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The lady known as Byleth had made some interesting choices, choosing to romance not one but two women in the Black Eagles class she was teaching. It was the heir to the throne of her region Edelgard, alongside the recluse, bookworm Bernadetta. This was of course done with consent now that they were all official adults, meaning the trio of them were in a three-way relationship with every single one of them having romantic feelings for one and each of the others. This continued to go with there being a healthy love between all of them for quite a while. Their love for each other would not change a fateful day but the rest of the world surely would in a way no one could imagine before it was too late for everyone still alive to that day.

Bernadetta had made a contraption to eliminate all the crests worldwide by containing them inside it to be disposed of shortly after. Of course, Edlegard and Byleth stayed close to their lover while it worked and was ready for testing. Bernie decided to finally test it to see if it could take the three of their crests away from them only to give it back shortly. However, the trio had underestimated the power of this machine as the bookworm had made a critical error in her work. Instead of taking the crests of the three of them, the device had started to quickly take every other crest possessed by people besides the three of them as it was soon overflowing with power and exploded with energy. 

The energy instead of harming the small group of Black Eagles absorbed into their crests as unfathomable power. The trio were powerful enough to be by far the most powerful beings in existence that comparing them to every creature in recorded history’s combined strength was not even a fair competition to everyone else. Throughout the world, a significant part of the population was panicking about where their crests and power had gone. The only crest wielders in existence were staring at each other in shock only breaking the silence to discuss what could have happened to the experiment and why they suddenly felt way more power, up to an insane amount of quantity.

Bernadetta was the first one who made a wish as she desired to know what had happened to the test and then she quickly realized the events that had transpired like someone had cast a knowledge spell on her. She explained this to the other two who were initially doubtful before rapidly figuring it out for themselves. Byleth was nervous about the results of this experiment at first before a bit of quick convincing that it was most likely for the best as they did not have to worry about losing to anyone else in a fight or practically anything else they have or would fear. Plus they did trust themselves and each other far more with this power than anyone else in the world they knew of with having such strength they now possessed. 

Now they wondered if they had other powers than quickly gaining knowledge of their reality. Then it metaphorically hit Edlegard that it was a power relating to the entire reality of their planet meaning that potentially they could use whatever power they wished to have. She explained this theory to the other two by trying to spawn a cup of tea out of seemingly nothing into her hand. It worked as her favorite flavor of the drink appeared in her hand surrounded by the ceramic container she desired to hold it tight enough for it to not break in hitting the floor. The remaining duo of lovers gasped in shock at the revelation of powers they now all held as they took a few moments to pause and think about what to do with their new abilities. 

This was followed by a ton of experiments to confirm that there truly was no limit to what they could accomplish. Byleth used attacks more powerful than what was ever recorded and then repaired all the damage that was caused with a mere thought. Bernadetta created even more objects out of nothing from complicated materials to substances that did not even exist before today. Edelgard even managed to teleport people from all around the world into this same room and make them return to their previous position before they could realize what exactly was occurring to them or recognize the location they ended up in. Now a long list of ideas had popped into the minds of the trio of what they could accomplish with what they now acquired. 

Even with all of them choosing to avoid having omniscience and risk losing too much of their humanity, they felt quite overwhelmed with the options they would think of. Eventually after a lot of discussion among the three of them, they decided the rest of the world should know the full extent of their new strength and how everyone else should submit to them. They quickly decided that mind control was out of the question as they felt bad with even the thought of messing with anyone’s mind as there was no need to now. After all the talking and thinking about the potential, they decided to do it as a sort of show going out with a bang. Byleth clearly explained her solution involved her hidden desire to be an impossibly huge giant alongside them.

Edelgard was happy to comply with being a similarly sized partner who would grow alongside her similar to the roleplaying they had done in bed, but Bernie was a bit more hesitant as she was a bit more submissive than her lovers. Shortly after they compromised on Bernadetta growing as well and acting large and in charge to mostly everyone, but at a reduced rate as she would always be significantly smaller than these other humongous goddesses. There were barely any worries that crossed their minds as they figured they could fix any of the problems they caused or innocents harmed with ease. Then with just about everything settled, they would head outside to start to increase size with their announcement plan ready to set into motion officially. 


