not saying anything at all when it came to her life.

 “Perhaps we could move to a more relevant period of your-” Jessica titled her hand, throwing Liam and Warren off balance. They waved their arms around as they futilely attempted to regain composure, until Jessica moved her hand backed to a less inclined position.

 “ Sorry,” Jessica said to them. That was not the last time.Every time he voiced his displeasure she’d casually remind him who was in charge by tilting her hand.

Liam would panic, scream at her not to do it again and Jessica would brush it off like a ditz. After a while, he let her prattle on uninterrupted, resigned to getting plenty of footage but ultimately nothing worth making the news.

 If he weren’t in his spot, he might have applauded Jessica for her exceptional interview skills; no one ever took control of one like she did. Then again no one had the advantage of being as statuesque as she did,you can’t really put together a convincing rebuttal when your opponent can look the Statue of Liberty in the eye can you?

  Warren’s shoulders began to ache, the base of the camera digging into his shoulders as Jessica’s interview dragged beyond the two hour mark. The worse part? She didn’t look like she was slowing as she described her meal choices during her first week on the island.

 “ I’m not really a beef person but I have to admit frozen beef cooked on an open flame is really good. Sometimes they give me chicken, it's really small but I appreciate them trying to add more diversity into my foods. Occasionally I get fish-”

“You guys still talking?”

 All three looked in the direction of the voice, spotting Jack coming on to the grass, arm still in a sling. He was wearing shorts and a simple white fitting white shirt.

Jack didn’t want to interfere but his attention had long been held once Jessica’s interview exceeded an hour. Plus it was being done on his property so it was only right he get involved.

 “ Ah Mr. Erikson, this is Liam Har-DIIINNNNGGG!” Jessica closed her hand around the two, giggling at Liam’s reaction. She set her hand on the ground before opening it, the two men getting quickly.

 “ You two look really tired,” Jack commented, noticing Liam’s heavy eyelids.

 “Yeah, it was a long slog but now that you’re here, I have a few quest-”

 “That,” Jack pointed at the helicopter, “ Is not supposed to be on my property. You two are trespassing and that means calling the police.”

He reached for his pocket but Liam immediately panicked ,changing tact.

 “ No no, don’t call the police!” Liam pleaded, he didn’t need another one of those.

 “ Oh really? You were very mean to me,” Jessica spoke up. She glared at them, her brown eyes shooting daggers at the two. Warren was quietly terrified, while Liam couldn’t hide his; he may have had a good poker face but that was nothing against giantess might.

“ I wasn’t,” he said to Jack who looked him with a bemused smirk on his lips.

 “ I’ll let that go if you get off my property, right now,” he jerked his thumb at the front door.

 “ Right, it's time go Warren,” Liam ordered him. Warren didn’t need to be told twice, he lifted the camera off his shoulder and made off to the the chopper.

 “ See you around Liam,” Jessica waved at him.

 Liam didn’t return it, he wasn’t in the mood for that as he went back in the chopper. He didn’t say anything until they landed, fifty miles away from the town.

 “You really know how to talk don’t you?” Jack looked up at Jessica who shrugged her shoulders.

 “He wanted my life story so I gave it to him,” Jessica replied.

 “Yeah well you made up a lot of stuff didn’t you?”

“No I didn’t,” Jessica defended herself.

 “ What? You actually remember what you did, every day of the week?”

 Jessica nodded, of course she did. She could even recall the colour of her poo , how each meal tasted and the names of the guards accompanying her father for every visit he made.

“ I have a photographic memory.”

“ Part of that serum I suppose? Super sized you and now you can’t forget anything? That’s going to be a nightmare for your future boyfriend, you’ll never let him forget about the birthdays he forgot.”

“Boyfriend? Hah!” Jessica snorted.

“ I doubt I’ll need to worry about that, not when I still dress like the fifty foot woman.”


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