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Makoto breathed a sigh of relief; the game was finally over. He stood in front of the massive, silvery metal vault door that separated him and the other survivors from the outside world. Or at least, what remained of it.

He and his friends, Kyoko, Aoi, Yasuhiro, and some more interesting relationships with Byakuya and Toko, all six of them stood anxiously as the smallest boy held up an object. The switch that opened the door. He pressed the button.

It was the culmination of their entire journey. Of having to see their friends killed and executed because of their classmate, Junko Enoshima. That wicked woman had put them in the entire death game to begin with. It was over, it was finally over. The massive vault door parted ways with an almost angelic white light. They were finally freed…


“Ughhhhh that was so boring!” Junko cried out from underneath the compactor. The woman somehow managed to completely survive her execution unscathed. It was supposed to be the final moments of her life where she was able to experience the greatest despair of all: the end. But instead, it turned out to be completely disappointing, as what seemed to be like everything in life. The bloody compactor lifted up and revealed her body was also completely fine. The hundreds of baseballs, burns, and pummels from the excavator in her execution didn’t even hurt her!

The ultimate despair stood up and brushed off any dirt or grime on her with a frown. Now, all the despair she had gotten from seeing her friends and beloved sister die in horrific ways was ruined by the whimper of a finale. “I did all this work for nothing! Gosh how annoying!” The evil woman cried out without a second thought to the crimes she had done.

“But I just cant let those bastards have a happy ending…” Junko pondered. “They all think they are safe…that its all over…” She slowly started to grin. “And if I can destroy that sense of safety and relief, their despair would be so great!” Her grin widened and she started to bounce with a little sadistic joy. “But how can I do that?” She wondered aloud.

As she said that, the ground started to suddenly shake, and an intense feeling entered her body. Junko looked around and saw that her surroundings were getting smaller every second as cracks spread across the floor. But it was not everything getting smaller, she was getting bigger…

Makoto and his friends were ushered away from the school by various people wearing fancy two piece suits. They called themselves future foundation. And though they were being rescued, Makoto and the other survivors could not take their eyes off their surroundings. A blood red sky with oxygen that felt like it was suffocating you, debris and destruction were everywhere, and how barren the outside was. Junko and the ultimate despair really did destroy everything, it was their worst nightmare. This was the new world that they would have to get adjusted to.

The survivors were ushered into a transportation truck, all Future Foundation could manage at the moment, and started to drive away, staring back at the Hopes Peak Academy building with a mix of sorrow and a sense of hope. But the building suddenly exploded into pieces and a loud, long shockwave tremored. The suited agents cursed and lost control of the vehicle as chunks of the schools wall landed around them on the broken road. Coming to a dead stop, the survivors looked back to where the school was and their jaws dropped, the sense of hope completely gone.

In the place of the academy was Junko Enoshima, grown into an impossibly large giantess.

The giantess gyaru smirked as she finally stopped growing at around 250 feet tall. The entire campus had shattered trying to contain her. She scanned and saw the survivors attempted escape, with plenty of future foundation agents screaming at her from below, drawing firearms ready to shoot.

Junko payed zero attention toward them and moved her foot forward to start walking. The shadow of her high heel boots casted over a group of agents that opened fire fruitlessly. In mere seconds She pushed her foot down and moved forward, not even noticing that she had literally stomped all over an entire squadron, their only remains being a mixture of red, bloody paste and broken, shattered bones. All of the agents in between the giantess and the surviving six returned fire, shouting and hollering. Even as their bullets bounced off her skin and shoes they refused to give up. Junko in turn smiled and stomped down hard onto a group of about 11, and spun around in a circle. Her boot became an immovable object of death, every person and vehicle it collided with instantly became dust and half of the army sent to retrieve the surviving students had been wiped out.

