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Sam and Nick were heading toward the opening in the forest with the rocks where they first left this universe.  It was just to be safe and make sure no one sees them disappear or accidently gets pulled in like Sam last time.  Sam was wearing short shorts and a white t-shirt with her hair loose and flowing, while Nick wore that same hoodie with the hood up and long pants that he seemed to always wear.    Except for the birds and other animals that lived in the forest it was silent.  Sam thought that Nick would have a long story to tell her about himself after being gone for so long but he has yet to say a word.  If it weren’t for his hand that she held she would think that she was by herself.  Sam didn’t want to overwhelm Nick with her curiosity and question him but as they continued to walk through the woods the more frustrated she got as she realized that he wasn’t going to say anything.  Unable to take it anymore she broke the silence.

“So why didn’t you ever call me back?” Sam asked while she held Nick’s hand and headed deeper into the woods.

“Yeah sorry about that,” Nick said giving Sam a guilty look.  “It’s kind of hard to get a signal when I’m not on Earth.”  Sam looked dumbstruck causing Nick to pause, “What?”

“Not on Earth?  Where were you?”  Sam asked curiously and slightly concerned.

Nick looked up into the bright blue sky and said, “I didn’t think it was a big deal.  I was on another planet called Kulp, helping a friend.”

“Kulp?  I never heard of it,” Sam said as they continued walking. 

Nick laughed and said, “Of course not, it’s really far away.”

“So,” Sam asked.

Nick looked confused, “So what?”

“So,” Sam gave him a stern look, “what happened there?  Who was your friend?  What did you do there?  You been gone for a month, and you rarely say anything about yourself to me,” Sam sadly said.  “Do you not trust me or something,” Sam whispered sullenly.  She started to recall all the times that Nick never said anything.  All the times he would stay silent and not tell her what he was thinking.  She didn’t want to be all in his business but it was disconcerting when she hardly knew anything about him except the things about him when they were kids.

Nick stopped walking forcing Sam to stop too.  He looked her in the face to make sure she could tell he meant what he was about to say.  “I trust you more than anyone I have ever met.  It’s just,” Nick paused at how embarrassing this was.  “I never really had anyone to talk to ever.  It was always just me and so I tend to forget sometime that there is someone I can talk to.  I’m sorry; I’m just not used to being able to talk with you about my life.”  Nick looked at Sam with guilt all over his face.

“Great, now I feel like the bad guy here,” Sam said ashamed.

Nick laughed trying to lighten the mood, “Don’t, it will just take some time to get use to that’s all.  I used to tell you everything when we were kids; I just need some more time to get back into that feeling.”  There was that awkward silence as neither of them knew what to say.  They were getting closer to the spot and Nick still hadn’t said much.  When Sam thought that Nick wouldn’t say anything he let out a tired sigh.  “Kulp is a planet far away that is filled with lush plant life,” Nick stated as Sam listened intently.  “Imagine a rainforest that covered a planet and that’s Kulp.  The planet has life on it, not just animal life but human formed life.  Apparently they also have powers like me.  I went there to help a friend out, well more like gain a favor from her.”

Sam didn’t want to interrupt Nick but she had a lot of questions to ask him but choose a simple question to start with, “What was her name?” 

“Karen,” Nick answered as his face seemed to relax and his gaze drifted off as he said her name.  Sam felt a sense of jealousy at this Karen

“Oh,” Sam said trying to hide her jealousy.  “Is she nice?”  Nick looked at Sam and laughed causing Sam to get angry, “What?”

“Are you jealous?”

“NO!”  Sam quickly replied.  “I don’t even know what she looks like or who she is.  How could I be jealous?”

Nick laughed again, “I never had someone be jealous over me before.”

Sam turned red and shouted, “I’m not jealous!”

Nick kissed her and said, “Good, you shouldn’t be.  You’re the only one that I care about.”  Nick told Sam this hundreds of times but she still seemed to blush in embarrassment. 

Once Sam got over her embarrassment she asked another question.  “So since she is an alien what, um… does she- I mean they look like?”

“Are you sure you’re not jealous,” Nick asked teasing her some more, until she gave him a stern look telling him to stop poking at her.  “Ok, ok.  You want me to describe them or show them to you?”

“Show them to me?  You mean, like take me to Kulp?” 

