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It was a rough day at work. Ashely had to work an 8-hour shift at the local store, because someone called out and the manager needed him to cover the shift. He couldn't believe how unlucky he was as he felt his weak legs about to give out. Ashely let out a tired sigh as he unlocked his dorm room that he lived in. He slowly walked into the living room where his 3 roommates were gaming. Ashely made a groaning sound as he flopped into one the chairs while watching his roomies fight an intense game between themselves.

"Who's winning," Ashely asked in a very tired voice.

"Fucking Phil," Frank said upset that he was in last place. He was fighting furiously to get the advantage but wasn't succeeding.

"Damn right I am," Phillip said as he was clearing having the most fun kicking everyone's ass in the video game.

"Not for long," Fred said as he tried desperately to defeat Phil.

"Ugggggh," Ash groaned from exhaustion. "Do we have any food?"

"Should be some pizza in the fridge, chicken and mushrooms," Frank said.

Perking up at the sound of food, Ash headed over to the fridge, and to his pleasant delight he found that there were a couple of slices of pizza left. Grabbing one and sticking it into his mouth he picked up the other and headed toward his room. Ash sucked down the slice of pizza in his mouth before he even closed the door and was already putting the other in his mouth.

"God, you won't believe what a crappy day I had Jake." Ashely said as he turned around. Ashely looked at his bed and felt himself being drawn toward the lovely sight. With pink pillows and matching blankets and sheet, Ashely flopped down on the welcoming bed.

"Do you want to hear how it went," Ashely asked murmuring into his pillow. He didn't even wait for a response from Jake. "First, I was 5 minutes late. Michele chewed me out for it. I mean I was only 5 minutes late, not like it would make much of a difference. God, she is such a bitch sometimes. I mean if she took one second and listened to me she would know it wasn't my fault, in fact it wasn't even my shift," Ashely said going on and on about his boss. "Then, I had some fucking prick," Ashely said getting up and looking toward Jake. "And I mean a total D-I-C-K. You know what I mean?" Ashely asked. Before Jake could reply again Ashely went on, "He came in and started to hit on me. ME, can you believe that?" Ashley asked. "I tried to tell him that I was a guy but before I could he smack me on the butt," Ashely said in anger. "But don't worry... he won't be doing that again," Ashely couldn't help but giggle. "Let's just say I got to enjoy a little snack while on the clock," Ashley said winking to Jake. "Jeez," Ashely said laying back on his bed. "What a shitty day..." Ashely ginned up at the ceiling. "You know, I could use a little ..." Ashely let his words hang out in the open for a few moments before sitting up and looking at Jake with a wicked grin. "Fun time."

Ashely got up and headed over toward Jake giving him a playful grin. "You know, just a little release. Something to help relax me after such a stressful day. What do you think," Ashely asked Jake hoping he could understand what Ashely was implying.

Jake responded in a ghostly sound that only Ashely could hear, "Go fuck yourself."

Ashely couldn't help but giggle at the response from the piece of tissue paper sticking out of the tissue box, "That's the idea silly." Ashely stood in front of his desk and looked at Jake in his new form. To think, that not even a few days ago he was just a normal teenager on campus. Now he was just a fluffy piece of tissue paper ready to be used by Ashely.

Jake was powerless in front of the enormous Ashely. He could do nothing except yell obscene things at Ashely while the entire tissue box was picked up by Ashely and carried over to his bed. Jake was tossed through the air and landed on the bed right side up. Jake was unable to move as he was left hanging out of the tissue box and waiting for help. Ashely then proceeded to lock his door to his room.

"Don't want any interruptions," Ashely said from behind Jake, as he could hear the door lock click into place. Next thing that Jake knew there was a large massive shadow hovering over him. Suddenly a large body landed next to Jake as Ashely jumped on top of his bed. Jake never noticed how small he was compared to Ashely until now. Jake was off to Ashely's left side as he lay face up on his bed. Ashely pulled out his phone and started to use the device to look up stuff on it. Unable to see what he was looking at, Jake could do nothing but wait for Ashely to do as he pleased. It wasn't long before Ashely found something that peeked his interest. Jake noticed further down Ashely's body that there was a reaction occurring down south. It didn't take long for Jake to realize what Ashely was doing on his phone as a very familiar shape started to appear due to Ashely's arousal.

Jake looked up at Ashely's face and saw a look of lust overtake it as he continued to observe his screen paying no mind to Jake. Looking down again, Jake was shocked as he watched as the small lump was slowly growing into a more noticeable bulge. Before Jake knew it, Ashely's pants were starting to strain from the unusual growth occurring right now. It wasn't long before Ashely's member was at its peak and it demanded to be released from its prison.