“Oh no no no no!! I have to get out of here!!!!” Yasuhiro Hagakure screamed out in panic, the other survivors did not even know what to say either. Aoi Asahina and Kyoko Kirigiri covered their mouths as their eyes widened at the sight of the giantess’s destruction. Toko cowered and looked down onto the ground unable to face reality. “This…is really not good.” Byakuya Togami uttered, even a man with such high ego as him did not know what to do. Makoto flinched. Watching the giant Junko barrel towards them crushing everything – and everyone – in her wake was causing him to have a massive panic attack, but he had to steady himself and appear calm to his friends. He hopped out of the back of the truck and ran to the drivers side, the driver had been knocked out from the earlier whiplash. Makoto pulled him out and sat down, it had been a long time since he had tried to get his drivers license, but he had to get the car moving. He had to drive, if he could just rely on his hope everything would turn out ok-

Makoto’s thoughts were interrupted by the truck flying forward hundreds of feet in the air. Junko had caught up, she had crushed and grinded all of the Future Foundations members sent to retrieve them to death. The survivors screamed in pure horror, and then Makoto blacked out.


The ultimate hope awoke in complete pain. Every part of his body ached with such tremendous pain he felt paralyzed. His vision was dark but he could make out a few things in front of him. He saw the wreckage of the truck, completely destroyed. Yasuhiro and Byakuya were in front of him, writhing in pain, but they looked like they survived. Farther ahead, Kyoko, Aoi, and Toko had managed to crawl together. They all looked to be ok.

“Naegi! Naegi!!” Hagakure cried out in immense pain. Makoto looked back at his friend, both of them tried to get up –

But Junko’s heel suddenly crashed into Yasuhiro, obliterating him instantly.

Makoto collapsed down in pure shock. After everything they had been through, Yasuhiro, his friend, was just gone. He did not even have the energy to cry out, none of them did. Byakuya became completely pale as the heel just barely missed him, he went to roll away –

But then the other heel crashed right into him, and he suffered the same fate as the ultimate clairvoyant.

Junko stood proudly as she had squished two of her biggest ‘enemies’ into nothing. Smirking proudly. She saw the three female survivors gathered, their spirits destroyed, but more importantly, she saw the little bug of hope Makoto trying to crawl to safety.

She bent down and picked him up with her large hand and stood up to her full height. Makoto’s head spun in circles as he tried to comprehend what was happening. How Junko was still alive and impossibly tall. The giantess moved her hand to be in front of her face with an evil, despair filled smile.

“Betcha didn’t see this coming now did you Makoto~?” She cooed, taunting her nemesis. Makoto could do nothing but groan in pain. Junko wiggled her massive chest and started to shake with excitement. “I would love to put you through the most torturous execution I possibly could right now, but I think you just deserve this~”

Junko suddenly tightened her grip and balled her hand into a fist. It was so fast and so strong Makoto did not realize what was happened as he was popped like a bug, at least he went out peacefully…


Junko tossed aside Makotos mangled body and lowered herself down to the three girls, scooping them up. “Please…. please don’t hurt us.” Aoi begged. Toko was to busy sobbing from seeing her ‘master’ die in front of her to do anything, and Kyoko looked completely shell shocked. Junko smirked at them. “Well, im feeling merciful, so you three get a special treat.” She tugged just a bit on her shirt and snugged the trio on top of her chest. 

“You all get a front row seat to witness Junko Enoshima’s ultimate destruction!”

The giantess then shot up even higher in another growth spurt, it was so fast and powerful that it completely obliterated the ground beneath her as she reached 5000 feet tall! Now, it was time to have some fun~.

The massive girl moved her massive legs and took a few steps forward. That short walk took her to a barely surviving city. Damaged to near irreparability by the tragedy, its few inhabitants lived simple lives trying to survive. None of them could have predicted what was about to happen to them.

The giantess appeared suddenly to them, and just as fast as she arrived, Junko reeled her foot back and kicked it in the general direction of the city. In a near instant half off all remaining buildings and citizens were wiped out. The poor, normal sized people had an air of confusion for one moment, until Junko used her other massive boot to level the other half, destroying it entirely.

With an evil grin, Junko went around the near barren country of Japan. Remnants of large metropolis’s that had turned into ghost towns were everywhere; she came across the now wasteland looking Osaka, crawling with few survivors, and viciously stomped until every building and person was grinded into pure dust.

