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Story Notes:
I wanted to go back to the nineties again, the latter half since there's so much good music that was coming out in that time, and I wanna incorporate that into my story.
Saturday, November 10th, 1979

"YOU KEEP ON SHOUTIN', YOU KEEP ON SHOUTIN'" I scream at the top at my lungs along with my friends as we scream into the night sky going down the highway along with my radio, we're driving down the highway, heading back from the KISS concert in Phoenix to go home to Prescott, they're on their Dynasty tour for their new album. The wind flowing through our hairs in my convertible, a bright red 1974 Plymouth Barracuda. I'll admit I'm going a bit faster than usual, the sky dark and with stars in the sky, the desert landscape howling with wolves in the background, there's a couple of cars and few semis around us.

"I WANNA ROCK ALL NIGHT AND PARTY EVERYDAY!" we all sing along, waiting after the mini drum solo, repeating the chorus over and over again until the song fades out.

I turn off the radio, I start to shift gears again, slowing down, my car being a Manual.

"What the hell Ben?" Brian says, my friend in the front seat next me, I've known him since elementary school, he's blond, and wearing a KISS Dynasty t-shirt he got from the concert and blue jeans, he's wearing KISS face paint, he's a way more into the band than we are.

"C'mon man, my ears are still ringing from that concert, it's almost 10:30 if I had to guess" I say, feeling kinda tired. We stopped to get some Kentucky Fried Chicken after the concert, dining in. I think we have about another 40 minutes until we hit home.

"Yeah, Ben's right" Paula, my girlfriend says from the backseat, her long red hair flying in the wind, the freckles on her face, she's dressed in Bell Bottom blue jeans and a T-shirt with the phrase "Keep On Trucking". She smiles at me.

"Yeah" Says Joey and Angela in unison. Joey is another friend, we both work at the same Mechanic shop in town and befriended each other that way, he's originally from the East Coast, New York City to be exact, seeming related to a Mafia family out there, but wanted to escape the life and quietly packed his bags one night and bought a Greyhound bus ticket for a one way non-stop trip from NYC to Phoenix, he was paranoid about big cities so he hitch hiked all the way to Prescott after first arriving to Phoenix. This was about 3 years ago, not too long after he turned 18. Angela was his girlfriend, another Italian-American. I don't really know all that much about her, she's blonde and she's from Las Vegas. I'm not too sure how Joey and Angela met.

"Fine" Brian says.

The drive is quiet for about 10 minutes, me concentrating on the road and the glare of my headlight on the road ahead, the moon shining down over us. It's not a full moon tonight, you can really only see half of it.

"Alright, I'm going crazy. I'll turn the radio on" I say, slightly taking my attention off the road and turning the knob, the song "Escape" by Rupert Holmes, I've seemed to landed on a top 100 station.

I don't really mind the song, since it's soft rock. Something that's really soothing to your ears after a night of loud music.

"I didn't really care much for that Disco song" Joey says, referencing "I Was Made for Lovin' You" by Kiss, their new hit song that they played at their concert.

Everyone chimes in agreement but me, I actually liked the song. Disco is a guilty pleasure of mine, since everyone thinks it's dumb now, I keep my mouth shut.

"My Sharona" by The Knack is playing on the radio, a song I've heard a million times over these past couple weeks whenever I'd turn on the radio, but I'm really just too tired to even change the radio so I just leave it on.

I shift gears again as I speed up again, seemingly passing a couple of more cars and all. The landscape seems more grassy and the roads start to curve more, I think we're getting closer to home.

In about 30 minutes we start to get outside of Prescott, Brian seemingly asleep and everyone else either sleepy or asleep themselves. I start to slow down and get onto a exit. I drop off Joey and Angela first, since they both live together at a apartment downtown, then I drop off Brian who lives in the neighborhood near the high school.

"Bye Brian" me and Paula say in unison as he gets out of the car and walks into the house, I think it's 11:32.

"Bye" He says, as he walks into his house, he still lives with his parents. Closing the spring door with a slam.

Paula climbs over the front seat and sits in it, I can see a little bit of boobs jiggle as she does this, I smile.

"So, here we go" I say as she puts her seat belt on, I speed out of the neighborhood and onto the main road.

I notice her long red hair flying the wind as I drive, the moon light reflecting on her brown eyes as we drive, her eyes look even more beautiful when you can see the reflection of the moon in the sky out of them.

I fiddle with the radio a bit as I drive, more and more radio stations seeming playing softer stuff and some even tuning off for the night. I land it on another station, playing "Rock With You" by Michael Jackson. I never really cared for his stuff when he was in The Jackson Five and that was huge and all that jazz, but his solo works have been pretty good and I've even bought a couple of his albums. I predict he might get even more popular in the next decade.

When we start to get to her neighborhood, which is pretty upper middle class compared to where I live, I start to slow down a bit, I park outside her parent's house, seeming two story and both brand new 1980 Cougar Mercury XR7 parked in the Garage, one white and one red. Her father has some type of high position at Bank of America in Phoenix, where he commutes to work everyday.

"So uh, Maybe we'll hang out tomorrow. I'm off on weekends" I say, turning off the radio.

"Yeah, that sounds nice" She says, and then leans in for a kiss on the lips. We kiss for about 30 seconds.

"Your breath tastes like Kentucky Fried Chicken" I say, she blushes.

"I love you too" She says smiling as she opens the door and gets out the car. I speed off.

I eventually make it to my house, I live with my mom, dad left out not too long after I was born, and my older brother Don died in Vietnam ten years ago this year, so I'm really all she has left. It's only a ten minute drive home from Paula's house.

I pull into the driveway, mom's 1969 Lincoln Mark 3 parked on the side of the house.

"Fuck" I think to myself, actually looking at my fuel gauge for the first time since I've started this trip, knowing I'll probably have to go to a gas station tomorrow morning.

I take the keys out and open the car door and lock the door and go inside, the living room dark and quiet, I hear my mother sleeping soundly in her room. I see the time reflecting off of the Kit-Cat Klock in the kitchen, the time currently being about 11:48.

I go into my room, seemingly the way I left it this evening. My bed has been made though, so that's nice of mom to do. I'm too tired to take a shower, so I just strip down to my underwear and climb into my bed, laying down on my back for a bit and reflecting on my day, since usually my highlight of Saturdays is watching a new episode of CHiPs and hanging out with Joey and Brian, or me and Paula getting some alone time at night over either her house or mine.

"I wish these days would last forever" I say, the last thing I say before laying on my side and drifting to sleep.
Chapter End Notes:
Happy Canada day to any of my Canadian readers.
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