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I have created both a Twitter account and Discord server for the site. There are buttons below the site logo, but here are links to them:

Twitter - https://twitter.com/GiantessWorld

Discord - https://discord.gg/tpnzGTJ8nt

The Twitter will be mostly for updates on the site. The Discord provides a place for people to discuss the site and see updates. I hope see lots of followers on the Twitter account and for the Discord server to fill up.

Thank you.

--Administrator on July 26 2020 6:05 PM 373 Comments
Broken Registration


The security image on the registration page was broken, so people were unable to register. I fixed it, so if you tried to register recently and were unable to, try again now. I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you.

--Administrator on July 17 2020 6:57 AM 373 Comments
Changing Skins


I have been seeing problems with skins reported by different users. I am going to try and handle those, but I have a quick solution for users in the mean time.

If you got to "Account Info" and click on "Edit Preferences", there is a setting there to change your skin. That will become the default skin for your user account.

Thank you.

Edit: This has been handle. The Desktop skin now is responsive in mobile. Let me know if you find any problems.

--Administrator on July 16 2020 7:57 PM 371 Comments
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If needed new tags will be...

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Story of the Moment
To Use A Muse by Emma Gear [Reviews - 2]
Summary: A frustrated writer can't seem to get anything done, and receives some much...
Rated: R starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Giantess, Butt, Crush, Feet, Violent, Vore
03/23/23 08:18 am
Posted "Threshold Tours" with one's FDA mandated daily minimum requirement of smut...
03/22/23 02:35 am
'Performance Review' has been updated. If you read this more than a week ago, you will find this an upgraded version.
03/20/23 02:33 am
Currently getting back into the groove to start back writing again, 'm now just wondering which character should I bring back to show where they are now, Anthony or Matthew? who has the most lore?
Gastric Aztec
03/19/23 05:16 am
I just added the second chapter of the Microlillan Chronicles
Gastric Aztec
03/17/23 08:05 am
I changed the name and shortened it to the Microlillan Chronicles
Gastric Aztec
03/17/23 04:40 am
First chapter of new story: The Microlillan Chronicles: Olympia, 1962. This is the beginning of a huge saga I’m planning!
Samuel Orona
03/15/23 06:17 pm
Chapter one of my new story A Latina from Lorbrulgrud is up, it’s about an eighteen year old woman from Brobdingnag journeying to Lilliput
03/15/23 12:22 pm
Would you fuck a giant fishwoman? The Aquarist /viewstory.php?sid=12869
03/10/23 10:25 am
My newest story "Hide and Seek" is now online!
03/10/23 01:30 am
In the 2010s I wished there were more authors. In the 2020s I wish there were less.
03/06/23 01:14 am
Breaking Misplaced Punishment into 3 chapters for readability.
King Offjer
02/15/23 10:56 pm
Seeking an artist to commission a logo from. Use the contact link in my bio to email me if you’re interested.
02/12/23 09:20 pm
scambots are in full force, mods do something please
02/04/23 08:38 am
Breaking the Tiny Tinder Academy story down into 4 chapters for readability. At over 26k words, it was just too big all in one place.
02/02/23 08:06 am
Since I got quite a few story requests and praises about my writing recently I posted a writing guide for anyone that's interested
01/26/23 11:35 am
Chapter 5 of Antopia is posted now! It's quite huge so read it at your own pace and ask for a PDF copy if you need it!
01/22/23 07:23 pm
I just added a new chapter to my shrunken simulation story this time with 3D renders to accompany it check it out.
01/21/23 08:16 pm
bots are out in force, mods, do something
Gastric Aztec
01/10/23 06:00 am
Chapter Nine of Reality Trek Inch High is posted
Gastric Aztec
01/08/23 02:57 am
Chapter 8 of Reality Trek Inch High is posted
01/07/23 12:43 pm
2nd ep of Mark and his Mom's Butt is out! Been a while!
Gastric Aztec
01/06/23 04:01 am
Chapter 7 of Reality Trek Inch High is up Amelia reveals her evil plan
Gastric Aztec
01/05/23 02:04 am
Chapter 6 of Reality Trek Inch High is posted. Jason gets kidnapped by a girl
Gastric Aztec
01/05/23 12:38 am
I uploaded a rendered image of Wendelgard from my short story Wendelgard the Warrior Maiden designed by GTSSRG from deviantART
Gastric Aztec
01/04/23 11:06 pm
I am having trouble uploading images
12/29/22 09:28 pm