These three Black Eagles just recently had their power rising to an insane amount, but now their sizes have been increasing drastically as well. They grew and grew until the duo was bigger than the house they were just in while Bernie had grown less than the other two. Although she was still tall enough to tower over just about everyone else, she was still significantly shorter in height than most buildings around her. Byleth cleared her throat as she decided to speak the speech she had prepared on the spot as she got ready to raise her voice to speak. She used a bit of her power to enhance her voice so everyone around the world could hear her booming sounds but at a somewhat manageable volume to avoid making anyone, no matter who, deaf in the slightest. 

The words this professor said consisted of ones you would expect in a usual declaration of war. However, there was no chance for anyone to have any sort of surrender at the moment as that would come far later. Instead, this was to be the demonstration of power first for the attempted purpose of a complete domination of the entire world. The giant trio got the weapons at a fittingly huge size and got ready to attack with both these objects and their bodies. Death after death will occur alongside all this destruction. In contrast, the only ones who got a relatively painless loss of life were other members of that same house known as Black Eagles, as there would be no survivors besides the destructive relationship that started this slaughter. 

As the ground was pained red with the blood of both the wicked and the innocent, the violent killings would continue with no end in sight. They were quickly crushed under just about every body part belonging to the duo of bigger girls alongside their weapons. Ironically enough Bernadetta has been significantly smaller and weaker than her other two lovers but still much more powerful than her victims which caused those crushed by Bernie to have a slower death causing longer screams. She was by far the most hesitant of the three but kept being encouraged by herself and her companions, that this was the first step for the greater good of everything. That was enough convincing the bookworm ended up needing as deep down she found it all fun.

This would go on for a while but it felt like it took much more time for the normal people without even having the possible extra protection of crests. None of the goddesses even needed to manipulate time with there still being extra moments many faced before death for it to feel like their whole lives flashed before them. Edelgard was by far the most aggressive of everyone as she truly let her rage out with nothing that could stop her besides her understanding lovers. She was the quickest and strongest with her attacks as she went out of her way to go all out with barely any hesitation at all. After letting out her frustration because of that, boredom reached her first causing her to soon want to mix up her destruction with her powers.

This once heir to the throne now could do whatever she wanted so she decided to once again spawn a cup of her favorite blend of tea. Then after blowing on it gently and taking a delicate sip of her drink, she decided to share this beverage with everyone else nearby. This would include her two companions as she magically refiled the container whenever it would get too low of the liquid. After experiencing those delightful indirect kisses with her companions, she decided to share them with those down below her with a smirk showing that she knew the devastating consequences of this upcoming action. She dripped a bit of the scolding tea onto the ground causing the once delicious fluid too vast to drink reasonably, now had become a weapon.

Even those who were prepared for the heat would end up most likely drowning due to the sheer amount of it. Those nearby who evaded that drink or somehow survived it would not be safe for that much longer no matter how much effort they put into escaping. This was because Edelgard decided to use one of her new powers as a form of telekinetic ability to lift everyone normal-sized and quite close by, back into her cup of magically refilled tea. She then spawned a spoon in her hand as a cube of sugar as she decided that her beverage could use a bit more sweetening. As this pleasant stirring for her proved deadly for the inhabitants of the container, even if they had survived that, the liquid sipping would prove to be their inevitable deaths. 

The only ones left alive in the liquid would die in the goddess’ stomach acid where they would become a minuscule amount of nutrients. Not everyone had given up or ran away though as a good many hopelessly tried to attack with their reduced power against this impossible threat. They thought it was at least better than doing nothing if the trio truly would not stop their massacre, with them not realizing it truly was not possible to beat them. Every other member of the academy who survived up to now was among this group had all failed in an uneventful way where the deities did not even notice their struggles. Meanwhile, Byleth had noticed her more dominant lover’s interesting way of fighting and decided to think of something unique herself.

This consisted of the once-professor playing around with the smaller but not too small Bernie who was by now a bit needy for much more personal attention towards her. After Byleth gave a short sigh for having to think for what she considered a moment too long, she decided to use her powers to spawn a string and attach it onto Bernadetta like she was simply a puppet to control. However, to her, it felt like a fun ride that she did not mind being moved around for as she had a forcefield around her now to prevent any potential harm to her. The barrier only impacted the bookworm directly causing whatever she hit to take serious damage. Lots of death and destruction would occur beneath them caused by her lover tugging on her string.

