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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hope you enjoy!

             “Confirming atmospheric entry, ETA to planetside is 5 minutes.” Jennifer spoke through her microphone as she stared out the forward window of the landing ship. A cone of fire began to envelop the small craft as it hurtled towards a familiar verdant planet. Fire soon transformed to clouds as the pilot, Lucas, guided the ship towards the pre-marked landing spot.


              “Been a hot minute since we’ve been here,” Hikari remarked as she turned back to her screen. Her right eye swirled with a rainbow of colors as she stared back at her laptop screen.


              “Oh yeah, I was wondering about why your eye was changing colors?” Jennifer commented, turning back to face Hikari.


              “Oh yeah, while I was on another assignment, we were ambushed by raiders on Echov Prime and one of those bastards caused me to lose an eye. Because of that, I got some bionics from the Federation to upgrade my vision. It’s pretty cool, I can zoom my vision, I can see in the dark, it has built-in AR functionalities to display information or programs, and a bunch of other cool stuff. I actually have some data from our last trip open on my eye. The iris color changing thing is just a cool perk, so I have it set to just cycle through colors since it looks nice.”


              “Cool! I bet some of that will work out nicely for what we’re going to be doing.”


              “Definitely, I can zoom in on their little cities.” Hikari giggled. “Lucas, are we landing on our prior site?”


              “Near it, I’m curious to see if they turned our prior site into a temple or something. We must have looked like gods descending from the heavens, so I bet they’re worshipping us now. The idea is pretty sexy to be honest.”


              “Would be a shame if they sacrificed so much to us only for us to destroy their world again.” Jennifer chuckled. “Their cities were always better as dirt packed into our treads.”


              Lucas blushed. “I want to do more stuff with my crotch.” He whimpered slightly as Jennifer brushed her hand across his growing bulge.”


              “We’re definitely going to make good use of that cock to punish them.” Jennifer purred. “Get us landed and we’ll get to our research.”


              “Oh yeah, what are we studying again?”


              “Responses to external stimulus on sentient microbes. Oh yeah, the Federation told us we could do whatever we want to them as long as we study them while we do it. The lady who gave me the assignment made some joke about not needing to worry where we step, so we have free reign to go wild. It’s not like they’re going to send another team or try and make contact with them.”


              “I’m surprised they found out they were sentient. I don’t think that ended up in the report.”


              “Something about extremely faint signs of sentient life detected by an orbiter, they don’t care that we didn’t report it. It’s not like they’re worth anything, really.” Hikari mused.


              “True.” Jennifer replied.


              “Stow everything and prepare for landing. 3-2-1… Touchdown.”


              Outside the ship, millions of nearly microscopic eyes turned towards the heavens. It had not been too long since the gods had visited their world, and not long after they left, many took it as a sign to better their ways in order to appease the titanic deities. Religious fervor gripped the micro civilizations, and temples and shrines amidst the righteous destruction of the gods were set up to worship and revere these beings. Today, they braced as their efforts would be put to the test. They could only watch and wait for the silver spaceship to reveal the faces of their gods.


              “Alright, equipment is ready, we got our picnic stuff and everything else we’ll need I think.” Jennifer commented, looking over the three backpacks. “Alright, grab your stuff, let’s go have some fun.


              With a press of a button, the door opened and the three stepped down the steel ramp onto the ground.


              “It’s good to be back.” Lucas mused, prompting Hikari and Jennifer to reply in agreement.


              Hikari, meanwhile, walked to the edge of a cluster of cities, letting her boot sink into the grass dangerously close to the civilization. Peering down through her eye, she chuckled as she watched a scene of religious fervor below. Millions had dropped to their knees in abject devotion to her. Many more engaged in some unknown rituals, the exact meaning to which was lost on the girl, but she knew it was something to placate her. Unfortunately for them, rituals and prayers weren’t enough to stop what she wanted to do.


