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Author's Chapter Notes:

Once again, this is a gift for the lovely Felwinter2187 for being an awesome helper with my stories. Enjoy reading how she makes best use of some tiny pests!

Disclaimer: As this is a gift, I have the rights from the individual in question to make a story about them, but any likeness anywhere else is purely coincidental.

             The morning sun flooded into the bedroom, heralding the arrival of a new day. as A bright white glow filtered through the blinds, striking Julia’s eyes as they fluttered open. With a slight groan, she broke from her stillness and treaded through the covers as she turned to face her nightstand. Eyeing the jar next to her alarm clock, she cracked an evil smile.


              Just a few inches away, a group of miniature people had a completely different night. The prior night, Julia had found the three tiny girls scavenging for crumbs of food. Without warning, she snatched them from the ground and dumped them into the large jar. For the rest of the night, the three tinies sat, unable to sleep from fear and the cold glass floor. Every once in a while, they would watch uneasily as their gargantuan captress tossed in bed, lost in pleasant sleep. A chill ran down their spines as they stared back into the enormous blue eyes observing their every movements.


              Before they could even beg for whatever mercy they could accrue, her massive hand shot out from beneath the pile of blankets to the jar. An eerie clang resounded through the glass enclosure as she used it to lift herself up. The jar shifted slightly, sending the three tumbling to the ground as the shift and grind of glass on wood knocked them off their feet. No matter how big the minor shift was, nothing could prepare them for when Julia lifted the jar into the air. With nothing to hold onto in the smooth glass enclosure, the three bounced uncontrollably as the jar rocketed through the air. Their view of the world was eclipsed by a single eye, intently studying the nude forms of the three. They instinctively attempted to cover themselves, but with the flick of her wrist, they were sent tumbling into the wall, knocking them into a pile.


              High above, a twisted grinding noise resounded through the chamber as Julia’s other hand slowly unscrewed the lid. The three girls looked up in terror as the same eye now peered down upon them. The floor tilted as she adjusted the jar’s position, sending them skittering down to the other side. The eye vanished as the sky was soon replaced with plump, red lips. With a gross squelch, they parted, and a putrid gust of morning breath sucked all the oxygen from the jar, replacing it with the foul stench of Julia’s maw. The three girls screamed, covering their noses as best they could, their hands doing little to prevent the toxic stench from worming into their noses.

              “No more, please!” They squealed, only for a blast of hot stench air to smash down, spraying a few globs of rancid spit with them. One of the girls gagged, the overwhelmingly filthy stench too much for her fragile stomach to bear. As her mouth retreated, the three breathed a sigh of relief, before an enormous hand wormed its way into the container. One of the girls, a short blonde, squealed as fingers larger than her body wrapped around her. The other two leapt forward, attempting to grab her legs in a tug-of-war with the gargantuan girl. To their horror, Julia barely felt their feeble resistance as the girl’s ankles slipped through their hands. She screamed and wailed as she rushed skyward, from the jar to face the massive face of their captress.


              The girl wailed and squirmed as Julia’s prying eyes examined her catch.


              “You look tasty,” Julia boomed, nearly bursting her eardrums as a wall of pressure and stink breath buffeted the girl. In response, she began to sob, tears streaming down her tiny face as Julia moved on to the next phase.


              Her lips parted, the thick saliva thinly resisting the movement, producing a nasty wet smack. As the cavernous maw opened, the girl’s body went limp with despair. A foul cavern stretched before her, pools of saliva dripping from every surface imaginable. Her white teeth glistened as the morning light struck the saliva, giving a tauntingly pearlescent glow to the terrifying cave before her. As she moved closer to the putrid maw, she could see in more detail how truly filthy Julia’s mouth was. Scum, bacteria, and plaque clung to the base of the white pillars, slimy saliva continue to drip from the roof of her mouth, and the rotten stench of morning breath was inescapable.


