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I have created both a Twitter account and Discord server for the site. There are buttons below the site logo, but here are links to them:

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The Twitter will be mostly for updates on the site. The Discord provides a place for people to discuss the site and see updates. I hope see lots of followers on the Twitter account and for the Discord server to fill up.

Thank you.

--Administrator on July 26 2020 6:05 PM 373 Comments
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The security image on the registration page was broken, so people were unable to register. I fixed it, so if you tried to register recently and were unable to, try again now. I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you.

--Administrator on July 17 2020 6:57 AM 372 Comments
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I have been seeing problems with skins reported by different users. I am going to try and handle those, but I have a quick solution for users in the mean time.

If you got to "Account Info" and click on "Edit Preferences", there is a setting there to change your skin. That will become the default skin for your user account.

Thank you.

Edit: This has been handle. The Desktop skin now is responsive in mobile. Let me know if you find any problems.

--Administrator on July 16 2020 7:57 PM 371 Comments
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12/01/22 05:54 pm
My newest story "Stomach Bug" is now online!
Gastric Aztec
11/24/22 12:06 am
Chapter 4 of Inch High is posted!
Gastric Aztec
11/22/22 03:43 am
Chapter three of Inch High is up, there is a vore scene
Gastric Aztec
11/21/22 01:02 am
The new version of chapter two of Reality Trek Inch High is posted!
Gastric Aztec
11/20/22 11:21 pm
I messed up on chapter two of inch high, I waited so long to write it that I incorporated stuff from chapter one, I will re write chapter two today
11/05/22 01:13 pm
@VelvetSK no, I always assumed that authors can't see them (can they?), so I _s_a_v_e_ _t_h_e_ _s_t_o_r_y_, leave a review, and a short note in the bookmark for my future self
11/04/22 03:57 pm
Does anyone else leave reviews as bookmarks?
11/01/22 02:18 am
Tiny Tinder Testimonials has a new chapter out, enjoy!
10/27/22 06:44 am
i would like to re-read "Of Smashers and Nips", i wonder why that old classic isn't on here. (wasn't it by the same author as Crystal Talisman, which IS on here?)
10/21/22 02:27 pm
@Tigerchevy it's on the web archive it seems; I may or may not have a copy, regardless do yourself a favor & get the habit of saving the stories you like
10/17/22 11:22 pm
Made a new story, go check out "A Tiny Trick!" and Happy Spooky Month!
10/17/22 07:34 pm
Does anyone know a way to get Deelan's story The Initiation? Was one of my favorite stories.
10/16/22 10:47 pm
“A fatal MySQL error was encountered.” What a fine glass of well-aged nostalgia.
10/14/22 02:23 am
One Shot City has a new chapter out. Enjoy!
King Offjer
10/07/22 04:57 pm
Hello everyone. I've decided to attempt extending my short story "a hard laugh" to novel length. Interested in early access editing chapters? Contact me at KingOffjer227@gmail.com
10/07/22 03:13 pm
To add, a girl goes to the guy's house one day and eats his girlfriend. The guy thinks that's what his girlfriend wanted. That's all the info about I have. If you've heard of it, you&#
10/07/22 03:09 pm
Trying to find a story for a friend. They say it's about a guy who gets off to people eating tinies while also having a tiny girlfriend. Girlfriend catches him one day. Any help is appreciated
10/06/22 12:24 pm
Re the hieroglyphs, enjoy "you're both useless" by layziidakkii on deviantart :=)
10/06/22 12:23 pm
@NympOManiac you had some abomination for apostrophe, this website uses ISO 8859-1 (welcome to the wonderful world of character encodings!)
10/05/22 02:03 am
Not sure why my previous post converted to some form of alien alphabet hieroglyphics but that's cool. Beam me up Scotty
10/04/22 10:08 pm
I’ve just posted a vore-luptuous one-shot entitled, 'The Good God'. Pairs best with prayers and pizza 👅🍕🙏
Gastric Aztec
10/02/22 10:26 pm
I posted the first chapter of a new story called Reality Trek Inch High that I have been meaning to write for about five years. Shrunken criminals must attend high school with normal sized students
09/30/22 06:39 pm
FYI, in case anyone misses me, I’m back to writing and planning on have chapter 9 of Ricky up next week.
Gastric Aztec
09/29/22 09:54 pm
I edited the Experiment and added a lot of scenes from the shrunken man’s perspective, please check it out and comment!
