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A warm breeze gently rustled the field of wheat, creating an ocean of undulating amber against the rising sun. Courtney paused for a moment to admire the beauty of her farmland before once again picking up the empty bucket. Her whole life had been spent on this farm and she’d seen this view a thousand times, but it never got any less beautiful. She could’ve spent all day admiring the view, but her chickens aren’t going to feed themselves so with a sigh, she returned to her task.


                 With a sigh, Courtney reached the old barn. While not as nice as the newer one she built for the tractors, it was nevertheless still a good place to store stuff for her animals like the chicken feed. Courtney felt up the wall before she felt the switch and flicked it on with an audible clack. A dull buzz and a dim light filled the air as the dusty ceiling lamps blazed to life. She scanned the cluttered interior for a moment before her eyes spotted the bags she was looking for, resting on pallets set up on concrete slabs above the dirt floor. Setting the pail off to the side, she jumped onto the platform to check for an open bag. Once she found one, she removed the clips holding the bag closed before starting to return to the pail. A faint crunch emanated from her boot as she stepped down the platform. For a moment, she paused, thinking it was probably just some bug that was too stupid to avoid her sole, but as she lifted her foot, the truth was quickly revealed.


                 Her boot left an imprint of her treads in the filthy dirt, and embedded into the geometric pattern on the ground were two tiny red splotches, ugly broken remains of some unfortunate critters that wandered underneath her boot. Squinting her eyes, Courtney scowled at the bugs next to her shoe. These weren’t ordinary bugs, they were tinies. Sure, they might look like humans, but these little shits have done more than their fair share of damage to her crops. Some people in the cities viewed them as people, but out here, everyone sees them as nothing more than pests. And Courtney exterminates pests.


                 Courtney pursed her lips, allowing a glob of saliva to fall from her mouth like a glistening meteor. The tinies on the ground barely had enough time to scramble away from the behemoth before the ball of spit slammed into the ground. As a wave of putrid slime washed out in all directions, several of the tinies were overwhelmed by the liquid, pinning them to the ground in its syrupy embrace. A shadow rolled over them as Courtney raised her boot over them. Thousands of tons of rubber pressed down on the group, silencing their tiny squeaks as the farm girl effortlessly pressed the air out of their tiny lungs. The pressure ramped up drastically as she casually squeezed the life out of the helpless pests, barely even feeling their tiny bodies disintegrating under her sole with a faint squelch. Bones shattered and organs liquefied into wet pulp as Courtney’s unstoppable boots extinguished their little lives, spraying their viscera across the dirt and into the deep treads of her shoes. Their lives barely amounted to a bit more grime staining a girl’s work shoes.


                 Courtney sneered down at the bugs as they died like the disgusting vermin they were. Despite how small they were, there were tons of them running around, and during the last time she dealt with an infestation, she was shocked at how much of her produce they managed to consume. Their little bites were vectors for disease, allowing an unacceptable amount of her produce to spoil. Thus, she felt a perverse sense of satisfaction as she brutally executed the pests beneath her boot, a fitting place for such pathetic creatures.


                 She dragged her boot across the floor, scraping crimson smears and saliva into the dirt. Although she couldn’t see the expressions on the faces of the tinies, she had no doubt that they were afraid of her. From their perspective, no doubt she would appear like some sort of goddess. Her boots alone would be imposing monoliths from such a lowly vantage point, to say nothing of the deity wearing them and filling the sky with her sheer presence. To them, it was the end of their world, but to Courtney, she was just doing some much-needed pest control. She was surprised to see that the surviving tinies stood still in shock, not budging even after seeing their friends reduced to unrecognizable mulch by the gigantic woman’s shoe.


                 “You stupid little things don’t know when to run. Sucks to be you.”


                 Not wanting to let them get away, her next step slammed down like a hammer on the crowd, delivering a death sentence to the specks with ruthless brutality. Tinies exploded into bloody splotches with each stomp, quickly turning the dirt floor into a mosaic of boot prints and crushed tinies as she briefly forgot her prior task in her enjoyment. More stomps delivered justice with unceasing ferocity as the last few tinies attempted to run, but a bit too late as the last little runner instantly liquefied to crimson mush beneath the tip of her boot.


