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              “This is nonsense! Olivia! This is unfair!” Daria protested through tears as she recalled her tired Pokémon. No matter how much training, how many battles with wild Pokémon and trainers alike, the kahuna’s skill was still far above her own. In frustration, she screamed into the sky, exciting a flock of bird Pokémon to flee the branches of their home and escape the perceived threat.


              “Now now, it’s alright. Most people don’t beat me the first time. Go out and train some more and come back when you’re ready to try it again!” Olivia politely smiled, mildly frustrated by the temper tantrum of the girl she just beat. Truthfully, she did not even know how this girl had made it all the way to her, as her first Pokémon felled her entire team


              “I’ll be back!” She screamed, storming away from the battle site.

              “Come back whenever!” Olivia continued her cheerful façade as she watched the girl storm away down the path. To her dismay, she was noticing more and more people react to losing with violent tantrums with this way, a clear disappointment for the sportsmanship loving kahuna. Looking up at the sky, a dark cloud hovered over the clear blue sky, grumbling ominously before continuing its passage.


              Neither girl would know really what that cloud’s purpose was, as it treaded overhead, and Olivia would be completely unaware of why the cloud emitted such a strange noise. Daria, however, would quickly become all too familiar, as the universe corrected her insolence and behavior in an instant. One moment she was trudging down the mountain path back to civilization, the next moment, she was entombed in a hot, sweaty prison, surrounded by a vast soft fleshy wall. All around her, a rhythmic thumping resonated across her prison. A faint light creeped in, illuminating the dark skin around her. A voice overhead confirmed her suspicion. She was trapped underneath Olivia’s underboob.


              Immediately, Daria began trying to squirm in the rapidly heating titflesh as Olivia went about her day, completely oblivious that the girl who had just insulted and disrespected by her was being punished in her by her breasts. Unfortunately for her, the day was a real scorcher, and the tight prison quickly became a tight and wet one, as sweat rapidly accumulated in the nasty crevice.




              Olivia, meanwhile, was completely oblivious to the plight of that one trainer that called her such rude things. Instead, her mind was taken to different places as she wandered around the entrance of the Ruins of Life. The secluded enclave on the south side of Akala Island granted her solace from the bustle of the other towns on the island. To her relief, the day seemed to be waning, with the bright blue of the sky slowly beginning to darken. Unfortunately, this did not translate to the heat, and she fanned herself with her shirt, hoping to blast some well needed air over her sweat-drenched body.




              Daria meanwhile, did not receive the welcome blast of air that might have soothed her hot body, not that she deserved it. Olivia’s breasts kept a tight hold on her, restricting her breathing and barring her from the cooling effect of a nice breeze. She was trapped, and to her horror, Olivia seemed to be completely unaware of her, and her pathetic squirms against the dark skin refused to register against reaction from her captress.


Her punishment only intensified as Olivia began to walk. Her captress seemed to have forgone a bra in the heat, meaning that as she strolled across the uneven terrain, her breasts jiggled and bounced with each step, slamming into her with the massive weight of the dark, soft orbs. No matter how pillowy the breasts would have been had she been at a normal size, the enormous weight pummeled the tiny girl. The weight of a single boob was far more than the tiny girl could ever hope to resist, and any thin resistance she could put up was quickly punished with brutal force by the gigantic woman. Above, Olivia missed a step, staggering for a bit and shaking her breasts. Instantly, a tremendous force smashed into her body, breaking bones across her body. Daria screamed, though all that came out was a faint wheeze as her chest burned. Her cracked ribs turned every breath, already hampered by the weight of her tits, into an excruciatingly painful endeavor. Olivia’s breasts continued bouncing, pounding down her body further. As she opened her mouth to scream, the breast slammed down on her jaw, breaking it open. As her jaw hung loosely from her face, boob sweat began to drizzle down her throat, filling her with the filthy, salty liquid.




              Olivia came to a stop on the shore, admiring the lapis-blue seas of Alola. Although she was a rock specialist and preferred the mountains and stones of the islands, there was nevertheless something nice about admiring the seas. A flock of Wingulls soared overhead, chirping cheerfully as they danced high above the gentle waves of the peaceful island. Alola truly was a beautiful place.


              Some time passed, and the sun began to gently kiss the surface of the water, transforming the azure sky into a brilliant orange. With a sigh, Olivia looked back at the mountain. It was getting late and her Pokémon needed to be fed, not to mention herself. With the boundless energy and excitement of the day still in her heart, she decided to trade in a slow walk for an energetic jog back to her home.




              In an instant, Olivia’s breast began to violently bounce around her shirt, pummeling the tiny girl trapped underneath. More and more bones began to crack and break, degrading the tiny girl in a torrent of sweat. With a single particularly hard step, her body burst open, ejecting guts from every orifice and tearing apart her chest. Step by step, her breast quickly processed the unwelcome speck, mulching her guts and bones into a reddish slurry that was quickly erased in a waterfall of sweat that ran down her dark skin. By the time Olivia approached her home in the mountains, the crushed remnants of the rude girl from earlier was now just an unrecognizable pat of blackened, crusty grime, indistinguishable from the rest of the filth clinging to the body of the kahuna her pathetic team could never really hope to surmount.


              Not only could her team not withstand Olivia’s, but her very body was hopelessly pathetic against a single breast, a single dark-skinned orb of the woman she was just yelling at and disrespecting. Such a loss and subsequent disrespect was rightfully dealt with by the universe, using the unaware body of the woman she was so rude to as a vector for justice. However, Olivia would likely never be able to distinguish the nasty splotch of grime from the rest of the dirt that clung to her from her long days in the mountains and forests of the island.


              Olivia made her way home quickly, breathing heavily from the run. Clearly, she needed to devote some more time to running. For now, however, she quickly prepared bowls of food for her Pokémon, and began making food for herself. It had been a long day of overseeing her challenge, and she was eager to eat something and relax for once.

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