I just posted the 2nd chapter of my story Shrunken Simulation. Check it out and let me know what you think (:
12/27/22 10:44 am
Fixed the text to not be an impenetrable wall... >.<
12/27/22 08:13 am
First new story from me in two years. If you're looking for non-gentle stuff, this might be your day. Look for "Conducive".
12/27/22 04:47 am
Just uploaded a wintery and Christmas themed story only one day late! Hope you enjoy my latest story "Snowed In!"
12/24/22 09:41 pm
Just in time for Christmas, a fun add-on chapter to 'Daddy's Shrunken Stripper!' Please read the original then hop on my by-request addition!
Gastric Aztec
12/23/22 04:05 am
In my story the 6 millimeter man I changed a character’s name from Jessica to Jerrica, so if you find any mention of Jessica, please let me know which chapter
Gastric Aztec
12/23/22 03:28 am
The 6 Millimeter Man is finally completed!
Gastric Aztec
12/23/22 03:17 am
After 22 years, I’ve finally finished my novella The 6 Millimeter Man. All 11 chapters are posted.
12/20/22 03:01 am
I just posted my first story "Shrunken Simulation" let me know what you think (:
12/10/22 10:06 pm
Just put out a new chapter for Tiny Tinder Testimonials. Enjoy!
Gastric Aztec
12/05/22 08:38 pm
Chapter 5 of Inch High is posted!
12/01/22 05:54 pm
My newest story "Stomach Bug" is now online!
Gastric Aztec
11/24/22 12:06 am
Chapter 4 of Inch High is posted!
Gastric Aztec
11/22/22 03:43 am
Chapter three of Inch High is up, there is a vore scene
Gastric Aztec
11/21/22 01:02 am
The new version of chapter two of Reality Trek Inch High is posted!
Gastric Aztec
11/20/22 11:21 pm
I messed up on chapter two of inch high, I waited so long to write it that I incorporated stuff from chapter one, I will re write chapter two today
11/05/22 01:13 pm
@VelvetSK no, I always assumed that authors can't see them (can they?), so I _s_a_v_e_ _t_h_e_ _s_t_o_r_y_, leave a review, and a short note in the bookmark for my future self
11/04/22 03:57 pm
Does anyone else leave reviews as bookmarks?
11/01/22 02:18 am
Tiny Tinder Testimonials has a new chapter out, enjoy!
10/27/22 06:44 am
i would like to re-read "Of Smashers and Nips", i wonder why that old classic isn't on here. (wasn't it by the same author as Crystal Talisman, which IS on here?)
10/21/22 02:27 pm
@Tigerchevy it's on the web archive it seems; I may or may not have a copy, regardless do yourself a favor & get the habit of saving the stories you like
10/17/22 11:22 pm
Made a new story, go check out "A Tiny Trick!" and Happy Spooky Month!
10/17/22 07:34 pm
Does anyone know a way to get Deelan's story The Initiation? Was one of my favorite stories.
10/16/22 10:47 pm
“A fatal MySQL error was encountered.” What a fine glass of well-aged nostalgia.
10/14/22 02:23 am
One Shot City has a new chapter out. Enjoy!
King Offjer
10/07/22 04:57 pm
Hello everyone. I've decided to attempt extending my short story "a hard laugh" to novel length. Interested in early access editing chapters? Contact me at KingOffjer227@gmail.com
10/07/22 03:13 pm
To add, a girl goes to the guy's house one day and eats his girlfriend. The guy thinks that's what his girlfriend wanted. That's all the info about I have. If you've heard of it, you&#
10/07/22 03:09 pm
Trying to find a story for a friend. They say it's about a guy who gets off to people eating tinies while also having a tiny girlfriend. Girlfriend catches him one day. Any help is appreciated
10/06/22 12:24 pm
Re the hieroglyphs, enjoy "you're both useless" by layziidakkii on deviantart :=)
10/06/22 12:23 pm
@NympOManiac you had some abomination for apostrophe, this website uses ISO 8859-1 (welcome to the wonderful world of character encodings!)
10/05/22 02:03 am
Not sure why my previous post converted to some form of alien alphabet hieroglyphics but that's cool. Beam me up Scotty
10/04/22 10:08 pm
I’ve just posted a vore-luptuous one-shot entitled, 'The Good God'. Pairs best with prayers and pizza 👅🍕🙏
Gastric Aztec
10/02/22 10:26 pm
I posted the first chapter of a new story called Reality Trek Inch High that I have been meaning to write for about five years. Shrunken criminals must attend high school with normal sized students
09/30/22 06:39 pm
FYI, in case anyone misses me, I’m back to writing and planning on have chapter 9 of Ricky up next week.
Gastric Aztec
09/29/22 09:54 pm
I edited the Experiment and added a lot of scenes from the shrunken man’s perspective, please check it out and comment!
09/25/22 08:09 pm
I'm posting daily updates to my story Cara's Closet, a re-write of an old, popular story from my lost account. Hope you enjoy! There are 5 chapters up right now.
Gastric Aztec
