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Story Notes:

I was heavily inspired by Ochiko Terada's science girl, particularly this image: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/108360258. All characters are original though and have nothing to do with Ochiko's works.

“Just gotta connect this, and it should be done. Haah…” The scrawny woman cast in a dim work light in her crowded apartment looked down with delight as she screwed the cover back on a small silver raygun. Who would have thought that this vintage children’s toy from the 1950s would turn out to be just the right thing the nerdy girl needed for her latest and greatest science project.


              “It’s beautiful!” Annette whispered, proudly admiring her new gadget. The quiet girl had a bright smile on her normally gloomy face as she tried aiming it at stuff in her room. An old teacup, left for days as she worked tirelessly on her project, soon found itself in the crosshairs as the small device whirred to life. Annette adjusted the dials and pulled the trigger. Suddenly, a small flash and bright blue laser emanated from the tip for just a moment before vanishing with a bit of smoke. Her eyes turned to the target, and she nearly cheered in excitement when she saw the teacup, now no larger than her fingernail.


              “Yes! It worked!” The scientist cheered as she pumped her fists. In one trigger pull, her college future was secure. All she had to do was to keep refining the concept and soon enough she’d be the top of her school. From then, it was just a hop, skip and a jump to riches and success. As she pondered her future, soon other ideas began to seep in. These ideas had persisted from the very inception of the project, hell, it even motivated her at times, but nevertheless seemed all the more enthralling and real now that she had this device in her hand. Annette looked at the tiny teacup for a moment, before gently extending her index finger and crushing it under the sensitive pad. The porcelain shattered and crumbled as she silently ground it to dust, unconsciously squeezing her legs together as a fire burned in her loins. She looked at the white powder clinging to her finger, her mind already imagining it as all manner of other things as she thought over her next steps.


              “I should probably run some experiments to see how shrinking affects people. I should probably wait until a bit later though.” Annette muttered through her lewd grin; her mind already awash with other ideas on how to utilize this technology.




              That evening, Annette slid on her skirt and lab coat. Normally she was not a fan of leaving the house, but today she seemed almost giddy as she slid the ray-gun into her pocket and skipped out the door.


              The warm, evening breeze caressed her body as the petite science girl walked through her campus with an uncharacteristic pep in her step. Across the sunset-tinted school, a handful of students milled about, mostly minding their own business, exercising or chatting with their friends in the golden evening hours. The normally meek girl felt like a predator as she sized up her potential prey. The guy stretching before his run could be in her shoes in seconds if she wanted it, or the group of girls on a staircase gossiping could be squirming in her panties at her whim. The thought sent tingles down her spine as she imagined what she could do in her head. As she rounded a corner to walk between two class buildings, another group caught her eye.


              One guy lazily flicked a cigarette while his two friends knocked back some beers. Annette knew them well as the local delinquents who never seemed to outgrow their high school tough guy personas. Hell, she went to the same school as them, and they never failed to make the lives of her science club members hell. She instinctively darted behind a bush as one of them glanced her way, before he tossed his cigarette on the ground and returned to his friends. These would be the perfect targets, she thought. No one on campus seemed to like them, and surely no one would miss them if they mysteriously disappeared one day. She reached for the shrink ray, and took aim at the smoker, lining him up with the crosshairs before pulling the trigger.


              “So, Dave, think our team will—” He dropped his carton of cigarettes just in time before his chest felt tight and the world rushed upwards. For a moment, his now gigantic friends stared blankly in shock, before two more bolts of blue struck them, reducing them before they could say anything as well.


              Towering blades of grass surrounded their little clearing on all sides as the three delinquents looked around in terror. They incoherently shouted for help and bickered, when a series of low thuds caught their attention. High above them, the normally petite figure of a dark-haired, bespectacled nerdy girl filled the sky and cast their world in shadow. The delinquents cowered in fear as the girl’s enormous sneaker landed on the edge of the clearing, crushing down the tree-sized grass blades effortlessly, quickly followed by a powerful meteoric thud. Her smug face filled the sky, taunting them from above.


              “Been a hot minute, bugs.” Annette squatted down, casting the three in her shadow. The three stared in utter terror as the godlike woman filled their entire view, blocking out the sun with her sheer presence alone. They tried to remember where they met her, maybe some girl they teased in school, but the only thing that made it through their mind was horror in the presence of the titaness. “Like what you see?” She shifted her skirt, making sure to let the little pests see her blatantly displayed panties. They were bugs to her anyway, why should she care of some lowly worms see her crotch?