As Bernie was moved along by the seemingly thin rope like a hands-on roller coaster, it felt unexpectedly relaxing for her. She decided to try all kinds of different magic attacks without the use of mana only now insanely more deadly while at this scale. Elemental attacks such as fire, wind, earth, and water were used in various ways alongside other powers such as electricity, time, spacial, and gravity-based manipulation. She even decided to control people like puppets being controlled by a bigger one, only this time it was the opposite of a pleasant experience for everyone else involved. The amount of creativity should have been expected from someone who tends to use her brain so much, as this mayhem only ended up increasing her fun to the extreme.

This was a similar process as teaching someone to ride on a mount as once Bernadetta got the hang of having a good time with her abilities, Byleth too had decided to have some fun with mostly just herself and her upcoming victims. The form of deadly torture the now-retired professor chose was once again her raw strength. She made sure to use not just her main weapon but every weapon she could think of on the top of her head consisting of quite a variety. The lady focused more on the strongest she had seen in action, but virtually no equipment was absent from her violent and destructive uses. Simple weapons of war had quickly turned into those of mass destruction with each of their huge change in size being impacted on more than anything else.

All kinds of tools were used with some of them not intended to be used in any form of combat. Whole buildings were ripped apart as arrows were shot through them and the debris rained on many of the fleeing survivors nearby and that was only one example of what some of the weakest equipment used were capable of. Shields of this height would be some of the deadliest weapons if Byleth were only using them as they were thrown around, but none of these objects did any protection towards the civilians as they landed around them. Even magnifying glasses intending to be used to see what was up close to them, caused blazes of heat stronger than most fire spells. Swords and countless more traditional weapons were of course used too.

However, if every method of mayhem used was described thoroughly, this story would never end. Describing the area as a metaphorical bloodbath would be a gigantic understatement by far. So many had died nearby that the trio often had to teleport more people and their surroundings from neighboring areas so they would not run out of entertaining targets. It was mostly the knowledge of the impact the three of them were causing that was what was ending up satisfying them so much as even their various reactions seemed to become dull and formulaic. There were only so many variations of ways someone could do when their outcome truly was hopeless, so the goddesses talked amongst themselves once again about changing it up.  

The lovers decided to give them some hope as they commanded those around them to do work for them and they would spare them for now if they did a good enough job. They could do all the work they wanted to without even trying due to their new abilities but they found this to be a lot more fun than just a guarantee of whatever they wanted all the time. These tasks ranged from cleaning their clothes and bodies, doing their makeup to even making the buildings around them more to the deities’ likings as it was technically now theirs alongside everything else. It mattered not how much they put in effort if it was not satisfactory in the end for these women. If anything, they probably got punished even more than those who did not even try to help at all.

It was a sort of risk-reward deal with the chance of further survival seeming to be a good enough encouragement for many to survive even with knowing the consequences of failure. Most ended up failing as the only ones who survived were mostly spared due to the girls’ pitty upon finding them or the efforts to be sort of cute. They had little patience and without meddling with time manipulation that much as of yet, most would end up utterly failing as they expected. The disappointment ended up coming regardless of how it was likely to come and it was quite visibly shown in both their faces and their accompanying reactions. More death and destruction would occur in ways either similar or different from before, but these destroyers were still bored.

They were only experiencing a slight boredom but that was enough to cause some mild and noticeable annoyances for them. The trio would once again have a not-so-private conversation with each other about what to do and quickly come to yet another conclusion. It was the fact that they wanted to limit messing mentally, with time and shrinking themselves back down. They felt this show of power would be less effective or at least less to their liking if they did not have what they planned for. Their plan consisted of a linear growth in such great spurts that would only increase vastly which gave them an idea as if on cue, which meant that the three of them should have another similar yet far bigger spurt of size right now so they did just that.

