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a shorter chapter

Author's Chapter Notes:

She was lying there, in the cold darkness of her confinement, hungry and thirsty, curled up in a ball in the corner of a massive chamber to which her entire world had been diminished. Heavy shackles made of strong iron were closed around her ankles and wrists, restricting her movements, causing constant pain and discomfort, the only source of light being a small window near the ceiling which because of the chains holding her down despite her immense size, she could not reach.

Tears started filling her big blue eyes as she reminisced about the bright sun shining upon her body with its warm rays, refreshing wind dancing in her long blonde hair and green colour of leaves adorning the trees – the sign of blooming nature, the cold water of the lakes, source of life – a blessing for all living creatures. 

It was this, so simple and seemingly tasteless substance that her exhausted body was craving for the most at that very moment. The tongue of the giantess touched the palate in search for any remaining moisture, but there was none. She did not stop her swallowing reflex, yet it did not bring any relief to her suffering. The constant stinging pain in her stomach continued to subside and reappear in waves. Loud rumbling noises could be heard as it was crying for the slightest bit of food.

That was the point. That was how it had been thought up to be. The draconian system was working perfectly, not leaving any place for reflection or feelings, reducing her consciousness until nothing apart from satisfying the most basic instincts and needs mattered. The only thing that she cared about now was staying alive; just like an animal.

The time has come and a small door on the other side of the chamber was opened. Inside came three people. Two of them being armoured guards and the other one – an unlucky prisoner. His neck, wrists and ankles were shackled, leaving little freedom of movement, the weight of heavy chains pulling him down. He raised his head with difficulty and saw the giant woman lying on the ground in the distance. Upon this sight his body began to tremble.

"John Woodworth, sentenced to death for opposing the will of our mighty and infallible Lord," said one of the guards before kicking the captive in his back, making him fall forward and leaving the cell along with his companion. The sound of a key being turned in the keyhole echoed through the chamber. After that there was only silence.

The giantess raised her form from the cold floor slowly and looked at the man with a sad expression on her face. Her tired eyes spoke of broken will and resignation. Dried tears left shimmering lines on her smooth but dirty cheeks, her thick hair tangled and covered in moist dust coming from between the cobblestone bricks, which bedded the bottom of the cell.

For a second John thought her condition to be much worse than his own. Despite rough treatment, his body and his hair were rather clean. He had been captured just a moment ago and brought before the evil governor, who immediately passed judgement on him. The giant woman must have spent days if not weeks in the rough conditions of her confinement. He could not help but feel compassion for this poor creature, so similar to himself.

John began to notice the shape of her stunning, bare body as she was looking at him with those big blue eyes of hers. Beautiful curves of her hips and breasts contradicted his beliefs about giants. Her young face looked really pretty, its features resembling those of a noble, despite the dirt and exhaustion. He thought that she was really cute. She sat on her knees and straightened up showing her flat belly, which looked really attractive to the man, but he could not help but notice that the layer of fat was awfully thin, almost as though she was malnourished. They probably kept her here for days without anything to eat...

Suddenly a loud rumble echoed in the chamber, startling little John. It was her cramped, empty stomach repeating its desperate pleas yet again. The giantess' face winced in pain. John snapped out of his thoughts and remembered what he was there for. He started wondering how his execution was supposed to be carried out. What was the role of this beautiful giant woman?

Suddenly, the realisation hit him, knocking the air out of his lungs. She was there to eat him! He jumped back as a sudden wave of fear ran across his body. However, before he could escape far enough to get out of her range, he was attacked by the gigantic hand, and a set of elephantine fingers curled around his puny form as the giant blonde lifted him into the air with surprising gentleness. Slowly, she brought him up to her face.

John felt extremely uncomfortable being so close to the giantess' mouth. Her lips were slightly parted and he could feel the warm air of her breath washing over him.

"Please! Put me down!" he begged, waving his arms in a protesting manner and closing his eyes. "Don't do it!" He braced himself getting ready to meet his demise, but no event of such kind was taking place.

