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“How far out do you wanna go?” Historia asked as she followed the leader and made her way through the thick brush that was in their way. She was wearing her scout uniform as she was always dressed for emergencies, even if Titans hadn’t been seen in this certain area for months!

“Just a little further babe, relax, I just wanna go exploring with ya, is that so much to ask?” Ymir said as she turned and grinned at the smaller blond. Historia couldn’t help but smile as she heard this as she followed the taller brown haired woman.

Things had been going pretty well for them, titans had been all but wiped out in her home, she was able to have more time off, and the best thing that happened, her and Ymir confessed their feelings or each other! This was truly the start of a beautiful relationship. 

Right now the two had a few days off, they had earned it after all, Historia was the one who ended the life of the tyrannical and titan form of her father Rod Reiss. And Ymir couldn’t be prouder as she praised her and told her she always had it in her. 

It was here that Historia took the initiative and kissed her in public for the first time, showing that her and Ymir were indeed a couple….to the shock of absolutely nobody! She was relieved that she no longer had to hide her feelings…but she did have to put up with all the teasing from her friends.

That and the massive line of suitors who were gutted that she was taken off the market, that being said there were a fair few who were unhappy that Ymir was off the market as well, a real shame to all the would-be suitors of these beautiful women.

But that was in the past, and this was the present, and the two only cared about being together and having fun. And have fun was exactly what they were about to have! Further and further into the unknown as the two passed various trees, bushes and unkempt areas. It was really an exciting journey, but after a few more miles…Historia had to ask.

“Ok, either we’re lost or you’re just walking around aimlessly. Which is it Ymir?” Historia asked as she stopped in her tracks and crossed her arms over her average chest. Ymir stopped as she saw her woman had stopped as she rolled her eyes and let out a massive laugh.

“Come on babe, where’s your sense of adventure?” Ymir said as she smirked down at her girl. “My sense of adventure was left behind about three miles ago.” Historia said as she scowled at Ymir, her arms unmoving as she was tired of constantly walking around, no matter how nice the scenery.

Ymir took this chance to walk over as she leant her entire body weight on Historia, her entire shoulder was pressing onto her head as she sighed and adjusted so her elbow was leaning on the crown of her head.

“You’re such a stick in the mud, but it’s what I love about you, I’m so glad you’re gonna be my future wife!” Ymir said happily. Historia blushed, she loved when her girl said cute things like this, it almost made her forget all about how tired her feet were…for all of about five seconds as she moved and used her head as a pole to dig into Ymir’s ribs as she pushed her off of her!

“Girlfriend, you’re lucky we’re even that, I can’t marry someone who has no sense of direction.” Historia teased as she pushed the taller woman right off of her. Ymir stumbled and then tripped over her own feet as she reached out and grabbed the smaller woman as she pulled her down with her!

The two fell as they rolled down a small incline, they rolled and rolled as they fell into each other and held each other for safety as both of their scout instincts kicked in, their desire to protect one another was more than enough for them to survive the tumble unscathed as they landed in a small heap at the bottom of the hill.

Historia was on top of Ymir as they held each other and breathed heavily as they stared deeply into one another’s eyes. “You ok?” Ymir asked. “Yeah, I’m all good…are you ok?” Historia asked as her eyes started to shine a little bit. “Good…then thank you for breaking my fall.” Ymir said lovingly as she couldn’t resist anymore.

She pulled Historia down as the two locked lips and shared a very passionate and loving kiss. The two made out for well over a minute as they became lost in the moment, it really was sweet to show how far these two had come along over the years. Historia was actually in control as she was the more dominant one in this kiss, forcing her tongue down Ymir’s throat as the taller woman grabbed a firm hold of her glorious ass and gave it a squeeze.

And this is where Historia drew the line as she broke off from Ymir, a thin line of saliva keeping them together as the two panted and smiled. “Ok, as much as I love you, I am not down to get down at the bottom of a dirty hill.” Historia said as she moved some hair out of her face and started to stand up.

“Aww, come on baby, getting down and dirty is what its all about!” Ymir said hopefully as she sadly had no choice in the matter as Historia was already on her feet. She moped about for a second until Historia offered her hand, she happily accepted as she rose to her own full height.

