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Author's Chapter Notes:

A story thought after messages exchanged with the Discord user Grafitte, with some dialogues written by her. Don't forget to thank her for the inspiration!


A few minutes have passed since break time ended and some students are still in the hallways, either coming back from a quick visit to the restroom or just talking a few last things with a classmate from another class. Bruna passes among them in a bit of a hurry, ignoring some looks from people who don't understand why she's going in the opposite direction of the classes. 'It's nobody's business,' the azure-eyed blonde justifies, as usual. She already has a desired place to be and soon arrives at the open area of the campus, doing a quick jog toward the old building, which is still used but has some floors completely deactivated, although still accessible. Those empty rooms have no use but for a few couples to have sex out of sight, but for Bruna... there's something even more secret she wants to do.

"Hey you…" a student she passes by offers her a black-and-white printed flier. "If you know anything about it, please call the number printed on the back."

"Oh, sure," Bruna takes the flier without giving the guy proper attention, not out of insolence or arrogance, she's just in a hurry: her class must be starting already and she doesn't have more than fifteen, maybe twenty minutes per week for tardiness. She used to do what she's gonna do at home, but with the arrival of a baby sister and the consequent routine changes, she had to choose another place.

'Ten minutes are enough,' she smiles, licking her lips as she thinks about what she's about to do. Her stomach, empty since it digested her breakfast and now stirred up by her delicious thoughts, complains mercilessly, causing the 22 years old woman's abdomen to feel a little uncomfortable and making her quicken her pace.

Adjusting her long straight hair a little, Bruna passes by another student, who also hands her a flier, the same one she had received before. She thanks him, immediately noticing that the young man has a tiny sitting on his shoulder: tiny is what are called humans who, due to genetic conditions that are becoming more common each year, cannot be more than 6 or 7 cm (2.2 or 2.8 inches) tall.

For a fraction of a second, Bruna's gaze meets the tiny's brown eyes and she notices the subtle shiver on the tiny's body. Something only he felt when she looked at him… a strange primal fear, as if that girl could somehow put him in a life-threatening situation…

This time, Bruna reads the flier: it's a paper that shows missing persons. Missing tinies, specifically. There has been a strong campaign in several places where tiny people have disappeared recently in search of people who capture and hurt or even kill those little humans. Tinies, of course, have all the rights a normal-sized human also has, and, for example, trapping a tiny in a purse and taking him home is considered kidnapping as it's considered kidnapping to lock a normal-sized human in a trunk and take him under false imprisonment.

Bruna enters the old campus building, crumpling and throwing the fliers she received into the nearest trash can, and uses the stairs to go up two floors, soon finding the room she likes the most: 2-206. This room is located almost at the end of the hallway, hidden behind some old furniture that was piled up there months ago. Access to that room is a little hard and Bruna has to squeeze herself a little between the furniture to get through and enter the room, but once inside, she closes the door…

"Well, well…" she whispers with an eager smile, opening her purse as she sits down on a random seat…





Bruna smiles wider as she hears the screams of the tinies she captured during the morning, which wasn't an easy task, but years of experience helped a lot…

"Keep screaming, I don't think anyone can hear you all that much... anyone but me, of course..." she teases, and the tinies try to hide behind one of the many objects inside Bruna's purse when they see her hand going in, her long fingers quickly capturing a tiny who vainly tries to bite her, his face not being in position for his teeth to reach her skin. Bruna lifts him until he is in front of her eyes, which for him are like huge eyes of clear azure with the pupil, in the center, visibly adjusting itself to focus on a creature with such tiny facial details.

"Today's your lucky day, little guy…"

Ishiro, a tiny of obvious Asian bloodline, stares frightened at the face of the giantess who speaks to him. A strong shiver runs through his body when he remembers the local news about missing tinies at this college and understands that this young woman may be behind some of the cases if not all of them. He, who was believing that what's happening was just another prank from his normal-sized friends, now is close to peeing out of fear.

"What y-you gonna do!?" he stutters, squirming vigorously as he tries to push her fingers away and free himself.

"You'll see…" Bruna tilts her head back a little, opening her mouth wide and placing Ishiro inside. He screams in bigger desperation, kicking, flailing, all the while feeling his body being deposited on her hot, very wet tongue. A damp, minty atmosphere envelops him as Bruna's lips close, leaving him in darkness.

