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Bruna is a senior college student that has a forbidden pleasure: swallow tiny people alive. All tinies usually scream and beg for their lives while they're being consumed as snacks, but what will happen when Bruna meets Mia, a tiny that actually enjoys seeing giant girls eating tinies like her?

Copyright: This is a story written by me, and all characters/situations are my original work or are used with permission/'expectancy of permission' from other authors (which are mentioned in such cases). There's no intention of disrespecting anyone's work.

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Published: July 13 2023 Updated: July 13 2023

1. 01. A new friend by Milla [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (5081 words)

A story thought after messages exchanged with the Discord user Grafitte, with some dialogues written by her. Don't forget to thank her for the inspiration!