              “You little bugs are juuust perfect for what I need, so just hold still.”


              Before the three could even begin to run, her hand darted down, snatching them in one fluid motion before gingerly depositing them in an empty plastic bottle in her bag. “Hold tight now!” Annette looked around for witnesses before darting away from the now empty alley.


              The next hour went by quickly as Annette stalked the campus for new targets. The arrogant rich cheerleaders, random sports players and whoever caught her eye all became new toys for her little experiments. As the shadows continued to grow long, she mentally calculated how many tinies she had.


              “Alright, I just need two more.” Annette muttered to herself before loud excited chatter caught her ears. Immediately, she darted behind a hedge, poking her head out to see what’s going on. Standing on a sidewalk, three girls excitedly chatted amongst themselves.


              “GOD, I’m so fucking pumped for the club. Girl’s night!!” The three immediately grouped together to take a selfie, giggling at the result of her photo. Surely these obnoxious party junkies would make a fine addition to her collection. As before, the girls found themselves pelted in a hail of shrink bolts, and Annette proudly sauntered up to the diminished pests.


              The three, as expected, cowered and panicked in her presence. Annette smirked as she stomped next to them, blasting them with the resounding crash of her worn rubber soles on the concrete. While the fantasy of shrinking people thrilled her, nothing had prepared her for how truly fun this all was. The cowering, the begging, the pathetic attempts to run away, all of it send shivers down her spine. It was clear to her that they had called for a rideshare, so she wasted little time with theatrics, and simply plucked the first two girls she could grab and shoved them into her bottle. As she rose back to her feet, the last girl stood in front of her, screaming a mixture of obscenities, threats and insults at the enormous girl who had just shrunk her and stole her friends.


              “Ew, a bug.” Annette mumbled down to the speck, and as it began to shriek uncontrollably, she simply raised her shoe over it. She neither needed, nor wanted her, and plus she would be a nice sampler for the fun that’s yet to come when she gets back.


              The girl simply wanted a fun night out with friends, a plan that died horribly around her as she found herself no bigger than an insect in the presence of a godlike woman. Her two best friends were ripped away and shoved into her bag, doomed to some unknown, likely horrible fate. Meanwhile, she was somehow spared, and in the midst of her panic, she began to scream. The booming declaration from above sealed her fate, and she could only shriek out a bunch of unintelligible gibberish in her pure panic. High above, the girl raised her shoe, poised to snuff her out like an insect. She stared at the grimy rubber sole, marked with dirt and the faded remains of other insects, giving her a preview of her grim fate. The shoe hurtled down, slamming her to the ground in a brief flash of blinding pain before everything went black.


              Annette moaned as a chorus of little crunches and pops accompanied the sound of her shoe hitting the ground. She’d stepped on insects before, but crushing the life out of an annoying party junkie was a whole new rush that thrilled her. She spitefully twisted her shoe, grinding what was left of the girl to a crimson smear on the concrete.


              Moments later, a black van pulled up to her, and the driver rolled down the window. “Hey, are you Cassie? I have a rideshare pickup request for a Cassie.”


              “No, sorry. You might want to try the other side of the dorm halls; they might be there.”


              “Alright, thanks!” The man turned and drove off, leaving Annette alone once again. She dragged her shoe back, chuckling at what she assumed was the remnants of Cassie scraped into the rough concrete. With one more twist, she walked away, leaving the crimson smear to be washed away in tonight’s forecasted rain.


Thoughts swirled through Annette’s mind as she briskly walked back to her dorm. As she passed by the science hall entrance, a voice called out to her. Annette turned to face the source and was taken aback by the sight one of her only friends, David.


              “Hey! Annie! I heard that you were almost done with your super secret project, so I wanted to give you this! You’ve been working hard in class, so I wanted to give you this. I know it’s your favorite.” David reached into his bag and fished out a small, wrapped white chocolate bar. He grabbed her hand and gently placed it in her outstretched palm.


