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Discord Update

While I continue to actively help on the site when needed, I'm no longer affiliated with the discord server in any official capacity.

I felt the need to clarify, as I have been getting a good amount of help requests via Discord DM's recently.

I understand the confusion, as they are still using my logo and templates, however, I no longer have any control over those elements.

Thanks, everybody! The servers discord link is in the post below if you're interested in joining.

--Rude Zude on March 14 2022 5:11 PM 2 Comments
New Feature List+Updated Discord!

Hiya everybody! Just stopping by to let everybody know that the featured list has finally gotten a well-deserved refresh! Some much newer stories up, and plenty more to come! Ideally, the list will have some newer stories rotate into it every so often so keep a lookout!  ^_^

Our discord has also received a much-needed overhaul, complete with a custom animated logo and everything! It's also a great place for writing advice and the like. Bunch of friendly peeps over there, plus it's a good way to stay up to date on what's happening with fellow writers! Check it out, link down below!


--Rude Zude on September 06 2021 10:02 PM 8 Comments
Twitter & Discord


I have created both a Twitter account and Discord server for the site. There are buttons below the site logo, but here are links to them:

Twitter - https://twitter.com/GiantessWorld

Discord - https://discord.gg/tpnzGTJ8nt

The Twitter will be mostly for updates on the site. The Discord provides a place for people to discuss the site and see updates. I hope see lots of followers on the Twitter account and for the Discord server to fill up.

Thank you.

--Administrator on July 26 2020 6:05 PM 373 Comments
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When a mysterious shrinking phenomenon hits the planet a man who had everything finds himself alone in the world... with the exception of one old friend, a lazy and perverted NEET who doesn't know what...

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If needed new tags will be...

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Anticipation by Jetblack21 [Reviews - 1]
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Story of the Moment
The Film Industry by lolarexx [Reviews - 31]

This story follows Allie as she enters the Tiny Adult Film industry. Along...