“Not exactly,” Nick moved his free hand up toward Sam’s head and touched her forehead.  For a brief second nothing happened and then suddenly an image appeared in her head.  It was of a beautiful woman around her age.  She had dark brown hair and lightly tanned skin to go with it.  She was wearing loincloth clothing that scarcely covered her body made of animal skins.  In the background of the image in her head she could see the terrain of a deep forest with two suns in the sky.  Then the image was gone.  “That was Karen.”

Sam didn’t say anything as she recalled what Karen looked like.  Sam felt like she paled in comparison to Karen.  Did Nick sleep with her?  He was gone for months and Karen was smoking hot; who wouldn’t sleep with someone like her, even if she is an alien or not.  It would explain why he had that look on his face when he mentioned her and why he wasn’t talking much.  No this was Nick.  Last time she thought he was a drug dealer only to find out that he had super powers.  He would never sleep with someone else… right? 

“I didn’t sleep with her,” Nick said as if reading her mind.

“What? No I-” Sam wanted to say she wasn’t but stopped.  Nick knew her all too well and if she wanted Nick to be more open she would have to be open too.  Taking a deep breath she came clean with Nick, “You wouldn’t be the first person to cheat on me.  I mean you were gone for a month and it only took my other boyfriend a week to cheat on me, and Karen looked 10x hotter than that girl.”

They came into the clearing and Nick pulled Sam to a stop.  “Ok, look the reason it took a month for me to come back is because of this.”  He pulled out a small stone.

“… A rock?”  Sam gave Nick a look that told him she thought he was stupid.

“No, it’s not just a rock.  I went to Kulp for a reason and that was to get a favor from Karen.  Kulp has a small amount of this type of rock.  The rock doesn’t really have a name but it has a special ability.  It allows one to store energy in it.  I helped Karen out to get her to help me find this so when we go see Jasmine we won’t be stuck there for a week or so.  This rock is hard to find and it took us a long time to find the location of it.  Yes I spent a month with Karen but I swear to you that nothing happened except for some funny jokes and a little adventure trying to find this rock.”

Letting out a depressed sigh, “Sorry Nick, I know I asked you to be more trusting toward me, yet I’m being all suspicious and-”

“I kind of like it.” Nick said cutting Sam off from her apology.

“But,” Sam tried to continue but Nick just shrugged.

“Like I said, I never had someone to be jealous over me for.  I mean it’s kind of nice knowing you care about me rather than not noticing me.  I would rather have you really possessive and in my business then not caring and unconcerned about me.”

“I should have known that you wouldn’t have cheated on me,” Sam said feeling horrible about even considering it.  “I need to be more understanding and trusting toward you.”

Nick walked her over the rocks where he first opened the portal a year ago.  “It will just take some time to get used to it.  We barely been together for a year,” Nick gave Sam a sullenly look, “And most of that time I haven’t been with you, so really we can hardly say we have been dating more than a couple of months or less.  It’s my fault that we haven’t been together and I’m sorry.”

Sam poked Nick in the shoulder and gave him a stern look, “Don’t you do that.  It isn’t your fault and you know it.  I will not have you take the blame for everything.  Yes, we rarely see each other but that isn’t your fault.  We are spending time together now and that’s what matters.”

Nick started to cheer up, “Your right.  Ok, you ready to go see how everyone is doing?”

“Yeah, but how long are we going to stay?  I mean that rock,” Sam said pointing to Nick’s pocket that held the stone, “we can use it to get back anytime we want?”

Nick nodded, “Yeah I charged it with enough energy to take us home anytime we want.  We can stay for a couple of hours or a few days.”

Suddenly Sam said, “Wait.  Let me call my parents.  Last time they got worried that we were gone for a couple of hours.  My parents will panic if I don’t tell them I’ll be late.”  Sam pulled out her phone and called her Mother to tell her she wouldn’t be home.

“Hey mom it’s me.”

“Hey sweetie what’s up?”

“I’m just letting you know that I’m with Nick and I’m going to be out a little later.”

“Ok, honey thanks for tell me, and make sure you use protection, love you,” Sam’s mom said quickly and hung up before Sam could say anything to her.

“MOM!” Sam shouted causing Nick to look at her, making her face turned bright red in embarrassment and shame.

