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Just an average guy getting by.  But who has a size-difference, merciless squash and trample fetish.

I like to write.  Love to read stories from people with like fetishes.

Barefootin it all the way, baby!  And hopefully on me!

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Stories by F00tprint

When a man finds a professional dominatrix who will deliver up his deepest darkest fantasy - to be trampled underfoot without mercy, without end and without reprieve - what will it be like for him?

Nightmare?  Wildest fantasy come true?  A true nirvanna?  Or a hell in the truest sense of the word?

While for her, might it be just business as usual?

A brutal little tale about just such an experience.  A man who has gotten himself shrunken by a new and fabulous nanotechnology, from one of the world's top technology firms, with protection from a crushing death to go along with it, but leaving him able to feel all of the pain, the anguish, the unstoppability of her crushing weight.

A story of bitter regrets, of surrendering, of exhultation to the experience.  Journey with him through all of these, and a dominatrix who gives it to him exactly how he wanted it.

If you're a fan of size-difference-trampling, this will be a yarn for you.  Live it through his experience, experience it vicariously.  If you live for the fantasy of being squashed, especially without mercy, then this tale will be one you'll probably love.

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Shrink: Doll (12 in. to 6 in.)
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