Suddenly, a flick of Julia’s wrist sent her tumbling until the landed on a soft, wet surface with a disgusting squelch. Looking around, she realized that the interior of the girl’s mouth surrounded her. The ground began to shift as Julia savored the taste of the tiny nude girl stuck to its scummy surface. The bumps undulated, splashing her with foul slime as her tongue effortlessly violated the girl. Without warning, the world went dark as Julia’s mouth closed, entombing her in the humid, stinky enclosure. The tongue flicked, sending her tumbling into the wall. A sticky, squishy mass slammed into her chest as Julia felt up the girl with her tongue, coating her tiny breasts in slime as the filthy mass probed her. For several minutes, Julia toyed with the girl, tossing her around, dragging her through filthy puddles of spit, and scrubbing the back of her teeth, rubbing the yellow bacteria-ridden scum across her body. The miniature girl was catatonic, the horror of her situation sending the girl into a state of vacant shock, which faded as the entire cavern tilted back. Gravity did its work as rivers of saliva dragged the girl kicking and screaming down the scummy tongue towards the pulsing caverns. For a moment she was in free-fall, before slamming into a slimy mass of flesh. The impact felt like a heavyweight boxer slammed his fist directly into her chest. She vomited, spewing all over the disgusting tonsil, moaning from her aching chest, the impact easily breaking several ribs. The battered tiny girl slopped off the uvula as she fell down the hole. Her chest burned with every increasingly putrid bit of air she could force into her lungs. The heat and stench only continued to rise as she fell down the esophagus.


Julia traced the girl’s descent in a tidal wave of saliva, appearing only as a visible lump that slid down the giant girl’s throat. The two girls cowered in the jar at the gross squelch that emanated from her throat.


“Haaah” Julia exhaled, parting her lips to reveal her now empty mouth. “Tasty”


Her eyes locked back onto the jar. Instantly the two girls began to claw frantically at the smooth glass surface in a desperate attempt to escape. Despite their attempts, they couldn’t even maintain a grip for a second and resigned to wailing as Julia’s hand once again ripped a victim from the relative safety of the jar to whatever twisted game the sadistic goddess had planned next.


The brunette girl screamed and wailed as Julia analyzed her new toy, poking and prodding across the squirming girl’s body.

              “Hmm, I think you’d look better on the floor.”


With that, Julia tossed the miniature girl to the floor. A few seconds of hurtling through the air later, and she bounced across the hard wooden floor. The girl laid on the ground, too distracted with the pain across her body to notice that Julia had stood up. When she came back into focus, the twisted smile of the huge woman loomed high over her frail little body.


“N…no please…”


A putrid stench choked her nose as Julia raised her sweaty, filthy foot over the tiny girl. She desperately attempted to cover her nose as the cruel goddess wiggled her toes, raining dirt and grime-encrused dried sweat on her tiny form. With a satisfied sigh, her foot began to lower.


The filthy rubbery flesh slammed down like a plush wall. Grime and filth scraped off, coating the miserable little girl as Julia’s sole assaulted her form. Julia trampled the girl underfoot, humiliating her with her huge stinky foot. The girl squealed and wailed as the assault continued. Flipping the girl over, Julia prodded and squashed her breasts, causing a new torrent of wails as the girl pitifully attempted to stop her huge toe from violating her chest. High above, Julia’s smug face was soon replaced with the ridged pad of her toe. The girl screamed, which was quickly muffled as Julia’s toe pinned her face to the ground. The soft surface

“Hmm…” Julia mused as she lifted her foot off of the girl. The tiny woman laid still, wheezing and panting as she tried to recover from the brutal assault. Julia, meanwhile, aimed the hard surface of her heel at one of the girl’s legs.




The girl screamed as Julia’s heel shattered her right leg into a pat of wet mush. Blood pooled from beneath her foot as the cruel woman twisted the remainder of the girl’s leg into paste. The woman in the jar could only watch as her friend flailed in agony, the searing pain of her ruined leg and the nasty stench of Julia’s filthy sole too much for her tiny frame to bear.


