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Story Notes:

HUGE thanks to Felwinter2187 for helping me with revision and review! She's an amazing author, go check her out!!


Also, credit to @ReiHinoAI on Twitter for posting a tweet about a giant park ranger that inspired this whole story!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, any similarities to any person, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright, PleaseStepOnMeDamnit, 2022

Author's Chapter Notes:

Enjoy the story!!

“I think this is the place”


              Sally groaned as she stared over the deserted campsite. After a long night of listening to complaints about rowdy campers, the weary park ranger was unsurprised at the mess strewn about the campsite. Although no one could be found at the scene, their mess left clear evidence of their activities, as beer bottles, boxes and other trash littered the camping area. Sally slowly walked through the campsite, searching around the empty tents and bags.


              “I got so many fucking reports last night about obnoxious people creating a ruckus out here and the shits aren’t even here. Just up and left their trash everyone.”


As she walked, a crunch disturbed the quiet scene. Staring down, she stepped off of a singed cardboard tube that had easily crushed under her heavy boot.


“Of course, the bastards were violating the burn ban too. It’s a miracle this place isn’t up in flames.”


With a sigh, she grabbed the end of her long, blonde hair and threaded it through the back of her baseball cap as a makeshift ponytail. Brushing off her khaki ranger uniform and green cargo shorts, she reached into her backpack for a trash bag, grumbling as she got to work cleaning up the site.



Unbeknownst to the ranger, the campers weren’t too far away. After suddenly waking up not much bigger than ants, the five terrified shrunken campers huddled behind a wrapper, watching as the building sized woman entered their campsite.


“Finally, someone’s come to rescue us!” the formerly tall man exclaimed.


“We wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place if you hadn’t got us to smoke that weird shit, Jacob.”


“Carlos, Jacob, break it up!” a short blonde shouted exasperatedly.


“Can it Cassandra.”


A taller brunette peeked behind the wrapper and watched the gigantic ranger pick up a broken firework launcher.


One of the tinies stared at her, less nervous that the others. “At least she’s pretty, she’s got a nice rack at least.”


Cassandra slapped him, “We’re the size of bugs and all you can think of is her chest? We should be focused on getting her attention, not how big her tits are, Marco!”


“Guys, I don’t think she’s going to be of much help.” Jennifer murmured as she watched her throw the tube into a trash bag.


Suddenly, the ground began to shake. The giant woman began to walk forward towards them. Anything unlucky to be in her path, from grass to trash to insects, found itself quickly decimated under her hiking boots. A chorus of crunches and thuds resonated towards them. Instinctively, four of the tinies began to sprint away. Despite this, Cassandra cowered under the wrapper, terrified of the gargantuan woman. Eventually, the gigantic woman stopped in front of the wrapper with a tremendous crash. Cassandra meekly peeked out, only to look away in horror, as the sheer scale of the ranger too much for her to bear. They knew they weren’t much larger than the ants that meandered around the campsite, but she’d never felt smaller in the woman’s presence. Looking again, she realized she was smaller than the rugged sole of her massive brown boot. Looking up, the woman stretched high into the sky, blotting out the sun with her massive form. Casandra shuddered as she realized that the woman’s eyes were focused directly on the wrapper she was hiding under.


“Ugh, so many ants everywhere. I know they’re natural but leaving out food like this attracts pests.” Sally muttered to the thousands of tiny spectators at her feet as she lifted up her foot and swept the wrapper to the side.


              Cassandra screamed as a wave of dirt and ants washed over her as the building-sized shoe threw dirt and the wrapper to the side, nearing burying the tiny girl. Cassandra was in the open, and now had a full view of the giant’s disgusted sneer. Her blonde hair glinted in the sun, giving her an almost divine appearance. Ironic, she thought. Suddenly, her view of the giant woman was replaced with the lugged sole of her shoe. Cassandra bolted, screaming a torrent of incoherent pleas as the shadow enveloped her scenery. Dirt and debris rained down from the filthy boot sole as Sally oriented herself to get the maximum number of victims.