“What happened?”  Nick asked.

“Nothing,” Sam muttered.  “Let’s just go,” She said trying to get off the subject of what her mother said.

Nick smirked at Sam and said, “I thought we were going to start telling each other everything-”

“Don’t,” Sam said sternly cutting Nick off.

Laughing Nick held his hand out and said, “Alright.”  Closing his eyes he concentrated and a in a few seconds a dark orb started to appear in his hand.  Air twirled around them and the orb got darker and then expanded in an instant.  Sam held onto Nick’s free hand as the orb swallowed her up and everything disappeared to nothing. 



Nick woke up tired and completely out of energy.  Moving between dimensions was difficult but on top of his rough morning it really took a toll out on his body and he wasn’t exactly feeling energetic.  Opening his eyes Nick scanned around to see where he was.  He knew that he got Sam and him to Jasmine’s neighborhood but not precisely where in the neighborhood.  Next to him Sam was still sleeping; pushing himself up he looked down on the ground and noticed something vaguely familiar about it.  It was rough and gray but the grains wouldn’t move no matter how hard Nick tried to move them.  Whatever, not like the ground really mattered.  In the distance he could make out the large houses on the horizon but they seemed a little bit different.  Some of the house had the same color as he remember but others were different from what he remembered.  Of course people do get their houses painted, Nick told himself and brushed it off.

“There has to be a better way getting here,” Sam said groaning as she sat up rubbing her head.

Nick helped her up and laughed, “Hey if you can come up with a way to open up a dimensional rift, I’m all ears.”  Sam muttered something and grabbed Nick’s hand, helping her up Nick help brush off some dirt on her.

“So where are we?”

“Yeah… not going to lie, I’m not sure.”  Sam gave him an evil look that made Nick quickly add, “I mean we’re close to Jasmine’s house, just not sure how close.”

“Can’t you like, I don’t know sense her?”

“I would if I had some energy; I told you that it takes a lot to open a portal.  It’s why I had to find this,” Nick said patting the stone in his pocket.  He poured a lot of energy into the stone to help them get home whenever they needed to.

“Well this sucks-” Sam stated before a shadow fell on them.  Nick quickly turned around and let out a groan.

“Not again-” a shoe came crashing down.  Nick barely dove out of the way, pushing Sam into the tall grass as the shoe crushed the area they were stand at moments ago.  Sam let out a yelp as he landed on her.  Now Nick realized why everything was familiar; they were on the same sidewalk that Jasmine found them when they first came here.  A boy roughly 15 was walking down the sidewalk with headphones in his ear banging his head to the music.

“That was close,” Sam let out a sigh of relief as she and Nick stood up.  Then she glared at Nick and hit him in the shoulder, “Stop putting us on the side walk!”

“Ow!  Hey I don’t choose where we end up.  I thought we would have ended up at the park where we left,” Nick said rubbing his arm.  Sam features softened as she started to rub Nick’s arm where she hit him.

“Sorry, I just forgot how dangerous it is here.  If something happened to you again…” She didn’t finish what she was saying and didn’t need to, Nick grasped that she worried a lot about him because she almost lost him once.  Nick started to understand, when he disappeared without telling her what he was doing or where he was going for a month, it must have been just like when she thought he was dead. 

“Sam about Kulp… I’m sorry I didn’t tell you-” he stopped talking as he heard a low growling noise that caused Nick to stop talking and made Sam shiver.

“What is it,” She whispered.

“Don’t move,” Nick said as he looked behind Sam and saw a giant pair of cat eyes eyeing them for its next meal.  It crouched low prepared to pounce on them.  It started to purr and swish its tail back and forth.  “Muffin?” Nick called seeing that the cat had the same color fur and features.

“Is that Muffin,” Sam asked relaxing and almost turned around.

“Don’t,” Nick said.

“Why,” Sam asked frightened.

“I don’t think she recognizes us,” Nick said, eyeing Muffin as she inched closer still ready to pounce if they made a move.  Nick slide his hand into his pocket and pulled the stone out.

“What are you doing,” Sam asked in a calm tone but her face didn’t show it.