              Without a word, she raised her boot over the city, patiently observing their reaction to the filthy shoe sole blocking out the sun. Below, the once celebratory scene turned into one of abject despair. Despite their best efforts, their god was still displeased with them. All of their rituals failed, and millions could only look to the sky as the filthy treads taunted them with their inevitable death. The apocalypse began with clumps of dirt and filth raining down from her shoe, nearly imperceptible to the goddess, but deadly to the city below. The scene of mass worship soon turned to flight as the once-fervent crowds resorted to baser instincts, choosing to attempt to flee their goddess over further attempts at placation. Nevertheless, the debris was still deadly. Hikari kept watching as one pebble, probably something picked up from her last mission, slammed through one of their temples. She smirked as she thought of how it delivered her message. More clumps of dirt rained down on the crowds in the streets, smashing the throngs to mush instantly. Buildings collapsed, and people perished where they stood, and this was just the beginning of the hell she was about to unleash.


              After a few moments of observing the chaos, Hikari’s leg began to burn from keeping it lifted. It was time for the end of their world. The city disappeared as she simply let her boot fall down on the city like a meteor. Some people prayed, many tried to run, but their microscopic legs were nothing to the goddess as the thick-soled boot enforced its will on the world below. To her delight, the instant destruction of a city emitted little more than a faint crunch, the combined screams of hundreds of buildings and millions of specks wailing and dying under her sole were just a bit of noise to her ears as she nonchalantly pressed out a society. A few twists of her foot finished the job, destroying the rest of the town and anyone who thought the deep canyons of her boot treads offered some form of salvation. Hikari shuddered with pleasure as she looked down at the destruction one step had caused. In just a few moments, she had casually snuffed out millions of pathetic little lives, microbes whose entire collective existence was less valuable than her desire to destroy something underfoot.



              Hikari dragged her foot back, coldly analyzing the destruction she just wrought. Her eye scanned the patch of dirt below, punctuated by shattered buildings and the faintest hint of crushed specks. To her surprise, a tiny clump of survivors stared back at her, huddling together in mortal terror as everything they knew was so cruelly snatched from them by her step. Hikari simply pursed her lips and let a glistening ball of saliva drip like a slimy meteorite. They wailed in terror for a moment before the enormous glob of spit erased their little hideout. Some were simply crushed beneath the wall of spit, their shredded bodies seeping into her saliva, while others fruitlessly struggled for a moment in the syrupy fluid. Hikari cracked a smile, as one by one, their squirming bodies went limp, drowned just because a girl spit on them.


              With an exaggerated spin, grinding the clump of dirt and ruin further into her tread, she turned back to the others.


              “Fuck, I missed that so much. Wonder if I can put ‘tiny cities not impervious to being stepped on or spit on’ into my research?”


              “Probably.” Jennifer replied, not even looking up at her friend as she dragged her finger through another tiny city. The white glove-clad finger effortlessly plowed through the civilization, roaring as buildings and people alike vanished in a deluge of dirt and shattered buildings, peppered with the smashed bodies of thousands of micro specks. Jennifer couldn’t see as close as Hikari could, but she could just imagine the scene of utter despair below her. Millions crying to the heavens, begging the goddess to spare them, to stop from carving through their city with her finger. A minor act of entertainment for her came at the expense of their entire world, a price the unbelievably huge girl was all to eager to pay. Their prayers fell on deaf ears, and society collapsed just from a woman dragging a finger through the strange dirt. Jennifer imagined people huddling together and helplessly waiting for the end, for that vast white pillar to roll over them and erase them from existence. Really, there was nothing else they could do to stop her.


              With a final flick of her finger, her work was done, and she admired her work. Etched in the dismal ruins of a city was her name, each letter costing entire districts and untold thousands of lives, just for her to leave her mark on the planet.


              “Nice, nice!” Hikari commented, standing over the city to fully admire her handiwork.


              “Hey, any specks clinging to my fingertip?” Jennifer asked, sticking out her greyed index finger.


              Hikari grabbed ahold of Jennifers hand and stared at smudged glove tip for a moment, before lunging her head forward and sliding the digit into her mouth. She gently slid the finger back from her mouth, leaving a string of saliva collecting her tongue and the freshly cleaned tip. Jennifer simply smirked at her friend as the strand snapped.


              “Hey, where’s Lucas?”




              Meanwhile, under the shade of a tree, Lucas hungrily pulled down the zipper constraining his bulge. His stiff cock flopped out, and he wasted no time in stroking his cock over the city.


