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Story Notes:

I feel like writing a city rampage for a change. Initially, the story was supposed to be short, but it seems as though I am unable to write short things anymore… This is the first chapter. I will write more if the story arouses interest. Enjoy! 

Author's Chapter Notes:

Enjoy! :)

Trembling with agitation Leon approached his sleeping girlfriend. For a few moments, as if beset with doubts about what he was intending to do, he paused to once again contemplate her cute form:

The girl was lying on her back and the succulent curvaceous shapes that constituted her body were clearly visible despite being covered by the white quilt.  Her chest was rising and falling as she breathed, submerged in shallow sleep, the only refuge from the depressive thoughts that for the reasons unknown to the man had been tormenting her for weeks on end. Her delicate hands rested on her sides, her slender fingers slightly curled. 

The young man let his gaze slide along the girl’s body towards her face, enclosed in a veil of wavy hair of the purest raven hue, which despite its recently acquired habit of falling out in great amounts still remained very much voluminous. His lover’s full lips were slightly parted, exposing two even rows of white teeth and a plumpy tongue within. Leon smiled weakly, remembering all the amazing kisses she had shared with him. The girl moved in her sleep, her head turning to the side. Not until the dim light of the dawn had begun to permeate the room did her pallid countenance come into view. 

The man sighed. Even now the beauty of his lover still continued to prevail over the depression that tormented her. This reinforced Leon’s resolve: For weeks, he had in vain sought the means to improve her well-being. Now, he stood there, the very key in his hand. The time had come.

As silently as possible, the man leant forward, and, with a delicate movement, turned his girlfriend’s arm so that its interior part was now facing his way. Very carefully, he approached the needle of the syringe he held in his fingers to the oblivious girl’s skin. 

The substance – given to him by his best, most trusted friend – was supposed to let her relax. Leon knew that his partner would never agree on taking any kind of medication; he also knew that depression, being a particularly vicious ailment, was especially hard to get rid of. Matt had told him that the means he had developed was much more potent than regular medicine; just one injection should be enough. As improbable and contradictory to logic as it seemed, Leon was willing to give it a try, even against all odds. If only it would work…

He inserted the tip of the needle into the vein of the girl and pushed the plunger. She would thank him later…

“What are you doing?” 

The unexpected sound of his girlfriend’s voice caused Leon to jump up, startled, like a kid caught red handed by some sort of naughty business. 

The syringe flew through the air, shattering into pieces in the most remote corner of the room. Some liquid still had not been used, and a small puddle was now spreading on the floor.

“Lily…” The man bit his lower lip, not knowing what to say. Then to himself: 'Shit! I did not get it all in!'

To his greatest relief, he saw the features of the girl take up a form of a warm content smile. 

Could the substance have already started taking effect?

“So…” he asked, “are you feeling any better now?”

Lily’s smile grew wider. Her eyes appeared to be glowing. Her facial expression turned… abnormal.


What was going on? The content of the syringe was supposed to be perfectly harmless! Had he just drugged his girlfriend instead of helping her? Maybe the dose had still been too large, despite so much of the substance having been wasted! It could have equally been too small; though, that was not usually the case with injections, he thought. 

“Come here…” 

The monotone voice of his lover ripped Leon out of the torrent of fear that had entrained him. “Come here!” she repeated; it was an order. 

It became clear what Lily desired. Though was it right to give it to her at her current state? Leon regarded his girlfriend’s face. Her cheeks, now covered with blush, revealed no trace of the initially wan teint. The sight gave the disheartened man hope, and, without further hesitation, he succumbed to his lover with a view of finally putting an end to the nightmare that had stolen over their relationship all this time.

As soon as the man found himself within the woman’s reach, the latter wrapped her arms around the former’s body, squeezing him in a feverishly hot embrace. Before Leon managed to point his girlfriend’s attention towards the alarming level of her body's heat, her tongue, forcing itself between his lips, deprived him of the last of his free will. 

Lily was now lying on top of him, the soft orbs of her ample breasts spilling over his chest, the hard nipples rubbing against his skin. Between his legs Leon felt strong itching as a veritable load of his girlfriend’s steaming secretions spilled over his growing erection. His entire body vibrated as Lily purred, sliding her engorged clitoris along his aking penis, before finally taking him into herself in an agonisingly slow motion. It was at that moment that Leon with utter horror realised that he had not in fact put on a condom. 

