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Author's Chapter Notes:


                 In a quiet athletic building in a quiet corner of a college campus lit dimly by the waning glow of an evening sun, a small mousey figure slipped through the glass doors. The short freshman nervously wandered down the halls, idly scanning the walls lined with sports science posters and team trophies. Although Vivian was completely unfamiliar with the worlds of any of these sports, she was nevertheless still impressed by her school’s achievements. Finally, she reached her goal, and darted through the door of the girl’s locker room.


                 “Nice of you to drop by Squirt.” A chill ran down her spine as she spotted the looming girl perched on a bench with her legs spread wide open. The same girl who a few weeks ago slipped a note to her in class was now smugly perched before her on the bench. Before then, she never even thought she had a chance with Ashley, the star of her school’s basketball team, but here she was, patiently awaiting her arrival. From afar, Ashley seemed tall, but right in front of her, the star athlete absolutely loomed over her comparatively miniscule frame. She must have been well over six feet tall, seeming more like a giant in comparison to her 4’11 body.


                 “I’ve been seeing ya catching glances of me, and I’m flattered, but it seems like there’s something specific that has caught your eye. Lucky for you, little dorks like you are my favorite.” Ashley grinned as she raised one of her powerful legs, playfully waving one of her shoes in Vivian’s face. “Face it, you wanna see my feet, don’t you?”


                 Vivian meekly nodded.


                 “Good girl.” Ashley replied. “I’ve been training for the past few hours with the team, it’s what we gotta do to win as much as we do. Because of that, they’re really tired and sweaty, so why don’t you put that cute little mouth to use. Take off my shoes and lick my feet, squirt.”


                 Vivian nervously grabbed ahold of her right foot, deftly undoing the laces before removing her enormous sneaker. A wall of intoxicating foot funk billowed out, assaulting her nose with the powerful stench of the athlete’s tired soles. She unconsciously rubbed her legs together as she stared at the large, meaty foot before her, barely stifling a moan as a dark spot manifested itself on her panties.


                 As the shy girl looked over Ashley’s feet, her eyes conveniently glossed over the tiny specks clinging to the pale sweaty surface, nor did she see the dozen pairs of miniscule eyes up at the vast behemoth filling their sky. A few days prior, twelve cheerleaders mysteriously vanished, leaving the entire campus in a state of shock as all attempts to locate the missing girls ended in dismal failure. Unlike most of campus, Vivian was secretly relieved at their disappearance, as she welcomed the newfound lack of vapid mean girls that made life for nerds like her hell. There was no way that she would be closer to the girls than anyone could realize.


                 The twelve miniscule girls, after days of being trapped in the tight, putrid confines of the jock’s sneaker, squinted as their eyes burned against the newfound light. Just a week ago, they were some of the most admired people on their campus but a dispute with the basketball team led to them being trapped in the vile cavern that belonged to the star of the team they used to cheer on.


                 “Is that one of the dorks?” Sophie asked, cowering in fear as the once meek girl filled their entire sky.


                 “W-what is she doing?” Replied Luna, once the captain of the team, now no better than an athlete’s foot lint.


                 The tiny specks desperately clung to the impossibly high cliff, wedged into the wrinkles and ridges of Ashley’s foot as the nerd’s face rushed towards them like a meteor.


                 “Lick em, footslut.” Ashley chuckled, moaning with delight as Vivian buried her face in her vast sole. A slight chill soothed her tired sole as the girl took a deep breath, inhaling the smell of her sweaty post-training sole. The chill was quickly soothed by a warm wetness, as Vivian extended her tongue and pressed it against the hardened surface of her heel.


                 Pandemonium erupted on Ashley’s sole as the godlike nerd began to inhale. Chantal, once one of the most admired girls on the team screamed and wailed helplessly as a powerful vacuum ripped her from the relative safety of the sole. Her friends could only watch in horror as her miniscule form vanished into one of the dark nasal caverns. After a few moments of hurtling through the sky, she slammed into a glob of goo, quickly sinking into the disgusting slop. Chantal sobbed as her idyllic vision of the future, meeting a special someone and living happily ever after, drowned in the disgusting slop of a nerd’s mucus. Firmly embedded in the gunk. Chantal could do nothing but wait for her eventual sad pathetic fate in some random girl’s nose.


                 A loud wet smack caught the rest of the girls’ attention as Vivian opened her mouth. The warm minty smell of her breath merged with Ashley’s foot funk as an utterly enormous pink monster slipped from the cavern before impacting the cliff. Anna and Jessica had no chance of escaping as Vivian’s tongue slammed down on top of them like a meteor. Their shrill screams were cut short as the sheer might of the shy bookworm’s tongue crushed the two girls instantly, burying their shattered bodies in her sticky saliva and tastebuds.