09/25/22 08:09 pm
I'm posting daily updates to my story Cara's Closet, a re-write of an old, popular story from my lost account. Hope you enjoy! There are 5 chapters up right now.
Gastric Aztec
09/23/22 05:38 am
I posted a new short story, the Thunder Tyrant of Theta Scorpius 7. A star cruiser gets shrunk by space pirates and ends up crash landing on a colonized planet, and a girl attacks them
09/23/22 02:15 am
Tiny Tinder Testimonials has a new chapter for your reading pleasure
Gastric Aztec
09/20/22 07:19 pm
I posted a new story called The Experiment about the first man to be miniaturized through neutrino dissimilation. He is a prisoner who volunteered for the experiment
Gastric Aztec
09/09/22 01:14 am
Chapter 4 of Brat Attack is posted
Gastric Aztec
09/08/22 11:34 pm
Chapter 3 of Brat Attack is posted
Gastric Aztec
09/07/22 10:25 pm
The first two chapters of Brat Attack are posted, I heavily edited the first chapter to mention the comet on a collision course with Earth
09/07/22 02:55 am
Tiny Tinder Testimonials has a new chapter out! And NymphOManiac below me here, you're absolutely right. We're a disturbingly positive group lol
09/03/22 06:55 pm
For having such a violent fetish, I feel like we're the nicest group
09/03/22 06:52 pm
It never ceases to amaze me how positive the reviews are on this site. It'll be a story about someone getting crushed to a bloody pulp and the comments are like, "Beautiful imagery" lol
08/28/22 12:15 am
Latest chapter of Sizey Winter Road Trip is live!
08/26/22 10:03 am
My newest story "With Friends Like These" is now online!
08/19/22 02:53 am
I've got a new chapter of One-Shot City for those who like slasher movie tropes turned around a little bit.
Rude Zude
08/17/22 07:36 pm
New Trials of Friendship chapter is up! <3
08/17/22 02:41 am
Hi everyone, a new chapter of Transferred Reality is up! Enjoy!
Gastric Aztec
08/17/22 02:18 am
Vorena’s Power Trip is posted!
Gastric Aztec
08/16/22 04:38 am
It’s fixed now
Gastric Aztec
08/14/22 12:48 am
I get a Fatal MySQL error message when I try to access my account
08/07/22 04:45 pm
Just posted a new story!! It's "Lost in the Woods!" Hope you all enjoy!
08/06/22 10:27 am
Help! I am trapped in the shoutbox and I don't know how to get out. It is dark and I am hungry :(
Mommy is God
08/02/22 03:57 am
Hello, I'm here to write your dirtiest giant female fantasies, please e-mail me :) I want to help everyone here masturbate to giant female torturers and their toes :0
Mommy is God
08/02/22 03:54 am
What would you do if you saw a hot girl on the bus and shrank when no one noticed? What if you could climb onto a giantess classmate's butt or bosom and live on her hot body for the rest of your l
07/25/22 11:36 am
07/25/22 11:35 am
Okay, I know I started another story rather than continue 'Stacy's Forest Discovery' but I am planning to make the above mentioned story really good and well developed, so I am gonna go sl
07/24/22 05:34 pm
Chapter 2 of Transferred Reality is up. Enjoy!
Gastric Aztec
07/24/22 12:29 am
I just finished writing a short story called Wendelgard the Warrior Maiden about a 13 year old girl 12 times bigger than us who defends Lilliput
07/17/22 06:12 am
hey guys its me george orwells 1984 at 2am here to say to check out my new story as it is cool and epic and a neat little intro. Or don't, i doubt most people even look at this shoutbox lmao
07/16/22 01:28 am
A Sizey Winter Road Trip Ch3 is out!!!
07/12/22 08:13 am
Does anybody knows a story in which a tiny man is in a giantesses womb for protection
Gastric Aztec
07/10/22 06:48 am
I did some heavy editing on the shrinking theory in my story Oktoberfest 2113, can someone take a look and let me know how it looks?
07/10/22 01:38 am
anyone hear from sophiecommissions? emailed her and messaged on twitter, no replies
Gastric Aztec
07/07/22 07:15 am
Oktoberfest 2113 is posted, this story is my best so far, I really went all out explaining the shrinking theory
07/06/22 11:14 pm
I've added a new chapter to 'Tiny Tinder Testimonials'! If it was your daughter, you'd want her to be safe on the app...right?
07/02/22 09:13 pm
The third chapter of 'Sarah's Adventure In Town is now out! (my first shoutout lol)
07/01/22 05:46 pm
The Discord lick does not seem to work.
King Offjer
06/29/22 05:18 pm
Heya. Chapter 3 if The stoic and the shrink has been released. Hope you enjoy
06/25/22 12:07 am
Just in time for the weekend, another chapter of One-Shot City is out! A classic way to deal with an ex...
King Offjer
06/21/22 02:19 pm