              It wasn’t enough. No matter how far she ran, she couldn’t outrun Sally’s boot. A tiny pebble, miniscule to any normal person, fell from the sole directly onto Cassandra, knocking her to the ground. She opened her mouth to scream but was silenced by hundreds of tons of rubber. Cassandra’s head and torso instantly exploded into a thin, red paste beneath one of the lugs of Sally’s boot. Her legs twitched briefly beneath the sole as her crushed body was pressed into the imprint of her shoe sole. A slight twist of Sally’s foot erased any evidence of the girl’s existence.


              “Gross bugs. These morons are lucky that no larger animals came to pay them a visit. Damn that felt good though, wish I could do that to these punks.” Sally bent down to pick up the wrapper, shaking the ants off before tossing it into the trash bag.




              “Damn, gotta piss, good thing about the forest is there’s no one around to see you.”

              Jacob stared up in awe as the gargantuan woman high above him slowly dropped her pants and underwear, exposing her stuffy pussy to the warm outdoor breeze. His eyes were transfixed as the beautiful ranger suddenly dropped into a squat, only to be snapped out by the powerful smell of her hairy, sweaty crotch. Instantly, he knew what was coming, and he knew there was no escape.


              “Aaah, that feels good.”

              A torrent of putrid, yellow liquid poured from the hair-lined pussy like a smelly waterfall, creating a horrific downpour for the helpless tiny. Instantly, the ground beneath him became a river, as the urine flood began to wash him away. The tiny island he found himself on was quickly overrun and he began to be washed down the river. Over the rushing of water and the sheer blast of her bladder emptying, he could hear her quietly humming, oblivious to the horrors just relieving herself was creating at her feet. Jacob flailed wildly in the torrent, feebly trying to overcome Sally’s force. The foul liquid forced its way into his nose and mouth, causing him to choke and splutter as the ammonia washed through his body and filled his lungs. Drowning him in her piss. Eventually, his strength gave out, and as darkness clouded his vision, the last thing he heard was the booming laughter of his unwitting killer, who was amused at the small insect struggling in the lake created by the simple act of her relieving herself.


              Looking down at the dribbling yellow stream, Sally muttered, “Hm, I need to drink something, don’t want to get dehydrated. Wiping with a napkin, she threw it into a trash, pulled up her pants and walked away, leaving the puddle to fade away into the dirt.


              Jennifer stared up at the towering metal cylinder in front of her. Watching her two friends perish shook the terrified girl. Steeling her nerves, she began to climb the metal bottle, clambering up the rugged webbing cladding on the surface. Suddenly, everything began to shake, forcing her to desperately cling to the side of the bottle. The appearance of a massive boot confirmed her expectations. Massive finger beneath her wrapped around the surface and lifted it into the sky. Looking up, she watched as the woman removed the screw cap.


              “It’s now or never” she muttered to herself.


              With one final grunt, she lifted herself onto the rim, giving her a full view of the enormous park ranger’s face. Despite her beautiful visage from a distance, her mouth was a gross whirlwind of slimy saliva, a terrifying world only visible to her. Her confidence evaporated instantly as she watched gallons and gallons of water rush into the disgusting cavern. Sally exhaled slightly, blasting her with putrid breath from the filthy mouth of the ranger. As she stood to scream for her attention, Jennifer slipped and plunged into the torrent. Her enormous red lips rushed past as the helpless tiny was sucked into the nasty cavern.


              Satisfied, Sally screwed the cap on her bottle and set it down. As she returned to cleaning up the trash, she lazily swished the water around in her mouth, toying with the liquid in her cheeks.