              Annette’s heart fluttered at her friend’s kindness. They had only met just recently, but she couldn’t help but feel… strange around him. His charming smile, friendliness even to her moody self and kind gestures twisted her stomach in knots around her. She was too busy to think about it thus far, but now, everything was beginning to click in her mind. Annette realized she might be in love with him. New thoughts entered her mind. Should she shrink him too? Keeping him as a tiny pet might be fun, but she certainly didn’t want to use him in her experiments. However, she felt guilty about subjecting him to something as scary as what she had planned. His conversation was soon drowned out by the beating of her own thought as she struggled to make up her mind. She looked to the side, glancing at a small fountain across the path from where they were standing.


              “Hey David, look at that bird!” Annette pointed, and David turned to stare at the fountain. In the brief moment she had, she whipped out the shrink gun and quickly blasted her best friend.


              Guilt and excitement clashed as she watched David shrink smaller and smaller, rapidly dwindling away to yet another dot in front of her shoe. Immediately, she squatted down, hoping to ease the panic she knew was coming.


              “Annette… what just happened to me?” David exclaimed as he surveyed his new surroundings. The concrete path stretched into a wide plain atop a sea of grass, with the buildings seeming like a mountain range far off in the distance. Directly in front of him, his friend, Annette absolutely dwarfed him with her sheer enormity. He glanced at her shoes, each one now the size of a yacht. He’d seen her wreak havoc on ants, and he quickly feared he would be next. Looking up, he instinctively turned away at the sight of her pure white underwear.


              “It’s ok! You can look as much as you want.” Annette forced out as she looked down at her little friend in excitement. He was already pretty cute, but she couldn’t get over how adorable he looked at the size of a bug, not to mention how he was staring straight up at her most sensitive area. She gently reached down and held out her hand. “Climb on, I’ll explain in a bit.” She stifled back an excited squeal as his little feet touched her waiting palm. After gently tucking him into a groove between her fingers, she carefully lifted him to full height. Instead of placing him in her little bottle of losers, she instead gently tucked her into a shirt pocket, letting him rest against her warm, small chest. She patted the pocket, savoring his small form through the thin fabric as she walked back to her dorm.



              Annette closed the apartment door behind her and quickly made her way to her bedroom. She gently pulled out David and set him on her nightstand.


              “I’ll be back soon! Hold tight, I need to do something real quick.” She muttered to her friend as she hurried back to her desk.


              The small crowd in the bottle squealed as light flooded into their little capsule. They braced as they rose into the sky, only to be greeted with the enormous face of their captress, leering down at them in delight.


              “Alright my little toys, welcome to my lab!” Annette proudly announced as she opened the cap and gingerly dumped the tinies into a glass bowl. She watched with delight as her victims plummeted through the sky and impacted against the clear wall before sliding into a pile at the bottom of the bowl. Humming to herself, Annette slid off her sneakers and placed them next to the bowl on the table, proudly displaying the weathered soles and her newest addition, the ruddy brown smear that was once one of those party girls’ friend.


              “CASSIE!!!” A solitary shriek from the bowl reached her ears, and Annette turned to stare down at one of those girls, wailing hysterically at the gruesome remnants of her friend. She silently plucked the girl out, ignored the incoherent tirade of insults, and firmly pressed her into the smear. After suitably rubbing the girl in the blood of her friend, she unceremoniously let her drop to the ground before pushing her index finger against her head and torso.


              “So annoying.” Annette muttered as she felt her muffled wails turn to agonized shrieks for a moment before her upper body gave way. The tiny girl’s bones shattered, and organs pulverized to gunk as the unstoppable finger pressed through her body, liquifying the girl in a single motion. Annette dragged her finger forward, turning what was once a relatively attractive girl into an ugly crimson streak on her workbench. Her legs twitched sadly for a moment before going still for good.


              As the other tinies in the bowl reacted in pure terror, Annette felt a tingling. Reaching down, she carefully touched her panties, unsurprisingly recoiling at the presence of the syrupy fluid dripping from her aroused crotch. She wanted so desperately to rip off her panties right then and there and viciously fuck the tinies in the bowl to death, but she restrained herself. Some of them might meet that fate, but not now. She still had her experiments to run. For now, she had to go talk to her friend, so she licked the bloodstain off of her finger, surprisingly enjoying the flavor of the popped girl, and once again walked to her bedroom, leaving her bowl to stew in the terror of her little public execution.


              “So, do you want to explain something?” David impatiently tapped his foot.


