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“Touchdown in 3-2-1”


                 With a roar, the landing ships engines slowed the rapid descent of the vessel, settling it onto the ground with a bump. Outside the window, the verdant plains of the distant world disappeared in a cloud of smoke from the backwash, fading away as the engines slowly shut down.


                 “Orbital, Lander confirms touchdown, all systems nominal on shutdown. Ambient outside temperature 21 Celsius, Windspeed 5 kilometers per hour, Air composition safe for human respiration.” The auburn-haired woman stared down at her computer screen as the report from the ship’s sensors became lines of data.


                 “Lander, this is Orbital, touchdown is confirmed. With pressure and temperature considerations, you should not require any life support equipment. Jumpsuits should be all you need. Bring pistols for defense but that’s about it. Good luck Jennifer and landing team and stay safe. We’ll keep an eye on planetary from above. Orbital out.”


                 “Hey Hikari, pop the door open, I want to breathe some fresh air. I’ve had too much machine life support air mix for my taste, and I want to breathe something natural.”


                 The black-haired Asian woman quickly complied, pressing a few buttons next to a panel, before a door automatically opened with a hiss. The three waited for a moment as the musty cabin air was cycled out for the clean, natural oxygen of an untouched world.


                 “Much better.” The one man aboard the ship turned away from his console. “Captain, what do we need to take?”


                 Jennifer scanned over her handwritten list. “Water, some food, sample collection tools, cameras, our sidearms, first aid kits and that should be it. We’ll be sending some up to the ship, and we have some analysis tools here to work with. For you, Lucas, I’m going to need you to carry the laptops so we can do some work outside. It’s a beautiful day and it’d be a shame to not stop to rest for a bit and get some sun, or well, star while work.”


                 Lucas responded by saluting with his dainty hand, brushing his short blond hair out of the way in the process.


                 “Alright, let’s get organized and head out. Ready equipment in 5.” Jennifer ordered, already sliding her laptop into the insulated bag.


                 After spending the next several minutes loading up their gear, Jennifer stood by the doorway, staring out to the verdant fields besmirched with patches of grey moss.


                 “The untouched surface of an alien planet. Very few explorers get this opportunity so savor it. We’ll be the first humans to set foot in this pristine place, free of the politics, conflict, and bureaucracy of the Federation. A world fraught with opportunity and natural beauty that we three are fortunate enough to take that first step. So, who wants to set foot first?”


                 Lucas sighed, methodically taking step after step down the metal ramp until the steel under his boots was replaced with the dirt and grass of a hitherto untouched alien world.


                 “Earth Date, May 14th, Solar Year 2112, Human contact established with uninhabited alien world MYX-330c” Lucas recites into his recorder. “We once again continue the Federation’s mission of greater exploration and understanding of our galaxy’s planets.”


                 “You could’ve picked something more interesting to say, y’know.” Hikari commented, leaning on the doorframe of the ship. “Something about small steps and giant leaps and all that from 150 years ago.”


                 “I couldn’t come up with something good enough to say.”


                 “No worry let’s get this exploration on the road. From the maps given to us from Orbital, there’s another forest clearing a half mile from here, so let’s head that way and we can stretch out and get some work done under a real sky.”


                 Jennifer and Hikari stepped down from the ramp onto the ground. Quickly configuring her GPS, Jennifer pointed out into the distance.

                 “That way. I’m curious to see how far this grey moss spreads. We can research it in depth later.”


                 Little did the explorers know that the grey moss on the ground was far from the base plant matter the three assumed it to be. Down below, millions of teeming miniscule beings lived in vast city societies. Despite their stature, the speck-sized humanoid beings carved out for themselves an advanced society. Despite their advancements in science and technology, they had little hope of contacting outsiders. Because of this, when the humans appeared in the sky, they ran to welcome them. To the people, they appeared more like gods than beings like themselves. With the sun at their back, they resembled some form of divinity, prompting an almost religious response in the streets below. Thousands cheered at their appearance, and many more dropped to their knees in reverence, hoping to beseech the mercy of the divinities looming above their world.


                 Their jubilation turned to horror as the living gods continued their walk forward, unaware of the civilization in their path. The three gargantuan beings raised their soles over the city almost in unison, exposing millions to the worn treads of their Federation issued boots. Like asteroids, they slammed down with unimaginable power, instantly reducing entire districts into craters. The once reverent worshippers shot to their feet and ran in terror as the unforgiving lugs of the exploration boots. Meanwhile the three were completely and utterly unaware, chatting amongst themselves in a booming, but incomprehensible language.