              Jennifer’s world became a churning storm as the ranger swished the water around her mouth. The tiny girl bounced around, across her slimy teeth and tongue. A torrential current began to tear through the space, sucking all of the now-disgusting water down her monstrous throat. Jennifer was lucky to escape the drain, but now found herself adhered to the disgusting tongue. Scared, frustrated and defeated, she began to cry as smelly saliva began to drip down on her. As she began to move, a “hmph” resonated through the cavern. Suddenly, the tongue grabbed the small girl and began to play with her, mashing her against her slimy white teeth. Plaque and other disgusting slime coated the battered tiny girl, as the putrid, humid cavern shattered any semblance of humanity in her. Sally then turned to flicking the girl around, smacking her across the cavern with a series of wet squelches. Finally, tired of the bug’s continued existing, she flicked it backwards towards her ghastly throat. Jennifer desperately screamed and clawed for anything to hold her down, but the slippery saliva negated anything that could be used to grab. Instead, she found herself plunging down through the disgusting tunnel. As she fell, the heat and stench intensified as she fell closer and closer to her stomach.


              The inside of the organ was like a smelly furnace. As soon as Jennifer landed on a piece of half-dissolved food, she vomited, the heat and stench overwhelming her. Despite how dark it was, she knew how dangerous the vile goop around her dissolving raft was. With nothing else to do, and nowhere to run, she slipped into the acidic soup. Instantly, the acid began to work on her body. Jennifer screamed in agony as the powerful chemicals began to melt her skin away, dissolving the flesh instantly. Within a few moments, she sank into the foul goop for good.


              Sally sighed, satisfied from torturing, and swallowing the insect who flew into her mouth. Despite her hatred of bugs, she did enjoy idly tormenting the helpless thing as she worked and sentencing the bug to her stomach amused her greatly. Almost immediately, she forgot about her victim and returned her attention back to the campsite.


              Sally walked by the large tent. As expected, the door was left hanging open, and the inside was a disorganized mess of coolers and messy sleeping bags. As she approached, a strange smell filled her nostrils, causing her to recoil for a moment before she moved in to investigate. Digging through the mess, a small bag filled with leaves caught her eye.


              “Why am I not surprised…” Taking a second look at the bag, she mused, “Huh, that is not what I expected it to be…” Opening the bag, she sniffed the contents, “Yep, smells the same as the tent. I’ll take this back to the station to analyze it.”


              Shoving the baggy into her bag, Sally returned to cleaning up the trash. The next few minutes were uneventful, with the two remaining tinies, now fully realizing that the gargantuan woman would only spell a certain death for them, chose to hide out of sight. Marcos sought refuge under a bush, where the ranger’s boots were less likely to obliterate him. Out of the corner of her eye, Sally noticed a crumpled beer can haphazardly tossed under a tree and began to walk towards it. The nerd whimpered in fear as the massive boots shook the ground like a series of earthquakes, closer to a force of nature than a person like he used to be. As she stared down at the can, he knew he couldn’t stay where he was. With a shaky breath, he bolted for a new refuge.


              The simple act of Sally dropping to the ground seemed like a skyscraper collapsing onto him. The bug-sized man soon found himself transfixed as Sally rapidly descended closer and closer to his level. Her forearm hit the ground first, shaking him out of his fixation. Looking up again, he could only watch in horror as the ranger’s prodigious breasts fell like tan meteors onto his body.


              It felt like an asteroid crashing down onto him. As Sally got onto the ground to fish out the can, Marcos was slammed between her khaki-clad breasts and the ground. Despite the tremendous weight pressing down from above, the softness of her boobs saved him from instantly splattering. Instead, as the pressure mounted, his body slowly reached its limit. Slowly, his limbs began to shatter, the sheer weight of the woman overcoming the softness of her boobs, slowly crushing the tiny. As the splintering of his arms and legs wracked his mind with overwhelming pain, he thought back to the lewd comments he had made about her when they passed by her on the way to the camp. “They must be J-Cups at least”, he remembered saying. His wish of touching her large breasts was realized in the most horrific manner as the pressure reached its zenith. Marco’s ribcage finally gave way, shredding his body. With nothing even attempting to protect him anymore, the rest of him gave way, reducing him to a miniscule gory smear on the shirt of the ranger.