“Lily!!!” he gasped, trying to press her hips away from his own, in vain.

Despite the profuse lubrication, the girl’s hungry pussy held his member in a lustful clutch of a truly prodigious force. 

“I am gonna devour you!” she whispered into his ear, before giving his cheek a prolonged wet lick. Her words made his hair rise; whether from fear or excitement he did not know himself. She then descended down along his jawline and bit his neck in a torrent of unrelenting passion. Easing her grip on his boyfriend’s cock, Lily proceeded to rock her hips in frantic uneven thrusts, each time taking the full length of the man’s shaft all the way into herself so that its tip almost brushed against the entrance to her womb. With each movement she grunted like a lioness.

“Lily, I am going to cum…” cried poor Leon, trying to fight the primal urge to succumb to the pleasure thus imposed on him by his unrelenting girlfriend. 

Too late. Leon flexed, gritting his teeth as he arrived at the peak of ecstasy. 

His head fell back on the pillow, though before he managed to take a breath his very face was smothered by his girlfriend’s still very much dripping clit. 

Not bothered in the slightest with her boyfriend’s well-being, Lily took hold of his hair and began to ride his face with wanton abandon. She roared wildly, swabbing her pussy all over his features, sometimes going as far as to squeeze his head between her thighs, very much not gently. Her buttcheeks wobbled, slapping Leon's shoulders. The fact that the man was vainly trying to breathe seemed to only excite her more. It was as though she was finally letting all the accumulated stress away. It was not long before she exploded into a massive squirting orgasm. 

Leon sealed his lips tight, but the powerful torrent of hot girl cum combined with the brutal smothering must have led to his loss in this uneven fight between the purely animalistic lust of his ferocious partner and the reason of his mind. The unstoppable flood of the girl’s excretions ran down his throat.

Finally, Lily removed her crotch from his face, and sat on his chest, tilting her head backwards and humming blissfully.

The man gave a series of coughs and snorts – his body's desperate attempts to remove the sticky substance from his lungs.

It was far from the first time that he had received a similar treatment from his girlfriend. Lily had always had something of a dominatrix in her. And Leon had to admit it, there existed some part of him that enjoyed being treated like a slave by the woman of his heart; despite having to fight for his life he was very fond of it especially now, as it meant she was back to her old self! 

He opened his mouth to speak, but a whole new and definitely unexpected evenement hindered this renewed attempt of re-establishing contact with his lover. The weight on his chest grew exponentially to the point of threatening to crush him, or, at the very least, deprive him of all the air gathered in his lungs and accordingly the ability to breathe. His eyes went wide as he saw his girlfriend increase in size right then and there!

‘This is impossible!’ he protested in his thoughts, which he did not get to pronounce out loud, since Lily, having recuperated during the few instants of the break, was just about to resume her game.

She gave a few circular movements with her butt, almost pulverising Leon’s ribcage, and went right back to assaulting him with her now huge cunt. 

Leon shivered with dread as he felt Lily’s pussy lips spread around his head, enveloping it. He kicked around with his legs and tried to use his arms to push Lily away, all the efforts whereof amounted to nothing. Feverishly hot flesh slowly engulfed his entire face, adjusting to his features, then spread farther… 

The pulsating mass undulated, sometimes gently squeezing, other times contracting prodigiously. One flood of dense mucus after another washed over the man’s face, without any issue. Not having any choice, he eagerly drank it all – it was the only way for him to escape death by suffocation the moment his lungs became full of the viscous substance.

How could this be? What in the world had there been in that syringe? Was Matt mad to have given him something like that? His girlfriend had gone completely nuts! And worse: She was actually growing!!

Leon felt the mass of flesh move and pull on his skin as his girlfriend switched her position on top of him. Her clitoris was now right above his chin.

Leon’s lungs began to burn, and he knew he needed to stop this madness before the convulsions of his mad girlfriend’s love hole sucked the life out of him. He opened his mouth and began licking her insides with his tongue, as strong as he could.