                 Courtney sighed in delight as she looked over the carnage her shoes had wrought. In just a few moments, several dozen tinies were brutally destroyed under the unforgiving rubber of her boot. Lifting up her leg, her boot treads showed a similar story, with packed dirt interspersed with nasty slicks of blood and crushed tinies. A few limbs stuck out of the dirt, spared from a total obliteration by the dirt. Despite a few pieces of intact flesh, Courtney doubted any of them managed to survive being stepped on, and even if they did, their broken bodies would soon give out as she went back to her tasks. Distractions like this made the monotonous parts of her job a bit more bearable. Satisfied with her little massacre, she grabbed ahold of the bag and carefully filled up the bucket with chicken feed. Courtney quickly sealed the bag back up to keep out any more little pests and tossed it back onto the platform. As she bent over to lift up the pail, more tinies caught her eye, and an idea came to her.


                 Normally, she tried to avoid walking around outside without her boots, as the thick soles would protect her from any bits of metal or other debris in the ground, but she really wanted to feel something squish under her soles. Courtney quickly slid off her boots and socks before letting her bare feet settle into the dirt. They’d get a little filthy, but that’s just farm life. Rising to her feet, she unceremoniously stomped down on the first tiny she saw. Her sensitive feet captured it all, the faint feeling of a tiny being exploding into crimson goo against her sole. Courtney’s next step claimed two more lives, helpless specks annihilated by a tsunami of sweaty foot flesh.


                 Lifting her leg again, she cooed with delight at the grisly canvas displayed on her sole. Dirt clung to the sweaty surface, marked with two spatters of grimy viscera, all that remained of the tiny specks smushed for her pleasure. Looking back down at the few tinies, another idea came to her mind.


                 “Stay where you are specks, and I won’t crush ya.” Courtney boomed. She really didn’t know how intelligent they were, sure they were probably smarter than most bugs, but she really didn’t know if the tinies were actually capable of comprehending her order. To her surprise, they stood in place, whether because they actually understood her words or simply because they somehow grasped her intentions.


                 Courtney carefully sat down on the concrete slab, letting her feet rest on their side on the dirt floor.


                 “Now, my feet are covered in a lot of dirt and grime because of you, and a hardworking girl like me deserves some pampering, especially with how much of a hassle dealing with you is. Why don’t you use those little mouths for something more worthwhile and clean the filth off my feet.”


                 She glared down with a feeling of superiority as the around a dozen tinies slowly crept out of the woodworks and cautiously approached her soles. At once, 12 mouths and 24 hands made contact with the farm girl’s feet. Tiny mouths began to lap away at the packed crud, choking on the grimy filth as they began to etch tiny paths of removed grime from her sole.


                 “Why didn’t I do this before?” Courtney mused to herself. “Crushin ya is fun and all, but makin y’all lick my feet is great.”


                 Courtney absentmindedly rubbed her crotch as she observed her new toys humiliating themselves. She pondered how her feet smelled when she took off her boots at the end of the day, and she had no doubt that it must be truly hellish to their miniscule bodies. As the minutes passed, her tinies began to slow as they choked down more and more of the sweat laced filth. Despite their best attempts, Courtney’s feet were still caked in grime.


                 “Y’all lil fucks better hurry up. I got shit to do. Get yer crushed friends off my soles before I add ya to them.”


                 She watched as one tiny planted its face into the pat of drying goo that was once another tiny. Immediately, she tipped her head to the side and vomited, her body immediately rejecting the nasty gunk. Courtney’s eyes narrowed and she carelessly flicked the little critter from her sole. Without a word, she jammed her calloused index finger onto the creature’s chest and pressed down. The little critter’s ribcage stood no chance of resisting the compactor that was her finger, and just the faintest bit of resistance rallied against the pad before it sunk through the tiny’s chest. Bits of pulped goo spurted from both ends, showering the creature’s face and legs in its own innards as Courtney literally pressed its guts out. She lifted her finger to reveal her handiwork before absentmindedly flicking the little thing’s head off into the distance. She watched for a moment as the little ball skittered across the ground before rolling behind an old shovel.


                 “The rest of you better pay attention to what happens when y’all slack off on my farm.” Courtney boomed as she absentmindedly wiped her finger on her jeans, leaving a faint streak of crimson on the dark blue denim.