              As Sally grabbed the can, she rose back to her feet. Brushing off the dirt from her once-crisp uniform, a faint red streak on the tip of her finger caught her attention. Inspecting her shirt, she found a tiny dark red splotch on her right breast. Quietly muttering to herself, she scraped away the splotch with her thumb, erasing the creature’s existence for good.


              “That’s it, I guess. I swear to God, if I catch any more of these punks, they’re dead.” With a harsh chuckle, she kicked the ground, showering a nearby group of ants in dirt before stamping down on them, crushing the creatures under her boot. Satisfied with the cleanup, she eyed one of their chairs, abandoned like the rest of their camping gear. Sally walked over to the chair and turned to sit down.


              Carlos sat on the massive chair, defeated. From his vantage point, he watched as the ranger callously exterminated his friends, one by one as she cleaned up the campsite. As he curled up and tried to forget the nightmare of the day, he suddenly snapped back as a vast shadow enveloped the seat of the chair. Turning his head skyward, he watched as a dark green planet slammed down into the seat, the elasticity of the chair saving him from instantly splattering under the ranger’s enormous ass. The former jock began wail uncontrollably in frustration as the futility of his situation sank in deeper and deeper. Despite how rugged her khaki shorts were, the powerful stench of her ass sweat permeated through, crushing the last of the tiny’s spirits. The longer she sat, the sweatier his prison became. The khaki-clad ass soon became damp and rank with sweat as the enormous woman enjoyed her well-earned break, completely unaware of the life she was destroying under her ass.


              Sally sat silently in the chair, enjoying the newly cleaned scenery. Bereft of obnoxious partygoers, the forest was eerily silent, with only the faint sounds of wind to fill the empty soundscape. As her mind wandered, she sniffed under her armpit. As her face recoiled in disgust, thoughts of taking a shower back at the park office filled her mind as the serenity of the forest washed over her. It had been a busy few days, after all.


              Meanwhile, Carlos was in hell. Despite being lucky enough to not die instantly, his position directly beneath her asscrack meant that whatever bits of air he could received while being pressed under unstoppable force was filtered through her unwashed ass. With nowhere to escape, Carlos was powerless to escape the sweaty prison he was stuck in. By now, the surface beneath her ass was damp with nasty sweat, and the ass stench only became more and more powerful. As he began to lose consciousness, Sally shifted in her seat. As she adjusted her position, the metal snap of her cargo shorts smashed into his head, snuffing out the tiny instantly.


              For a few more minutes, Sally sat, content to watch the forest go by. Checking her watch, she rose to her feet and turned to look at the chair. In the center of the seat sat the partially crushed remains of an insect. Peering closer, she almost thought the creature looked human, and as she dismissed those thoughts, she pressed down on it with her finger, crushing the corpse into an unrecognizable streak. Already forgetting the bug, she collapsed down the chair and tossed it on top of the tent, collecting the stuff that wasn’t rubbish into one place. As she inspected the discarded gear one more time, a bag inside the tent caught her eye. Digging it out, a quick inspection revealed a few wallets. As she eagerly inspected them, the ID’s of the five missing campers soon ended up in her hands. For a moment, she stared at them, pondering the implications of the five abandoning their money and identification. However, the memory of the trashed campsite burned in her mind, and she let the cards fall to the ground. With no one but herself to witness, she stomped down on the ID’s, sighing as the thin plastic snapped under her boots. Satisfied with destroying any evidence of the campers using the space, she tossed the broken plastic into the bag before tying it up and placing it with the rest of the stuff to head back. Quickly pocketing any cash she found, she tossed the wallets back into the bag before bundling up the collapsed tent and equipment and carrying it back to her golf cart, though not before turning back to admire the cleaned campsite, freshly returned back to its natural state.

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