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The usual story:  Guy Shrinks.  Guy tries to get giantess to see him.  Giantess sees shrunken man.  And then something different happens...

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Published: July 29 2019 Updated: September 11 2019
Story Notes:

This story purposely starts suddenly.  Theres a reason his shrinking is not explained right away. I dont plan on having a chapter 0, but there will be hints as to why in each chapter.  The story isnt perfect but I hope everyone can look past that and if you have any tips on the format of the story I'd love to hear them. I wrote a quick story that wasnt that too popular a few years ago so I deleted it. It wasnt that good, I think this one is going to be so much better! So even though this isnt my first story, I hope you go easy on me and I promise you it will only get better.  One secret I've been working on is giving everyone a chance to get what they want and see every option this story can go.  You'll see when its finished in I'm guessing under 10 chapters? The story is mostly finished, but I have a lot of editing and details to add.
Some popular titles and spelling errors are on purpose

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1. Erin and The Boss by Amista6 [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (1112 words)

This story purposely starts suddenly. There is a reason his shrinking is not explained right away.   I will probably change the opening to this story by a few sentences, but it wont change the plot.  This is one of the reasons it's taken me so long to post because I cant think of a way to properly start this story without giving away the ending.

2. Britney and Jennifer by Amista6 [Reviews - 1] (1200 words)

new characters introduced.  Spelling errors of celebrites and popular corporations and apps are on purpose.

3. Meeting Kacie by Amista6 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1543 words)

This is the last major character to be introduced for a while.

4. What would you do if you found a shrunken person? (28+ Answers!) by Amista6 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1842 words)

There's no giant interaction in this story, but since this isn't an all female grocery store, there are both males and females answering these questions. For most answers I didn't specify their sex so use your imagination.  My Imagination works as if they are all women answering the questions unless otherwise noted.  Each quotation mark for speech is for a different customers answer. unless otherwise noted.

5. How would you keep a shrunk man safe until there's a cure? by Amista6 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1204 words)

Time for the questions to start to end and the giantess interaction to rise.

6. A Well Deserved Break by Amista6 [Reviews - 0] (1703 words)

Who's in charge here? Main characters are back in the spotlight

7. Don't You Know What These Women Will Do? by Amista6 [Reviews - 0] (2153 words)

Break time is over. Decisions are made.