“I don’t have any strength to fend off Muffin if she attacks.  So I’m going to take us home and try to come back later,” Nick said as he started to pull energy from the stone.  Before any energy left the stone, Muffin meowed loudly and jumped through the air.  “Crap,” Nick shouted as he quickly shoved Sam to the side as Muffin landed where she would have been.  Sam again landed on her back with a sound of shock.  Luckily Sam was out of the way; sadly Nick was now where she was.  Muffin’s mouth opened wide as she quickly scooped up Nick’s body and tossed him into the air.  Nick let out a yell as he flew through the air.  Sure he flown through the air before with his powers, but this was nothing like that.  He had no control and he kept flipping around unable to determine which way was up or down.  Suddenly he saw a flash of pink as Muffin was below him with her mouth open wide ready to catch him.  Nick let out another yell as he landed on the cat’s pink rough tongue.  A split second he saw Sam watching in horror, then everything turned to black as Muffin closed her mouth.


Sam watched Muffin catch Nick and closed her mouth with him inside.  She purred and turned around and started to walk away.  “NOOO!” Sam shouted as she got up from the ground.  She saw the stone that Nick was holding lying on the ground.  She picked it up and chased after Muffin shouting her name hoping she would listen.  Like most cats she didn’t.  She ran as fast as she could as Muffin got further and further away.  The cat went from the grass onto a walk way and through a cat door into a house that she assumed was Jasmines’ but the color was different.  Not even thinking about it Sam chased after Muffin and went through the cat door.  When Sam looked up she saw Muffin saunter over to a cat bed next to a couch.  The inside of the house was nothing like Jasmine’s house.  The furniture was placed different and wall paper was a different color.  Sam quickly ignored it and went after the cat and watched as Muffin spit out Nick.  She could see him covered in spit.  Sam couldn’t be sure, but she didn’t see any sign of fear in Nick as he seemed to stand up to Muffin.  Muffin just looked down at him.  Suddenly Muffin’s paw smacked Nick sending him flying across the carpet.  Muffin chased after Nick as he tried to get up.  Sam let out a cry as Muffin then smacked him around like he was some cat toy.  Sam tried to save Nick but Muffin seemed determined to keep them separated.  Anytime she got close Muffin would send Nick sprawling through the air and across the carpet.

Finally Nick didn’t get up after a nasty smack from Muffin.  “NOOOO!” Sam screamed as she ran toward them.  Muffin pawed Nick a few times and noticed that he wasn’t moving and got bored of him.  Sam was about 20 yards away and watched as Muffin opened her mouth to eat Nick.  “Get away!” Sam shouted tossing her hands up at Muffin ready to charge and shove Muffin away.  Sam didn’t know if she would be able to do anything to Muffin considering the cat was enormous compared to her but she couldn’t let her hurt Nick anymore.  Muffin was about to scoop up Nick into her mouth, when Sam shouted again, “I SAID GET AWAY!”  Suddenly her right hand, the one holding the stone, grew hot and she felt a surge of energy go through her body.  A shock wave shot out of her left hand and hit Muffin sending the cat flying thought the air with a screech.  It landed on the back of the couch and raised her back and hissed angrily at Sam but seemed to think twice before attacking.

Sam didn’t know what happened but she ran over to Nick to check him.  He was badly injured and his body was bleeding.  Sam had to see what the damage was under the shirt and lifted it.  She gasped at what she saw; Nick injuries were all over his body.  There were cuts and welts forming all up and down his body. 

“It’s not that bad,” Nick said weakly.

“Don’t say anything, save your strength,” Sam replied worried, as she used Nick’s shirt and hoodie to help stop the bleeding of Nick’s worse injuries.  Sam heard a noise and looked up to see if it was Muffin but she was still on the back of the couch glaring at them intently but not leaving her safe spot on the back of the couch.  The noise was heard again as it got louder and closer.  Suddenly there was a giantess that walked into the rooming with a worried look on her face.  She seemed to be around her late 30’s, was wearing nurse clothing, and had a tired look on her face.

“What happened Cupcake,” The giantess asked the cat.  Sam watched in horror as the giantess scanned the room and spotted her.  The giantess blinked twice and a giant grin spread across her face as she rushed forward and snatched Sam and Nick up off the ground…

Chapter End Notes:

Please let me know if there are any mistakes.  Also I might be posting a lot slower than normal, got things coming up the next couple of months. 

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