                 Vivian moaned as the salty taste of her crush’s sole flooded her mouth. This was everything she had dreamed about and more, and she nearly orgasmed from the first touch alone. Ashley deftly slid off her other sole and slipped her other foot under the girl’s skirt. She laughed at the dampness on her sole as her foot contacted her panties.


                 “You’re actually getting off on this? Lol.” Ashley boomed down on the embarrassed girl before continuing to tease her with her toes. “Keep licking, this feels good.”


                 Motivated by her praise, Vivian took a long, slow drag up the athlete’s sole, prompting Ashley to bite her lower lip. After a moment, a realization came to the basketball player’s mind. Vivian had managed to choose the shoe that had the cheerleaders she shrank. She stifled a laugh as she imagined the stuck-up bitches crying to the heavens for mercy as the closest thing to a deity to them casually slurped them down. Although she didn’t intend to feed the cheerleaders to the nerd, she did enjoy the irony of the shy quiet girl devouring them from her feet.


                 For the girls on her sole, it felt like an apocalypse as Vivian lavished Ashley’s soles with her tongue. The vast muscle bulldozed anything in its path, scraping any bits of sweat, dirt or specks it came into contact with. Two more cheerleaders, Riley and Gabby found themselves swept off her foot by a tsunami of tongue and saliva, sucked off her foot and into the vast, turbulent cavern of the dorky girl’s mouth. An ocean of saliva engulfed them as they plunged deeper into her boiling, humid mouth. With a quick sigh, Vivian pulled away from the foot just long enough to swallow the bits of debris in her mouth.  With an audible gulp, a torrent of saliva, dirt and the tiny girls rushed down her throat, plunging down the esophagus until dripping with the rest of the syrupy fluid and dirt into the putrid furnace of her stomach. The two girls had little time to think as they missed the islands of food inside and plunged straight into the caustic soup. Mercifully, the acid was quick in its work and after only a brief second of unimaginable agony, they two girls melted away into an incomprehensibly small amount of sustenance for the enormous girl.


                 To Ashley and Vivian however, it was over in a few moments, and the bookworm quickly returned to her duty. Once again, the storm of licking descended on the cheerleaders’ tiny world as more of the tiny girls met their horrific ends from a girl’s worship. People anyone could have recognized on campus, Stacy, Jennifer, Gabby and Nicole, went beneath the shy girl’s notice as her apocalyptic tongue rang in the end of their world. In a cruel twist of irony, Jackie, quite possibly the meanest girl in the group, the one who just a month prior spit in Vivian’s face now found herself frantically squirming for air in a pool of her saliva. The syrupy fluid clung to her body, flooding into her mouth and nose and blocking her airways. She flailed around desperately, trying to intake even a bit of air before suffocation took its hold and one more dot ceased breathing. Her drowned body would be unceremoniously sucked from the athletes sole by the girl she once looked down upon as Vivian sought to clean up her mess by slurping off the sweat-infused saliva clinging to Ashley’s sole, unknowingly ingesting or drowning several of her college’s acclaimed cheer team in a single gulp.


                 Charlotte thought she was safe. When she was pulled from the shoe, she had managed to become wedged between two of her toes, and thus sought refuge as her friends were wiped away below. From her vantage point she looked around for anything that might help. In front of her she could see the head of their destroyer, her smooth black hair bobbing up and down with each deadly pass of her tongue below. To the other side, her captures, the gargantuan basketball star who was likely grinning with delight as the annoying cheerleader squad was wiped out in such a humiliating way. Charlotte prayed to whoever might be listening that if she ever managed to make it back to normal size, she would take this lesson as karmic punishment and swear to never do wrong to anyone she met again. Her desperate please to the sky distracted her as Vivian raised her head and aimed her mouth squarely at the crevice she was hiding in.


                 Charlotte had but a moment to realize what was going on before the pink muscle struck her with the force of a high-speed train. Her body exploded almost immediately as the sheer force and speed of Vivian’s tongue tore her body to shreds. Chunks of her body quickly seeped into the saliva coating, melting away into a minuscule red stain on her tongue that vanished as the wet missile retreated back into its cave.