He heard an indescribable sound: A melange of a high pitched girly moan and a low animalistic roar. A cloud of his girlfriend's steamy exhalations washed over his penis, followed by her rough tongue, which covered his entire erection in one go! 

‘Ha! You like that?’ he thought, feeling his body convulse at the stimulus at his own crotch. It felt like a battle. Whoever came first lost. ‘How about this?’ He now applied a new stimulant: His teeth.

Lily screamed. The steaming hot flesh gripped Leon’s face with twice as much force as at initial stages of her third stress-release session. An insupportable amount of mucus forced its way into all the openings in Leon’s head, including his eyes, which began to itch under the inconceivable pressure. His entire head was now being sucked into Lily’s sex, as she jumped up and down, threatening to break his spine in several places.

"Shit, is she growing again?!" Leon grunted through his teeth, which he instantly regretted.

The breadth of Lily’s thighs had soon doubled that of Leon’s torso; it did not stop there. The bed collapsed under the weight of her immense body and her pussy relaxed as she was trying to reposition herself on the now devastated piece of furniture. Leon used this occasion to slide out from under her amazonian body and grabbed his phone from the nightstand, before making a beeline for the door of the apartment. Behind him, he heard a series of snaps as his girlfriend crushed what was left of the bed with her powerful thighs, an action accompanied by the wild roar of unsatiated lust. 

Screaming in utter ecstasy, Lily reached what looked like yet another orgasm, and her heavy butt hit the floor, causing cracks to spread across the wooden parquet. These cracks soon turned into fissures and farther expanded in unison with Lily’s foreboding form. Finally the floor collapsed, though Leon did experience but the auditory part of it; he had already reached the stairs and was now hurrying down their length while simultaneously wiping his face clean and trying to dial in Matt's number. It was clear to him now: In order for each growth spurt to be triggered, there was a need for his girlfriend to reach a climax. With her inexhaustible libido the complications of the entire thing must be severe…

With a palpitating heart, accompanied by the screams of the terrified tenants as well as the nerve-wracking sounds of the devastation occurring within the building, Leon reached the end of the staircase. In a frantic movement he pushed himself through the door and ran outside to be welcomed by the light of the awakening day. He listened to the beeping of the smartphone he held next to his ear. Matt was not responding! 

“Hey!” He heard behind him.

“What the–” Upon turning around, he saw a woman in a police uniform heading his way. What in the world did she want from him? And at a time like this? She was looking at him angrily. He followed the line of her sight exactly. The reason was instantly revealed to him. Of course! He was completely naked! “Listen, I can explain…” he stuttered, covering his genitals.

“There is nothing to explain,” the woman cut his speech short. “You will now follow me into my car.” 

Some of the pedestrians, presumably on their way to the bakery on this sunny Saturday morning, stopped to regard the curious spectacle unfolding before their eyes.

Human life was at stake! Leon frowned. “Listen–”

At that very instant the wall of the building in which Lily had hitherto been wreaking havoc exploded, sending debris flying across the street, raining over the two. Car alarms went off only to be silenced by bigger blocks of concrete and the immense limbs of the giantess emerging from the centre of destruction. The horrible sounds of crumbling concrete and deforming steel filled the ears of spectators, most of whom fled in fear of the unknown.

“What the hell?!” shouted the police woman, falling to the ground and reaching for her gun. She immediately demanded support through her radio. 

The amazing sight unfolded before their eyes as the clouds of dust dispersed, clearing the view. A beautiful, somewhat befuddled girl of gigantic proportions emerged from the dark crater. All covered in sweat and detritus from the damage she had caused, she was breathing heavily. Her hair was tousled and it moved slightly with each of her heavy exhalations. In some places, her body was covered with red smears of blood, though something told Leon it was not herself who was injured. 

“Lily!!!” Leon screamed on top of his lungs, terrified with the prospect of his actions' having lead to his girlfriend’s becoming a murderer!

The giantess looked at him. She smiled. “Hi!” she greeted him with a slight movement of her enormous hand. 

