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Twitter & Discord


I have created both a Twitter account and Discord server for the site. There are buttons below the site logo, but here are links to them:

Twitter - https://twitter.com/GiantessWorld

Discord - https://discord.gg/S7fk6va

The Twitter will be mostly for updates on the site. The Discord provides a place for people to discuss the site and see updates. I hope see lots of followers on the Twitter account and for the Discord server to fill up.

Thank you.

--Administrator on July 26 2020 6:05 PM 8 Comments
Broken Registration


The security image on the registration page was broken, so people were unable to register. I fixed it, so if you tried to register recently and were unable to, try again now. I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you.

--Administrator on July 17 2020 6:57 AM 4 Comments
Changing Skins


I have been seeing problems with skins reported by different users. I am going to try and handle those, but I have a quick solution for users in the mean time.

If you got to "Account Info" and click on "Edit Preferences", there is a setting there to change your skin. That will become the default skin for your user account.

Thank you.

Edit: This has been handle. The Desktop skin now is responsive in mobile. Let me know if you find any problems.

--Administrator on July 16 2020 7:57 PM 9 Comments
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Exponential Log -REDUX- by Keliadom [Reviews - 4]
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Supplement for SuperNovas Vegetarian Nutritional Regime by Theresa Yuen [Reviews - 0]
Summary: Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any likeness or resemblance to any actual...
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Story of the Moment
Doubling Sally by Mr_G [Reviews - 2]
Summary: Thanks to Wishbone, Sally double in size every day until she bigger than galaxies.
Rated: PG starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Giantess, Growing Woman