                 After several minutes, Courtney grumbled at the state of her feet. Although little paths of skin stood out as pale streaks amid the dirt, most of her feet were still caked in grime.


                 “Welp, I gotta get a move on with my day, chickens ain’t gonna feed themselves. You lil critters didn’t do good enough, so I’m just gonna put ’cha in my boots. Maybe you’ll cushion my feet better than you clean them.”


                 Courtney deftly plucked the tinies from her soles before unceremoniously sprinkling them over the yawning openings of her boots. Grabbing a dirty rag, she roughly wiped the dirt and drying bloodstains from her soles before sliding her socks back on. Inside her shoes, pandemonium erupted as the tinies tried their hardest in vain to climb the vast cliffs surrounding their only view of the outside world. Putrid foot funk filled their lungs, choking them with the nauseating smell of a hardworking girl’s feet. Nothing, however, could compare to the apocalyptic arrival of her socked soles, deftly sliding two unstoppable walls of death into the chamber. With their only hope of escape blocked, the tinies tried to run for her toes. In both shoes, an off-white wall of death hurtled through the nasty cavern, effortlessly outpacing the fleeing specks, burying and annihilating specks with a chorus of little pops. Courtney rose to her feet, and any remaining tinies in both shoes died where they laid, pressed into the uniform filth at the bottom of her well-worn work boots.


                 Just as easily as Courtney had condemned them, she forgot about them. Dozens of little lives perished beneath her sole and their lives were forgotten just as easily as she had snuffed them. She had work to do, and the lives of insignificant vermin couldn’t stand in her way.


                 Grabbing ahold of the bucket, Courtney made her way across the field to the wire cages where her chickens went about their day.


                 “Alright lil guys, eat up.” Courtney cooed as she carefully sprinkled the bucket into the empty trough. In an instant, a hoard of chirping birds rushed to the trough, pushing, and squeezing their way to the mound of food poured into their home. She paused for a moment, smiling as her precious fowl hungrily pecked away at their food.


                 By now, the sun was high overhead, bearing down with increasing intensity. Satisfied with her happy chickens, Courtney tipped the last of her water bottle down her throat, sighing as the liquid washed away the dryness creeping through her mouth and throat. For a second, she could have sworn she felt something go down her throat, but she was used to swallowing the occasional bug here and there, things happen, though the idea of one of the tinies burning alive in the putrid cavern of her stomach sent a twinge of excitement down her back.


                 As she walked back to the barn to drop the pail off, a slight discomfort disturbed her nether regions. In preparation for the head, she had already consumed an entire bottle of water, and clearly her body did not use all of it. With a sigh, she peeked around for a moment before slipping behind her barn.


                 Courtney slid her tight jeans down past her hips, exposing her bare ass and crotch to the world. Years of living and working outside, often far from toilets, meant that she thought little of dropping her trousers outside. No one was around for miles to see her blatant act of exhibitionism, so who cared how much of her body she showed off. Plus, as the heat of the day continued to rise, the gentle breeze wicking heat from her pussy felt cool and refreshing.


                 As she squatted down to relieve herself, the telltale figure of tinies rustling through the bushes caught her eye. With a smug smirk, she shuffled around until the blissfully unaware tinies were directly in the firing line. As she teased the folds of her pussy, her moan caught the attention of the tinies just in time as a torrent of liquid began to flow from the enormous woman’s nether regions.


                 A stream of hot, musty piss impacted the ground with ferocity, tearing chunks of the ground as the sheer force of her bladder muscles turned the urine into a fire house. Two of the tinies caught directly in the stream ceased to exist instantly, their bodies torn to shreds and washed away into a cloud of blood and shattered body parts. The rest of the tinies found their grounds quickly turned into a putrid bog of mud and piss. A tsunami of urine lashed at the fleeing crowd, sucking more tinies into the liquid. Piss flooded in every orifice of their body, burning their eyes and sinuses as more of the nasty fluid flooded in their lungs. From above, Courtney watched, satisfied as the tinies floating in her urine twitched in the puddle of liquid before they stopped moving entirely.