              “Look, I’m really sorry for being so secretive about everything, but my secret project was a shrink ray.”


              “I can tell.”


              “I… well… You know how we talked that one time, and we told each other about size fantasies and all that. Well, I thought you might be into it, so I kind of got excited and just shrank you. I’m sorry. I really should have asked.”


              “Just to make sure… there is a way to unshrink me, right?” I’m hoping it’ll be a bit fun, but I don’t want to be like this forever.”


              “Well… about that.”


              “Don’t tell me.”


              “Well, I am working on a growth ray. It should work, I just need to reverse the polarity on the shrink ray, but that necessitates building another shrink ray, so I’m waiting on some parts… but the boat is stuck in Shanghai so… it’s going to be a bit.”


              “Really? What am I going to do about school? How can I turn in this week’s assignment? How can I take the test two weeks from now?”


              “Look, please trust me. I’ll work something out. I can do the assignment for and with you, with my mind it should be no problem at all. The school knows that the ray exists, so I’ll just tell them that we’re waiting on another part and that I’ll take good care of you. I really will. Think of it more as a break.”


              David sighed. “Fine, it’s not like I haven’t fantasized about this situation a ton. I could use the break anyway.”


              Annette smiled. “Whatever you want, whatever fantasy you want fulfilled, I’ll be happy to do it for you. I remember you saying something really interesting about my socks. For now, though, let me grab my phone and you can watch some videos. I have something I need to take care of.”


              Annette grabbed an old shoebox with a cutout on the end from the floor. “I made this a bit ago when I was planning on shrinking someone. It’s like your own personal movie theater! If your phone still works, you can connect up to the video app and select stuff from there. If not, there’s a control built in that I made. Sorry to leave you but I promise we’ll do fun stuff together in a bit. I’ll make it worth your time I swear.” She gently placed him in the box on her bed and plugged her phone into the slot before heading back to her workbench. The walls should be soundproof so hopefully he would be blissfully unaware of how she was about to treat the other tinies.


              “Alright worms.” Annette boomed, looming over the bowl like a sadistic mountain. “Now, I could just kill all of you at once by mashing you under my foot, but I want to have fun with you all, so you’re going to get acquainted to my feet in a whole new way.”


              Annette suddenly flipped over the bowl, sending the tinies inside skittering onto her workbench. Most of the tinies stayed in place, fearing their captress’s wrath should they attempt to flee. One girl, however, decided to make a break for it. After seeing two of her friends so horribly executed, she knew she had to run. Where she would go and how she would find help was a concern for then, for now, she just needed to escape. She would tell the police and all the families of those that this monster kidnapped, she’d be jailed and no one else would have to die. Her mind raced with options before an impact to her side threw her into the air. She skidded across the ground for a moment before rolling to a stop. Flashes of pain resounded across her body, and it was clear that the impact broke some bones. She tried to stand, but she couldn’t.


              Annette was annoyed. How many more of these little shits was she going to have to kill to get the rest to fall in line. She thought about smearing her under her finger again, but the sight of her blowtorch caught her eye. Surely that would be enough to break them into line. As her fingers wrapped around the silver canister, yet another chorus of wails and pleas reached her ear, intensifying as she tested the flame for a second. She stared down at the bug with a neutral expression before holding the nozzle just an inch from the girl’s body and pressed the button. The agonizing screams were quickly drowned out by the roaring of the fire as her body quickly incinerated, bubbling, and scorching her skin before it burst into flames. Within just a few seconds, the girl was just ash, speckled with charred bits of her clothes and jewelry.


              Annette set the canister down and pushed her chair back before setting her feet on the table in front of the terrified group. She was a small girl, and her petite soles certainly reflected that. Despite this, her feet towered over them like two enormous cliff faces, solid ivory walls of looming foot flesh taunting the minuscule specks. The crowd stared at the grimy, sweaty surface above them.


              “Lick my feet.” Annette ordered, and the group needed no further prodding as they raced towards the sadistic girl’s soles. Tiny hands gingerly scaled up her pliant flesh while tiny tongues hungrily devoured the nasty grime and sweat adhered to her feet. Her old sneakers ensured her pets would have tons of filth to consume. Each little sensation sent electric tingles up her spine, and her hand absentmindedly drifted between her legs as she tried desperately to write some notes with the stimulation. An idea manifested in her mind, and she smirked.


