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Story Notes:

This story purposely starts suddenly.  Theres a reason his shrinking is not explained right away. I dont plan on having a chapter 0, but there will be hints as to why in each chapter.  The story isnt perfect but I hope everyone can look past that and if you have any tips on the format of the story I'd love to hear them. I wrote a quick story that wasnt that too popular a few years ago so I deleted it. It wasnt that good, I think this one is going to be so much better! So even though this isnt my first story, I hope you go easy on me and I promise you it will only get better.  One secret I've been working on is giving everyone a chance to get what they want and see every option this story can go.  You'll see when its finished in I'm guessing under 10 chapters? The story is mostly finished, but I have a lot of editing and details to add.
Some popular titles and spelling errors are on purpose

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Author's Chapter Notes:

This story purposely starts suddenly. There is a reason his shrinking is not explained right away.   I will probably change the opening to this story by a few sentences, but it wont change the plot.  This is one of the reasons it's taken me so long to post because I cant think of a way to properly start this story without giving away the ending.

Here you are, shrunken and at the local grocery store you used to work at.  How you came to be here is a story that might sound unbelievable, even absurd, but it did happen.

This is bad. This is one of the worst places for you to be shrunken since you pissed off almost everyone you used to work with. There was one girl you had a crush on named Erin.  She never seemed to hate you but... It's a long story.

You remember when you first met her she said she had already started her freshmen year of college before she started working here and even though you were only a few years older than her, you would heavily flirt with her. Unfortunately for you, she would always politely brush off your advances, usually by changing the subject or responding in one word answers and not making eye contact.  You couldn't see why she didn't like you, so you toned it down a bit and decided to do nice things for her, but she still gave a vibe like she thought it was creepy because you weren't the same age as her or something.  You never did figure out why? 

That was over a year ago, but now you see her at register two with no one in line.  You could try your luck with her or you could jump in this customers grocery basket on the floor.  The basket was closer, but who knows what this random shopper would do with you? At least you knew Erin was generally a nice person and would treat you better than anyone else you used to work with. 

You climb up the side of the candy rack and avoid getting stuck in a piece of gum on the way before you finally make it to the moving conveyor belt. Taking a deep breath, you leap on and ride it while jumping up and down and waving your arms.  Erin's gaze isn't in your direction, but she has to look down eventually. 

She's even more beautiful than you remember and even taller too, but that might be because of your current point of view?  You trip forward as the belt suddenly stops moving when it recognizes you as an object in the way of the sensor.  Erin, staring off into space and mindlessly chewing gum, looks down at what caused the belt to stop and sees a tiny bug standing up and shaking its legs.

"Erin! Erin! Please Look down! Yes! Here! I'm Right here!"

You marvel at her beauty and are impressed how her booty and boobs have grown even larger since you last saw her, but almost piss your pants when you hear her next sentence. 

"Is that a bug? Ew. Wheres the fly swatter? It was here before?  Hey Jillian, can you send over the fly swatter?"

"No, It's me! Please Erin, Don't squish me, you have to recognize I'm human!"

Luckily, Erin squints closer and sees what you really are.

"Oh My God, are you a little mini person!  I've never seen one before.  How did you get so small? Was this an accident or on purpose?  Wait, Aren't you that guy who would creep on me and my best friend and not get the hint?" 

"Who? Britney?  I never hit on her. She was always a bitch to me."

"It is you!  What was your name again?"

"You don't remember?  Its..." 

"It's not important.  I cant believe you would shrink yourself just to spy on me.  I knew you were obsessed, but I didn't think you were stupid enough to do something so dangerous. Let me guess, your half assed plan didn't go the way you wanted and now you're stuck at this size and want my help? I've seen enough movies like Honey I Shrunk The Soccer Team and InHerSpace to figure this out. I kind of feel bad for you.  Even though you did interupt me in the middle of my shift..." 

"Shut up for one effing second and listen! I need your help.  What happened was..."

But Erin wasn't listening to you anymore. "Oh no." She noticed someone was walking over and grasped you in her hand before dropping you down into her shirt.  You slid down until you rested in-between her breasts and were snug in her tight, but comfy cleavage.  This was a dream come true! Nestled in the bosom of your crush and they're so much softer and cushier than you imagined.  Even her skin is silky soft and smells lightly of fruit and flowers. It was like you were in heaven, until you heard the voice of a Devil. 

"Here's the fly swatter you asked for." 

"Oh, um, thanks Jillian, but, uh, he flew away?" 

"I'll send Britney over with some bug spray in case it comes back.  You're yearly raise is coming up soon, keep up the great work!"

Jillian is about to walk away when Erin stops her.

"Hey Jillian, wait! "I have a paper to write in creative fictional writing and I wanted to know what you would do if you found a shrunken man?"

"A shrunken man? I don't know? Probably drop him off at a hospital or doctors office."

"But what if it was, lets say someone you didn't like?  Say for example that guy who worked here last year that no one liked?"

"That asshole!  Honey, I would drop him in the back of my pants and tell him to start kissing for all those times of being a pain in my ass.  Serves the little shit right."

Erin says nothing as Jillian walks away but notices how her underwear tends to be swallowed up easily into the abyss of her buttcheeks through her tight work pants.  She feels you shivering in between her breasts and isn't surprised that you're scared of being swallowed up by a mature woman's wide whooty.  

You whisper to yourself in fear "Please don't show her to me. Please don't show her to me. Please don't show her to me. There's no way I'm going to kiss that bitches fat ass. Keep me right here in your bra with your killer rack until it's safe.  Damn Erin, you got some cushy, big ole titties."

Erin, unaware of your typical bro comment about her growing bust, stood there for a moment thinking about what her manager had said.  She was about to take you back out when her best friend showed up with a can of insect repellent.  You didn't realize it at the time, but this is one of your former coworkers that hated you most out of all of them.

Chapter End Notes:

Chapter 2 introduces new characters and their opinion on him.

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