                 Entire districts were wiped from the map at once, pressed into greyish boot prints speckled with splotches of blood from countless insignificant specks unable to escape the steps of the enormous explorers. The government of the tiny world rapidly responded, and across the city, advanced ion cannons desperately fired at the giants, hoping to neutralize, or at the very least grab their attention. Blue streaks of light arced into the sky, impacting the bodies of the three explorers with bright flashes. To their dismay, the durable material of their suits barely even flinched against the powerful attacks, the smoke quickly dispersing to reveal the lack of scorch marks against their outfits.


                 Over a million tiny beings were dead in a matter of moments, pressed like their city into deep boot prints that were once a thriving, advanced society. Survivors watched in tenuous relief as the gods walked away from the city, blissfully unaware of the apocalypse they just committed against sentient beings.



                 “Doesn’t seem to be any sort of non-plant life.” Lucas commented, scanning the sparse forest around them.


                 “Interesting.” Hikari replied.


                 A few more minutes of walking left the explorers in the midst of a large clearing. Large rocks sat positioned in the midst of a ring of trees, freely exposed to the light of the planet’s star.


                 “Perfect! It’s nice and warm here so we can get some work done while we examine the area!”


                 Jennifer skipped forward before dropping her bag next to the rock. With a dramatic spin, she hopped onto the weathered grey stone, sighing pleasurably as she settled onto the surprisingly comfortable surface.


                 Like the ground before, a dusting of micro cities covered the rock in small patches. Thousands of feet above the ground, the beings of the towns were isolated from the other communities. Thus, they paid little attention to the frantic distress reports of distant communities they had little association with. However, to their horror, the same beings said to have already obliterated some of the largest cities in the region soon appeared through the forest, and they were completely powerless to stop them or even escape the rock as they made a beeline for their location.


Jennifer’s skintight suit-clad ass loomed ominously overhead, eclipsing their star with her skintight suit-clad asscheeks before slamming down with apocalyptic force. The tiny beings below barely even had a chance to react before the firm, curvy meteor instantly flattened everything into crumpled debris. The unique culture and advanced technology of such an isolated mountaintop community ceased to exist as Jennifer parked her ass down on their home. A small cluster around her asscrack huddled in fear, just barely surviving the end of their world in the dark.


                 “This really is a comfortable rock!” Jennifer mused, absentmindedly grinding her ass into her new chair.


                 Any buildings on the outskirts of the impact zone were quickly erased beneath the suit-clad meteor, scraped away by the tight fabric of her jumpsuit. The few survivors in her crack wailed in despair as a tsunami of flesh scraped their last vestige of safety, embedding the crushed remnants of buildings and survivors alike into her suit.


                 “Lucas! There’s another rock, take a seat!”

                 “Sorry, I need to use the bathroom, I’ll come join you in a minute!”


                 Jennifer waved in acknowledgement as Lucas trudged off into the woods. Within a few moments, the forest thickened, granting him a shield from whatever prying eyes might be out as he found a suitable spot.




                 Lucas stood in front of a large tree, barely paying mind to the teeming civilization at the base as he unzipped the flap on the crotch of his jumpsuit. Millions of tiny specks could only watch on in horror as an enormous penis, far larger than even the largest skyscraper this cluster could hope to build, aimed its gargantuan head squarely at their society.


                 “Mmm” Lucas quietly moaned as a yellow tinted stream began to spill from the vast slit. Some began to run, while others hugged their friends and confessed their sins to the deity on the spot, accepting the futility of their existence in the presence of such casual display of power.


                 Less than a moment later, the first drops of urine slammed down on the city below. Anyone in the targeted blocks was disintegrated instantly, crushed to unrecognizable gore under the sheer weight of the piss. Buildings smashed and crumbled, carried away as the drops turned into a biblical flood, an unstoppable wall of foul yellow liquid, building rubble and bodies. The flood radiated from the impact site, washing away over a thousand years of continued habitation with something as simple as a young man relieving himself. From ancient ruins to the most modern towers, the urine stream claimed all, sentencing millions to a humiliating and horrifying end.


                 In less than a minute, a city of millions was in ruins, reduced to piss-stained ruins because a young man chose the spot to relieve himself. What few survivors looked into the sky at the harbinger of their apocalypse, smiling and humming to himself as he dried himself off and tucked the monster back into his pants. Many cried and some cursed the cruel god’s destruction as he wandered away, leaving behind an ammonia-scented desolate grey patch, all that remained of a thriving society.




