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Story Notes:

Huge thanks to @Felwinter2187 for reading over the story for me!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, any similarities to any person, living or dead is purely coincidential.

Copyright: PleaseStepOnMeDamnit, 2022

Author's Chapter Notes:

This story was written for a contest, hope you enjoy!

The wind howled fiercely against the old cabin, rattling the casements, and shaking the wooden walls and roof. Inside, cold drafts seeped through any gaps they could, struggling for control against the desperate orange glow of the fireplace. In the dim light, the spartan cabin radiated a bleak, oppressive aura. Worn, off-white furniture in the dark kitchen radiated a foreboding aura against the dim reflections of the rapidly accumulating snowdrifts, with only the swirling white vortex outside to break the stillness of the stark surroundings. A small Christmas tree in the corner provided additional faint illumination to the bleak cabin interior, the tiny lights adding a faint twinkle of color reflecting off of the barren walls.

“Welp, we’re stuck here.” A young woman muttered, buried under a pile of blankets.

“Can’t even see anything beyond a wall of white outside.” A tiny figure replied, nuzzling into her neck in an attempt to siphon whatever bit of warmth his tiny body could hold. The two laid together silently, with only the howling winds and creaks of the old structure to fill the void. “Hell of a Christmas this is. At least I get to spend it with you.”

The woman chuckled slightly. “Well, it’s certainly atmospheric. Just you and me, far away from anything and anyone, in the middle of a snowstorm on Christmas Eve. No matter how cold this place gets or how dark, I’m just happy to spend it with you, David.”

“Your hair looks so beautiful by the firelight Jessica, it’s almost like it’s glowing.” Jessica brushed aside some of her flowing auburn locks, causing them to glitter in the flickering light of the fire.

“I love you, David.”

Jessica smiled as she felt the tiny pecks of her beloved’s kisses on her neck. Gently grasping the tiny between her fingers, she lowered him onto her plush lips, gently blasting him with warm minty breath as she let him sink into her kiss. David laid on her lips for a moment, soaking in her warm breath and soft lips.
Gently lifting the tiny, she pulled open the top of her sweater, blasting the tiny with her body warmth. Jessica quickly slid the tiny between her breasts.

“Nice and warm, huh?”

In the darkness, David felt around the squishy walls, as they closed in like a soft compactor. Jessica gently pressed her boobs together pinning her lover between the two mountains.

“Ho… how could I not be warm in here?” David choked out as the oppressive breasts squeezed the air from his lungs in addition to the cold.

Jessica giggled as she playfully smothered her lover between the soft orbs. “Get cozy, my boobs are the best way to banish the cold.”

After a few moments, the pressure subsided, and David laid quietly in her cleavage, enveloped in her intense body heat.

“So… what do we want to do now?” David quipped, still clinging to her warm breast.

“You’ll see. I got something cooked up for us to do that I think we’ll both love.” Jessica replied playfully. “I guess now is as good a time as any to get that rolling. Wait right here”

Rising from the couch, Jessica folded David into the blanket and walked into the bedroom. Biting cold began to seep into the blanket folds as David poked his head from the warm blanket. For a few moments, the fierce howling of the wind was the only sound filling the air as David patiently waited for his lover to return. Soon, the rhythmic clacking of heels on the ground poked through the howls of the winter storm. David looked up in awe as Jessica strolled back into the room.

“S-santa girl!”

Black, knee-high heeled boots adorned Jessica’s legs, complemented by thigh-length low-cut red dress with white trim and a black belt. She flicked the white puffball on her Santa hat out of her face to the side. “How do I look?”

“Stunning…” was the only words that could escape David’s mouth as he stared slackjaw at the towering holiday beauty before him.

“So,” Jessica proclaimed, planting her right boot into the cushion next to the blanket bundle Jackson was perched on. “I’ve got my present this year, now what do you want for yours?”

“Wait… I haven’t got you anything yet…?”

“Oh haven’t you? Because so far, I’ve received a new sex toy, stress reliever, cuddle buddy… lover…” Jessica’s sultry gaze melted into a warm smile. “I got you.”

“And I got you.”

Jessica hiked up her skirt, fully revealing her red-laced panties. “So, what say we make this a mutual gift then?”

David stared, mesmerized, at Jessica’s lacey red panties, before fervently nodding his approval.

“I thought about surprising you bottomless but I’m cold already as it is, and I don’t really feel like freezing my bits so sexy panties it is.”

The two chuckled for a bit before Jessica fished him out of the blanket pile.