Historia then looked up at the hill they rolled down as she surveyed the situation. “Hmm, its pretty steep, we should be able to climb it, but if it comes to it we can use our ODM gear…but we might get chewed out for wasting it in a situation that doesn’t call for it…” Historia says as she rubs her head.

“Ah, we can do whatever. And if that pipsqueak says anything then…hey…what the hell is that?” Ymir asked as she turned her head and looked at something behind her. Ymir was distracted as she stopped dead in her tracks and looked over at a low hanging branch with some brush covering what lay beyond it…

“Hey what’s wrong?” Historia asked as she approached her lover. “Shh, can’t you hear that? Its like people talking…but its so quiet…it’s like little squeaks…come on…let go and check it out.” Ymir said as she took Historia by the hand and walked over to the brush. The two approached cautiously as the two arrived at the brush. 

Looking at each other, Historia nodded as she allowed Ymir to pull back on the brush as the two passed through it…and they were in for a huge shock…ironically.

It was like the entrance to a cave, it was hidden behind this thick brush at the bottom of a small hill miles away from civilization. But Ymir and Historia would never have expected to see what they had just found. 

Before them, was…well there was no other way to put it…it was a town…no it was bigger that that, a city? Well, whatever it was, it was somewhere that housed thousands of peoples…only there was one very big issue…so big that it was actually small…the city and all its people were tiny!

“What…the…” Ymir started to say. “FUCK!” Historia said as the two took a few booming footsteps into the hidden grotto of sorts. They were looking at a teeny tiny city, and it was one that looked quite familiar. The city was surrounded on all sides by a wall, just like their towns…but the wall only came up to below the giantesses knees!

They were looking down at a tiny town, and they were giantesses compared to everything here. It was insane, Historia and Ymir had just stumbled upon a tiny city, only question was, why was it here…and how was it here…and why were the people who lived her so small?

“No way…its like a little shrunken city…wow this is…so cool!” Ymir said as she was entranced by the tiny city, Historia didn’t know it, but her girlfriend had just had an awakening of sorts…one that would have dire consequences for all those that lived here…speaking of...

“Oh…look, I think I see them! Look down there Ymir, they’re like the size of ants!” Historia said happily as she pointed down at the center of the city. She was right, standing there was a group of about a few hundred people…and they were all in awed silence of the two giantesses that now towered over all of them.

Historia giggled as she crouched down, she was now almost level with the wall as she leaned her hands on it in order to peer inside and see the tines that had gathered before them. She raised a giant hand as she waved down at them.

“Hello little bug sized people, how are you all today? My name is Historia, and this is Ymir. It’s nice to meet you all!” Historia said cheerfully as she smiled down at them all. “Yeah, and just so you little bugs know, she’s taken! So none of you try anything, not that you could do much to her, she probably would never even feel you haha!” Ymir said teasingly yet coldly, as she 

too crouched down. 

But the giantess took it one further as she wrapped her arms around Historia and groped her tits with her hand. Historia blushed as she didn’t push her away straight away…but she soon regained her composure as she shoved her off of her and blushed bright red. 

“Not in front of the little people Ymir…” Historia said shyly…although she did like the sensual touch, she got from her. Ymir simply rose to her full height as she placed her hands on her hips and looked down at all the little people who were still cowering in terror.

“Who cares, they’re all just little bugs compared to us…we’re like their Gods!” Ymir said as the gears started to turn. She then grinned as she reached into the city, the people all screamed as they saw the gigantic hand hover over them, they tried to run, but a few of them were grabbed in her hand as she raised her fist up.

She opened her hand to reveal a handful of bugs…er people. They were all screaming and crying, but even though she could their squeaks, she couldn’t understand a single word they said, guess they all spoke their own language here. 

“Holy shit…I have so many people in my hand…I feel so fucking powerful.” Ymir muttered to herself as she held the little people, they were all terrified as they looked at the freckled covered face of this opposing giantess. 