                 Jennifer lightly hummed to herself as she eagerly tapped away at her laptop. Pausing for a moment, she looked around the quiet forest as a light breeze fluttered her hair. From above, the entire planet appeared lush and green, a fact all the more apparent by the verdant foliage on the ground. Despite how vibrant this world was, it was increasingly perplexing that there was basically no animal life. Advanced plant life dominated this world, yet as far as she could see, even insects seemed absent. As she mused, her fingers relayed her thoughts into the text file on her screen.


                 Meanwhile, Hikari was otherwise occupied as she leaned against the other rock, her mind far from work as she dozed off in the sun.


                 “Man, I wish I could sunbathe right now.” She moaned, stretching herself against the warm stone before falling back asleep.


                 Hikari’s stone was also home to another colony of tiny cities. Like twin meteors, each ample breast slammed down on the city. As her body weight pressed down, an unstoppable wave of suit-clad titflesh rushed out in all directions, crunching everything in its path. The legs of the miniscule beings were far too insignificant to escape the tsunami as their world was effortlessly pressed out into a thin dust of crushed buildings and pulped tinies.


                 Several minutes later, Lucas returned.


                 “This grey moss seems kind of peculiar. It’s everywhere. I’m going to start investigating it.”


                 “Go for it, give me a moment to finish this and I’ll come join you.”


                 Hikari pushed herself off of the rock and said “I’m going to go explore a bit more, let me know what you find” before wandering off into the forest once again.


               Jennifer returned to her spreadsheet as a strange whine suddenly resonated in her ear. Instinctively, her hand slapped the annoyance out of the sky, her momentary annoyance quickly being replaced by an awareness of how she might have just killed an undiscovered alien species.


                 Unbeknownst to her, one of the nearby tiny cities, after receiving a distress signal from the other towns, had launched their own mission to catch the attention of the invading behemoths. A great flying machine lifted off the ground and rushed towards what the specks inside assumed was her ear. Thousands of feet rushed by in an instant as the advanced aircraft levitated into the sky, hoping to attract the attention of the harbingers of their apocalypse. However, their leader barely had time to get started before a hand rushed up and slapped the annoyance from the sky, obliterating the craft in a brief fireball that likely failed to even register as a scorch mark on the massive glove.


                 Jennifer peered close at her glove at the remnants of the smashed insect.


                 “Poor thing” she muttered, before she noticed a nearly infinitesimal glow emanating from the tiny remains. Reaching into her bag, she fished out a magnification device and held it up to her eye, revealing the source of the glow. As the shock of what she had just annihilated washed over her, she turned to Lucas, himself experiencing the same realization.




                 “Damnit, threw a lace.” Hikari muttered, stopping for a moment to kneel. As she grasped the thick strings to lace up her boots, a bit of the grey moss, smaller than her boot, caught her eye. Something seemed off about the tiny patch, and as she dropped to her hands and knees, the truth unveiled itself to her.


                 Down below there appeared to be some form of strange alien civilization, an utterly miniscule society consisting of dust-sized beings, complete with what appeared to be advanced vehicles and technology. The tiny people below, having heard of the giant’s approach from the distress signals of the other cities, recoiled in horror at the sight of the unimaginably huge woman, her towering boot set precariously close to their tiny world.


                 “Is this some kind of…” She muttered aloud, growing more and more curious about the miniscule world beneath her. She suddenly began to think about the other patches of moss the three of them had trampled, and the realization that they had almost certainly exterminated millions of tiny sentient beings beneath their bodies. These beings were likely just as creative and intelligent as themselves, and had likely created advanced technologies, societies and cultures and societies, just for these three invaders to come from the stars to wipe it all out in an instant under their boots like common dirt.


                 Hikari pondered her options. She needed to tell the others about her findings, to inform them about her discovery that the planet was teeming with sentient life that they needed to study. On the other hand, the more she thought about how many tiny societies she had obliterated, the more the idea aroused her. She stared down at her jumpsuit-clad breast, lightly dusted with remains of the moss she had laid down on earlier. For a moment, she thought if any of these beings were still somehow clinging to her, microscopic bits of sentient life, left terrified and embedded in the tight fabric of her outfit. Just the simple act of laying down led to millions bursting against her breast, and the idea sent and electric tingle down her spine. Besides, what were they even going to do with these societies anyway? They were too small to be of use, and much too miniscule to actually research. Why shouldn’t she enjoy them how she wanted?