              Down below, the crowds recoiled in terror at the site of the gargantuan guy eagerly stroking his miles-long cock. In one moment, they received a terrifying lesson in the anatomy of their gods, as the milky white rod taunted them with every firm stroke of his hand. Lucas grimaced and moaned, as waves of pleasure struck him. The knowledge of so many tiny eyes turned upward made him weak yet fueled his arousal even more as he masturbated to their imminent demise.


              Suddenly, two hands wrapped around his torso, wrestling his dick from his hand before stroking more vigorously. Lucas bit his lower lip as the person’s other hand groped and caressed its way across his body, dancing across his ass and chest. The added stimulation was too much to bear, and he moaned in ecstasy while showering the city with white, sticky death.


              Globs and globs of pungent white syrup pelted the city, smashing anything beneath it like a torrent of creamy meteorites. Crowds ran helplessly though the street, outrunning an all-consuming flood of cum as the fluid settled down onto the world. Many were simply crushed beneath the heavy fluid; their popped bodies being forever mixed into the cum flood. Many others found themselves immersed in his jizz, clawing at their faces in a desperate attempt to prevent the syrup from smothering and drowning them. Every orifice was filled with cum, and as more of the fluids forced its way into their lungs. Lucas panted in ecstasy, watching in delight as more pests drowned in his seed.


              “You naughty boy, cumming before finishing your work.” A familiar voice whispered into his ear. Lucas turned to see the beaming face of Jennifer right over his shoulder, her slender hands still wrapped around his dripping cock.


              “Come on, let’s keep exploring. I got better uses for that spunk than wasting it on unappreciative specks.” Jennifer giggled, licking the sticky fluids from her fingers before rising back to her feet. Lucas scrambled to a stand as well, brushing off his legs quickly before the two joined Hikari. Suddenly a smack resonated over the quiet world, and Lucas winced in pain from the sudden impact on his ass. Hikari smirked as she rubbed her hand across his ass, playfully groping the supple flesh behind the jumpsuit.


              “Sorry! I picked up a tiny city and I’ve been DYING to do that since we left last time.” Hikari added, removing her hand from his ass to reveal a greyish stain of crushed buildings adhered to his suit.


              “It suits you.” Jennifer chuckled, admiring the ruins adhered to her pilot’s ass. “Definitely won’t be the last city ended by our asses, I’ll make sure of that. Anyway, I still wanna see our old landing site.”


              A few minutes went by, relatively silently as the three traipsed through the forest, the sounds of wind through the trees occasionally punctuated by the crunching of leaves and tiny cities under their boots as they walked towards that familiar clearing.


              The clearing was largely the same as they left it, though in the interim, the sections of the city that had been crushed or burned by their activities had been repaired, save for a few boot-print shaped craters, that curiously had tiny structures built into the impact sites. The landing site was by far the most changed, as the spot where their ship touched down seemed to have a vast temple on the site. Inch-high walls, clearly requiring an immense amount of labor, surrounded a network of miniscule buildings and apparent holy sites. A bolt that must have fallen from one of the landing struts was elevated to the level of a divine relic, the utterly massive piece of metal from their perspective having been placed atop a pedestal.


              “Hikari, what does it look like with the zoom eye?” Lucas asked her as the Japanese girl stared directly at the holy site before them.


              “It’s quite beautiful, insane considering that it’s a monument to our ship and us. There are images of what I assume to be us on the walls, the inhabitants are praying and seem completely enraptured in their worship of us. We truly are gods to them, huh. I bet our mere presence triggered a religious revival, and I bet they think that if they worship us hard enough, they’ll be spared further calamity… they’re looking at us now.”


              “So how do we destroy it all?” Jennifer inquired, thoughts of how best to obliterate the monument to them swirling through her mind.


              “Turn around.” Hikari said to Jennifer and grabbed a magnifying glass from her backpack. “I’ll let you do the honor.”


              Jennifer confidently strode out over the city towards the temple. Jubilation at the return of their gods turned to pandaemonium as the massive being carelessly snuffed out thousands more underfoot. The devotees of the temple turned to stare at the towering figure of their god before a brilliant white light engulfed them. The air rapidly grew warmer and warmer as the force of the sun was concentrated to a glowing halo on the ground, instantly blinding anyone who attempted to behold it in its full majesty. Within a few minutes, their skin began to burn. Screams of agony resounded through the temple as the entire crowd was burned alive by the cruel gods. Some tried to flee, crowding around a closed temple door in a vain attempt to escape, but the light followed them, scorching anything and anyone in its path.