"Hmmmm…" Bruna moans in pleasure, starting to taste the tiny while looking at the others, choosing the next one… The remaining tinies in the bag stare scared at the scene, hearing muffled screams and seeing quick bumps appearing and disappearing randomly on Bruna's cheeks. One or two tinies can swear they can tell when the bump is a hand or a foot…

Enjoying not only the slightly salty taste of Ishiro but also the moment of growing panic among the remaining tinies, Bruna leisurely passes her fingers among her things in her purse, scaring a little more the tinies in there while visibly using her tongue to push Ishiro from a side to another inside her mouth. Then Bruna brings the purse closer to her face and opens her mouth…

"ISHIROOO!!" another tiny screams, seeing Ishiro soaked in warm saliva and slipping as he tries to get up. Ishiro screams and begs for help, but Bruna's tongue doesn't let him gain ground, knocking him down every time he manages to get up despite all the saliva.

And again, Bruna's huge mouth closes.

"Buh-bye…" she says to the tinies in her purse, tilting her head back a little and letting everyone in her purse see a big bulge going down her neck, a bulge that squirms with muffled cries as Bruna's esophagus welcomes him, guiding him on a one-way trip to the dark depths of the giantess' hungry stomach…

"Aaahhhh~" she opens her mouth, showing it empty. Just her tongue, the rosy walls of her cheeks, teeth… and her throat at the back, the uvula hanging as if it's welcoming the remaining tinies down into the dark tunnel towards Bruna's tummy insides.

Ishiro was swallowed.

"You guys have no idea how de-li-cious you guys are!"

"YOU BITCH, YOU ATE HIM! YOU ATE ISHIRO! THIS IS CRIME! THIS IS CRIME! WE ARE HUMANS!!" another tiny, a light brown skinned one who would be quite tall if he was normal-sized, yells at her, his eyes showing that his anger stems from deep despair.

"Ahhhn, you're pretty eager, aren't you?" she grabs him in a swift move, throwing him unceremoniously into her mouth and closing it.

~~~ * * * * * ~~~

"*gaahn* HEEEL– *cough cough* HE– *cough cough cough gahn*" Vagner chokes with the gallons of warm, almost imperceptibly viscous saliva in which he's soaked every time Bruna's tongue sloshes him from one side to another, extracting all the flavor from him. He tries to punch, kick, sometimes grab her tongue or whatever; sometimes he feels some part of his body bumping into a tooth or he's squeezed against a cheek... he can barely breathe, but his instincts are at their peak and he fights as he has never thought it was possible, his life depends on it.

But a tiny doesn't stand a chance against a woman like Bruna, and soon he's mercilessly pushed by her strong tongue into her throat, where he's wrapped in an incredibly strong muscular embrace that forces him into an extremely tight tube, being propelled downward with slow, undulating movements… This is the end for Vagner.

~~~ * * * * * ~~~

The tinies in the purse watch Bruna sliding a finger on the bulge that goes down her neck, another unlucky tiny that is now on his way to the inevitable digestion inside her tummy.

"Mmmm… this one's fighting a lot more, I bet he's gonna make a real mess down here…" Bruna looks at her own belly, softly rubbing it. "Ah, I have an idea!"

Bruna lifts her shirt a little, exposing her flat belly, sculpted by a balanced diet plus almost daily visits to the gym, and sits on the floor, leaning against a wall, with her purse with her. She carefully picks up the tinies in her purse and places them on her belly…

"Underneath you are your little friends… only a thin layer of skin and flesh separates them from you… but that's okay," she winks at them with a slightly mischievous smile, "soon you'll all be together… I bet you can barely wait! And whoever tries to escape will face worse treatment…"


"Watch your mouth…!" she grabs one of the tinies before he finishes speaking, preparing to put him in her mouth... but she sees something different: in the corner of the room, hidden behind a varnished wooden object... there is a tiny girl. She looks shy but doesn't step back when she realizes Bruna saw her, just blushing a lot.

Raising an eyebrow, suspicious of this tiny spectator's shy bravery, Bruna places the tiny she was about to consume back on her tummy, staring at the tiny girl with a very curious look.

