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“Fuck… this is some good shit…” Vivian drooled on herself as she stared down at her hand, a blur of the last night looping ad infinitum in her mind as her other hand slipped under her waistband. The events of the past few days replayed in her mind over and over again, a slideshow of hot, steamy and cruelly sexy moments shared with her beloved girlfriend.

“Wait, what did you say was on your foot?” Vivian nervously inquired, staring down at her girlfriend Ashley’s enormous shoes.

“Remember those bitchy cheerleaders who pushed you around and chased you out of the library? Yeah? Well, I can shrink people, and those cunts got on my nerves once, so they ended up shrunken. That's what's on my foot." Ashley explained herself smugly, matter-of-fact.

“Wait, you can shrink people? What?! Why the hell didn't you tell me this before?” Vivian exclaimed, glancing around the room nervously, not sure what she might find in Ashley’s dorm. “And, like, on your feet...?”

“Yep! Annoying cheerleaders, sports jocks, creeps, rude neighbors... your cute mouth has been the death of so many of them.” Ashley punctuated her words by deftly reaching forward to pinch Vivian's cheeks with one hand, squishing them between her fingers. Vivian made a helpless blurble-blurble sound as her girlfriend giggling at her.

Ashley smirked. “I bet it must have been terrifying for them... seeing such a cute, unassuming nerd erasing their entire world with a quick swipe of her tongue. Even the day I first asked you to lick my feet, there were at least a dozen little specks on there. And you got to devour every single one.”

Something strange was happening to Vivian. Fear should have been coursing through her veins. Not only was she completely at the mercy of a girl who could turn her into an ant at a moment’s notice, but she'd directly aided in snuffing out possibly dozens of people she licked off her body. Yet, instead of fear or guilt, she instead began to feel some strange form of arousal at the situation before her. She'd always been the submissive, but the immense power she exerted on those helpless little things filled her with an intense lust.

“So… now that you know all of this... I can give you powers as well. You know, if you want them. Who knows,it might do you some good to get out of your shell and shrink some annoying fucks." Vivian looked into Ashley's eyes, her heartrate skyrocketing as the girl leaned forward to whisper into her neck. "Trust me, it’s a real rush to put them in their place.” Ashley pulled back after leaving a soft kiss.

Vivian was taken aback by Ashley’s statement. “Really?” Her heart fluttered even faster at Ashley’s enthusiastic nod.

“Please, please share your powers with me! I’d do anything!” Vivian instinctively kowtowed to her towering girlfriend, only to feel the warmth of Ashley’s toe against her lips. The stench of her soles wafted through her nostrils.

“Anything? Okay! Lick my feet. There’s probably some survivors there from this afternoon’s game, so why don’t you take care of them for me?”

Vivian needed no further orders as she lunged face-first into Ashley’s thick sole, hungrily lapping away at the sweaty surface. Up close, she could just barely make out tiny specks seemingly gesturing for help. For the first time, she registered tiny humanoid dots as more than specks. Now, they were shrunken losers that she quickly erased with a swipe of her tongue. Supposed sites of refuge on the athlete’s sole were wiped out in an instant as an ocean’s worth of saliva rushed over whorls of wrinkled foot flesh.

A crowd of specks cowered between two unimaginably vast pillars that filled the sky. The tiny gap between two of their owner’s toes formed a miniscule citadel, seemingly safe from the massacre occurring below. From their vantage point, they gazed upon the vast blackish plain forming the top of Vivian’s head bobbing up and down on Ashley’s sole. They were completely stranded, yet spared the horrific saliva-infused decimation below. No matter their brief respite, they were much too far away from true safety. Behind them the girl who they accidently offended so long ago, the girl who sentenced them to this fate for their transgressions, sat smugly in the distance. Escaping down the girl’s mile-long legs would only lead to whatever cruel fate Ashley would subject them to.

Before they could decide anything, Vivian moved her head upward. A powerful gale ripped through the channel as her exhale blasted the specks clean off their feet. The tacky sweat adhered them to the ground, reducing them to yet more crumbs of dirt between Ashley’s toes as they splattered flat on their backs. Vivian continued to rise, the grim cavern of her maw parting with a wet squelch. From their position, every detail of her mouth was displayed in horrifying detail. A line of pearlescent mountains embedded in a red cliff dripping with millions of gallons of saliva stared back at them, perfectly framing the gargantuan cavern of her mouth. Her tongue lazily swished around, the city-sized muscle resounding with chilling smacks of spittle as she leaned in closer. Upon closer view, her teeth were stained with nearly imperceptible crimson dots, no doubt many of their friends and fellow victims who'd been shattered and broken on the white cliffs.