“Nyek nyek nyek!” She shouted out evilly as, yet another small settlement met the bottom of her heel. She can faintly hear the screams of the damned below her, cursing at her for everything she had done. They all ceased when she took another hard stomp. She had reached the edge of the country and in the far-off distance, she saw the outline of a large archipelago: Towa City Island.

The island had largely been unaffected by the tragedy. It was a few months away from a would be attack by the warriors of hope, and might have been the last place left on the planet where life was relatively normal. 

Junko took a step into the ocean, feeling the ocean floor at the bottom of her boot that was barely submerged, and started to walk towards the island. Due to her massive size, she reached it within minutes. Her giant shadow casted over the streets of Towa city and its citizens started to scream in fear.

“That’s right, its Junko fuckin’ Enoshima!!” She shouted, swiping one her hands down and eliminating entire city blocks in one quick strike. Cars crashed and people started to run in a massive panic, almost as massive as her. Junko in turn lifted her boot out of the shallow ocean, deadly sea waves splashing against the sides of the island that caused dozens to drown and sent her boot crashing down to the ground. The island shook as she struck, lifting her other foot, and slamming it down as well.

She was now standing directly on the island and laughed maniacally, stamping around mindlessly as she did so. Her boots were turned into weapons of mass destructions as they obliterated buildings, roads, cars, and thousands of people. The last bastion of normalcy in an apocalyptic world was destroyed by the mastermind behind it all.

The screams of the worthless ants beneath her boots gradually stopped. Junko stopped for a breath and saw that she had annihilated the entire island, save for one last building, Towa HQ. The centerpiece of the island that was the tallest building she had ever seen, but still barely went up to her calf. She spun around and extended her leg out with full force.

“Another piece of hope destroyed! ~” She cooed. Junko gave the building a fierce roundhouse kick that sent it sailing thousands of yards away, gone from her sight.

Her evil destruction was not over yet however. With a giddy smile She shot up and grew even higher. She was so big that the bottom of the heel on her boot rose high above the dark black clouds. The now gargantuan woman took a few steps, her massive breasts bouncing around which caused the three remaining killing game survivors to be thrown around.

“How’s the ride?” Junko asked them, not even caring that she couldn’t hear their crys and pleas to stop. After a few steps, Junko had essentially traveled from Japan to the center of North America. She bent down and with her amazing eyesight, saw a tiny speck of a building, the main Future Foundation base.

“Well don’t worry, because you can have some fun too~” she cooed as she squatted lower, sending her bouncing breasts downward like a hammer. She lied down across the entire continental landmass (which by itself caused the deaths of the majority of the remnants of humanity), and her two breasts crashed against the Future Foundation’s base and gave it an instantaneous, pillow annihilation. 

“Finally, all pieces of hope are gone~ But I didn’t expect it to be so boring…” The ultimate despair wandered out loud. “Oh well, no where to go but up I suppose.” Junko said and once again sent her body into growth once again. It was nearly instant, but she grew so big it was almost impossible for the universe to comprehend.

Junko stood up and looked around. There was nothing but black, endless space around her. She used her eyes to analyze around her and saw a little speck of dust that she then flicked with her finger. The speck of dust she saw was an entire galaxy, that she had just casually wiped away. 

“Well, I guess I just gotta look around and find something to do…” She said to herself, beginning to walk in the vacuum of space due to her incredible mass.


“Is there even anything we can do!?!” Aoi Asahina shouted out loud to her two living friends. Kyoko was pondering as she always did while Toko was still trying to comprehend her ‘masters' death.

“At this point, there’s really nothing we can do, I mean, she grew so large that the only thing around her and us is just…. space.” Kyoko responded. The three girls themselves had grown to be just a little bit smaller than the galaxy Junko had destroyed earlier.

“Well… lets just try and enjoy it, I guess…” Toko finally resigned. The three girls sat down together and peered out into the vast space in front of them. “You two want to bet that she’ll grow bigger than the universe?” Aoi asked, which caused the whole group to lightly laugh. Maybe this situation would not be so bad after all.

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