Historia meanwhile saw her girlfriend pick up all the tiny inhabitants as she too wanted to feel them in her fingers! “I wanna pick one up too!” Historia said all giddily as she reached into the city, with the wall surrounding the city, it was like a massive bowl she could just pick from like she was picking candy!

She very gently grabbed a few of the nearest running tinies as she made sure not to hurt them, she had about five in her hand as she raised them up to her giant face, she smiled down at them as she was very excited! 

“Wow! This is so cool! Little bugs…but you’re people! This is fun!” Historia said as she used her spare hand to pick one up, she pinched a screaming woman in between two colossal fingers as she looked at her in more detail. As she did, off to her side Ymir was looking at the bugs she had in her hand…they were so small….so insignificant…so disgusting…

“Eugh, you pathetic little bugs, you don’t deserve to be in the hand of your God…I fact.” Ymir said menacingly. She then lifted her hand as she held it over the one that had all her tiny bugs in it. They were blanketed in a dark shadow that was cast by the giant hand of Ymir.

They all waited in a stunned silence…until the giantess lowered her hand at tremendous speed as she slammed in onto her other hand, crushing the tinies instantly as they were swatted like the little bugs they were. Their bodies exploded into an unrecognizable puddle of blood and guts as Ymir lifted her hand and observed her handiwork. 

“Ew, gross.” Ymir said as she took her hand and wiped it on the inside of the wall. If the people weren’t scared before, they were now as they saw the blooded remains of their friends and loved ones plastered over the walls that were meant to keep danger and threats out!

“Ymir! Why did you do that? That was so mean!” Historia said as she gave her girlfriend a stern look. Ymir just rolled her eyes as she leant on Historia again as she smirked down at her. 

“Chillax babe, they bit me…very rude of them don’t ya think? And besides, look at us and look at them. We are huge giantess Gods and they are little disgusting bugs, not worthy of our mercy. Ymir said in a matter-of-fact way.

There was a huge panic as they all began to run about in terror, the only problem was that their little wall had a major design flaw. There was only one exit, a lone gate…that was exactly where Historia and Ymir were placed right now…they were truly trapped.

Historia heard what her girlfriend said…as se didn’t reprimand her for it, she loved her too much to scold her…and besides, its who she was. Historia then turned her attention to some buildings near the center of the town. 

“Oooh, I think these are all their little houses!” Historia said as she moved her giant hand and used her finger to poke and prod the buildings. She was trying to be as careful as she could, but she was so big that her fingernail still shattered several windows as she rubbed it up and down the tiny building.

As she was doing this, Ymir had the same idea, she wanted to check out the little buildings as well…but her way of doing it was far more devastating than her giantess lovers. She reached in…and using her entire hand she ripped up and entire house from its foundations as she held it in her hand. The people inside were all screaming as they looked out their window…and could only see the giantesses humungous eye as she looked inside.

“Wow…pretty detailed, look at that…shame its full of gross little bugs.” Ymir said as she simply closed her fist and watched as the little house began to crack and break under the immense pressure of her hand as it collapsed into itself, a small trickle of blood spilling out as the giantess took the house and threw it off into the distance.

The house landed as it collided with a few dozen people who were crushed and killed instantly as the debris flew all the over place as it caused severe structural damage to many buildings. Ymir dusted her hands as she let out a loud booming laugh. 

“Wow that was awesome, see how far it went! Man, where has this place been all my life!” Ymir said happily as she looked around to see what damage she could cause next. “Ymir…that was mean…I mean…was it really necessary?” Historia said quietly. Ymir heard her quiet reservations…as a big smile spread across her face.

“Aww, don’t be such a downer babe, these bugs are so tiny and meaningless, we are so big and powerful, so we should show them whose boss. And besides, they should be grateful that they get to die at our hands, we are goddesses after all!” Ymir said as she placed her arm around her girlfriend.

Historia was conflicted, she wasn’t a mean person, and she valued life…human life…but maybe Ymir had a point…they were bigger and powerful…and she didn’t want to be a wet blanket when her and her girlfriend were having so much fun!