They had barely a second to react before a pink wall blasted through the toe gap, crushing everything in its path. Just the force of Vivian worming her tongue between Ashley’s toes was enough to erase nearly a dozen tinies. Their shattered bodies easily melted into the squishy pad of her tongue, disappearing forever as Vivian retracted her tongue back into her mouth. As expected, the crowd had no flavor in the slightest, the acrid flavor of the athlete’s sweat overpowering any taste that they might have had. Like the rest of the grime she wiped away, the crowd was forgotten, yet more victims condemned in the lust of two gods.

“That's right, swallow them all down, bitch.” Ashley grinned as she ground her foot against her girlfriend’s face. The feeling of Vivian’s tongue hungrily ravishing her sole was one of her favorite sensations in the world, and her hand remained under her waistband as she drank in the sight of Vivian’s worship and the specks between her toes being erased. Thoughts of the terror and chaos inflicted on the jerks sent pleasurable shocks across her body, made even more tantalizing by bossing around her obedient girlfriend. Vivian was thousands of times bigger than the specks, yet under Ashley's complete control, brutally executing dozens at her dominant girlfriend's cruel whims. It must have been humiliating to have your life erased for two girls to casually get off. Killing them herself had been fun, but ordering someone submitting to her to wipe them away, a girl who likely would be thrilled to be in their pathetic place, was nearly too much to bear. As her fingers plunged deep into her burning sex, she slipped away into complete bliss. She squirmed in place, toes curling as she came, twisting her feet into her mattress as she felt Vivian struggle beneath her. As she rode the wave of her pleasure, she unconsciously stomped down on her face, forcing the tiny girl to moan in delight.

Ashley panted as the climax subsided. “Alright, alright. That’s enough." She sighed, returning to Earth before wiping her sole across Vivian’s face and chest.

“Did that give me the powers?” Vivian inquired, pleading up at Ashley.

“Uh, no?" Ashley snickered, shocked at her girlfriend's naivety. "I just wanted you to lick my feet. I can't give you powers, dummy."

Vivian melted in humiliation. Her desperate puppy eyes watered as she stare at Ashley. "Really...?"

"No, not really." Ashley smirked as she grabbed ahold of Vivian’s head for a moment. “There... now you have it. And by the way, I think that’s a tiny on your lip. Why don’t you try growing her a little bigger. Maybe to like a half-inch. Just imagine it, and it’ll happen!”

Vivian looked at Ashley, confused, before a small white dot suddenly grew into a tiny woman adhered onto her lip.

“Perfect, you’re a natural.” Ashley moaned before pulling Vivian closer for a kiss. The tiny woman shrieked for a moment before the tomboy’s lips slammed into Vivian’s, deftly sucking her into her mouth. For a moment, the two made out, swapping the tiny woman between their mouths, before pressing her into Vivian's mouth. She pulled away for a moment, before whispering, "Swallow," into the girl's ear. A loud gulp followed. Ashley's lips parted to reveal the empty cavern.

“Good girl. Don't they taste so sweet?” Ashley moaned, planting another quick kiss on Vivian’s lips.

“That… that was amazing.” Vivian replied, legs trembling in arousal and anticipation.

“All that power is in your hands, dear. After we finish up here, go find yourself some toys of your own!”

“Thank you so much, Ash. Love you.”

“Love you too, Viv.” Ashley grasped Vivian by the waist, pulling her close for a hug. “You seem pretty turned on. Wanna get down to business?"

Vivian enthusiastically nodded, prompting Ashley to roll over, pinning Vivian beneath her weight. Hunger glinted in her eyes as she salivated over her prey.


“Ugh…” Vivian groaned as juices flooded from her pussy. A post-orgasm afterglow washed over her as her fingers slipped out of her. For a moment, she lay in the bliss, before bringing her dripping fingers close to Ashley's face.

"Lick it clean." Her girlfriend obeyed, suckling the fluids from her fingertips. Watching the submissive girl's big, obedient eyes turned her on all over again.

“That's right... Wonder how many of the specks survived?” Vivian watched the black dots squirming over Ashley's lips, checking if any had any fight left in them.