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Categories: Scat, Giantess, Butt, Couples, Crush, Feet, Giant, Insertion, Legwear, Lesbians, Odor, Unaware, Vore, Watersports
Gastric Aztec
08/14/22 12:48 am
I get a Fatal MySQL error message when I try to access my account
08/07/22 04:45 pm
Just posted a new story!! It's "Lost in the Woods!" Hope you all enjoy!
08/06/22 10:27 am
Help! I am trapped in the shoutbox and I don't know how to get out. It is dark and I am hungry :(
Mommy is God
08/02/22 03:57 am
Hello, I'm here to write your dirtiest giant female fantasies, please e-mail me :) I want to help everyone here masturbate to giant female torturers and their toes :0
Mommy is God
08/02/22 03:54 am
What would you do if you saw a hot girl on the bus and shrank when no one noticed? What if you could climb onto a giantess classmate's butt or bosom and live on her hot body for the rest of your l
07/25/22 11:36 am
07/25/22 11:35 am
Okay, I know I started another story rather than continue 'Stacy's Forest Discovery' but I am planning to make the above mentioned story really good and well developed, so I am gonna go sl
07/24/22 05:34 pm
Chapter 2 of Transferred Reality is up. Enjoy!
Gastric Aztec
07/24/22 12:29 am
I just finished writing a short story called Wendelgard the Warrior Maiden about a 13 year old girl 12 times bigger than us who defends Lilliput
07/17/22 06:12 am
hey guys its me george orwells 1984 at 2am here to say to check out my new story as it is cool and epic and a neat little intro. Or don't, i doubt most people even look at this shoutbox lmao
07/16/22 01:28 am
A Sizey Winter Road Trip Ch3 is out!!!
07/12/22 08:13 am
Does anybody knows a story in which a tiny man is in a giantesses womb for protection
Gastric Aztec
07/10/22 06:48 am
I did some heavy editing on the shrinking theory in my story Oktoberfest 2113, can someone take a look and let me know how it looks?
07/10/22 01:38 am
anyone hear from sophiecommissions? emailed her and messaged on twitter, no replies
Gastric Aztec
07/07/22 07:15 am
Oktoberfest 2113 is posted, this story is my best so far, I really went all out explaining the shrinking theory
07/06/22 11:14 pm
I've added a new chapter to 'Tiny Tinder Testimonials'! If it was your daughter, you'd want her to be safe on the app...right?
07/02/22 09:13 pm
The third chapter of 'Sarah's Adventure In Town is now out! (my first shoutout lol)
07/01/22 05:46 pm
The Discord lick does not seem to work.
King Offjer
06/29/22 05:18 pm
Heya. Chapter 3 if The stoic and the shrink has been released. Hope you enjoy
06/25/22 12:07 am
Just in time for the weekend, another chapter of One-Shot City is out! A classic way to deal with an ex...
King Offjer
06/21/22 02:19 pm
I want to take a moment to highlight a few authors on this site who have influenced me. Thank you: Rude Zude, Milla, WizAlex, Joyce Julep, johnsmith10992, and Viper07.
06/16/22 11:56 pm
Second chapter of "A Sizey Winter Road Trip" is out!!
Rude Zude
06/15/22 02:46 pm
The newest "Trials of Friendship" chapter is out!
Rude Zude
06/12/22 01:54 pm
My most recent commission is up in full! Check out Tattooed Across Her Ass c:
06/12/22 10:20 am
Posted an update to "La Maison-Dieu" after almost four months of hiatus. I hope people enjoy it!
06/09/22 11:50 pm
Posted the first chapter to "A Sizey Winter Road Trip!" It's the first in what I hope to be a super fun story! Enjoy!
06/09/22 05:26 pm
One-Shot City has a new chapter, check it out!
Gastric Aztec
06/07/22 01:44 am
I posted Micromania, does anyone know why the words are bigger when I post an edited version of a paragraph? The only way to get it the right size is to re-copy and paste the whole thing.
Rude Zude
06/06/22 02:11 pm
Recently posted part two of Tattooed Across Her Ass! Give it a look maybe!
100 sem SS
06/05/22 11:08 am
Eu postei o capítulo 4 da minha estória em Português. Se tem alguem que fala Português lendo issi, por favor dê uma olhada.
King Offjer
06/04/22 09:37 pm
Hey guys. I just released chapter 5 of Ensnared. Hope you like it.
Rude Zude
05/31/22 03:25 pm
Part one of my latest commission is out, 'Tattooed Across Her Ass!' Might be worth giving a look if humiliation, couples, or entrapment are your jam!
King Offjer
05/30/22 04:58 am
Hello all. Ensnared Chapter 4 has just been posted. It a little longer than my usual chapters. Hope you enjoy.
05/27/22 05:12 pm
Hey everyone, I put out a new chapter for One Shot City! Check it out and let me know what you think!
Richard C H Davies
05/26/22 08:04 pm
Cookie Crumbles Part 1 (full chapter) and Mile High Club Part 3 part 1 posted! Enjoy!!
Rude Zude
05/18/22 08:30 pm
The newest Trials chapter is public! Chapter 13!
05/15/22 01:28 pm
Hey all, I've just put out a new story 'Transferred Reality.' Enjoy!
05/13/22 09:37 pm
Giantess Wonder Woman /viewstory.php?sid=11812
King Offjer
05/12/22 11:00 pm
Please check out my new story "The absolute extreme". It's an action story about 3000 words long. Feel free to contribute to the round robin if you enjoy.
Rude Zude
05/11/22 03:48 pm
Chapter 12 of Trials is public! Check it out if you feel inclined <3
King Offjer
05/09/22 10:19 pm
I'm putting the final touches on Chapter 2 of my story "Ensnared". I will be releasing it very soon. In the meantime, I've made some changes to Chapter 1. Feel free to give it a read
05/08/22 10:35 am
My newest story "Strange Behaviours" is now online!
Rude Zude
05/08/22 02:36 am
Two parts out of three are now up of Stain of Nobility! If you're a fan of couples or massacre, be sure to check it out <3
05/04/22 05:30 am
Hello void again! I think I've added the finishing touches to the first chapter of my story, Easy. I added snot and virus catching to it which I know is not so common, so I hope ppl like it!
King Offjer
05/04/22 12:03 am
I've just touched up chapter 1 of my story "Ensnared". I'd be very appreciative of any feedback. Thanks.
05/03/22 04:24 am