              “This is kinda fun!” Jennifer giggled as she focused the beam down in the toylike temple. “It’s like burning insects!”


              In just a few moments, the crowd of devotees in the temple was reduced to a charred field of smoldering bodies, roasted alive at the whims of the cruel goddess.


              “I wanna trample it barefoot.” Jennifer spoke, quickly sliding her boots and socks off before letting her toes sink into the city. The musty, sweaty soles effortlessly compacted entire districts, compressing them into dirt and mangled remains. The idle wiggling of her toes incited further calamity, as a group of survivors of the initial impact soon found themselves unceremoniously snuffed out beneath Jennifer’s big toe, reduced to a nearly unrecognizable red splotch amidst the dirt and debris. Jennifer wasted little time stomping through the city to the temple.


              “This must have taken years to build.” Jennifer commented as she marveled at the intricate structure before her. “Oops.”


              Her foot smashed though one of the enormous walls like it was made of sand, sending a deadly cascade of debris down onto a group of escapees. Anyone who wasn’t pulverized by the boulders was quickly compressed under Jennifer’s foot as she swept through the temple. Intricate artwork and statues build in slavish devotion to their gods was soon erased by the very same god’s toe.


              “Hey Jennifer, a bit to your left, there’s a statue of you.” Hikari said.


              “A pathetic mockery of my form I imagine.” Jennifer replied, swiping her foot to the left. It took some of the best artisans in the city 15 years to sculpt that image of her, and it took Jennifer less than a second to wipe it all away. The stone idol smashed through a group of buildings, no doubt destroying more great works.


              Hikari’s gaze was soon caught by an ornately robed figure running out into the open, frantically waving up to them. A few steps brought her closer to him, and soon, he and a few others reached the tip of her boot, immediately prostrating before the miles-tall deity. They seemed to recite prayers to her shoe, but when they looked up, they were confronted with the sneering face of their god. Hikari pursed her lips and answered their prayers with a meteoric glob of sticky saliva.


              “Hey Lucas, come join in! … Lucas?” Jennifer turned around to see Lucas laying on the ground, hungrily rubbing his exposed cock against the city. The vast pillar effortlessly steamrolled buildings as their destruction only served to arouse him even more. As he desperately tried to fuck the ground, Jennifer walked over, unzipping the crotch of her own suit.


              “Turn over, you’re not the only one who’s horny as fuck right now.”


              “Yes Captain.” Lucas replied, flipping himself over while bits of city adhered to his cock rained down from the massive pillar. Jennifer wasted no time scooping up bits of the city to stroke his rode before straddling atop him.


              “Wonder how many virginities we’re about to take.” Jennifer chuckled as she carefully slid herself down onto Lucas’s shaft, biting her lip and moaning in pleasure she devoured his crotch with her pussy. Clumps of buildings, no doubt containing survivors of their play, burst against the walls of her vaginal lining, serving only to provide a bit of added pleasure as tiny structures and terrified little specks spent their last moments pleasuring her as Jennifer began to fuck her pilot.


              “God, you feel so good.” Jennifer moaned, pumping up and down on his shaft. Anything remaining between them was quickly ground to dust in the mechanical thrusting of the two gods, the two going at it with zero regard for those beneath them.


              Hikari, meanwhile, was preoccupied with another matter. She slid her boots off, allowing her stuffy toes to be cooled by the gentle breeze and disposable city. Out of the corner of her eye, a tightly packed crowd of people trying to escape through a vast square. With a casual flick of her toe, Hikari effortlessly sealed off their one route of escape, hemming in thousands of specks as another motion fully trapped them between gigantic piles of rubble on what were once streets, and the towering walls of their own buildings. Now that Hikari sealed in her prey, she angled her big toe over the crowd.