In the few days since being given her shrinking powers, Vivian had quickly grabbed her own litter of specks to utilize for her own pleasure. Like Ashley, Vivian had her own annoyances to deal with. The prior night, an obnoxious frat club threw a wild party outside her dorm. All anyone knew is that they'd 'mysteriously' vanished at 1 A.M. As people desperately searched the scene for clues, Vivian was slipping the missing people into her hungry snatch, crushing and drowning the annoying party animals in the vast cavern of her pussy. The last survivors of that obnoxious group helplessly clung to life on her sticky fingers, only to be unceremoniously smeared across her modest breasts. No matter how busty some of the sorority bitches were at their old size, their chests failed to match the vast mountains they'd found themselves trapped between.

Vivian snickered as she watched the tiny specks panic. Just the gentle caress of her tiny tits made them scatter. She strained to watch the dots squirm against her cum, trying to escape as two mountains closed in on either side. Despite their best efforts, there was no escaping the natural disaster they were trapped between as millions of tons of soft, hot flesh pressed together. As casually as the mildest of playtimes, all it took was Vivian rubbing her boobs together firmly to seal the fate of the helpless minuscule people trapped between.

"That was fun.” She muttered to herself with a blissful lilt.

Still lost in a post-orgasm splendor, Vivian soon drifted off to sleep, letting the cum and crushed tinies dry into a mess on her body.


“Quick everyone! We’re almost there!” A small crowd of minuscule specks frantically dashed from the door, the mental images of that horrifying titaness obliterating hundreds of them spurring every hurried step forward.

“Urgh...” Vivian groaned, opening her eyes to the dying light of evening. She leaned over and squinted through her glasses at some strange movement before suddenly shooting up.

“Fuck, she’s awake, run!” The crowd ran as fast as they could before a powerful shockwave blasted them off their feet. Two firm steps covered in seconds what the escapees failed to cover in over 30 minutes. A gargantuan wall of flesh slammed down next to the group as Vivian towered over them. Her normally petite stature brought them to their knees with her overwhelming enormity. The nerd's nude body looming overhead made her appear more like a goddess than someone the tinies would have once bullied. The goddess lifted her sole, buffeting the tinies with the displacement of air, before the vast expanse of her big toe rushed down on the group with a sonic boom.

The victims of her wake felt like they were caught between the impact of two planets as Vivian’s infinite pressure effortlessly erased them from existence, atomizing the helpless tinies to nothingness. The normally timid girl looked down with sadistic glee at the terrified dots hudded like scared villagers in the presence of a tribal deity. Right as Vivian reached between her legs, a knock at the door snapped her attention.

“Vivs!" Her girlfriend called out to her. "It’s Ashley!”

“Oh!" Vivian called back, "Come on in. Join the fun.” She punctuated her flirting with a giggle.

The door clicked open and another unimaginably vast woman entered the dorm room. The survivors were trapped between two goddesses, and with an incredible crash, another part of the crowd disappeared beneath a wall of grody white rubber. Without even realizing it, Ashley had crushed tens of helpless specks under her city-sized shoe.

“You kinky little minx.” Ashley smugly smiled as she groped at Vivian's boob. Her eyes darted down to the crowd that disappeared under her girlfriend’s shoe. “All ready for me, hm?”

“Nuh-uh, you are. You just crushed a few right under your shoes, babe." The nerdy girl had a newfound confidence as she gestured to the ground. It was turning Ashley on. "They tried to escape, sooo... you wanna help me punish them?”

“Oh course I do.” Ashley replied as the two looked to the ground.

The crowd broke into a panic as the two gargantuan women raised their feet into the sky. Ashley’s grody, whitish sneaker, and Vivian’s soft, pale foot hung overhead before descending with unimaginable ferocity. Nerd and jock came together in a loving, sultry massacre as the two stomped the ground, effortlessly crushing anything unlucky enough to be caught beneath them. As expected, Ashley felt nothing, while Vivian could only feel the slightest disturbance under her feet as so many lives were quickly extinguished by their soles.

Ryan screamed in mortal terror as the two gods above slammed their feet into the ground. The young man taken from a nearby town ran aimlessly in some bid to escape the titanesses. A vast shadow suddenly encompassed him as the ceiling was suddenly replaced with the vast, wrinkled sole of the nude woman’s bare foot. He stifled his fear and ran as hard as he could, desperate to escape the planetary impact bearing down on his flea-like form. No matter how hard he tried to escape, his little legs couldn't even hope to broach the distance of Vivian’s foot. A cold breeze washed over him as the sole pressed down, displacing the air beneath it as the wall of flesh bore down. For a final second, he looked up, staring deep into the wrinkles and folds on the nerdy girl’s vast sole. He closed his eyes, and in a flash of darkness, her foot impacted the ground, and he ceased to exist.

