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What's life?

For some, it's just chemical functions in your brain and cells. For others, a chance of doing good. Etc etc.

Well, for me it's a road that's coming to an end. Unfortunately, my body has developed an autoimmune disease that's attacking my lung alveoli. I'm dying. I'm taking several meds: some to help me sleep, some to help me with my anxiety attacks, some to ease the pain... one to help me eat, and another to help me not to puke what I just ate... I'm literally drugging myself with so much medicine. And there's no cure, so I'm just trying to live until my lungs fatally fail on me.

It was a short journey for me. I'm just 21 years old, it's hard to believe. For those of you who stay, please, be good. Be a good person, trust God, do good to the next. Life's very short, now I know that. So do your best. I know you can.

Well, I had my reasons to delete my stories. Not going to talk about it here, but for those of you who want to talk to me, I'm on the usual channels: you can still find me on discord, on the GiantessWorld channel. You can send me an e-mail. Well, I don't think I'll be adding anyone else on my Instagram... I'm not excited anymore about posting new photos and all... whatever. And the day I stop replying to the messages... you'll know what it means.

It's hard to go on when you know you can be dead in six months. I already cried a lot and I'm here just writing to anyone about it... why am I doing it? I don't know. Maybe I still didn't accept it. But life goes on. I must go too. Thank you for appreciating my work, my writings... but I had to delete them (again: particular reasons). If you saved my stories on some online directory, like Pastebin or WayBack Machine, I really really ask you to delete them: I don't wanna be remembered for the stories I wrote, but for who I was. If you want, you can think of it as a last, parting wish. Thank you all for everything.
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