              Thousands of tiny hands reached to the heavens as the impossibly vast pad of Hikari’s pale toe descended like a meteorite. To her delight, the massive digit comfortably squeezed between the buildings as she moved to casually execute thousands for no other reason than her own enjoyment. Although a single one of them was far too miniscule to even register a feeling on her feet, the combined effort of so many helpless specks finally registered as a faint tickle on her toe. Some of them clung to each other in their last moments, while others prayed, hoping the deity would spare their little lives. The teeming mass beneath her toe slowly began to compress as the combined resistance of thousands gave way to the weight of just one toe. Soon, faint pops began to be felt against the sensitive pad, no doubt scores of tinies giving way at once. Her toe began to feel wet as more and more tinies were crushed like ants.


              “That should be good enough.” Hikari thought to herself as she let her toe sink into the ground. Lifting her foot off the ground, she smirked with pride as she observed the remnants of the square. The sheer weight of her body pressing down on the tinies erased their individuality, pureeing them down to a uniform red mush occasionally populated with bits and pieces that failed to fully liquefy under her toe. Her toe, similarly, was coated in the remains of countless tinies, their biggest impact in life merely being to stain the bottom of a girl’s toe. Hikari turned to Jennifer and Lucas, completely lost in their own world. She dragged her foot over the site of her carnage, burying her victims in an avalanche of buildings, and carefully walked over to the two, making sure to keep her bloodstained toe from touching the rest of the city.


              “Hey, Lucas! You like feet, right?”


              Lucas momentarily turned to her and nodded.


              “Good, you can lick mine then.” Hikari smirked as she raised her sole over him, aiming the bloody toe directly at his mouth.


              A strange metallic flavor soaked into Lucas’s tongue as Hikari shoved her toe into his mouth. The pasty tinies and crispness of the buildings melded together on his tongue, mixing with her foot sweat to form an interesting flavor on his palate. As Jennifer pumped harder, Hikari simply trampled his face beneath her foot, feeding her friend with the remains of the city that were packed like dirt on her sole.


              Thus, the three lost themselves in their own pleasure. Hikari shuddered in pleasure as Lucas dutifully licked the grime from her feet and Jennifer savored his cock with her crotch, spraying intact parts of the city with her juices, no doubt drowning so many of them in the most humiliating manner any of them could think of. Lucas closed his eyes in ecstasy, only to open them and be met with Hikari’s bare ass as it rocketed towards him. Hikari instantly tensed up as her crotch slammed down on Lucas’s face, and he immediately began licking away at her.


              “Fuck, I love having such great friends,” Jennifer forced out as waves of pleasure engulfed her body. Looking to the side, she reached out and swiped a patch of intact city into her hand, only to throw it into her mouth and pull Hikari close for a deep kiss. Buildings and people alike were tossed around like toys in a maelstrom of arousal as the tongues of the gods destroyed everything in their path. The vast pink muscles pulverized buildings and specks alike as they intertwined, while more shattered against the enormous pearlescent monuments of their teeth. Still more drowned in their saliva as they were swept around in a storm that rivaled even the mightiest gas giant tempests.


              Their orgasm brought immense pleasure to them, and immense devastation to the people whose city and world became an altar to their divine lust. Lucas’s entire body tensed as he pumped deep into Jennifer’s womb while Hikari’s juices trickled down his face. As the initial wave passed, the three separated with the two girls collapsing onto the ground, now thoroughly exhausted.


              “That was good.” Jennifer sighed.


              “You really know how to eat a girl out, remind me to ask about your services again. And Jenn, that was intense.” Hikari added.


              “That was one of my biggest fantasies ever, having a girl ride me while another one sits on my face. I’m so happy to have lived that out. Oh yeah, Jennifer, you’re leaking.” Lucas glanced at Jennifer’s crotch as a pyroclastic flow of white fluid drooled from her towering vulva onto a small town. The hot semen steamrolled over the fragile town, drowning anyone in its path and demolishing buildings as more of the heavy syrup flowed from her.


              Slowly, Hikari sat up, shifting slightly to bury a surviving section beneath her supple asscheek. “So, about that research.”


              “Well, we learned that the beings here are weak to basically everything. When a single footstep can annihilate thousands, it’s a miracle they have no natural predator. Just us I guess.”


              Jennifer looked over the main city around the landing site, now almost entirely reduced to a dull brown patch of dirt with a few remaining buildings still defying their will. “We really did some damage, huh?”