              “Turning this into a competition now! Make sure you do good, because whichever foot pleases me the least, I’ll crush everyone on it.” Annette leaned back as she savored the newly frantic sensations of tinies worshipping for their lives.


              The crowds on her feet broke into a panic at her declaration. Instantly, every rub, every lick and bit of worship became a fight for survival. One of the jocks paused for a brief moment to look at his old friend, dutifully working as hard as he could on her other foot. He muttered a quiet apology to his friend before returning to work. It was either him or them, and he did not want to die.


              “Right foot, you’re starting to slack, don’t you want to live? Or do you really want to die under my petite soles?” Annette giggled to herself; she had picked the sole at random for no other reason than because she could. Their continued existence was purely up to her whims and the idea made her insatiably horny.

              After a few minutes, she made up her decision on which tinies to crush.


              “Mmm, right foot, you guys didn’t do enough, so hopefully you’ll be more fun to crush.” Annette cheered before lifting her right foot and shaking it onto the ground. The miniature crowd had just a moment to find their bearings on the ground before the merciless, sweaty wall slammed down on their bodies. She shuddered as she felt their pathetic squirms tickling her sensitive soles. Annette wanted to savor the sensation though, so she simply held her foot in place, drawing out their suffering before pressing down.


              It did not take much to crush them, and the sensations of more than a dozen tiny bodies wriggling under her sole soon gave way to a chorus of pops and squelches merging with the feeling of their little bodies liquefying under her step. Annette was in heaven as she put the tinies through hell. She lifted her foot, nearly orgasming at the sight of so many little splats on her sole. What was once a whole group of people were now just smears of goo adhered to her small sole. A bit of movement caught her eye, and she zeroed her focus on the mangled remnants of a girl. Her legs and part of her torso were nothing more than unrecognized mush, but her head and chest were mostly intact. The girl blinked, and Annette laughed. Somehow, one of the little bitches managed to survive being crushed out by her, and she squirmed in pleasure as she pressed her thumb against the girl’s body, savoring the feeling of her chest and head shattering and liquefying into more crushed gore. Annette licked the red smear off her thumb.


              “Wow, you guys taste good.” Annette grabbed one of the tinies off the bench before unceremoniously tossing it into her mouth. She ran the wriggling thing across her teeth, smearing it across every surface of her nasty mouth, before flicking it between her molars. Annette leaned forward and bared her teeth at the waiting crowd, giving them a brief glimpse of the tiny figure wriggling between her teeth before the white pillars pressed down with a gruesome crunch and splatter of gunk as she began to chew the tiny, finely macerating it to paste. After one more quick flash of her bloodstained teeth, she swallowed, removing the tiny from the world.


              “Alright, well I’m suitably horny, let’s use the rest of you little shits for something fun.”


              Annette shot to her feet and quickly disrobed down to just her panties. Although her breasts were rather small normally, they were still enormous mountains to her toys. She playfully kneaded her tits before sitting back down in her chair. Her hand shot out towards the group, snatching up a bunch of the tinies at once before lifting her panties and scattering the tinies across her neatly trimmed pussy.


              “Lick” she ordered, and the crowd obliged, crowding around her bright pink clit while others scaled down further into the navy-blue and pink hued cave.


              The rest of the group was quickly scooped up and placed on her breasts, scattered across the small hills like sprinkles. Without even needing any prompting, the crowds rushed to her nipples, lavishing praise on her body. Annette bit her lip at the sensation of so many scampering feet on her sensitive breasts, and their tiny hands and lips on her nipples. She began to squirm in her chair, moaning softly as the combined efforts of dozens of little specks toiled for her pleasure. Suddenly, her hand shot down her panties, catching the specks inside off guard as the enormous object rushed inside and roughly teased herself. The tinies inside panicked as her hand showed little regard to their safety as she rubbed her clit. Two tinies on top of the hill screamed for just a moment before her finger bulldozed them, smashing them to mush as she massaged her crotch.