She seemed to have calmed down for now, but there was no telling how long this peace was going to last. And how was this all going to end? Was his sweet Lily going to face the punishment for what she had done? What about himself? One of the girl’s massive feet was resting on the roof of a car – the police cruiser – which had collapsed under its weight. Absent-mindedly, the giantess lowered her toes down, seemingly effortlessly crushing the front of the vehicle. The tires exploded under the inconceivable weight and the girl scrunched her toes annihilating what was left of the engine. A series of more distinct cracks was accompanied by her girly giggle. The carcass oozed with various maintenance liquids.

Some curious spectators watched from behind the alleged safety of their windows. None of the previous witnesses dared to stay in the direct vicinity of the giantess, though the ones who had initially fled the scene of death and destruction now began to feel attraction towards the beautiful body of the enormous stranger. There was something singularly fascinating in the sheer size of the giant girl and in the brute strength she possessed.

‘What power!’ Leon involuntarily thought, admiring the strength of his girlfriend’s toes. “Lily, please, stop! You mustn't move!” he shouted.

“What is the meaning of this?!” the policewoman asked, her voice trembling. “You’ve killed numerous people, monster! Don’t move, or I will be forced to shoot at you!”

“No, please, it’s my fault, please don’t harm her!” Leon begged.

“Your fault?!” The police woman now seemed confused as to whom she should be pointing her gun towards.

“How come it’s your fault, Leo? You made me grow?” asked the giantess. "How?"

Something in the voice of his girlfriend did not sound right. It was as though she was actually satisfied with what had occured! At least she did not seem depressed anymore…

“I gave you an injection, which was supposed to alleviate the symptoms of your depression…” He dropped his head. “I am sorry… I don’t understand… How could this have happened!” He now looked into her big green eyes. “I should have asked…”

“Oh, there is no need to be sorry, sweaty!” Lily purred, a twinkle in her eye.

No need to be sorry? How come there was no need to be sorry! Lily had killed their neighbours! Did she not feel any guilt or remorse? Leon did not know what to say.

“You are under arrest, both of you!” the police woman barked. “You’ve committed every possible crime, from exhibitionism and vandalism to mass murder!”

“And who are you to be judging us?” Lily asked, covering the woman in her foreboding shadow.

“Lily, please, stop! You are only making this worse…” Leon protested. 

“Shut up,” his giant girlfriend replied, seizing the police woman in her hand.

“Let go of me, you giant monster!” shouted the police woman, shooting at the giantess’ face.

“You bug,” murmured Lily sadistically, indignant at the impertinence of the tiny bluecoat, and ripped the gun out of her hand, along with a couple of fingers, a little detail that went unnoticed by the giantess.

The policewoman howled in pain. 

“Lily! Lily, you’ve gone mad?!" Leon sat on the ground; curling into a ball, he covered his face with his palms. He still looked through the spaces between his fingers, though. “And it’s all my fault…” he muttered to himself.

“You’ve turned me into a giantess, Leo,” his girlfriend said, “and I must say, I absolutely love it! You d i d manage to cure my depression!” She sounded genuinely happy.

“I’m glad you are happy now, Lily! I really am!” Leon ran towards his girlfriend’s foot and hugged it. “But please, put this woman back down! She is a police officer! We are already screwed, don’t make it worse…”

“Oh, Leo, we are not screwed,” Lily purred, curling her long toes around his head, and pushing him to the floor gently.

Enclosed by the amazing smell of his girlfriend’s foot sweat, the man felt his erection grow instantly. It only became worse after she pinned him to the ground with her enormous foot. Yes… His girlfriend had always had a thing for domination… He had started a chain reaction that could only lead to the demise of the world as known by mankind…

“Haha, you little pervert, like it, ha?” she teased.

He could not deny it.

“Remember my dildo trick?” she asked after a short pause, as a new devilish idea entered her mind. She spread her toes to allow his boyfriend a view of what she was doing.

“Dildo trick…”

Lily lifted the police woman above her head and opened her mouth wide, extending her meaty tongue. 

From Leon’s perspective it looked utterly terrifying: A long pink monster, shimmering in the sun, dripping with viscous saliva, protruding from the line of his giant girlfriend's predatory jaw; her face invisible to him; the police woman kicking with her legs above the terrifying opening of Lily's voracious mouth – first-class terror exclusive only to her. The beautiful feminine neck seemed wide enough to engulf the entire woman if the giantess so desired! Leon shivered at the thought. The hair of the colossal woman, black like night that had nestled in her soul, ran down her back in wavy waterfalls. Finally the giantess' full breasts, followed by the smooth stomach… and those gory smears...