"So… this is the part where you should be screaming, yelling for help… don't you think so?"

"I… I…" the tiny girl tries to speak, blushing. Her shyness is a little stronger and she tries to speak out, fearing being eaten right away.

"'I… I…' Go on, we're all curious. Me and your friends here on my belly."

The small girl starts walking towards Bruna, still very shy and a little wary. "I… like… w–"

"What?" Bruna interrupts her, smiling in surprise. "I never heard of a tiny that likes to be eaten!"

"No, I don't want to be eaten, never!" the tiny girl almost steps back, shyly shaking her head. "I… I like to watch giantesses like you eat people my size…"

"NO WAY!" one of the tinies on Bruna's belly feels so astonished by the tiny girl's words that his astonishment gets mixed with anger. "AT LEAST DO A BETTER EXCUSE!"

"Really? So… I'll give you a chance: come here," Bruna rests her extended palm on the ground while, with her other hand, she captures the tiny who just screamed, firmly wrapping her fingers around him. "I promise I won't eat you, I just want to show you something…"

The tiny girl takes a wary step towards Bruna, then another... and another... until she's in front of Bruna's huge palm, contemplating Bruna's long fingers, looking at her face and seeing her apparently docile countenance, which contrasts with her slightly mischievous look…

"Well… if you were lying, I think you'd already have grabbed me, wouldn't you?" the tiny young woman climbs onto the palm, feeling Bruna lifting her hand and bringing it close to her mouth. The tiny girl's heart starts to beat faster and she thinks that maybe she made the wrong decision, but Bruna winks reassuringly at her.

"So you like… seeing this?" Bruna places the tiny who screamed over her mouth, now wide open. Gently, Bruna places the hand where the tiny girl is standing a little closer to her head, letting her watch closely as the other tiny is released and falls screaming inside Bruna's mouth, which closes immediately. The tiny girl, visibly excited, blushes, feeling some warmth growing between her legs, sighing softly when she sees how the giantess so easily holds a tiny inside her mouth as if it was a simple snack, Bruna's pink lips tightly closed and moving while she savors her new little victim. The tiny girl notices when Bruna is going to swallow and stares at her neck, 100% of her attention focused on the moment, and then it happens: a loud gulp almost echoes in the tiny girl's ears and something agitated and slightly larger than herself goes down inside Bruna's neck, a large bulge that can only be a tiny human that has just been swallowed alive.

"Aaahhhh~…" Bruna sighs in pure ecstasy, looking at the little person in her hand. "Did you enjoy watching this?"

"Yes…! Yes!" the tiny girl, now less shy, confesses, smiling more excitedly. "I've always wanted to see it up close like this... th-thanks!"

"You're welcome… but what's your name again?"


"Nice to meet you, I'm Bruna. I never expected that a tiny like you would enjoy watching me swallow other tinies… it could be you, right?" Bruna winks at her again.

"Yeah… but… I…"

As Mia stutters a bit, unsure of what Bruna has in mind, the latter places the former on her neck. Mia understands exactly what Bruna wants and hugs the giantess' wide, warm neck, pressing her ear against Bruna's skin. As unbelievable as it may seem, Mia has the feeling that she heard something besides Bruna's bodily sounds. Something that might as well be a distant, terrified scream…

Bruna, delighted with Mia's sincere excitement, picks up another tiny, this time a guy who had studied with her in another class, and hastily throws him into her mouth. Lubricating him a little with her saliva, Bruna swallows him quickly and Mia feels a bulge about her size passing inside Bruna's neck, pushing her as it goes down, the muffled screams of this new victim clearly audible. As he's pushed down the esophagus, his screams get harder and harder to hear... until they're silenced when the sphincter that connects the esophagus to the stomach closes after the tiny passes through it.

In the small instant in which the sphincter was open, Mia heard more screams.


"Glad you liked it…"

"Yeah…! I… I… Can I s-stay on your belly? I want to hear… hear more," Mia asks timidly, receiving a wide, sincere smile from Bruna in return.