They grew until the bigger duo was way huger with the smaller giant growing to a relatively similar ratio to them, but not too small as she was quite massive just not as much as those two. The trio with both a bit of help from their new powers and the collective citizens’ hard labor, were able to customize the surroundings to be just a bit more visually pleasing. There were gigantic buildings of mostly similar sizes all around the ground with lots of greenery in between these structures. Outside this large city, there was a green landscape stretching for a long distance at least the size of this entire city. Bernie had each of her legs slightly taller than these skyscrapers’ were, but she did not even reach the height of half of the legs of these other two.

With their new sizes, these colossal beings began an even deadlier rampage that was incredibly similar to before but sufficiently different enough to help fulfill their boredom to mach growled shortly after realizing that she had not eaten too recently and having recently watched her similarly huge lover consume the relatively, extremely, miniscule mortals, only furthered her hunger. She wondered how these changed buildings would taste, and they looked surprisingly appetizing at her new height. The retired professor got on her knees after magically poofing away all her weapons besides a small sword still attached to the space right underneath her exposed belly button. She then picked up a building and got ready to eat it in all its entirety. 

This lady brought the structure up to her face and aggressively squeezed it like a sugar lover getting sweets out of a candy box. This would successfully work in getting many of its inhabitants to fall out into her open maw for her to consume while trying to escape. She continued to do that until the skyscraper became a crushed mess as she was more interested in tasting it than what it contained on its own. Speaking of candy, that was what was on her mind as she ate the remains of this object so she subconsciously made it taste similar to her favorite kinds of sweets. The woman loved the taste of it all and continued to consume building after building similarly, spawning more filled with more people inside if she ever happened to run out of them. 

Bernadetta had become much more confident and used to these quick changes since her initial transformation. She was barely a changed person mentally as she still had the nervousness deep inside of her alongside other factors, but now the moments of hesitation got way shorter without her meaning to with any sort of ability. Due to all of this, Bernie had already become accomposted by her way bigger size which still involved looking high up at her duo of lovers similar to how the rest of the nearby population was gazing upwards at her. Being around the middle of these sizes had given her the freedom of extremeness with being both submissive and dominant, revealing her hidden switch nature. This gal then quickly decided on what to do next.

What the often timid young lady decided to do was to play the role of a giant monster in the form of a human of a similar size. The beast she was pretending to be would stomp and kick around, purposefully going out of her way to crush what she could in her path while mimicking the roars she imagined and even some playful and admittingly cheesy taunting she would do alongside these steps. This would likely be considered to be quite cute if she was at a fairly normal size, but to the citizens of the city’s dismay, she was way too large to be anything close to harmless anymore. Due to her immense size, even if she tried to do no damage to the space near her, she would likely inevitably destroy even her slightest movements. Now, trying to smash entire buildings under her heavy boots without any use of protective magic made it way worse. 

Meanwhile, Edelgard was standing relatively still at her humongous height only matched by the one living entity known as Byleth. She was in place for so long a time to mostly admire the scenery, her romantic partners, her new powers, and just about whatever else she would think of naturally. The once heir to the throne now practically the ruler of everything alongside her companions, could still feel the crumbling sensation of the buildings that once stood where she currently was standing. The extra high heels she was wearing would continue to slowly but steadily burrow the bottoms further into the ground through the remains of the structures seemingly on their own. While she had continued to stay still her mind would be wandering.

As this white-haired woman looked down upon her newly created kingdom below her, she decided to enhance her brainpower. This included such aspects as increasing her senses drastically, being able to see other people’s perspectives now, and even communicating with them all telepathically. She could see deep into the population around her inside and out but would not dare step over what she considered too far, and would never end up fully brainwashing people. Edelgard instead spoke to them telepathically and chatted with them mostly by giving more orders under threats of further violence with no chance of salvation. These tasks consisted of ones fitting for goddesses such as worship, sacrifices, and creating more in their likeness.

Any of the three of them could produce these objects much more easily than a snap of their fingers, but they all agreed that this method which required more work for others, was truly a lot more enjoyable for each of these deities. After playing around aggressively in similar ways for quite a while in this pleasing fashion, all the omnipotent gods felt themselves turned on sexually and wanted a kind of release. Byleth and Edelgard wanted to have sex with the two of them like they commonly did with a strap-on, but there was logically none their size around. Any of those in the trio could easily materialize the sex toy with a mere thought. However, after talking to each other again, they came up with a plan that they found to be quite comical. 