Ymir saw this as she took her hand, she then moved it as she placed it on the building she was just touching. She then made her put her other hand on it as she helped her press and push until…the building collapsed and crumbled from the combined giantess assault.

Historia was quiet as she looked at her first act of destruction. Ymir smiled as she patted her on the shoulder. “So…how did that feel?” Ymir asked as Historia slowly raised her head to reveal she had a big smile on her face.


End Of Part 1

Historia and Ymir had stumbled across something very special. In the midst of a hike o their day off, the two had rolled down a hill and found beyond a brush, there was a teeny tiny city…and in that city there was a civilization of tiny people!

Ymir and Historia were amazed, it was an incredible find. The two had just been goofing off and about to have some adult fun with one another…but then they found this tiny city. It was so small, if this was their city then they would be twice the size of the biggest titan they had ever seen…

Historia found the discovery to be quite charming as she looked at and admired the tiny city and is inhabitants as she very carefully picked some up and poked and prodded at them. However, her fellow giantess was not so kind.

Upon finding the tiny city and is even tinier people, something clicked inside the her head as Ymir was beyond happy to find them…but not in the way one would expect. Seeing these tiny people gave her a sense of superiority as she was literally above all these little bugs. She was a god to these things. And she was more than willing to show off her power.

It started when she took her hands and clapped them together, in an instant she wiped out dozens of people as their lives were snuffed out within seconds. Of course, Historia wasn’t so happy with this as she was a little disappointed in her girlfriend…but she didn’t exactly stop her.

She then went one step further as she reached into the city as she ripped a house right out of the ground and crushed it slowly in her hand as she watched it compress and crumble into nothing as she heard the tiny cries of its people fading as they all died from the giantess’s cruelty.

Historia once again was concerned…but she was won over as Ymir helped her to destroy a building with her hand as she saw it destroyed by her own hand. It was a terrible and cruel thing for her to do…but as Ymir asked her what she felt…the blond giantess looked at her with a more sadistic look and answered her after she was asked how that felt.

“…Good.” The giantess answered as she smiled at her lover. She finally got it, why Ymir had taken pleasure out of ending the life of such teeny tiny people. It was a rush! People just gone, like that! And she felt so powerful! She was a true god to these little people and she was going to show them just how powerful she really was!

“That was incredible! Ymir did you see how that building crumbled into nothing in our hands?” Historia asked as she smiled at her girlfriend. Ymir smirked back as she wrapped her arm around her shoulder as she pulled her in and gave her a little hug. 

“Yeah babe, isn’t it great? We’re like gods to them, we are above them, both physically and literally! They are bugs and we are giants, and there is nothing they can do! Watch, see that group of people there?” Ymir said as she pointed at a small group of people who were trapped between Ymir and Historia.

Historia nodded as Ymir winked at her, she then took her hand and formed a fist. She then brought it down with tremendous force as she slammed it onto the group of people. In an instant they were all crushed to literal pulp under Ymir’s now bloody fist as she let out a monstrous evil laugh. 

She looked over at Historia who was smiling brightly as if she had seen the coolest thing ever! “Ooh, my turn! My turn!” Historia said as she looked for her own group of people. She saw one eventually as about twenty of the citizens who were cowering in the corner by the wall as they glanced up at the two giantesses.

Historia then formed a fist as she went to slam it down onto them, but these people were not as dull as the others as they took off as fast as they could. They narrowly avoided being hit by the giants fist as it stuck the ground and shook it as the giant gasped and watched them take off. 

“Hey, get back here little bugs! I want to squish you!” Historia said as she took her hand and chased the tinies around the small area by the west wall. She went for them time and time again as her hand slammed into the ground, or a house, or even a wall. She was getting a little annoyed as she tried to stop them and end their lives.

Ymir, meanwhile was watching with a smirk as she saw her girlfriend trying and failing to catch the tinies as she rolled her eyes and went in to help her. The twenty tiny people rounded a corner and thought they were about to escape the cruel smaller giantess, but they were Caught off guard as they ran into a solid fleshy wall.