"You're cute, you know that?" Bruna gently picks Mia up and places her on her belly, just below her left breast, where Mia immediately lies down on her tummy, pressing her ear against Bruna's wide, sexy abdomen and listening, fully attentive, to the ongoing chaos inside her giant friend's turbulent stomach…

Amidst heartbeats, Bruna's lungs filling with air as she inhales, stomach rumblings, and some other sounds Mia can't identify, the tiny girl manages to notice exactly what she's looking for: screams. All of them muffled but still sufficiently clear and desperate…

"Hey!" Mia almost jumps out of her place, a bit startled. "I-I think one of them punched right under me her- ouch! Another one! They're really frantic!"

"Yeah, I feel them too… it's like a massage, you know?" Bruna grabs the last tiny, throwing him in her mouth and sucking his body like candy. "It's so tasty… I can hear just a little bit of their screams… they punch, kick, protest… poor things, they're trapped and won't get out…"

"Yeah, they're screaming a lot… it's kind of hard to understand everything, but I think they're begging… they're wanting to get out… there's one here who's demanding you to puke him up!" Mia smirks at the tiny who, inches below her, is screaming at the top of his lungs, lost in the darkness amid the strong, tight contractions of Bruna's stomach, he and other tinies being jumbled and squeezed against each other and against the stomach walls as they ooze acids on their desperate bodies, preparing them for digestion. One of the tinies, panicking, throws a hard punch against a random wall that has flexed. "Wow, again? They punch too much!" Mia, on top of them and outside, feels the blow, once more surprised.

"Yeah… they try really hard… too bad it only lasts about… fifteen or twenty minutes…" Bruna continues to savor the tiny she sucks like candy, leaning her head back and closing her eyes, enjoying the incredibly good sensations the intense fight inside her stomach provides her. Mia, still lying down on Bruna's belly and seeing that Bruna is no longer looking at her, gives in to her most hidden desire and her hand goes down under her belly, then goes inside her skirt, from there going inside her panties, and one of her fingers touches her clit. Mia blushes a little more, feeling a slight shiver in her legs and holding back a moan that, had it been released, would surely bring onto her the attention of the giantess on whose belly she lies…

Now Mia also closes her eyes, taking a deep breath and restraining her moans as she hums and almost gasps in pleasure, touching herself while listening to Bruna as the latter delights herself with the tiny in her mouth. Mia's legs, shaking a little in pleasure, spread a little more, giving Mia's fingers wider access to her vagina, which awaits further attention…

"AHHGHN!" Mia, surprised, almost screams startled when she feels something big, soft, and warm caressing her back.

"Someone's really excited…" Bruna laughs softly, trying to calm Mia down. "You… eh… I also think that digesting the tinies is something very sexy, you know? It's not just the pleasure of eating something tasty… it's knowing that they're right here, in my belly, doing everything they can and even so, they won't be able to escape… from the moment I capture them, their fate is sealed, and that fate is to be food to fuel my body…" Bruna pats her own abdomen very lightly as she feels the struggles inside her belly intensifying: surely the tinies there inside heard her words.

"It's true… it turns me on since I became a teenager…" Mia whispers, blushing like never before. "I… I…"

"Let me help you…" Bruna slips one of her huge fingers between Mia's legs, who holds back another moan as she feels her legs being unforcedly opened by Bruna's fingertip. The giantess applies a very arousing pressure in Mia's most intimate region like Mia has never felt before… "Just close your eyes… and enjoy everything with me…"

Mia, finally, completely surrenders, turning around and wrapping her arms and legs around Bruna's finger, rhythmically and continuously rubbing herself on it while Bruna lightly masturbates her, carefully touching and caressing the tiny girl's wet pussy. The giantess, wanting to take part in this moment, uses her other hand on herself, feeling no qualms about having this particular moment with a girl she just met. Bruna's fingers enter her vagina and she moans a little louder, followed by tinier moans from Mia, who also allows herself to moan more. The two girls touch themselves together, growing more and more horny as they hear each other's moans, the complicity in that intimate moment increasing the pleasure of this experience to levels neither of them had ever felt before. Mia takes an extra delight in keeping herself aware that while Bruna is giving her pleasure like she never had before, four people as tiny as herself are trapped, screaming and hitting every wall of Bruna's stomach as they beg to be freed. The vibrations that their futile efforts cause to the surface of Bruna's tummy vibrate through Mia's body who, enraptured by the unique experience, reaches an intense orgasm. Never has it arrived so quickly; even so the climax was unique, one of the strongest she has felt. She moans as loud as a tiny can, grabbing Bruna's finger with her nails, which presses her on the right spots, giving her some last stimuli while the tiny girl's body calms down…