“Say, want to go find a different city? I want to go eat a snack and Hikari making me eat them off her foot gave me an idea.” Lucas added. With a quick nod of agreement from the others, the three explorers grabbed their belongings and walked a minute to another mossy patch of city.


“Alright, let’s sit on some specks.”


              The three unceremoniously sat down near the edge of the city, sending three resounding thuds across the landscape as their asses reshaped part of the city in their own image, not that the three cared as the lives they ended barely registered in their minds; these were just more victims to be snuffed and forgotten.


              Lucas dug through his bag and grabbed a small, cooled box of fruit and pastries. “Alright, who wants what?” He inquired, grabbing a strawberry, and handing the box to the two girls. As Jennifer took it from his hands, Lucas scooped up a bit of city and gingerly sprinkled it on the bright red fruit.


              The survivors looked in horror as the boy’s enormous mouth parted, blasting them with a wall of heat and mouth smell. A gale billowed from the dark cavern, lined with vast, pearlescent teeth, each one larger than even the greatest structures they had built. Soon, their city was cloaked in shadow as the strawberry plunged inside. The unimaginably huge incisors slammed down, smashing tinies and buildings alike to a uniform grime under their infinite weight as his teeth sunk through the flesh of the berry, separating most of the city. The lights went off forever, and the doomed inhabitants inside were spared seeing their oncoming death as his teeth quickly macerated the berry, the city only serving to add a light crunch as he reduced everything to a uniform slurry. Anyone who might have survived the destruction was quickly washed away in an ocean of pulp, their final moments spent melting alive in a churning sea of acid.


              A similar fate was shared for the condemned cities riding atop Jennifer and Hikari’s snacks, millions of lives sacrificed to provide a negligible bit of extra sustenance to their bodies.


              “This really is a strange planet, huh.” Lucas commented.


              “Yeah, there’s all this grass and trees, yet the only animal life seems to be microscopic. All these advanced civilizations, but I can erase them with my foot.” Jennifer punctuated her words by swiping her foot through a part of the city, pushing a towering tsunami of dirt and buildings as her foot bulldozed everything in her path.


              “There’s probably a reason, maybe if we want to come back again, we can use that as an excuse, not that these people will want to help us. Hey, I have an idea.” Hikari added, reaching into her bag. As she fished out a large sample tube, she added. “We should take some home with us. Not for the Federation, but so we can have more cities to play with. There’s gotta be something we can use them for that’s not just killing all of them, so I want to do a bit of my own research. Plus, we’d be giving these lowly germs a purpose, aren’t we so nice?”


              “Sure! I’d be happy to contribute some of our resources so you can do more fun things. Ooh we could build them some cities and then do stuff with them!” Jennifer added. “Grab your collection stuff and get some samples!”


              Jennifer and Lucas quickly got to work with their sample collectors. An entire town stared up in horror as Jennifer encased them in a glass vial, while Hikari and Lucas slammed their collectors down in the middle of cities, etching two perfectly circular holes in the ground where thousands once lived.


              “Alright, I think we’ve done what we needed to do. Ready to head back?”


              “I’m satisfied, Lucas?” Hikari turned to him, and he simply gave a thumbs up.


              “Alright, good work everyone, let’s head back to the ship.” Jennifer replied, sliding on her boots as the others quickly dressed themselves.


              The three walked back to their ship as they chatted, barely even paying mind to anything in their path as their final stroll on the planet’s surface racked up a disastrous death toll. Upon arriving, they wasted little time preparing the ship for departure, and within a few minutes, Lucas turned the ship towards the sky and the planet’s surface faded away behind them.


              “Alright, we got two hours to docking.” Lucas said, engaging the autopilot before swiveling around in his chair.


              “Thanks for the heads-up.” Hikari replied, opening her laptop. As she typed, a bit of movement caught her eye. Her bionic eye turned and zoomed into the strange disturbance.


              “Hey, guys, we got some visitors. There’s a bunch of those little specks on the ground over here, what do you want to do?”


              Jennifer slid off her boots. “Crush them, obviously.”


              Hikari and Lucas quickly followed suit, surrounding the specks with three unimaginably enormous bare soles gently wiggling on the cool tile.


              As the ship left the atmosphere into space, Lucas broke the momentary silence.


              “So, who wants to go first?”

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