He dared to peek through partially closed eyelids. What he saw confused him. The giantess was crying.

"I am sorry, little guy..." she spoke with a gentle voice, which was far more delicate than John could have ever expected based solely on her incredible size, as tears ran down her cheeks. A hint of guilt and a flood of sadness were to be sensed as she spoke those words, "...but I have to eat you. They will kill me if I don't."

Hearing those words John started squirming violently, trying to free himself from her gentle but unbreakable grip. No! This could not be happening! He had to live! He was barely twenty years old! He had to fight for freedom alongside his comrades, free them from the tyran who raided and conquered their land...

"I am really sorry..." repeated the giantess, her eyes showing helpless compassion, "...good bye now!"

Her lips parted and John could feel them wrap around his body as she put him inside her mouth head-first.

"Noooo!" he screamed, kicking around wildly.

The giantess used her fingers to keep him inside her mouth. Despite severe dehydration, the saliva, prompted by John's presence finally appeared as her tongue began the process of lubricating the poor guy's body.

John felt the pink muscle lift his tiny form upwards and press him to the roof of the giantess' mouth. His arms touched her uvula. He was doing all he could to stop his descent, but it was to no avail. Soon he felt immense pressure squeeze his body as he entered her tight throat, never to see the outside world again.

The giantess could feel his tiny struggles as he travelled down her oesophagus, putting his arms to the sides, trying to slow his descent to the unknown. Ignoring the fear of death, which overwhelmed John's being, to the giant woman the sensation was almost equally as unpleasant. Her exhausted body had to work obscenely hard to deliver this little, hardly nourishing appetiser to the cavern of her belly, the lack of lubrication making the process far more painful than it would ordinarily have been, the hard shackles hurting her throat in the process.

She winced in pain as she felt John slide through her chest area. He soon passed through the sphincter, which was the gate to her awaiting stomach. The scary thought that the life of yet another innocuous living creature, intelligent and aware of the world, having feelings just like her is soon going to be cut short at the expense of her own did not want to leave her mind. She did not object to it. She knew she was to blame. Even though she was being forced to do this, still in the end the decision was hers to make. Why did she not give up her own life instead? Why did she not fight? Escape? Oppose?

Because she was too afraid.

She could feel tiny kicks and protests inside her belly. Being digested inside an empty stomach was sure going to be a very long and painful death. That was how she was told to execute them. They were supposed to suffer. She could not even chew her victims in order to provide a fast and painless death.

Why was she conforming to their demands?

Because she was scared – scared about risking her own life.

She used to live peacefully surrounded by nature, gardening and keeping animals she could use to prepare delicious meals without ever having to hurt any human, without the slightest need to even interact with any of them. Killing her cows or ship never brought her pleasure. She simply had to do that in order to survive. Despite her immense size, not once did she need to hunt any of the wild animals or steal from remote human settlements. She was self-sufficient and benign.

But then they came. When she was away in the mountains they burned her house down, and took away all her precious livestock. The garden, which used to be composed of beautiful apple trees, bearing huge fruits perfect for making compote, was completely annihilated by raging conflagration. When she came back she was met with a wall of catapults throwing flame balls. The fire hurt her skin and she was so lost and terrified. It was her first encounter with this kind of weapons and violence and her young mind, lacking the experience of the outside world, immediately gave in to the threats. She surrendered to their will and let them put shackles on her body. Then they led her here.

Little acid that could still be secreted was sprayed over John's body causing slight burns. The huge muscle twitched hard, knocking him down into the acidic pool building below. Acrid air started filling his lungs with agonising pain. Eyes and nostrils were burning like hell. As a result of his torment, he soon began to lose consciousness while the soft walls of the giant organ eagerly engulfed his body and started churning on him.

The giantess continued to cry, feeling the movements of her poor victim die down. She soon fell into a shallow, restless sleep.

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