Mia sighs deeply, now resting while hugging Bruna's finger, panting and already a bit sweaty while Bruna still touches herself, moaning softly. "Go on… swallow him for me~…" Mia teases, stirring an extra ecstasy in Bruna, who tilts her head down a bit, opening her mouth just a little so that the tiny there inside can have one last view of the outside world. Bruna's eyes say it all: she wants Mia to tell the tiny what's going to happen…

"Hey, dude… I don't think we're gonna see each other again…" Mia waves the unfortunate guy bye-bye.

He screams in protest but is interrupted when Bruna's mouth closes, this time to swallow him. Mia tries to reach Bruna's neck to again feel a tiny go down her esophagus, but when Bruna swallows, she is still passing over the giantess' huge breasts. The tiny girl notices Bruna's breathing accelerating and holds on tight, enduring the sudden earthquake that Bruna's body causes her during the climax. She waits for Bruna to calm down, only then returning to her belly.

"Wow, it must be wonderful to feel them inside your belly… are their movements very strong?" Mia asks, starting to rhythmically rub Bruna's belly, smiling at her new friend.

"Strong enough for me to feel them well… sometimes I feel something a bit different, I don't know how to describe everything I feel. But they mostly kick, push, punch… I think that they even already tried to scratch the walls of my stomach!" Bruna giggles and Mia laughs along. "Their fight doesn't start in the stomach, at least not for most of them. In my mouth they already struggle a lot and keep trying when they are sliding down my esophagus... but in there they move less, I guess it must be a super tight descent for them, so tight that I feel them go the whole way down as if they were a large mass of food going tightly down… well, in fact, they are," she giggles again. "But when they reach my stomach… it's when they make a real mess! I feel so many things, they try so hard… but it's no use, they'll stay here inside, trapped forever, until… I digest them. It's so good, it's a moment worth all the risk of being caught capturing those little people… I'll never get tired of doing that!"

"Yeah, I'm feeling and hearing everything! They're screaming for you to release them… they're even promising that if you puke them up they won't tell anyone… of course you'll never do that, right? Puke them out here?"

"No… they're food, and food is meant to stay in my belly… " she sighs, feeling immense pleasure with Mia's touches on her belly. "Mmm… what are you doing? This feels soooo good…"

"A massage... while they massage you on the inside, I'll massage you on the outside."

"Ahh… this feels great…" Bruna rests her head against the wall, closing her eyes as she relaxes with Mia's massage and revels in the fluttering inside her stomach, which is starting to grow weaker… "I could stay like this forever…"

"Me too…" Mia continues the massage, enjoying knowing that, below her, about five tinies are unable to get out of Bruna's stomach, no matter how much they try or beg. An unusual, forbidden pleasure that Mia never understood why she had it, but she does. She can feel the tinies still a little unquiet beneath her, a few faint, sporadic bumps appearing and disappearing in different parts of Bruna's belly, in the area related to the stomach. Giving extra attention to the moment, Mia hears their still perceptible voices and screams among the loud stomach gurgles that every now and then disturb the understanding of much that is said:

"Let us out…!"

"I don't wanna die here, help!!"

"You bitch, this is hurting a lot!!"

"I can't take it anymore…! Let us go, please!"

"Help…! Someone help us!"

"Not this way, please!!"

"If you let us g–"


"Please… please…"

Mia looks happily at Bruna, who smiles back affectionately and picks her up in her hand as she gets up.

"So… friends?" Mia asks while Bruna dusts her clothes, getting ready to leave.

"Friends. And… maybe more~"

Mia can barely contain herself, happy to have found a normal-sized woman who fits her desires perfectly. "And… that means you won't try to eat me, right?"

"Of course not, you're my protegee now!" Bruna handles Mia gently, leaving the tiny girl on her shoulder. The fluttering inside her stomach is starting to subside, though one or two tinies are still struggling, and she needs to go to the class, so it's really time to go back. "If you feel like you're going to lose your balance, hold on to my hair."