                 One of the girls had managed to make it to the summit of Ashley’s big toe. Camille, a French exchange student, cried as what should have been an enjoyable experience in the United States had turned into a dismal nightmare, first in the oversized athlete’s shoe and now watching her new cheerleading friends die from being licked off of a foot. Her plans of one day returning home shattered around her as she stared down at the woman who was completely unaware of the destruction she was causing. Now more than ever she missed her home, her friends and family and the place she grew up in as she tried to put her mind anywhere but the hellscape she had found herself in. She curled into a ball and sobbed as Vivian’s tongue finally came for her. In an instant, Vivian’s tongue raced up Ashley’s toe, sweeping her into the storm before the nerdy girl began to suck on the athletic girl’s big toe. In the dark, chaotic world of Vivian’s mouth, Camille flailed around helplessly as her body bounced around, finally coming to a rest right on Ashley’s sharp toenail. Vivian pressed her tongue down on the nail and Camille screamed as the nail pressed into her abdomen, before slicing through her body. Her body quickly severed in two, leaving a streak of blood and viscera on the vast surface of the nail that was quickly washed away as Vivian cleaned off the two. Camille’s bifurcated body vanished down her gullet like the rest of the girls, becoming nothing more than a bit of protein on the nerd’s body.


                 “Rub my feet as well.” Ashley ordered, and Vivian pulled her head from off the sole with an audible squelch. “Today was extra brutal on my soles.”


                 “Yes Ashley.” She replied obediently before placing her hands on the large, firm sole. Years of training had toughened her feet, and Vivian pressed hard into the surface softened by her saliva. Amidst the chaos, Sophie had managed to become plastered to ball of Ashley’s foot, suspended in place by Vivian’s quickly drying saliva. She shivered as ambient drafts in the room blasted her with cold air, amplifying her misery as she tried to free herself from the goop.


                 “Hey! Please help! There are tiny people on this foot!” Sophie screamed into the ether, yelling as loud as she could to get the behemoth’s attention. For a moment, she considered her position. She recognized her as one of the nerds they made fun of, and tears welled in her eyes as she considered the possibility that even if she did notice them, the girl might just decide to take revenge for their mistreatment. Surely this was all some sort of cosmic punishment, some sick version of justice that had led to them being tormented and destroyed in such a manner. Although she was never the best at history, she began to draw parallels between her current predicament and many mythological figures sentenced to an eternity of punishments for their infractions, big or small. Perhaps this was the same.


                 As her voice gave out, Sophie simply sat quietly for a moment before Vivian’s thumb slammed down on her like a meteor. Unfathomable tons of weight effortlessly pulped her body into unrecognizable mush between the two mountains of flesh. Any semblance of her ever being a person melted into the saliva coated sole as nothing more than a uniform red dot, quickly rubbed away by Vivian’s massage.


                 With her entire team gone, Luna dashed through the gap between her big and second toe, ignoring the miniscule fragments of Charlotte left clinging to the saliva coated walls before sliding down the steep slope of her foot dorsal. She had no idea where she would even run to at her size, but anywhere was safer than where she was. A vast plain of tanned skin stretched out before her, populated only by bits of shaved hair forming a forest of stumps. For a moment, she thought she was safe as she ran across the titan’s calf, before a dark shadow rushed overhead.


                 “Good girl, you’re a natural at this. Now why don’t you give my other foot some love while I touch you with this one.” Ashley beamed as she playfully tousled Vivian’s hair. “You’ll make a great pet” she teased as she watched the shy girl blush. It really was that easy to make girls like her weak, well weaker than they already were. As she began to lean back, a tiny dot on her leg caught her attention. Ashley quickly dipped her finger on her tongue before very gently touching the strange speck.


                 Luna cried out in protest as the enormous digit slammed down, cracking several bones in her body as she sank into the supple flesh of the athlete’s powerful leg. She was initially surprised at her apparent survival before the sticky liquid clinging to the finger adhered to her body, pinning her to the pad as she rushed through the sky until she was face-to-face with Ashley’s eye. A black hole flanked by a green ring observed the little thing, and her eyes seemed to light up in recognition.


                 Ashley snorted in amusement as she observed the speck-sized girl on her finger. With little interest in giving such a pathetic being any more attention than it really deserved from a goddess like her, she unceremoniously smeared the girl and saliva on the side of one of her breasts. She brought her arms together, and although she couldn’t feel the tiny girl burst, there was no way she could have survived the force of two planets colliding. For now, she simply let Vivian lick her feet, moaning with delight as the sight of the mousey little nerd lapping away at her perfect feet.


                 After a few minutes of licking and rubbing, another idea came to her head.


                 “Hey nerd, come eat my pussy.” Ashley demanded, playfully wiping her feet on Vivian’s face before grabbing ahold of her head. The athletic girl leisurely ground the girl’s face against her sweaty crotch, filling her nose with even more intoxicating scents as she pressed the nerd against her nether regions.


                 “I can tell you’re enjoying this, so why don’t you just go ahead and dig in.” Ashley mused as she carefully slid off her undergarments, letting her own drenched panties slide to the floor as she sat her bare ass onto the cold bench, exposing herself to Vivian.