“Fuck me, this is getting me off.” Ashley roughly shoved Vivian onto her bed as she wormed free of her shorts, tugging off her panties and swinging her legs over the smaller girl’s face.

“Lick my cunt! Now!” Ashley growled as she shoved Vivian’s head into her waiting pussy. For just a moment, Vivian could see a patchwork of tiny people clinging to the tacky surface of the athlete’s sweaty pussy before her face pressed against them. The few tinies unlucky enough to be stuck to her pubic mound screamed helplessly as the nerdy girl’s face rushed towards them. Their bodies exploded against Ashley's pussy under the pressure of the girl's soft cheeks.

The helpless crowds between their folds could do nothing as Vivian’s tongue plunged deep into the cavity. In an instant, their world became a dark flood of saliva and fluids. The powerful wall of saliva-drenched flesh plowed through the folds, effortlessly rolling over any tinies inside. A small group sequestered under one of her labia lips screamed for a brief moment before the tip of Vivian’s tongue pressed down on them. The pressure from her tongue alone instantly obliterated the helpless specks, melting them into unrecognizable goo that was quickly absorbed into the saliva pool.

Michelle clung to life in the pussy of the gigantic woman. It had been 3 days since she'd seen light, the brightness burning at her eyes after her captress had removed the dim black panties that obscured their sky. Her exposure to the outside world was fleeting, as the flushed face of another massive woman rushed to encompass the canyon. The woman’s mouth engulfed most of the landscape, narrowly sparing Michelle and the few other tinies near Ashley’s clit. The sticky goop was the only thing keeping the helpless girl from plunging down into the furious maelstrom of cunnilingus below.

“Please don’t eat me! PLEASE!” The shrieking woman’s pleas fell on deaf ears as Vivian pivoted to swipe at the towering clitoral mountain. From her place, she watched the geographic monument bend and yield to Vivian’s massive tongue. The tinies stuck to the nub popped and crunched, only for their ruined corpses to be sucked away into the cruel woman’s mouth. For a moment, she locked eyes with the titaness. The glossy eye that encompassed her field of view burned into her very soul. Did she see her? What did this mean? In a blinding flash, Vivian’s tongue flicked at the area she was in, and in an instant, she was erased with a simple swipe.

Ashley bit her lip as she ground on Vivian’s face, riding her to orgasm. With a grunt, she tightly squeezed Vivian’s head between her thighs, showering the girl’s face with her squirt. She panted as she lifted herself off the girl, drizzling her in leftover fluid.

“God you’re the best.” Ashley mused before grabbing a towel and wiping down Vivian’s face.

“You definitely deserve some pleasure too after that.” Ashley chuckled as she plopped back down on Vivian’s face, this time slamming her ass down on the smaller girl. She reached into her bag, pulling out a few small pills and some toys.

“You can’t see under this massive ass, but I put some tinies into pills. Your pussy is definitely drenched enough to dissolve them. Should I put one up your ass too?" Vivian moaned in approval.

Ashley shifted around on Vivian’s face before lifting up her ass, holding her lower back with her hand as she brushed the twitching, drenched folds with her fingers. Vivian squirmed beneath her.

“They’re going in!”

The thin, clear walls of the pill granted the teeming mass of tinies a terrifying view of the world as the sadistic jock gently dragged the gelatin capsule around the twitching labia, before sliding it deep into the cavern. Vivian gasped and squirmed with pleasure as Ashley’s finger pushed the pill deep inside. Once it was tucked deep enough into the pussy, Ashley withdrew her finger, licking them clean before sliding the second capsule inside.

Deep within Vivian, the tinies squirmed frantically as the walls of the pills became tacky then melted away entirely, releasing their payload into the cavern. Hundreds of entangled bodies spilled out, lining the vaginal canal with a teeming mass of minuscule humanity. Vivian once again squirmed frantically as tiny jolts of pleasure shot through her body. Ashley simply let her bask in the feeling of so many tinies in her body, their pathetic displays of mortal terror mere stimulation to their goddess. The jock turned her attention to Vivian’s tight asshole, gently rubbing the pad of her finger against the little wrinkled star before pushing a third capsule into the hole.