'Gorgeous in her dark glory…' thought Leon. This demonic version of his girlfriend would have been very arousing to him, had it not been real! But it was! And the young man could not believe it. No! She had always been so kind… Yes, she did like to be dominant during sex, but otherwise she was the most gentle person on earth! Did this mean that he never really knew her? Or was it the convergence of unfortunate circumstances that sufficed to turn her into a monster? "No, Lily! Y-you aren’t going to…”

As a response, his girlfriend gave an evil laugh, and curled her lips around the woman’s head and shoulders. Having switched her grip on her toy to holding her by the ankles, she then tried to push her into her gullet. It did not work.

Leon saw a ray of hope. Would she stop this madness now? His heart sank at her next words.

“Oops, I guess I need to lube her first, hehe!” 

Lily now lowered the woman down to her pussy and having made a few circles around her still very much erect clit, inserted her into herself moaning in morbid excitation. After just a few dips in her vagina the woman was absolutely soaked. Leon saw that Lily would have gladly kept the poor woman inside her, but she was much too eager to show him her trick. He shivered at the thought. He also noticed just how powerful the smell of her sex appeared to be at the size difference that stood between them!

Held by her ankles, the devastated and humiliated police officer was once again lifted above the pit of Lily’s gigantic mouth. Without further ado, the giant woman pushed her deep into her throat, leaving only her two leather boots clad feet sticking out. Her throat distended to accommodate the woman, who was around seven inches tall for Lily.

“Oh my god, take her out please!” Leon screamed, imagining the torment the policewoman must have been living through. It was much worse than being put in a vagina, much tighter…

Lily took her toy out. The policewoman was dripping with her pussy juice and saliva. She was coughing. 

“You don’t like it, sweaty?” Lily asked Leon. Then she smirked. “How about this?” She shoved the woman back into her throat, this time pushing her in and out in a series of subsequent movements. After about 20 seconds of doing that, and with her boyfriend squirming under her foot in helpless protests, she removed the woman from her mouth, letting her have a break. The bluecoat was not moving.

“Lily, just please put her down…” Leon begged.

“Argh… you are no fun Leo!” grunted the giantess. “I’ve already killed numerous people, what difference does this little girl make?”

Leon could not believe his ears. Was that really his Lily? Again, he looked at her formidable form. For a second it looked as though she was going to set the police woman back on the ground, but then her facial expression suddenly changed, taking up a cruel, mischievous smile.


The giantess opened her mouth yet again, yet again forcing the police woman in. Sensing the danger, the officer went back to her senses. She screamed and kicked. 

It was all in vain. Once again she was pushed deep into Lily’s gullet. The giantess then lent forward, as if to give the tiny man below her foot a better view of what was to come. 

And then it came. The powerful muscles of the giantess’ throat undulated, the sloppy and wet sound forced itself into Leon’s ears. Try as he might, he could neither close his eyes, nor look away; hypnotised by the alien spectacle he watched the legs of the police woman disappear between the lips of his lover, the lips he had kissed so many times, now big enough to receive an entire person. The huge lump slid down the giantess’ throat, disappearing below the line of her collarbone.

“Ahhh! Haha! Did you see that!” Lily laughed madly, her huge tongue making a circle around her lips. “I devoured her alive!”

There was no denying it, Lily had gone completely mad. Leon tried to wriggle out from under the giantess’ foot, but there was no use even trying. He cried.

“Oh, fuck!” the monster of his giant girlfriend exclaimed, squeezing his head with her smelly toes. Some sloppy sounds of her fingers working against her wet clit could be heard. “I can feel her jump around inside me! Mmm… I want more!”

As if on call, the ear piercing sound of a police siren appeared in the distance, very quickly developing into an actual car joining the scene. Through the space between his girlfriend’s big and second toe, Leon saw her hungry eyes, fixated on the police. 

Chapter End Notes:

I am always more than happy to hear your thoughts. ;)

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