                 Ashley’s shrinking spree had extended beyond just cheerleaders. The barista at the coffee shop who was rude to her, her neighbors who wouldn’t stop blaring music outside her dorm at 3AM and a collection of other people who had annoyed her soon all found themselves buried deep within her panties, forced to eke out a meager existence on their captress’s unforgiving crotch.


                 Now, the denizens of Ashley’s panties screamed in mortal terror as Vivian’s face plunged into the dripping sex organ before her. Ashley moaned as waves of pleasure coursed up her legs. This girl was good.


                 “Fuck yeah, that’s what I’m talking about, eat my cunt nerd.” Ashley said, biting her lower lip as Vivian hungrily lapped at her most sensitive spot.


                 For the people living on her crotch, it was chaos. The slick fluids caused many of them to slide around uncontrollably. Folds of her pussy that they once used to climb became unusable, and several fell from her nethers entirely, just in time to land on the nerdy girl’s tongue. Vivian began to suck on Ashley’s crotch, sucking a mixture of fluids and helpless tinies down her cavern, effortlessly sterilizing the athlete’s pussy of pathetic specks. This sucking was quickly followed up with a series of long, flat licks across the vulva. Any tiny unfortunate enough to be on the surface of her pussy was quickly and effortlessly bulldozed, as the bit of strength Vivian put in her tongue to properly pleasure Ashley was more than enough to utterly obliterate them, turning them into nearly imperceptible bursts of flavor that only served to slightly enhance the taste of Ashley’s sweaty crotch.


                 The few survivors managed to escape by hiding inside the many folds and caverns, saving them from the mighty pink muscle. They curled up as best they could, trying to tune out the sounds of the less fortunate tinies screaming before being crushed and ripped to shreds from a girl’s cunnilingus.


                 Vivian tried her best to pleasure Ashley, lapping against anything to make the athlete squirm. The tinies on her clit, the same tinies that nearly caused Ashley to not get enough sleep before a big game, wailed out in fear as this new nerdy girl flicked the towering clitoral mountain around with just her tongue, an unimaginable amount of force from their perspective. A few more close passes and the party animals were gone, joining the myriad of other tinies sentenced to become little more than extra calories to fill out her figure.


                 In a matter of minutes, Vivian unknowingly obliterated well over two dozen people, helpless tiny specks effortlessly erased in her dutiful worship of her new owner. Someone as shy and mousey as her was a living Armageddon, the harbinger of the end of their tiny world they’ve been forced to create. Any attempts the speck people made to survive in the hellish environments was undone simply by a girl eating someone out.


                 For the last few survivors, the only hope they had was to venture deep into their owner’s vagina, a pulsing, drenched cavern that might just be refuge from the crisis above.


                 “Stick your tongue in me.” Ashley moaned, gritting her teeth as her arousal began to reach fever pitch.


                 Without skipping a beat, Vivian plunged her tongue straight into the tight, wet hole of her owner. The few tinies stuck clinging to her tongue were quickly plunged deep into the nether regions, drowning them in thousands of gallons of spit and juices. Ashley’s legs instantly slammed down on Vivian’s head, pinning her against her crotch. Vivian paid little mind as her mind was now wholly focused on tonguefucking the athletic girl’s vagina. Her tongue sloshed around inside, creating an unstoppable maelstrom of swirling fluids. Any specks unlucky to be trapped inside were battered around, shattering against the pulsing walls or drowning in the fluids. Ashley’s breathing became more violent as electric jolts of pleasure radiated from her nether regions. As the orgasm washed over her body, she screamed with pleasure, pressing Vivian’s head firmly against her crotch as juices sprayed out. The hole tightened around her tongue, popping any tinies unlucky to be left alive in the cavern.


                 As the wave of pleasure came to a lull, her thighs relaxed, and Vivian took a deep breath of relief as she wiped off the juice smudged over her body.


                 “Did I do a good job Ashley?” Vivian meekly asked.


                 “What the fuck was that. That was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. You are incredibly talented at this.” Ashley gasped out. In just a few minutes, this girl she had never even spoken to perfectly sterilized her feet and crotch of all the tinies she had taken and left her with one of the most intense orgasms she had ever endured.


                 “How would you like to hang out with me a bit more. I could use someone with a mouth like yours.” Ashley added, playfully grabbing Vivian’s tongue before dragging her in for a kiss. Vivian let out a startled yelp which was quickly silenced by Ashley’s mouth as she quickly made out with the cute nerd.


                 “It’s getting late so we’ll have to end here, but next time I’ll make sure to return the favor, so long as you can do as good of a job as you did this go around. I think you’ll make a good girlfriend.”


                 Vivian beamed with pride as Ashley playfully patted her on the head. After a few moments of washing up, the two girls exited the room that transformed them from strangers to lovers in just a few moments, costing only the lives of the miniscule people erased in their pleasure.

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