                 Hikari rose to her feet, raising her leg as she drew in a sharp breath. The once relieved people broke into a terrified screaming once again, as the light of their star was blotted out beneath the black, lugged tread of her boot. Bits of dirt, debris and remains of other societies rained down on their world, crushing anyone unlucky to be in their path. Slowly, her boot descended with the impact of a moon colliding with a planet’s surface. She arched her back, shivering slightly as she imagined the terror of the little beings, and the instant that the millions of screams that were instantly silenced as her boot crashed down on the city. She moaned, hearing the slight crunch of buildings crumbling, shattered to unrecognizable twisted metal and rubble under the single step of the small girl’s shoe. She imagined the bits of the city fortunate enough to be between the deep treads, pockets of life amidst the ruins of the city. Their sky would be replaced with the black tread of her shoe, surrounded by enormous dark pillars, and cast in darkness as they huddled together in terror. As she twisted her foot, she pictured the pockets of safety were effortlessly grinded to dust as the black pillars smashed over the buildings and people, destroying the last little bit of what was once a city teeming with life.


                 After a few moments of twisting her foot back and forth, she lifted, revealing the ugly brown dirt smear that was once a city. After giving the scuffed patch of dirt a quick glance, she began to walk away from her secret massacre, looking around the still forest before her watch began to ping.


       A few minutes of walking to the marked location on her map led her to a small clearing where Jennifer and Lucas were talking.


       “Ah, Hikari. Find anything in your solo expedition?”


       “Um… not much of anything, really.” She lied, though truthfully little really remained of what she did find.


       “Well, we might have found sentient life on this planet.” Lucas responded by pointing at Jennifer’s gloved hand, on which a small patch of the city moss was perched.


       “We’re trying to figure out what to do about this. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s even worth reporting. We can’t exactly study their culture well enough, and I bet they wouldn’t want to share after we’ve crushed so many of them. Yeah, they’re sentient, but they’re also basically living dirt.”


       “If it means anything, I crushed one town under my boot, and it felt good to step on.” Hikari quipped.


       “Obviously we shouldn’t just wipe them all out, no way the three of us could anyway, but we might as well just overlook it and say plant life only. What is the Federation going to do with microbes anyway?” Jennifer commented, looking down at the helpless civilization in her palm. “What do we do with this?”


       “Have fun with it?” Hikari replied. “Just slap someone’s ass with it, it’ll feel great.”


       “Maybe you could like… grind it on my crotch?” Lucas added, blushing slightly through his request. “I’d like to feel some burst there.”


       “I got a better idea.” Jennifer replied, gently unzipping his fly with a sly smile. “It’s been too long since I’ve had a good look at this monster.” With a gentle touch, she removed his rapidly erecting penis from the flap, rubbing at it to encourage its growth.


       “There’s no one here but us three, except countless microscopic eyes. They’re about to be crushed though so don’t worry about what they might think.”


       Hikari spotted another city on the ground and bent down. Her gloved hand plunged into the ground, gently uprooting the civilization from the ground. “Let me join in, I want to try rubbing some into his balls.” Gently reaching into his pants with her free hand, she gently tugged his balls out of the flap, exposing them to the cool afternoon air.


                 The crowd in Hikari’s hand stared into the sky as the feminine boy’s hairless balls loomed ominously overhead. The smell of sweat and musk replaced their once clean air, and the people choked on the thick stench as his bodily functions brutally punished the people without even needing to touch them. High above, their captress cooed slightly as she cupped his testicles.


                 Lucas moaned and tensed up as the cool sensation of a miniscule buildings tickled the sensitive area. The city stood no chance against the unimaginable weight of his balls effortlessly smashed everything they touched. As Hikari’s hand curled, more of the city was ground into his sweaty testicles. The loose skin quickly rolled over anything and anyone in their way, sending buildings crumbling into the street and onto the fleeing beings before the full weight of the balls effortlessly pasted what was left.


                 While Hikari massaged her friend’s testicles, Jennifer quickly wrapped her hand around his shaft. The trapped city crumbled to dust on contact with the taut, firm flesh, and anyone who might have survived the apocalyptic meeting of a girl’s hand and a man’s cock soon found themselves caught in the middle of a vast hand job. With every pass of Jennifer’s gloved hand, the survivor count dwindled, smashed into the glove, debris, or folds of his cock.


                 “Jennifer, I’m almost there!” Lucas grunted through the pleasure, prompting Jennifer to aim his cock down at an untouched cluster of cities.


                 “Do it, drown a city in your cum!” Jennifer replied, before she felt the organ pulse in her hand.