This idea of theirs came into reality when one of the three spotted a nearby shop that had adult toys and found a strap-on that the three of them came into agreement on choosing to use. Then Edelgard decided on growing the object for intercourse until it was fittingly large enough for practical use between the colossal beings when they would have sex. Logically, this meant that the particular tool would bulldoze many of the city’s inhabitants and manmade structures, leaving behind a lot of wreckage and many pools of red. The same person who just used her omnipotence picked up what she considered to now be the perfect strap-on and lazily wiped off any noticeable dirt on it. She even made sure to vaporize any filth she missed into nothing at all. 

Once the sex toy was put into place, Blyeth looked at her similar-sized lover with eyes that grew more and more eager in anticipation for the upcoming intercourse. The sex started with Edelgard riding and thrusting into this retired professor she had feelings for. They had literal sex on the city as their moans could be heard anywhere remotely nearby, the motions caused earthquakes that ranged in magnitude from numerous miles around and their fluids impacted many in extreme ways. These liquids mostly consisted of either sweat or cum that would stick to those much smaller beneath the trio, and be hot enough to boil them if they were not drowned first. After this traditional sexual act concluded, this particular duo still had plenty more stamina.

They would continue for quite a bit more in every sex position or style that came to mind as long as they happened to enjoy it. Likely because of the duo’s goddess powers, they were able to finally finish these acts about a couple of hours after they had officially started it all. These two only started to tire near the end of it, and even though it is probably a waste of time to discuss every action in those hours they happened to partake in, there are still some key moments that should be discussed in this tale. Three key moments need to be referred to during the fun time these deities just had. The trio of events involved Bernadetta’s actions during all of it, the immense growth that the giant gals continued to have during this as well, and its global impact.

What Bernie did during these two hours involved herself getting in on the action as well in a sense of that meaning. She had done everything she could to relieve herself sexually whether it be humping, licking, masturbating, or more involving her huge duo of lovers. While her actions did not quite result in apocalyptic outcomes that her other companions would soon commence, it still involved a lot of destruction alongside the pain and suffering that those smaller than her would experience with it. Whether these citizens were near their bodies and faced with indirect threats or literally on them, lots of death would follow these inhabitants of the city. As the bookworm watched her two companions have intercourse, they talked to one another. 

A lot of the words they spoke sounded similar to about half speaking normally and half moaning magnified by an insane degree due to their colossal sizes. Even though that was what a loud of the extremely loud noises consisted of during those couple of hours, they were doing way more than simply small talk. They were making plans mostly consisting of how to increase their enjoyment and metaphorically mix it up to refrain from getting bored over what they considered to be a long amount of time. As they did actions such as anal or oral sex or even Byleth sometimes putting on the strap-on to use in these intercourses, the trio was plotting together. One of their big ideas to conquer their slowly increasing boredom was to enhance their sizes greatly.

This proportional growth that shortly followed was similar to before as in relative to each other, but the height that they all got to was approaching at a way more rapid speed than ever before. The buildings appeared to be shrinking at an insane rate from looking like small toys to the bigger duo, to soon even appearing like specks of moss or crystals to Bernadetta herself. She was still somewhat like a doll compared to the huger two of the trio, but these three were now way bigger than everything else around them. However, they barely hesitated to stop their sexual acts as the three of their sizes continued to increase. All of the actions they caused whether to result in a great carnage intentionally or not, had practically all ended that devastating way. 

Logically the series of growths happening to such incredible heights at an insane speed meant that the whole world was soon to be affected by these actions the trio were paraking in. Relatively shortly after the sex had begun, the three of them were lying upon the entire continent of Fodlan like a cross between a rug and a bed in the shape of the map. This was far from an artistic representation of the landmass and was indeed the actual place once filled with nature, manmade structures, and life consisting of numerous humans and different kinds of species. They were no longer having intercourse on top of a mere city, as a continent full of all that was mentioned was slowly diminishing like a disposable object. Soon it would all be no more. 