09/23/22 05:38 am
I posted a new short story, the Thunder Tyrant of Theta Scorpius 7. A star cruiser gets shrunk by space pirates and ends up crash landing on a colonized planet, and a girl attacks them
09/23/22 02:15 am
Tiny Tinder Testimonials has a new chapter for your reading pleasure
Gastric Aztec
09/20/22 07:19 pm
I posted a new story called The Experiment about the first man to be miniaturized through neutrino dissimilation. He is a prisoner who volunteered for the experiment
Gastric Aztec
09/09/22 01:14 am
Chapter 4 of Brat Attack is posted
Gastric Aztec
09/08/22 11:34 pm
Chapter 3 of Brat Attack is posted
Gastric Aztec
09/07/22 10:25 pm
The first two chapters of Brat Attack are posted, I heavily edited the first chapter to mention the comet on a collision course with Earth
09/07/22 02:55 am
Tiny Tinder Testimonials has a new chapter out! And NymphOManiac below me here, you're absolutely right. We're a disturbingly positive group lol
09/03/22 06:55 pm
For having such a violent fetish, I feel like we're the nicest group
09/03/22 06:52 pm
It never ceases to amaze me how positive the reviews are on this site. It'll be a story about someone getting crushed to a bloody pulp and the comments are like, "Beautiful imagery" lol
08/28/22 12:15 am
Latest chapter of Sizey Winter Road Trip is live!
08/26/22 10:03 am
My newest story "With Friends Like These" is now online!
08/19/22 02:53 am
I've got a new chapter of One-Shot City for those who like slasher movie tropes turned around a little bit.
Rude Zude
08/17/22 07:36 pm
New Trials of Friendship chapter is up! <3
08/17/22 02:41 am
Hi everyone, a new chapter of Transferred Reality is up! Enjoy!
Gastric Aztec
08/17/22 02:18 am
Vorena’s Power Trip is posted!
Gastric Aztec
08/16/22 04:38 am
It’s fixed now
Gastric Aztec
08/14/22 12:48 am
I get a Fatal MySQL error message when I try to access my account
08/07/22 04:45 pm
Just posted a new story!! It's "Lost in the Woods!" Hope you all enjoy!
08/06/22 10:27 am
Help! I am trapped in the shoutbox and I don't know how to get out. It is dark and I am hungry :(
Mommy is God
08/02/22 03:57 am
Hello, I'm here to write your dirtiest giant female fantasies, please e-mail me :) I want to help everyone here masturbate to giant female torturers and their toes :0
Mommy is God
08/02/22 03:54 am
What would you do if you saw a hot girl on the bus and shrank when no one noticed? What if you could climb onto a giantess classmate's butt or bosom and live on her hot body for the rest of your l
07/25/22 11:36 am
07/25/22 11:35 am
Okay, I know I started another story rather than continue 'Stacy's Forest Discovery' but I am planning to make the above mentioned story really good and well developed, so I am gonna go sl
07/24/22 05:34 pm
Chapter 2 of Transferred Reality is up. Enjoy!
Gastric Aztec
07/24/22 12:29 am
I just finished writing a short story called Wendelgard the Warrior Maiden about a 13 year old girl 12 times bigger than us who defends Lilliput
07/17/22 06:12 am
hey guys its me george orwells 1984 at 2am here to say to check out my new story as it is cool and epic and a neat little intro. Or don't, i doubt most people even look at this shoutbox lmao
07/16/22 01:28 am
A Sizey Winter Road Trip Ch3 is out!!!
07/12/22 08:13 am
Does anybody knows a story in which a tiny man is in a giantesses womb for protection
Gastric Aztec
07/10/22 06:48 am
I did some heavy editing on the shrinking theory in my story Oktoberfest 2113, can someone take a look and let me know how it looks?
07/10/22 01:38 am
anyone hear from sophiecommissions? emailed her and messaged on twitter, no replies
Gastric Aztec
07/07/22 07:15 am
Oktoberfest 2113 is posted, this story is my best so far, I really went all out explaining the shrinking theory
07/06/22 11:14 pm
I've added a new chapter to 'Tiny Tinder Testimonials'! If it was your daughter, you'd want her to be safe on the app...right?
07/02/22 09:13 pm
The third chapter of 'Sarah's Adventure In Town is now out! (my first shoutout lol)
07/01/22 05:46 pm
The Discord lick does not seem to work.
King Offjer
06/29/22 05:18 pm
Heya. Chapter 3 if The stoic and the shrink has been released. Hope you enjoy
06/25/22 12:07 am
Just in time for the weekend, another chapter of One-Shot City is out! A classic way to deal with an ex...
King Offjer
06/21/22 02:19 pm
I want to take a moment to highlight a few authors on this site who have influenced me. Thank you: Rude Zude, Milla, WizAlex, Joyce Julep, johnsmith10992, and Viper07.
06/16/22 11:56 pm
Second chapter of "A Sizey Winter Road Trip" is out!!
Rude Zude
06/15/22 02:46 pm
The newest "Trials of Friendship" chapter is out!