They looked up in terror as they saw the giant face of Ymir smiling as she blocked their escape with her hand. She looked to Historia as she blew her a kiss. “All yours babe!” She called as Historia lit up, with the tinies trapped, it was much easier for the blond to bring her fist down and end the tinies lives as they ended up smushed to a bloody mess as they met their ends at her hand.

“Yay! Thanks baby! They were really hard to catch! But it was so cool to see them end up as pulp under my fist!” Historia said happily as she went and hugged her girlfriend. “Yeah, they are slippery little fuckers, but hey we can’t exactly catch them all from out here…how about we step inside?” Ymir suggested as she rose to her full height.

She offered her hand to Historia who happily took it as she rose to her full height. The two then raised their legs over the wall as they took their first steps into the city. There was an uproar as everyone ran away as fast as they could.

However, the ground began to rumble as they were all shook about, was this some kind of rumbling? Well, it was close as they looked up to see the giantess form of Ymir stepping over them as she had jogged a little bit and leapt over the tinies as she stopped them from escaping.

“Aww, where you going somewhere? But we were just about to have some fun. So why not stick around…or else.” Ymir threatened as she scowled down at the tinies who all stopped running and became still…an uneasy calm about the air.

Historia then smiled as she took a few steps closer to the tinies, her booming footsteps shook them some more as they were trapped on either side by two towering giantesses who were both looking forward to playing with their toys.

“All right, now let’s get down to it, babe lie down. You, bugs, I want you to climb her leg, you have five minutes to reach her knee.” Ymir boomed as Historia giggled before she lay down, she leaned back on her elbows as she stretched her legs out, to the tinies they were almost a mile long. Ymir crouched down as she got next to Historia to get a better look.

To her annoyance she saw that none of them were moving…she started to get more and more annoyed until she had to speak. “Climb her leg now…” Ymir said as she waited a few more seconds and saw that no one was moving. “I SAID NOW!!!” Ymir boomed as she saw the tinies all shit themselves and start to climb the leg of Historia.

Her and the blond giantess smiled as the tinies all grabbed onto the fabric of her pants and started to climb her. It took them a few minutes, but a lot of them were able to reach her knee. However, this would be their last mistake. Historia whispered something in her lover’s ear as Ymir nodded her head and turned her attention back to the tinies. 

“What do you bugs think you’re doing on my woman? You little mites need to get the fuck off her, you don’t deserve to touch such a divine being!” Ymir said menacingly as most of them tried to run for their lives, but it was too late as she leaned in and took in a deep breath, she then exhaled as she blew a gust of wind that was the equivalent to a hurricane to the tinies who were blown off of the knee and sent flying into the ground and surrounding buildings as most of them were killed instantly.

Historia giggled as she punched Ymir in the arm. “You’re so bad, I love it! Now come on, I have another idea!” Historia says. She stands up as she walks over to a group of nearby houses. She then raises her boots as she smashes it down and destroys the houses in one fell crush!

“Yeah! Take that! And that!” Historia says giddily as she smashes the houses over and over again. Ymir laughed as she joined in and took her much bigger feet and used them as she swung her leg back and kicked the houses as hard as she could.

Several were smashed to pieces instantly as her kick had tremendous force to it, but those that stayed intact were sent flying as they soared through the air…until they hit the wall and shattered into pieces.

She let out a booming laugh as her and Historia crushed house after house. This went on for a few more minutes until Ymir had an idea. “Hmm, I want to feel these little bugs explode to bits under my soles…so…” Ymir said as she undid her boots and kicked them and her socks off as she wriggled her bare feet in the open.

She then raised her bare foot as she noticed a small group trying to sneak by her, she grinned as she caught a few between her toes as she scooped them up, she raised her foot as she pinched the tinies between her fingers as she lifted them up to her huge eyes.

“Aww…are you scared?” She said as her voice reverberated throughout the cave, she then closed her fingers as she squished the tinies between them as they exploded and were no more than a couple of red dots in the giantesses fingers. 

She let out a massive laugh as she saw the remaining people running for their lives. She simply raised her foot as she slammed it down and ended their lives in an instant. She looks under her foot as she wipes it on nearby building as she scraped off the remains of the tinies. 