Julia dragged her heel back, scraping a red streak into the floor. Repositioning her sole, she lowered the ball of her foot back down onto the squirming speck. Once again, the writhing form of the broken girl sank into the putrid, dirty sole. Cooing, Julia began to press down. The tiny girl, drained of blood, could only weakly squirm as the pressure mounted. A warm wetness spread out beneath her feet as the broken girl’s guts squirted from beneath her foot. She was only able to let out a feeble squeak before her skull shattered reducing the tiny girl to nothing more than a broken smudge.


Julia lifted her foot to investigate. Adhered to the dirty surface was a crimson splotch, marked with the darker pulp of organs and shattered bone fragments. With a disgusted sneer, she wiped the filth from her foot and tossed the bloody napkin into a trashcan.


Grinning, the tomboyish goddess cheerfully held her dirty foot up to the jar. Julia wiggled her toes, taunting the wailing girl with the red streak of her former friend. As she tormented the girl with her filthy foot, her phone buzzed.

              “You’re in luck bug! It’s time for my run!”


As the realization of her words washed over her, the wailing girl grew quiet and dropped to her knees, broken and catatonic. Julia, however, paid no mind to the girl as she slid on her socks and snatched her from the jar. Her mind was broken and she simply hung limply between Julia’s fingers as her powerful steps echoed on the hardwood floor.


Arriving at the entryway, Julia laughed as she slowly lowered the girl into her left running shoe. A wall of pure stench snapped her out of her paralysis and she began to squirm frantically once again. Julia let go, and she plummeted into the cavernous sneaker. She nearly vomited as she looked at her surroundings. The insole resembled a battlefield, strewn with the broken remains of an unknown number of tinies, other victims of the twisted girl’s cruelty. Broken bones, brown streaks of dried blood and the rotting remains of smashed people surrounded her in the murky cave. In the dim light, she could’ve sworn she saw some still twitching.


Her world began to shift as Julia began to slide on the shoe. A socked wall rushed in from above, blocking out the light and effortlessly bulldozing over the girl. She screamed as the rough fabric scored her skin and dragged her through the filthy insole to the toe. She found herself pressed between the heavy sock of her captor and the hard, worn, blackened insole of the old shoe. Little more than a squeak was all that could escape her as Julia stood, pressing her weight down on the battered girl.


Already forgetting her new insole, Julia slid earbuds into her ears and cheerfully walked out the door. As soon as her door closed behind her, she broke into a jog, slamming her feet against the pavement as she started her run.


The tiny girl’s pelvis shattered as the immense weight of Julia’s footfalls slammed down on the tiny girl, paralyzing her from the waist down. No matter how much she wanted to scream, the intense pressure on her frail body suppressed any noise from her mouth. To make matters worse, the little air that could enter her body was humid with footsweat and stench. Barely able to breath or even cry, the tiny girl could do nothing but suffer in silence as Julia’s pounding footfalls hammered away at her body.


More and more bones snapped in her body, destroying organs and tissue as the Julia’s foot pressed her into the spongy, greasy floor. Her mind was destroyed, leaving her catatonic in her final moments until Julia jumped from the final step of the staircase she was jogging down. Her body exploded into a mash of viscera, shattered bone and sock lint, soaking the insole and sock of the enormous girl. Julia paused for a moment, realizing what had happened, before bursting into laughter, delighted that the bug’s final moments were misery inside her smelly shoes.


An hour of jogging in the hot sun left Julia panting and drenched in sweat as she staggered back to her home. As soon as she settled inside, she threw off her shoe to find the shattered remains of the tiny. The red slick adhered firmly to her sock, with the remains of her body parts embedded next to the splatter. The girl’s once ample bosom was now just a crimson paste with the remains of her smashed organ. What was left of her face that hadn’t burst was left transfixed in an expression of pure despair. Chuckling, Julia pressed her thumb down on her broken head, sighing at the pleasurable pop of viscera. With the stupid pest now nothing but unrecognizable gore, Julia threw off her socks and strolled back into her kitchen, wincing slightly as her hot, stuffy feet met the cool tile.