Ashely took his free hand and started a very slow and deliberate trail downwards. As he let his hand drag down across his chest and down his stomach he let out a soft moan. Ashely was taking immense pleasure from this action as Jake noticed the large mountain twitch in anticipation for its glorious release. Finally, Ashely's hand found his waist line and hooked his thumb under it and started to drag his pants and underwear down at the same time. Jake watched as Ashely slowly lowered the clothing that held back his beast, until it met the larger member that was sticking straight up. This prevented the pants from being lowered any further. Still not looking away from the screen on his phone, Ashely rose his hips up off the bed to help and with a little bit of work, he was able to maneuver the pants and underwear over his erect member and free it out into the open.

Jake was appalled at the sight of another man's member, especially one from the person who made him this way. Jake watched in disgust as Ashely used his free hand to take hold of himself and start to please himself. As Ashely used his phone for visual encouragement he used his free hand for physical stimulation. Jake watched as Ashely slowly pumped his hand up and down the length of his junk in order to get maximum pleasure. It wasn't long before Ashely was making sounds that Jake found slightly erotic. The sounds coming from Ashely as he pleasured himself weren't grunts or manly like sounds but more like moans and gasps that were more in common with a girl. The erotic noises he made almost made Jake forget Ashely was a guy and couldn't but feel slightly turned on too, until he saw the large staff that reminded Jake of Ashely's gender.

Ashely had to be getting close to release as his hand moved faster and more vigorously as he released more and more sounds delight. Jake was so distracted by the event unfolding in front of him that he forgot his situation. He was a piece of tissue paper next to someone masturbating. He didn't even think of what that meant until Ashely quickly let go of his cock and quickly moved his hand off to the side toward Jake. Jake didn't have a chance to say anything as the enormous hand reached out toward him and grabbed him. He felt himself being torn out from the tissue box and yanked up into the air to be dangled from Ashely's hand. Jake cried out as he felt himself being dragged toward the penis that was awaiting the return of Ashely's hand. It didn't have to wait long as it returned faster than Jake could even blink... or what he could call blinking now. Suddenly Jake felt his entire body wrap around the large pillar and cover it with himself. He could feel the blazing heat emanating off the obstruction as it touched his papery body. Suddenly he felt a liquid seeping into his body. The sticky substance was being absorbed by his fluffy body. It was a weird and almost nasty feeling as his skin or body was starting to get heavy and damp from the moister. Unfortunately, Ashely didn't let Jake get comfortable. Just as soon as Jake experience this new sensation, Ashely returned to his own experience of pleasuring himself. Jake felt his body move in time with Ashely's hand as it continued its routine of moving up and down at an unbelievable fast pace. Jake felt his body get pulled and pushed as he slide up and down the penis that was twitching with eagerness of it's built up release. Ashely started to move his hips in time with this hand and Jake knew that he was close to exploding. Jake finally decided now was the time to say something.

"Don't! Wait, stop! NOO!"

However, either Ashely didn't hear him, or didn't care as his moaning increased and started to peak as he moved faster and faster until Jake swore he was going to combust from the speed he was moving. His body was heating up more and more from the friction that he felt parts of himself getting peeled off of himself. Jake cried out and begged for Ashely to stop but again he was answered with silence. Finally, it happened. Ashely climaxed.

Jake felt the penis below him twitch more and more and then felt a large pulsating vibration rise up the staff and toward the tip that he was covering. Ashely quickly pumped one more time and gathered up the rest of Jake at the tip of his cock as he blew his load. The cry that came from Ashely filled the air as he pushed his hips up to meet his hand, and Jake at the same time. Jake felt the enormous rush of the hot slimy liquid burst out of the top of Ashely's member and into him. Jake cried out in disgust and pain as the molten semen gushed into him and scorched his body. The liquid blasted into him, seeping into his fluffy body making him become less and less tissue like. Each pulsation forced more and more liquid out into the world and into Jake as he absorbed the abundant amount of liquid with his own body. The thick liquid oozed out and filled as much as it could as Ashely continued to hold Jake at the epicenter of his climax to soak up all his man seed as not to make too much of a mess on his bed. Although it felt like an entirety for Jake it only lasted a few seconds as Ashely calmed down and the eruption of his semen slowed down to more of a squirt until it complete stopped.

Jake couldn't believe it. He was just got cream pied...

"Ahhhhh," Ashely sighed as he lowered his hips and closed his phone. He removed his hand but left the tissue still attached to the end of his dick. It stayed there in a crumpled-up ball around the head of his member still sucking up all his man juice. Ashely kept his eyes closed as he enjoyed the blissful feeling of release. "Thanks, I reeeeeeally need that," Ashely said still laying there.

"oh god..." Jake moaned in pain and disgust as he still could still feel Ashely's cum seeping into every inch of his body. The liquid was already turning his once white fluffy self into a crumpled up gooey mess. Jake was so concerned with himself right now that he never even considered what was next. What everyone does with a used tissue...