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05/01/21 03:13 pm
“Borrowing a Bite” is back after a nearly eight month hiatus with a 12th chapter. Check it out!
04/28/21 04:13 am
Just want to remind folks that for the first time EVER (Artist Block doesn't count) I finished a long-ish unaware milf story! It's called "The Malfunction" and it rules. Check it out
04/18/21 09:34 pm
If you've been following the saga of hummingbird, the would-be rookie quarterback in the MILF Sex League, Chapter 15 of the Toy and the Trainer is posted under Chapter 55 of The Cougars Get Hotter
The Intimidator
04/12/21 11:21 pm
Would anyone be interesting in reading a chapter from a story I'm working on and giving me some feedback before I upload it on the site?
04/11/21 11:24 pm
just updated Shilly-Shally with two new, steaming chapters!
04/09/21 01:43 am
Just dropped a new commissioned chapter for 'Tiny Tinder Testimonials!' Enjoy!
04/04/21 07:22 pm
I'll probably start on a new story in a week or two, or three depending on work, continuing where "Glory Days" left off with the flashforward. Stay tuned.
04/03/21 09:00 pm
made a new chapter for one of my stories.Im working on chapter 5. ill trying to get it out asap but if u know how i write then who knows.
03/31/21 01:46 am
Latest chapter of Nail Salon 1.5 is up. What would you rather me finish up first? Nail Salon 1.5 or Nail Salon 2?
03/26/21 04:37 am
A rarity from me. I released the first chapter to a little fantasy story pet project I've been working on. Any feedback or suggestions for directions is greatly appreciated. - A Mages Minor Arcana
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03/25/21 12:46 am
A short story has just been released.
03/24/21 10:45 am
Also, A new chapter of "Market Trouble" is out! Read it, comment a suggestion to next chapter ans who knows if your idea gets randomly chosen to be the base for the next chapter? Try it out!
03/24/21 10:44 am
Hello guys! I posted a new story, called "The Night Shift". I ask you guys to how me if I'm doing right in this story, as I'm really trying to make better stories, with better descri
03/22/21 08:05 am
The first chapter of the Walk in the Park rewrite has been released.
03/18/21 06:38 pm
@cameron99 I know the story you’re looking for. It was called “Streamlined” and I deleted it. Feel free to contact me about it. Deets in my bio.
tra xanh
03/18/21 12:20 pm
hello :) writing my first story for the site, looking forward to your feedback!
03/18/21 01:30 am
I'm back! And I've just posted a new story, Market Trouble! It's sort of interactive, so give it a chance and help it grow by commenting what must happen next!
03/08/21 01:05 am
I've added another chapter to One-Shot City!
03/06/21 10:55 pm
My newest story is online! Check out my page if you enjoy shrinking (sizes roles are mainly F/m) and lots of vore (note: digestion and disposal scenes). My stories are available in English and German.
03/04/21 03:10 pm
I didn't realize there was a shout out box down here... ever. Thanks everybody who has read my story so far. Seeing the read count go up encourages me to keep going. Appreciate it!
02/26/21 03:48 pm
My newest story is online! Check out my page if you enjoy shrinking (sizes roles are mainly F/m) and lots of vore (note: digestion and disposal scenes). My stories are available in English and German.
02/16/21 04:02 am
And a couple others, and he ends up having sex with another shrunken gurl inside her tummy, and at the end, the girl asks her brother if he liked the show. Can anyone remember what story this is?
02/16/21 04:01 am
Games, and he sees a picture of a shrunken person on her phone. Then at night he goes to her room, she's doing a webcam show, and she gets him to agree to be shrunk and eaten. She plays with him
02/16/21 04:00 am
Looking for a story. May have forgotten to add to favorite or may have got deleted but can't remember the name. Guy goes to his friends house, where the two of them and his friends sister play som
02/14/21 09:29 pm
@el_rooto thanks, I'll try deviantart!
02/14/21 01:41 pm
@Somewhereinthenight not sure about art; if I were you I would probably look at deviantart
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02/13/21 02:06 am
Does anyone here do giantess art commissions? I’d love to have a few done for characters in my latest story “Nail Salon”!
02/10/21 01:57 am
Chapter 14 of The Toy and the Trainer, Chapter 54 in The Cougars Get Hotter as the Boys Get Smaller, is up...
02/08/21 02:46 am
Tiny Tinder Testimonials just got one chapter bigger!
The Shrunken Scholar
02/06/21 08:50 pm
Should’ve remembered the glitch that happens when I shout too.
The Shrunken Scholar
02/06/21 08:50 pm
Has anybody else been seeing this glitch that’s been causing quotation marks and apostrophes to become question marks in random stories? I’ve seen it a few times now, including in one of mine.
02/05/21 04:40 pm
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01/30/21 08:59 pm
Chapter 13 of the Toy and the Trainer, part of The Cougars Get Hotter as the Boys Get Smaller, is now up.
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01/26/21 01:44 pm
Still having problems in deleting some unfinished stories.
01/26/21 12:05 pm
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The Shrunken Scholar
01/25/21 06:00 pm
Oh cool. The spam bots have discovered the shoutbox.
01/25/21 01:31 am
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01/20/21 12:18 am
Any new chapter of Curse of the Meat Eater soon Lebaron Jones?
01/19/21 03:17 am
What's that? Someone wanted another chapter of Matthew's Match? Your wish is my command
01/10/21 12:02 am
My newest story is online! Check out my page if you enjoy shrinking (sizes roles are mainly F/m) and lots of vore (note: digestion and disposal scenes). My stories are available in English and German.
01/09/21 08:28 pm
The fourth and final part of 'Blue' is available. Enjoy. : )
01/08/21 06:11 pm
Part 3 of my story "Blue" is ready to read. Enjoy. : )
01/05/21 06:06 pm
Hey everyone. Part 2 of my new story "Blue" is here. Enjoy. : )
From Son To Stain
01/05/21 04:18 am
Would you go to a punk rock concert where a bunch of women crushed insects to goo?
12/31/20 03:08 am
One-Shot City has received an update! I've really been enjoying the content people have been putting up lately, great work everyone
12/29/20 06:37 am
Underscore why did u delete your stories?
12/14/20 12:32 am
Hi everyone!
12/05/20 02:15 am
I just put up a new story, Emma the Real Doll! Hope you all enjoy it. As a second note, I hope the site doesn't start to slowly fall apart again. That would suck.
11/25/20 01:09 pm
By reading the other shouts here, I guess some old site problems are coming back... the e-mailing system is down again, like it was months ago, I can't contact anyone anymore. Will it be solved so
11/25/20 01:46 am
I got writer's block. :(
11/24/20 10:47 am
Admins, I would like to delete my account?? Please help (Also you should remove the delete button from our bio edits, it does nothing)
11/24/20 02:34 am
It said "You are not authorized to access that function." So I can't delete my account?? Admins, any suggestions!?
11/24/20 02:33 am
I did that
11/24/20 12:01 am
Go into "account info", click "edit bio" and down next to the confirm button there should be a button marked "delete". looks like it'll do but I'm not gonna test
11/23/20 02:46 pm
I want to delete my account, how can I do so?
11/22/20 10:36 am
Hi, I'm trying to delete an old story, but everytime I try I get a 504 Gateway Time-out. Is anyone else experiencing this problem or is it just me?
11/21/20 12:38 pm
I have this option checked in my Preferences page, but it still doesn't work. I also like to let authors know when I comment on their stories, and maybe they're not being warned too.