As their home landmass and everything they contained was the majority of what they knew in the world, their connection to this planet had become thin. They initially were watching with awe as they were finishing their sexual acts, the entire destruction of the continent. Whether it be a result of their direct actions intentional or not or something much more indirect like lava seeping out from beneath the world and being pleasantly warm for these deities. This substance felt much different to the rest of the population of the planet as it quickly burned them alive alongside the land and its structures it contained. That would, unfortunately, take not long for boredom to seep into them as their connection to the world seemingly had been close to lost. 

Even though these gods could interfere and sense up close just about everything going on, they decided against doing that for too long as they wanted to move on to something quite literally bigger. This of course meant more growth similar to prior, until the trio would quickly get to a planetary range of sizes. Doing such an action while being on the planet would shortly result in its complete annihilation, so they decided to first decide how it should all go out before going forward. Although they had each become mostly naked during their sexual fun times, the one article of clothing they had yet to take off was their footwear. They decided they wanted to air out their feet and experience how the smaller world felt under those same dual body parts.

Their toes, soles, and other surrounding parts they had used to walk ended up bulldozing the landscape beneath them. The trios’ bottom part of the body started to become filthy for the first time since the accession, but they did not mind it so much as it would be an easy fix for them to undo.  However, those under the three of them had a much more severe threat of dirt involving those same feet. The disgusting filth that fell from the significantly larger ones' feet had included the mixed wreckage from their recent crushing, which now ended up as debris for these other people. It was as dangerous as it was horrible to smell, while that same stench alongside other ones from these colossuses as well as on their belongings, had spread quite far.

By the time each of these ginormous, humanoid beasts had become fully planetary in size, the world and inhabitants they once knew their entire lives were all gone. It was all crushed beneath their impossibly huge and meaty feet, but it was not so intentional an action because it was not the way they wanted the planet’s demise to happen. With a synchronized snap of their fingers just for show, the only people in the solar system brought their homeworld back into existence alongside everyone they ever killed on it during their recent rampage. Many people rejoiced about their fallen comrades coming back from the grave together with them and hoped it meant that these deities had decided to offer some amount of mercy to the world’s population.

This quickly proved to not be the case as they made their final declaration telepathically to the minds of every single citizen of the planet at the same time. It mainly consisted of them letting all the rest know that they should expect these moments to be their last and to say their final goodbyes. They spoke a bit more telepathically now between just these particular lovers as no one can hear words in space and even if they defied logic to make it possible, the shockwaves from the noises would destroy the inhabited sphere once more. Logically they could bring back that orb filled with life as many times as they wanted to, but they felt it lost impact for now if they kept destroying it and bringing it back. The trio could always change their minds later.

Their discussed plan involving this world’s end for the foreseeable future would soon finally commence. Once it started, Bernadetta decided to approach the planet and give it a big kiss. Describing the smooch as simply big would be a great understatement as it felt impossibly giant to everyone a victim of the action. This event caused a seemingly immeasurable amount of devastation to the sphere even though it is usually associated with being an incredibly gentle occurrence filled with loving-kindness. What was not destroyed in the radius would end up stuck to Bernie’s lips where the calmest lick, swallow, or blow involving her mouth probably meant the end to everyone alive on it. That meant they would likely drown, suffocate, or burn alive.

No matter how these humans and more ended up dead, it would only get worse as the often-timed gal decided to take a small to her, nibble of that planet. Although these victims would usually die in similar fashions, those who passed away this time ended up happening in way greater numbers than those just moments before. The bookworm did not want to take too much of this world for herself so she let her other bigger companions in on the action and gave way to huger kissing and nibbling of that inhabited orb. Now the full remains of what was once a full sphere in the mouths was rapidly degrading into a mush-like substance. Before it fully degrades and ends up the repeat of global extinction, these two lovers would do one last action.

What Byleth and Edelgard did involved giving one more smooch but instead of to those smaller than each other, they would do it to one another. They did it all with a lot of the use of tongues as those left standing were pushed from one mouth to the other. These people would have probably died before the kiss would have started, but the trio decided to use one last use of the abilities on their victim's lives to prolong them for just a bit more time. Eventually, after Bernie joined in the kissing and the three of them decided they had enough, they each swallowed what was left of the planet down their throat to their stomach to be fully digested and finally be no more. No matter what these goddesses, did next it would likely always be something together.

The End!

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