I want to take a moment to highlight a few authors on this site who have influenced me. Thank you: Rude Zude, Milla, WizAlex, Joyce Julep, johnsmith10992, and Viper07.
06/16/22 11:56 pm
Second chapter of "A Sizey Winter Road Trip" is out!!
Rude Zude
06/15/22 02:46 pm
The newest "Trials of Friendship" chapter is out!
Rude Zude
06/12/22 01:54 pm
My most recent commission is up in full! Check out Tattooed Across Her Ass c:
06/12/22 10:20 am
Posted an update to "La Maison-Dieu" after almost four months of hiatus. I hope people enjoy it!
06/09/22 11:50 pm
Posted the first chapter to "A Sizey Winter Road Trip!" It's the first in what I hope to be a super fun story! Enjoy!
06/09/22 05:26 pm
One-Shot City has a new chapter, check it out!
Gastric Aztec
06/07/22 01:44 am
I posted Micromania, does anyone know why the words are bigger when I post an edited version of a paragraph? The only way to get it the right size is to re-copy and paste the whole thing.
Rude Zude
06/06/22 02:11 pm
Recently posted part two of Tattooed Across Her Ass! Give it a look maybe!
100 sem SS
06/05/22 11:08 am
Eu postei o capítulo 4 da minha estória em Português. Se tem alguem que fala Português lendo issi, por favor dê uma olhada.
King Offjer
06/04/22 09:37 pm
Hey guys. I just released chapter 5 of Ensnared. Hope you like it.
Rude Zude
05/31/22 03:25 pm
Part one of my latest commission is out, 'Tattooed Across Her Ass!' Might be worth giving a look if humiliation, couples, or entrapment are your jam!
King Offjer
05/30/22 04:58 am
Hello all. Ensnared Chapter 4 has just been posted. It a little longer than my usual chapters. Hope you enjoy.
05/27/22 05:12 pm
Hey everyone, I put out a new chapter for One Shot City! Check it out and let me know what you think!
Richard C H Davies
05/26/22 08:04 pm
Cookie Crumbles Part 1 (full chapter) and Mile High Club Part 3 part 1 posted! Enjoy!!
Rude Zude
05/18/22 08:30 pm
The newest Trials chapter is public! Chapter 13!
05/15/22 01:28 pm
Hey all, I've just put out a new story 'Transferred Reality.' Enjoy!
05/13/22 09:37 pm
Giantess Wonder Woman /viewstory.php?sid=11812
King Offjer
05/12/22 11:00 pm
Please check out my new story "The absolute extreme". It's an action story about 3000 words long. Feel free to contribute to the round robin if you enjoy.
Rude Zude
05/11/22 03:48 pm
Chapter 12 of Trials is public! Check it out if you feel inclined <3
King Offjer
05/09/22 10:19 pm
I'm putting the final touches on Chapter 2 of my story "Ensnared". I will be releasing it very soon. In the meantime, I've made some changes to Chapter 1. Feel free to give it a read
05/08/22 10:35 am
My newest story "Strange Behaviours" is now online!
Rude Zude
05/08/22 02:36 am
Two parts out of three are now up of Stain of Nobility! If you're a fan of couples or massacre, be sure to check it out <3
05/04/22 05:30 am
Hello void again! I think I've added the finishing touches to the first chapter of my story, Easy. I added snot and virus catching to it which I know is not so common, so I hope ppl like it!
King Offjer
05/04/22 12:03 am
I've just touched up chapter 1 of my story "Ensnared". I'd be very appreciative of any feedback. Thanks.
05/03/22 04:24 am
Are there any stories where stoned/high women mistake him as a toy or something when he needs there help, but are so stoned they torture him feet?
05/01/22 10:02 pm
Is there any way to get more robust sorting options, like number of reviews or number of reads? I know there are the top 10s, but it would be nice to be able sort all stories like that.
04/30/22 02:59 pm
First Turkish story is here!
04/30/22 04:17 am
hello void, i just updated my story Easy!
Rude Zude
04/29/22 10:04 pm
The first part of my newest story is up, Stain of Nobility! Unaware with plenty of couples shenanigans! <3
04/28/22 05:18 pm
Check out my new story, Medical Revolution! Brian's doctors are geniuses, his parents are less reliable.
Rude Zude
04/27/22 08:08 pm
New Trials of Friendship Chapter just dropped! Check it out c:
04/17/22 02:41 am
It's been a long time, but a new chapter of 'Tiny Tinder Testimonials' is out! I'm also open for commissions again, just 2 per month to keep my sanity.
Gastric Aztec
04/14/22 07:20 pm
The final chapter of Scion is posted!
04/14/22 05:35 am
My newest story "Girls' Night Out" (the sequel to "A Helping Hand") is now online!
Gastric Aztec
04/14/22 12:10 am
Chapter 23 of Scion is posted, this is the penultimate chapter! One chapter left to post!
Gastric Aztec
04/10/22 07:33 pm
Chapter 22 of Scion is posted
Gastric Aztec
04/10/22 05:28 pm
Chapter 21 of Scion is posted
Gastric Aztec
04/09/22 04:49 am
Chapter 20 of Scion is posted, there will be a total of 24 chapters