Her face lit up as she looked down at the floor. The prior night, she had set up a trap to catch any additional tinies, and down beneath the counter was a jar that housed three squirming tinies. Without a word, Julia placed her foot on the jar, causing the tinies to collapse to the ground from her powerful foot stench. After suitably gassing the tinies, she lifted the jar off the ground, and plucked a single tiny from inside. As the fresh air hit her lungs, she began to once again frantically squirm. A single finger cancelled out her desperate panic.

              “Alright bug, you’re going in my ass.” Julia spoke matter-of-factly, ignoring the frantic pleas of her captive. Shoving her blood-soaked dirty sock into the jar, Julia walked into the living room.


With little regard for the tiny’s life, Julia firmly shoved her onto the arm of a sofa before slamming her huge, nylon-clad ass down on the fragile girl’s body. Still sweaty from her run, Julia’s putrid ass stench seared the helpless girl’s nose. The mounds of flesh bounced on the tiny as Julia shook her ass to torment her. The girl opened her mouth to scream, only to have gallons of foul sweat pour into her mouth. Julia’s brutal assault continued, breaking the tiny girl, first mentally, then physically as the hundreds of tons of ass-flesh began breaking her body. The girl’s nose broke, spraying blood across her face, and her ribs fractured, leaving her wheezing through labored breaths.


Julia lifted her ass back up to survey the damage. The girl lay nearly motionless in pain, struggling to breathe through cracked ribs. Blood dribbled from her freshly broken nose. Satisfied with her torment, Julia rolled her ass back over the tiny. The girl weakly struggled in pain before the wall of ass rolled over her. Hundreds of tons of soft, doughy flesh compressed all the air out of her, leaving her to suffocate as her body continued to break. Perfectly settled, Julia waited a few moments for the girl’s feeble struggles to cease before slamming her ass down one more time. A warm wetness spread across her vast, sweaty asscheek as the broken girl popped into a mess of viscera. Julia lifted once again to survey the damage, giggling at the large, red splatter covering her ass.


“You popped good little bug” Julia sneered, swiping her thumb through the mess, turning the stain into little more than a thin smear. Wiping her finger off on a towel, Julia already forgot about the little bug as she walked back to the jar with her final victims.


“Unfortunately for you, little bugs, killing your friends has left me incredibly horny. Thankfully, I have just the right things to help me.”


The two remaining tinies did nothing as Julia reached into the jar. Grasping ahold of both girls between her fingers, Julia roughly pulled her pants down. The two girls had grabbed onto each other, but her strength effortlessly separated the two. Reaching behind her, Julia unceremoniously shoved one of the girls into her asshole, gently wiggling the squirming girl between her cheeks into pungent, grimy hole. The other tiny only watched in horror as Julia bit her lower lip.


“Your little friend feels good in my ass. Now it’s your turn. You’re gonna feel so good in my pussy.”


The woman squeaked as Julia shoved her into the smooth surface of her pussy, rubbing her across the quickly warming surface. The tiny squirmed against her clit stimulating Julia further as her rubbing increased in aggression. With a soft squelch, her fingers slipped into her hole, sucking the girl in like a black hole.


Meanwhile, in her ass, the other tiny girl was in hell. Julia’s ass was filthy, and the girl found herself quickly coated in grime and filth as Julia’s arousal caused her muscles to clench down on her. Every squeeze of her glutes crushed the air out of her as she weakly squirmed in the foul, filthy hole. As the muscles relaxed, she went to scream, only for putrid ass sweat to flood into her mouth, causing her to choke and sputter on the nasty fluid.