“Strip for me! And make it sexy!”

David slowly began to strip, ignoring the biting cold as he became entranced in the steamy gaze of his gigantic lover. Just as his shirt fell away, his pants began to come down as well.

“You must really be in the mood if you’re pitching a tent in this cold. Drop your underwear.”

Without a word, David began to pull down his sole remaining garment. His cock bounced from his underwear into the air, pointing out from his miniscule form. Stepping forward, David kicked his clothes into a bundle, which Jessica removed and placed onto the coffee table.

“Alright, let’s get started.”

Jessica turned around and gently tossed David onto the couch cushion. From below, he watched as her meteoric ass fell from the sky down onto the same cushion. All around him, Jessica’s ass and thighs slammed into the cushion like an asteroid impacting a planet. The cushion buckled upwards, briefly tossing him into the air before he landed back on the soft leather surface. Standing to his feet, David surveyed his surroundings.

High walls of pale thighs surrounded him on either side, funneling him towards the enormous red surface shielding Jessica’s crotch from the outside world. High above, she stared down at him, seemingly judging his every move.

“So, I have it on good faith that you’ve been one naughty boy this year, and given that it’s Christmas Eve already, I don’t think you have enough time to go out and do any ‘good deeds’ to wipe away your transgressions. Fortunately, I think we can work out another arrangement to get you back on the nice list.”

David braced himself as Jessica began to slide down her underwear, pushing the panties forward to create a space between them and her.

“It’s cold out there, isn’t it? Fortunately, I can help you satisfy that need too. Of course, it won’t be free. You will need to earn your warmth, and I think it’ll help you make your case to get back on the nice list too. Step forward, past my panties and await my instructions.”

David walked forward, stepping over the red string into the inner sanctum. Behind him, the massive sheet of fabric stretched into the sky. David stared up at her pussy. The enormous organ towered over him, a looming wall of glistening folds and neatly maintained pubic hair. The air became warm and thick, as Jessica’s excitement betrayed her stern persona.

“I’ve seen it a few times now and it never gets any less beautiful.”

Her stern face disintegrated into a bright smile.

“I’m so happy to hear that!”

Clearing her throat, she resumed her strict persona.

“Now, your first task will be to pleasure me, so lick and rub my pussy until I orgasm, and I will consider reviewing your status on the naughty list. But be warned, if you do a bad job, I will punish you, and believe me, you do not want my punishments. Get to work.”

Resting her head on her hand, she observed as he nervously approached her enormous sex. As David gently ran his hand across her folds, she bit her lip as she felt pleasure building up from his touch.

“Mmm” Jessica let out a small moan.

David, meanwhile, basking in the heat from her pussy, began to rub more vigorously, lapping at the glistening folds to please her. His space became tighter as she squirmed, slamming her thighs together. Fully aroused himself, he carefully began to climb the slick surface to reach her clit. “Fuck… this feels good. You’re the best David.”

As David neared the top, his foot slipped, causing him to instinctively grasp onto her clitoral hood to steady himself. High above him, Jessica winced and bit her lower lip.

“Just like that… Hnnng.” Jessica fidgeted uncontrollably as he clambered to a more stable grip. Once David had oriented himself, he began to rub the sensitive flesh around him, Jessica began to buck up slightly, beginning to lose herself in David’s loving kisses and licks. David hung on for dear life before a massive, icy finger slammed into his back. Instantly, his free agency was ripped from him as Jessica’s powerful fingers cancelled out his freedom of movement and dragged him wherever she felt him most useful. Jessica rubbed him across her aching clit, battering him against her folds.

“Fuck this, I have to have you inside me.”

David braced himself as he watched two of her fingers plunge inside of her. Moments later, she shoved him into the hole, grunting and moaning as his involuntary squirms stimulated the sensitive tunnel. She winced as her hot flesh clamped down on the cold tiny, forcibly warming David’s body. Undeterred by the short zap of cold, she resumed her masturbation, rubbing the tips of her fingers across her clit. Meanwhile, inside her pussy, David was assaulted on all sides by the tightening walls of the tunnel. The intensity of her body heat turned the interior into a murky swamp, amplified by the syrupy liquid that drizzled onto him from all angles.
Jessica squirmed frantically as undulating waves of pleasure washed over her body. As her pleasure reached its peak, the walls of her pussy clamped down on David, preventing him from even squirming inside of him. David weakly grunted as the flesh threatened to crush him. Despite the crushing pressure and boiling heat, the sensation of the undulating flesh against his entire body left him erect, and her masturbation began to rub against his own member, stimulating him as he flailed in the cavern. Outside, Jessica screamed as she reached orgasm, frantically gasping for air as the dopamine rush subsided. Inside, a torrent of fluid coincided with her pussy relaxing, flushing the battered David from the hole onto the couch in a puddle of love syrup as he too began to orgasm, spurting tiny ropes of white fluid as he laid in the puddle. Jessica basked in the post-orgasm bliss, her hat falling down over her face as she laid heaving on the couch. Within a few seconds, the liquid turned ice-cold from the frigid, drafty room. Above him, Jessica shifted. She sat up, looming her tired pussy precariously over the exhausted tiny.