"I better go take a shower," Ashely said starting to sit up. Ashely's member was already starting to shrink. Looking down at the used tissue Ashely and laughed, "Wow what a mess." Without further ado, Ashely reached down and pulled off the balled-up tissue from his now deflating loins. Ashely got up off his bed without putting on his pants and headed toward his desk.

Jake was confused still unable to piece together what was going on until he saw it below him. The trash can. "NO!" Jake screamed for Ashely to stop but he just let his hand open up and release the soiled paper to fall into the bin. Jake landed on top of some other discarded tissues and piece of paper that were destined to be thrown away.

"You can't leave me like this," Jake called out to Ashely. But he didn't seem to care as he turned around and started to walk away. "PLEASE," Jake cried begging Ashely to come back. Jake couldn't see outside the bin and swore that Ashely was done with him.

Suddenly Ashely's head came into view and Jake started again, "Please, don't leave me in here." Ashely just looked down at him as if he were nothing more than a piece of tissue paper left where it belongs. "Why are you doing this to me," Jake asked baffled at why this was being done to him.

Then to Jake's horror he watched Ashely just shrug, "Cause I was bored."

Jake felt a wave of despair wash over him at the simple answer. There was no reason behind Ashely's cruelty and for Jake's suffering except for Ashely's own entertainment and pleasure. "Because you were bored..." Jake repeated in disbelief.

"How about this," Ashely said. "If you ask me to, I might think of turning you back to normal."

Jake felt like he got a punch in the gut. Normal? "Really? Then please, please turn me to normal."

Ashely shook his head. "No, you have to really ask for it. I mean you really need to sound like you want it."

Jake was confused but did as he was told, "Please, I won't say anything. I'm begging you turn me back to normal."

"Begging? That doesn't sound like begging to me," Ashely told him.

"Please," Jake whimpered already feeling like he was going to burst into tears.

"Come on, you can beg better that that. Say, "Ash please don't leave me in here with the other pieces of trash." Come on, let me hear you say it," Ashely cooed at him.

"Ash please... please don't leave me in here with the other pieces of trash," Jake begged meaning every word he said.

"Good," Ashely said with a smile on his face. "More, beg for me to spare your life."

"PLEASE," Jake screamed.

Ashely started to step forward. Jake thought it was to pick him out of the trash but to his horror it wasn't. Ashely's body stepped into view and he saw that his member was at full attention. In fact, it looked like it was more excited than it was just a while ago. Ashely was already jerking himself off as he came closer to the trash can. Jake started to cry as he realized that Ashely never intended to let him go.

"Just a little bit more, I'm almost there," Ashely whispered with a devilish grin on his face.

"You sick fuck..." Jake said feeling completely broken.

"Yes," Ashely said with a blissful look on his face. He was taking great pleasure from Jake's plight. "Yes, yes," Ashely moaned furiously pumping his member and hovering over the trash can blocking out all the light leaving Jake only able to look up at his new god while being shrouded in darkness.

"JUST FINISH IT," Jake cried out in rage at Ashely's disgusting treatment of him.

And finishing it was what Ashely did. He let out his blissful sounds of pleasure as the first wave of cum shot out of the tip of his dick and blasted Jake. He felt the copious amount of liquid seer his papery flesh as it sunk into him and dissolved more of him. Jake cried out in pain. This seemed to trigger Ashely even more when he bucked his hips more and aimed his seed right at Jake. Waves after wave of the gooey liquid flew through the air and hit its mark. Splashing and covering Jake with more and more of the white liquid as it didn't stop. Jake cried out in more pain and anguish as more and more hot semen covered him. Jake couldn't do anything as Ashely kept producing an absurd amount of ejaculation. Ashely stood above him still jerking his member showering Jake until he couldn't see anything due to how much was filling the trash can. Before Jake knew it, his life was starting to fade out as the semen dissolved every inch of his tissue like body leaving nothing put a puddle of white goo at the bottom of the trash can.

Ashely still pumped his dick even after he was done ejaculating into Jake's coffin. He just couldn't stop cumming. Even after jerking his penis when it was done spurting, he felt an orgasmic aftershock from smothering someone's soul with his seed. Finally, after his nearly 10 minute orgasm ended he let go of his penis and looked down. There had to be at least a gallon of cum in the trash can.

Ashely let out a relived sigh, "I definitely needed that." Not even bothering cleaning up, Ashely grabbed some clothes and headed for the shower. He would take out the garbage later.

Ashely had already left his room, completely forgetting all about what's his name...

Chapter End Notes:

I wanted to use this in Wrath of Sammy but I couldn't think of a good situation where he stays unaware. I do plan to have some unaware like Ashely playing some jokes on his friends or something like that. I'll add more tags to it later but I'm not sure how I want this story to go. Let me know what you think.

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