Julia was in heaven and the girls were in hell. Every tiny squirm and kick ignited a new wave of pleasure across her body as she writhed in animalistic pleasure.


The girl in her pussy’s world turned upside down again and again as the churning storm battered her everywhere which way. To her horror, the cavern filled more and more with love syrup as Julia neared the zenith of her pleasure. The fluid drenched the girl, and began to force it’s way into her lungs. In a final act of desperation, the girl threw her entire weight into slamming against the roof of her prison.

              Julia screamed, the final bump pushing her over the end. As oceans of pleasure coursed through her veins, her pussy filled with a tsunami of syrup, drowning the girl in her juices. Her ass tensed up, and a new sensation drew her away from the dripping mess of her pussy.


Inside her ass, the girl knew the end was near. The tensions had become more frequent and aggressive, cracking ribs and breaking bones. She wheezed through every breath, struggling to take in the little putrid air she could get in her. Brutal tremors and muffled moans signaled Julia’s orgasm. Her sphincter slammed down on the girl, but with no air, she could only let out the faintest of squeaks as the ring of muscles clamped down. The powerful sphincter pressed tighter and tighter, and she felt her ribs near their breaking point. Julia’s tensing was the last thing she felt as her ribcage collapsed, tearing through her organs and pressing them out of whatever holes she could. A mess of blood and viscera squirted out of both ends as the girl shattered and died in her ass.


Julia reached around and rubbed at her asshole, feeling what she quickly realized was the girl’s head, crushed off of its body. Without a second thought, she shoved her finger into the mess, cracking her head like an egg into the wet mush. Removing her finger, she admired the mess of blood and filth, before wiping it on her shirt. Stretching, Julia rose back to her feet, unintentionally dislodging the broken remains of the girl in her pussy, which dripped sadly from her body onto the floor. Julia barely even registered as she shifted her foot, crushing the twitching body into red paste beneath her filthy heel.


Still basking in the afterglow of her wonderful orgasm, Julia strolled into her kitchen and poured a bowl of Cheerios into a bowl. To her post-orgasmic delight, one more tiny girl tumbled into the bowl, pinned beneath a ring of grain.


“One more little snack for me!” Julia delightedly hummed as she began to pour milk into the bowl. The girl began to scream as the ice-cold milk touched her skin. She desperately clung to one of the Cheerios as her pile became a lake. There was nothing she could do as Julia excitedly scooped into the bowl, mercifully missing the tiny girl. In a second, the enormous scoop of Cheerios and milk disappeared between her plump lips. Julia leaned in close to the swimming tiny as she chewed the rings into mash. She opened her mouth, blasting the tiny with a wave of putrid Cheerio-scented breath. The girl looked in horror at the gross mush in her mouth, which disappeared in seconds with a disgusting squelch. Julia’s smile appeared more like a sadistic sneer as the spoon once again slipped below the surface. To her horror, the rings around her began to lift into the sky. Julia unceremoniously dumped the tiny into her maw with the cereal, which she quickly began to chew into paste.


The interior of her maw became a foul hurricane of spit, milk and cereal mush as Julia’s powerful jaw effortlessly obliterated the cereal into paste. With a foul, disgusting gulp, the fermenting mush slid down her throat, dragging the tiny girl along with her.


The girl wailed in despair as she slipped into the putrid cavern. The islands of cereal mush hissed as they hit the liquid. She knew exactly what would happen if she fell into it, as what she could only guess was a human skull floating in the corrosive lake beneath her feet. In despair and frustration, the girl didn’t wait for her mushy island to dissolve and jumped into the acid. She screamed as the corrosive fluid burned away her skin, melting her body. Within seconds, all that remained was the bones of what once was a tiny girl.


Julia, meanwhile, already forgot about the girl as she continued to dig into the cereal, quickly polishing off the bowl. Without a second thought, she stretched and returned to her couch, before pausing as she saw a small figure scamper away behind a corner.

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