“Ah shit, I need to get you cleaned up and warm.”

Staggering to her feet, Jessica scooped the limp David from the puddle of goo and stumbled to the bathroom. Ignoring the biting cold on her still-wet pussy, she waited until the water was warm enough for David before plunging him into the stream. With gentle precision, she scrubbed away the residue. A quick dry later and she set him down on the counter before settling down on the old toilet herself to clean up.

“You came right? You should go to the bathroom too, get that stuff out of you.”

“Am I on the nice list now?” David asked as he turned to relieve himself.

“Oh, what you did to me was naughty as fuck, but I think you’ve made the list with that performance. So glad to have you as my little sex toy.”

“And I’m glad to be used by you.”

“You’re so cute.” Jessica proudly proclaimed as she finished cleaning herself up. Picking up the tiny, she strolled into the old bedroom.

“I don’t know about you, but after that experience, I am worn out, so let’s get some rest so we can wake up to a bright Christmas morning.”

Jessica set David on the nightstand as she peeled back the covers of the bed. Turning back to herself, she removed her Santa dress before hanging it on the door.

“The bra looks just as good as the panties I see.” David remarked as Jessica continued to prepare for bed.

“Really does. I’m glad you appreciated this whole getup just as much as I did.” She chuckled as she set the hat on the bedpost.

Jessica climbed beneath the thick covers, gingerly adjusting to the cold surface. Gently plucking David off of the table, she nestled his lower half into her bra cup, gently pinning him between the soft breast and the fabric. David spread his hands out wide, sopping up as much heat as he could from the warm breast.

“From here, the sound of your heart drowns out the storm.” David mumbled as the heat caused him to become drowsy.

Jessica smiled warmly at her lover safely tucked in her bra. As she settled into the old bed, the covers became warmer as her eyelids grew heavy. Outside, the fierce blizzard howled and raged, but to the couple lying together in the dark cabin, it became little more than a distant murmur as both drifted into a deep slumber.


Bright light streaked into the room, bouncing off the snow to illuminate the surroundings with brilliant radiance. Jessica squinted as the light burned against her eyes. Turning to look outside, the world was bright, but quiet. Sounds from outside were muffled by the thick snowdrifts against the windows, giving an ethereal stillness to the scenery. Within her bra cup, David awoke and began to squirm, prompting Jessica to retrieve him from her breasts.

“Merry Christmas, David.”

“Merry Christmas, Jessica”

The two laid silently together for several minutes, the pleasant memories of the prior night washing over them. Finally, Jessica began to sit up, grunting at the blast of cold at her back.

“So, about breakfast. I don’t know when they’re going to come dig us out, so it may just be some cheese and crackers until the camp staff come for us. That sound good to you?”

An enthusiastic nod prompted a chuckle from Jessica. Slipping into a fluffy bathrobe, she tucked David between her breasts as she walked back through the cabin. The remains of the fire weakly crackled as little more than a few dim embers in the dark fireplace. Jessica dug through the kitchen for a bit before producing a box of crackers.

“Want me to step on them for you?”

“Nah, just break me off a bit. As much as I love licking your boots, it’s too cold to be on the floor. Just set me by your coffee cup so I don’t freeze.”

Jessica nodded as she crushed one of the crackers in her hand, sprinkling the crumbs onto a plate for David to eat, while she nibbled on her own. As David laid against the warm surface of her coffee cup, he turned to look out the window at the thick snowdrifts that buried the land in a uniform white.

“So… I guess we’re trapped here for a bit longer.”

“Guess so.” Jessica mumbled, wiping cracker crumbs from her lips. “Say, wanna do something else fun?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, but we got a whole cabin to ourselves, so let’s see what fun things we can get up to while alone together!”

David smiled as Jessica scooped him into her hand, the two humming cheerfully as she sauntered back into the living room, eager to alleviate her quickly growing pleasure.

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