From there Historia was at it too as she ripped off her shoes and socks and went on a massive killing spree. She stomped her bare feet down as she crushed tiny after tiny; their tiny lives were ended as she heard their little voices faded out, never to be heard again.

Historia giggled as she looked at her feet and picked off the debris and bloody remains as they she cleaned up her perfect bare soles, she pouted a little as she tried to get between the lines and folds of her soles to no avail.

“Eugh, I wish these little bugs had a lake or something to wash my feet in.” Historia said as she took her anger out by sitting down on a nearby house. And by sitting down, she slammed her ass as hard as she could into it as it smashed into a splintered mess as those who were still there were wiped out instantly.

She made sure to grind her ass into the foundations as she smiled and slammed her ass up and down some more just to make sure. Ymir saw this as she couldn’t help but think what she was seeing was…kind of hot. She smiled as she crawled over on her hands and knees, her giant form causing massive dents in the ground as she made her way over.

Once she arrived, she started to kiss Historia’s neck as she smiled and watched as her girlfriend starting to moan a little bit. She leant back as she let the taller giantess caress her as she felt a hand slip onto her tit. 

“Mmm babe…come on, you know that drives me crazy…” Historia says as she doesn’t try to fight her girlfriend as she feels her up even more. Ymir then takes it one further as she reaches over and pulls off Historia’s jacket, she took it and hung it over the wall…as the undressing didn’t stop here.

Historia was fully turned on as she let her lover take her top off…and then her pants as she was left in nothing more than a small top that barely covered her tits as well as a pair of standard issued scout panties.

Historia then undressed Ymir as she same process happened, only this giantess didn’t have a bra top underneath her shirt as she was bare from the waist up. You could see her decently sized breasts and her erect nipples as she took her lovers hands and pressed them onto her tits.

She let Historia caress her as the two gripped each other and pulled one another in. They shared a kiss as the two fell into one another’s arms. But as they were about to make love in this almost completely destroyed city…they were interrupted as they heard some very faint whooshing sounds by their ears.

They ignored it for a while as they felt a couple of little stings and touches like when a bug is crawling on you. But it soon became very annoying as Ymir finally opened her eyes, she let out a roar of anger as she swore and looked for the cause. 

Just then, something small like an insect with wings like a fly whizzed right past her eyes. She thought she was seeing things as she raised her hand and snatched the bug out of the air. She held in in her hand as she raised it to her face as she got a closer look. She gasped as she showed Historia what it was.

Historia’s massive eyes went wide as she saw what it was, it was a tiny person…but they had ODM gear on! They were the cities military as they were finally ready to fight off the giantesses. Ymir and Historia looked at each other before they laughed.

“Aww, look at the little bugs, they think they can take us down, well I’d like to see them try!” Ymir boomed as she took man in her hand…and slipped him in her mouth as she ate him and chewed him up! Not one to be shown up, Historia grabbed a few flying bugs and shoved them in her mouth as she swallowed them whole!

A chaotic scene ensued as the teeny tiny cadets all flew over to strike down the tinies…but they were snatched out of the air and found their lives ended in different ways. A few of them were grabbed and shoved between Ymir’s bare tits as she slammed them together, they all exploded into a gush of blood and guts as Historia moved over and licked them all up.

Next, they grabbed some as Ymir held them in place, and waited for Historia to sit down and slam her giant ass into them, any that were unlucky enough to live were slapped as Ymir spanked Historia who let out moans and pleasures.

From here the giantesses made love as they rolled around, their giant bodies causing chaos as their feet hit the walls and shattered them instantly, they rolled over and crushed every house and building until there was nothing left.

An hour late, the two giantesses were all done with their love session as they got changed and stood up to their full heights. They surveyed the area as they looked down at all the destruction they had caused.

The city was in flames and everything was crumbled as they laughed and left the demolished city, happy with how they had spent their day off. Little did they know, they were being watched.

A lone scout was left alive as she was unscathed and still had his ODM gear in working order as she looked at the giantesses who had destroyed and killed her entire city along with her friends and family.

“Just you wait you giant bitches, I’ll get your revenge…just you wait.


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