              The stimulation was too much and Annette crammed her fingers into her pussy as she began to masturbate. The helpless tinies on her pussy squirmed for their lives as her hand showed little regard for their safety. Her fingernails alone claimed several lives as the sharp ridge ripped their victims to bits, quickly mixing their shredded bodies into the pussy juice slurry. The inside of her tunnel became a violent maelstrom of fingers and juices as she approached her orgasm. Annette suddenly grabbed ahold of one of her breasts, crushing several of her tiny worshippers as she hungrily grabbed at her sensitive nipples. The squirming, the crunching of bodies against her skin, and the sensation of so many lives simply expensed to help her get off was enough to send her into a powerful orgasm. Annette bucked in her chair as her pussy muscles contracted around her hand, crushing any unfortunate tinies to mush instantly. The few who did survive the orgasm instead drowned in the deluge of fluid pouring from between her legs. Her right breast became a gruesome massacre scene, as ugly red splotches that were once people stained her pale skin. Those on her left could only look and see what could have become of them if not for Annette’s random whims in choosing which to fondle.


           Annette was in bliss as post orgasm glow washed over her. She would absolutely have to do that again with her next batch. For now though, she looked down at her left breast, where the last 6 tinies stared at her, broken by the horrors she had put them through and now quietly awaiting their execution.


           “Think I want to try eating some more of you.” Annette mumbled before grabbing three of them and unceremoniously dumping them into her maw. This time she decided against the theatrics, and simply swallowed the shell shocked specks.

           The three plummeted through the dark tunnel into the vile, putrid pit of her stomach. They had braced for a quick end in her powerful acids but instead, they were to be denied the quick end they longed for. All they could do was wait for digestion to finally claim their lives and forever sentence them to nourish the body of the girl who has done nothing but harm them.


           “Think I’m just going to smash you under my tits. I’m sure these boobs are tiny by the standards of  some of you sluts, but they’re basically mountains to you so it’ll be fun. For me at least.”


           Annette snatched them off her breasts before depositing them on the table. She wanted them to at least admire the view before them as two unfathomably massive globes hung precariously over their little bodies. Hundreds of tons of supple flesh swayed overhead, waiting to be dropped on their target. Annette leaned forward and lifted her left breast just long enough for them to realize their fate before letting it drop with a dull thud and three faint pops. With that thud, the last of her little experiments perished. She lifted her boob to admire the splats before nonchalantly wiping her table off with a tissue. They weren’t really important anyway, just some meaningless ants to be crushed underfoot to her path to scientific glory. She looked over at her half-built growth ray and thought about what she could do if she turned it on herself. Visions of her own handcrafted apocalypse swirled in her mind, all the cities disappearing under her sole, devoured to sustain her or fucked to dust by her insatiable lust. The nations of the world would be powerless against her, and she would effortlessly assume her rightful title of queen, no, goddess of the world. The thoughts sent shivers down her spine as she imagined the leaders of the world worshipping and praying between her scrawny legs.


           For now though, she had less glamorous needs to attend to. She slowly clambered out of her chair and walked to her bathroom. After going to the bathroom and flushing the last of the intact tiny bodies down the toilet, she washed the bloodstains and pussy juice from her body before throwing on a shirt and shorts and returning to her bedroom.


           David looked up in shock as the roof of his little enclosure was suddenly opened.


           “Hey! I am so sorry about leaving you there for so long. I really do need to apologize for everything. Rest assured I will make sure every need of yours is taken care of.”


           “Thanks. It’s alright, to be honest, I needed a break from it all anyway, and what better way to spend it than with my only friend.” David smiled.


           Annette returned the gesture before gently plucking him from the box. The past hour of manhandling and abusing the other tinies meant she had to take special care as she carefully lifted him into her palm. “I got a better seat for you,” she commented before laying down on her bed, lifting her shirt and gently placing him on her abdomen. The warm, taut flesh felt more like a magnet to the tiny David as he laid down and spread out on the soft surface, savoring her body heat. Annette grabbed the remote and turned on her TV, flipping to some superhero movie she had been meaning to watch.


           “Hey, Annette, why do I hear weird noises coming from your gut… it almost sounds like screaming?” David asked.


           “Just a bit of indigestion from the cafeteria lunch is all. You know it’s kind of bad, lol.” Annette replied. She actually liked him, so she couldn’t tell him the truth that just a few inches beneath him, some random sports jocks were melting alive in her stomach acid. He will be one of the ones spared of her wrath, she mused to herself, thinking more of her own fantasies than the movie on her screen. The two would drift away, each carried off on their own pleasant dreams.

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