                 “Drown in my piss your fucking vermin.” Courtney growled, watching the few survivors flee for their lives as their friends perished from the simple act of relieving herself. It was callous and cruel, sure, and some people in the cities might be upset with the way she obliterated them in humiliating ways, but that’s just life on the farm. The pests had to go and drowning them in her pee was a lot safer and cleaner than chemical poisons. Plus, it was just more fun.


                 Courtney let the piss drip from her crotch before roughly wiping herself with her handkerchief. Satisfied with her relief, she left her newly created swamp behind.


                 Hours passed by as Courtney continued her farm chores, with occasional pauses to destroy tinies she spotted. One group of foragers met their end from a can of bug killer, their last moments spent twitching in the dirt as the deadly chemicals destroyed their bodies. Another group had found themselves stranded on the seat of one of her tractors, a mistake that led to their death under Courtney’s unforgiving jean-clad ass, which reduced them to tiny reddish smudged embedded in the blue fabric of her pants. To her delight, one of them had survived the initial impact, and spent its last moments ground between her meteoric ass and the seat as she drove around, only succumbing to its fate as the harsh engine vibration pushed the helpless speck under the stiff fabric of her jeans, shredding it to nasty pulp on her ass.


                 By the end of the day, untold thousands of tinies had been destroyed by Courtney’s actions, their guts staining every part of her body in addition to all the other victims of her farm work. Who even knows how many tinies she managed to obliterate when she ran over one of their nests with her tractor?


                 As the evening sun cast its orange glow upon the farm, Courtney made her way back to her home. She hung up her hat and slid out of her boots, pausing for a moment to admire the brownish stains of the tinies tormented with her feet over the lengthy day. A fitting grave for lesser creatures. As Courtney glanced over the cabinets, she froze. Somehow, a few tiny stragglers had managed to make their way into her home. After an entire day of dealing with them, a handful of tinies were in her home.


                 “Really? I’ve dealt with so many of you shits, today and you think you have the right to mess with shit in my home?” Courtney stormed to the table, white-knuckle gripping the countertop as she loomed ominously over the specks. “What to do with you… hmm… Let’s see how you taste.”


                 Courtney didn’t even give them enough time to run as her hands shot down and snatched two tinies from the pile. Immediately, she tossed one in her maw before swishing it around. Her tongue quickly seized upon its prey, and she eagerly rubbed the squirming little thing across the entirety of her mouth. After a few moments of tormenting the tiny with her putrid mouth, she slid it under her molars and bit down. She barely felt any resistance as the white pillars effortlessly crushed the tiny into a spray of coppery blood and pulped gore. Courtney opened her mouth, proudly displaying the macerated remains of the tiny staining her pearlescent teeth before swallowing the crushed paste with an exaggerated gulp. She quickly tossed the next tiny in behind it, swishing it around before filling a glass of water and washing it down her throat. In just a moment, the tiny was gone, sentenced to a ghastly death in the putrid, acidic cavern of her stomach.


                 To her delight, the rest of the tinies had nowhere to go and with a few casual sweeps, Courtney gathered the remaining tinies into a small pile before her.


                 “Just gonna press y’all out under my tits.”


                 With a single thud, her shirt-clad breasts slammed down on the countertop, the two enormous orbs pulping the helpless crowd beneath them. Her bra and shirt nearly completely cancelled out their final feeble squirms as the plush breasts pressed their lives out. One tiny managed to escape and desperately ran for its life, only to be silenced by a single finger.


                 Courtney sighed to herself as she stood back up. A cluster of bloody splats were pressed into her stone countertop, matched by similar stains on her flannel shirt. As annoying as they were, at least crushing them was fun. Grabbing a cloth, she erased any evidence of their existence with a single pass and quickly removed her dirty clothes before starting dinner.


                 After a few minutes of preparing a quick dinner, Courtney quietly slipped into her living room and turned on the TV while she ate. She pondered how they day went, taking particular note of how many tinies she saw. Sure, she killed a ton of them, but she would need to look at more effective pest control in the future. As Courtney finished, she set her plate to the side and absentmindedly rubbed her panties as she reminisced on how many tinies she had so effortlessly destroyed. Her hand soon slipped under the fabric before a tiny bit of movement on the side table caught her eye. She simply smiled and reached out to grab it. A new toy would be welcome for how she wanted to relive the fun of the day.

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