Vivian’s ecstasy spiked as her girlfriend played with her ass, immediately tensing her sphincter, instantly crushing the capsule in the tight muscle. The instant before it slipped behind the entrance, the capsule collapsed, and hundreds of tinies liquefied into a crimson mush. A slurry of crushed and intact tinies dripped from her anus, a fountain of gore and wriggling bodies created just from a slight rectal twitch. Ashley pressed her finger down on the teeming little mass, snuffing out scores of tinies who for a moment thought they might have survived their inevitable death. Something squelched against the calloused pad of Ashley’s finger, whether tiny or mass of gunk, she had no idea, but she hoped that her finger could finish off the apocalypse triggered by her girlfriend’s asshole. After wiping a crimson smear on her asscheek, Ashley reached for a pink dildo from her bag and lined it up with Vivian’s drooling pussy.

“Here, let me take care of all that squirming. I don’t even think I’m going to need lube.”

Vivian almost shrieked in pleasure as her pussy stretched around the pink plastic rod. It quickly filled any space left in the tight hole as it pressed through the tunnel. Ashley lazily pumped the rod in and out, teasing her girlfriend before plunging the dildo deep inside.

Michael, like the hundreds of other tinies crammed into the dark, sopping cave, could only watch as a vast, dark mass filled the cavern around him. He couldn’t see the chaos in the pitch-blackness, likely for the better, as the wet squelching around him was quickly filled with the anguished screams of hundreds of tinies stuck to the walls of the cave abruptly going silent with faint wet pops nearly indistinguishable from the sloshing of their captress’s vaginal fluids around them. With each pump, more wails turned into crunches. The sloshing quickly intensified, and the towering dildo reached ever deeper. The abject darkness denied him the ability to see even when or if the plastic toy would smear him like the others not fortunate to be as deep in the cavern as him.

It was his fate to die such a disgusting death. Little did he know as his entire life’s experience would lead to such a sad, pathetic end. He wasn't permitted to graduate and live a normal life. Instead, he was forced to disappear deep within the vaginal canal of a girl hundreds of thousands of times bigger than him as her girlfriend fucked her with a skyscraper-sized dildo. In the humid black of the hole, he could only know his time would come when one final push struck him with an unimaginable force, silencing the horrific noises around him for good.

Vivian screamed and moaned into her girlfriend’s ass as her pussy seized around the thick pink rod, her orgasm fueled by and no doubt leading to hundreds of miniscule specks dying deep within her. Ashley looked with a satisfied smirk as a drizzle of clear fluid poured from the delicate folds. She tensed up as the pink toy slid back out, drenched in syrup and decorated with hundreds of crimson smears diluted with creamy cum. Ashley roughly wiped it with a nearby towel before tossing it back to her bag. For now, she rose back to her feet, trembling from her own pleasure as she looked back to watch her subby little girlfriend barely catching her breath from what she'd just endured.

“That was amazing.” Vivian stammered out before pausing more to breathe. Slowly, she stood back down, quickly grabbing the towel to swipe her inner thighs clean.

Ashley sat down next to her and gently patted her head. “Good girl... Did you have fun?”

“Yes Ashley, thank you for letting me cum.” Vivian whispered in reply, smiling in relief as her hand gently stroked her hair. With her free hand, Ashley grabbed ahold of one of her tits.

“Next time, we NEED to make use of these things. I bet you've already killed thousands with 'em, but next time, I want to be the one to squish them around. You’re so small and cute, but these are mountains when you're a shrunken little creep.”

“I need it... please, goddess.” Vivian stammered out automatically like a needy mutt, still lost in post-coital bliss.

“Look at you! Goddess huh? I like it, call me that from now on. Why don’t you tell your 'goddess' what you want her to do to you?”

“I-I want you to step on my boobs, I want to feel your sole squash them, please Goddess.”

Ashley smirked before leaning back. With a firm but gentle motion, her sole suck into the soft, doughy flesh. Vivian squirmed in glee against the oppressive force of Ashley’s foot sinking into her breast.

“It’s almost like you’re one of my victims.” Ashley mused, lazily grinding her sole and stomping on the soft, jiggling flesh. Just a few moments ago, Vivian was a goddess of death who annihilated thousands so effortlessly, and now the same girl was squirming was getting off to having her tits bruised up under the foot of an athlete.

“Yes, Goddess, I’m just one of your toys. Stomp me out, snuff me like any other bug of yours.”

“You’re a goddess in your own right compared to them,” Ashley playfully rebuked, taking her foot off of her breasts before climbing back on top of her girlfriend. She draped herself over Vivian’s body, pressing her face into the crook of the trembling girl's neck with a wet kiss.

“The difference between you and those worthless specks is that I love you.” Ashley smiled before softly kissing Vivian’s lips.

"Just don't forget that you're mine. Forever."

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