"Okay!" Mia sits on Bruna's shoulder, firmly grabbing a few blonde strands as Bruna leaves the room, taking her purse with her, now without a single tiny inside, all of them already confined inside her tummy, which emits a satisfied groan as it continues to digest the small humans, all still alive. Again Bruna squeezes herself a little between the furniture, then walking through the long, forgotten corridor of this deactivated floor and using the same stairs to return to the ground floor, once again jogging in the open area of the campus. She passes by the same guys who were handing out fliers earlier: now they are resting and talking. Even so, Bruna asks them for another flier and the guy, when giving her a new one, notices Mia sitting happily on Bruna's shoulder.

"Congrats, girl… you have a very friendly and positive attitude toward tinies!" the boy praises Bruna without taking his eyes off Mia. Bruna says nothing, just nodding, but Mia lets out a mischievous giggle that leaves the boy a little confused.

"So…" Bruna shows Mia the flier when they are a little further away from the guy. "…are any of these faces familiar to you? Were any of them your friends?"

"I… know some of these tinies, but no one on that list is a friend of mine. At most, they were class acquaintances. Why?"

"Just checking… I must have swallowed all these…"

~~~ * * * * * ~~~

One day later, around 1:00 am…

"Aaaaahhhhhh~!!!!" Bruna, almost squirming in pleasure, again comes to an orgasm, taking deep, long breaths as she keeps Mia pressed against her pussy, Mia massaging the huge clit she has been rubbed against so many times, clearly not minding being drenched in Bruna's vaginal fluids. For Mia, it actually was an extra that helped her to cum a lot faster too... a loving intimacy she never would have imagined having so quickly, so deeply, with a woman who could swallow her up anytime she wanted, but Mia knows she won't. They're girlfriends now.

Out of nothing, Mia feels Bruna's fingers envelop her and the giantess leaves the tiny girl on one of her soft breasts, still panting, but calmer…

"This was…"

"…perfection…" Bruna moans one last time, withdrawing her fingers from inside her vagina and not bothering too much to dry them on a piece of clothing that has long been taken off when things between the two started to grow hotter. "I… I just confirmed that making love to you is a hundred times better than anything else… I've never had so much pleasure in my life, even with another woman my size…"

"We found out together then… but I was thinking… like, I don't exactly understand, Bruna… you could have eaten me yesterday when we met… didn't you eat me because I enjoyed watching you eat those boys?"< /p>

"I didn't eat you because you had the guts to come to me when I told you to do so, even though you knew what I could do to you. I respect that and also your sincerity. And besides... you were the first tiny person that looked at me with such affectionate eyes… I felt that you really liked me at that time and that we could be–"

One of the tinies inside Bruna's belly punches as hard as he can the inner wall of her stomach in an act of rage.


"Yeah, I can see you liked me…" she cuts him off, surprised by the tiny guy's audacity. "Should have thought of that before calling me a bitch."

Bruna, ignoring the protests of both this tiny guy and the other tinies she ate while making love to Mia, and looking fondly at her tiny girlfriend, involuntarily lets out a shy, soft burp.

"Ooops!" Mia smiles, considering Bruna's burp to be cute.

"It happens…" Bruna caresses Mia's face, blushing a little.

"Well, my love…" Mia continues. "How many people my size did you eat in your entire life? The way you get excited with this… it seems like something new for you."

"Ahhh, hon, I lost count a long time ago… but do you like the size my breasts have? Thank all the tinies I ate that became part of them~… I think we can have an idea of how many I ate with that…"

"Then it was indeed a lot…!" Mia tries to hug Bruna's visibly large breast, on which she is, giving it a kiss. "Even if I was your size I would say they are big!"

Bruna carefully picks Mia up, putting her tiny girlfriend on her shoulder as she gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom… time for a nice, relaxing shower together, and then they'll go back to bed and sleep, Mia snuggling on top of the warm belly of her giant girlfriend…

~~~ The End ~~~

Chapter End Notes:

Another story posted, weee! ^^ This one not being gentle, or at least not thaaat gentle, except for Mia, who found a new giant girlfriend for her...

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