Are there any stories where stoned/high women mistake him as a toy or something when he needs there help, but are so stoned they torture him feet?
05/01/22 10:02 pm
Is there any way to get more robust sorting options, like number of reviews or number of reads? I know there are the top 10s, but it would be nice to be able sort all stories like that.
04/30/22 02:59 pm
First Turkish story is here!
04/30/22 04:17 am
hello void, i just updated my story Easy!
Rude Zude
04/29/22 10:04 pm
The first part of my newest story is up, Stain of Nobility! Unaware with plenty of couples shenanigans! <3
04/28/22 05:18 pm
Check out my new story, Medical Revolution! Brian's doctors are geniuses, his parents are less reliable.
Rude Zude
04/27/22 08:08 pm
New Trials of Friendship Chapter just dropped! Check it out c:
04/17/22 02:41 am
It's been a long time, but a new chapter of 'Tiny Tinder Testimonials' is out! I'm also open for commissions again, just 2 per month to keep my sanity.
Gastric Aztec
04/14/22 07:20 pm
The final chapter of Scion is posted!
04/14/22 05:35 am
My newest story "Girls' Night Out" (the sequel to "A Helping Hand") is now online!
Gastric Aztec
04/14/22 12:10 am
Chapter 23 of Scion is posted, this is the penultimate chapter! One chapter left to post!
Gastric Aztec
04/10/22 07:33 pm
Chapter 22 of Scion is posted
Gastric Aztec
04/10/22 05:28 pm
Chapter 21 of Scion is posted
Gastric Aztec
04/09/22 04:49 am
Chapter 20 of Scion is posted, there will be a total of 24 chapters
Gastric Aztec
04/09/22 02:38 am
Chapter 19 of Scion is posted!
04/03/22 04:35 pm
Pls give review on my new chaptwr
Gastric Aztec
04/02/22 04:24 am
Chapter 16 of Scion is up, the Dark Mistress unleashes her evil plan!
03/31/22 09:44 pm
oops, link didn't work. It's @Finli__
03/31/22 09:44 pm
Hey folks! I'm on Twitter now, so if you want updates on my stories you should follow me! __ Right now I'm working on the 4th chapter of Microrgy. I'll keep u posted! ;)
Gastric Aztec
03/30/22 08:13 pm
Just a reminder, there is vore in chapter 8 of Scion
Gastric Aztec
03/29/22 02:13 am
Chapter 10 of Scion is up, the part where she has her captive is posted
03/22/22 11:00 pm
Pls give a review on my story
Gastric Aztec
03/22/22 04:52 am
It is called Scion
Gastric Aztec
03/22/22 04:52 am
I have a new story about a girl who finds out her people are from a million years in the future
03/18/22 06:00 pm
Guys check out my stories and tell me what you think
03/12/22 12:34 am
I added some stories recently. Hope you enjoy them.
03/11/22 06:19 pm
Ne me
03/11/22 06:19 pm
Ne me
03/11/22 06:19 pm
Ne me
03/11/22 06:10 pm
03/11/22 06:10 pm
03/11/22 06:10 pm
03/10/22 04:47 am
Fear and Delight CH 12 - Check out a special opportunity to ask the cast (Simon, Beck, or Milla) anything you want to know about their characters or the story!
03/04/22 01:55 am
Fear and Delight CH 11 - Realizing their lovemaking was too loud to go unnoticed, Beck and tiny Simon must face Milla's judgement the following morning.
02/17/22 03:44 am
Hey all it's been a hot minute since last i updated my story on here. 'The train' has two new chapters out back to back. It's been a year so thanks for being patient
02/01/22 07:10 pm
Looking for thong tf, anus tf, farting and/or scat? I just uploaded my final chapter for "Quinn's Thong and Asshole", which contains all of the above. Check it out and leave a review if
Samuel Orona
01/31/22 08:51 pm
I posted a new chapter of Brat Attack
Samuel Orona
01/21/22 07:27 pm
I majorly edited Micromania and added a lot of stuff, if you guys want to re-read it
01/18/22 04:51 pm
Fear and Delight Ch 10 is out! Unable to sleep, Simon visits Beck's bedroom... and the lovers learn that the spark between them was far from a one-time affair.
01/16/22 09:20 pm
Found a half finished story that I wrapped up for your enjoyment. Enjoy my retelling of an older story 'Tongue Ring' that's now in my One Shot City.
01/09/22 04:59 am
I won't pretend I'm back to putting out content super regular. But there is a new chapter for One Shot City out, for your reading pleasure!
01/09/22 12:49 am
Im trying to rediscover a story I read. It took place at a university/scientific building which required specifically female employees/students to be enlarged to operate machinery. it was gentle.
01/01/22 01:33 pm
I am searching for a story that I read years ago. A guy was shrunk and brought to a party w/ his teachers, blindfolded and had to guess which person’s foot was on top of him, bad guess he was smothe
Samuel Orona
12/31/21 11:12 pm
Micromania has more going on than any story I’ve ever written!
Samuel Orona
12/30/21 11:35 pm
My new story Micromania is posted!
Rude Zude
12/30/21 08:32 pm
New story is finally up! Autumn’s Internal Dilemma! Some straight into it smut, with a splash of internals c:
12/28/21 10:10 am
12/22/21 07:11 pm
"I wonder what you taste like." /viewstory.php?sid=11183
12/20/21 12:57 am
My new story ("Good for Goodness' Sake") is now online! Like all my stories, it's a shrinking/vore story with a fair amount of cruelty as well as explicit digestion and disposal. Hop
12/13/21 04:17 pm
@Napalm "Super Small Sorority Pool Party by The Micro Giant" or I have no idea
12/12/21 12:03 am
so...maybe im hallucinating but i believe there was a story about a pool party on someone's belly button. Does anyone knows the name? I tried every possible search with "pool" and i'
12/11/21 03:31 pm
Rick chapter 4 is online, hope you enjoy reading my story.
12/10/21 03:29 am
Fear and Delight Update - Chapter 9: Simon Says... I Can't Sleep! Like the title suggests, Simon can't sleep the night after his adventure with Beck, and goes to her room to blow off steam.
12/08/21 07:29 pm
Looking for scat content? Just finished updating my old chapters from "A Squishy Teen: Trapped at your Cousin's Farm". Check it out!
Rude Zude
12/07/21 07:37 pm
The last chapter of Sisterly Powerplay is out! With an explosive finish <3