                 Thick white ropes of syrupy liquid burst from his cock and slammed down on the town like meteors. The smelly gunk crushed down any buildings and began absorbing anything in its path as it spread out, washing away structures, and flooding the respiratory systems of anyone in its path, drowning them in the vile goop.


                 “You bad boy, look at what you did. All those tiny specks just died because you came.” Jennifer teased, wiping a drop of semen from his cock with her thumb before slowly licking it off, swallowing the syrup and any stray bits of speck or debris adhered to the surface.


                 “But Captain I—”


                 Jennifer shushed him with a finger. “We’ll discuss your punishment in the ship when we get back. For now, how do we explain this to Orbital and the Federation?”


                 “Assessment of planetary life. Plant material and microbial life only in the sector we explored. Low likelihood of sentient or higher cognitive lifeforms.” Hikari recited mechanically.


                 “That sounds good,” Lucas muttered as he cleaned himself up. Any specks that had managed to survive were quickly entombed in the tight jumpsuit as he zipped up the flap, sealing them away in darkness.


                 “Alright! We are the only ones who need to know about what we did here. Hopefully the Federation doesn’t decide to do something with this planet so maybe we can come back some day. I don’t think they’ll terminate it or mine it out but who knows what’s in the ground here. I certainly wouldn’t mind being a goddess to these little microbes.” Jennifer accentuated her last point by lightly kicking a mound of dirt, spraying part of a tiny city with a shower of enormous rocks. “Ready to head back to the ship for debrief? I think Orbiter wanted us to possibly stay overnight so maybe we can head back out and find some more civilizations to put in their place.”


                 The others nodded in agreement, and the three began to traipse their way back towards the ship. From the ground, the survivors of the apocalypse watched on in relief as the harbingers of their extermination walked away from the scene of their devastation, casually chatting, and strolling from where a few hours ago, a thriving, ancient civilization once stood, now reduced to a pathetic remnant of once what was.




                 “Alright, boots off, put them in the decontamination box so any little stragglers get destroyed.” Jennifer directed as the three stopped inside the ship’s airlock.


                 The three removed their boots and set them down into the small box. The few tinies stuck to the gargantuan footwear could only watch as their world was cloaked in darkness. Outside, they could hear a few faint beeps before the inside of the box was filled with a strange bluish glow. Within moments, their skin began to rapidly warm, before a burning sensation dropped them to the ground. Intense pain wracked their bodies as the burning radiation shredded their DNA, obliterating their organs and cells. Within a few minutes, the ionizing radiation in the box snuffed out any living things unfortunate enough to be clinging to the footwear.


                 The three explorers, meanwhile, had already forgotten about the pests they sentenced to death. Jennifer immediately settled into a chair and began her debrief with the Orbital station while Hikari and Lucas got to work on their reports from the couch.


                 A few hours later the star began to slip below the rapidly darkening horizon. Jennifer sighed, stretching her arms as she submitted the final report on their findings, replacing the reality of their experience with boring technical information about plant data she picked up during her research. Moments later, a message from Orbital flashed across her screen.


                 “Lucas, Hikari, stow loose items and prepare vehicle for takeoff. Orbital has called us back to the mainship.”


                 Jennifer quickly slid her backpack and laptop into her locker while Hikari and Lucas gathered their things, locking them into their containers. Lucas rushed to take his seat at the cockpit, sliding on his headset as he began to power up the ship.


                 The remaining tiny beings near the ship watched as the vessel their gargantuan destroyers appeared in suddenly began to start up. The deafening roar of the engines drowned out all other noises, and the light breeze turned into a warm gale as the ship lifted into the air. As it turned, the glowing blue circles on the back of the ship pointed at their world before flashing bright. The backwash of the engines became a scorching superstorm, melting, burning, and erasing any survivors in the city before rushing away into the sky.


                 “ETA 2 hours to Orbital, they’re on the far side of the planet so we got a bit of a hike to get to them. Autopilot is engaged, so we’re free to move about the cabin in a bit once we cross 100 miles from the surface.” Lucas reported, scanning the screens in front of him.


                 Outside, the blue sky faded into the inky blackness of space, pockmarked by an infinite array of twinkling lights. Jennifer unbuckled her seatbelt and slowly approached Lucas’s seat.


                 “Don’t think I forgot about your punishment, why don’t you come with me, and we’ll see how you can address your infractions before we get back to the station.” Jennifer cooed into his ear.


                 Lucas’s face flushed red, and his hands shook as he unlatched his belt.


                 “Yes captain.” He muttered, before Jennifer grabbed ahold of his collar, dragging him to the couches in the back.

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