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Story Notes:

The story should be entertaining. Please don't skip! 😀

Author's Chapter Notes:

Stacy was walking along a narrow overgrown forest path at a brisk pace, her speed perfectly adjusted to the task of covering long distances efficiently, without getting out of breath prematurely. Her fit body, the body of a real sportswoman, was adapted to walking many miles a day, and the incredible stamina she possessed was a great trait many of her friends admired her for.

Ever since she was just a little girl, Stacy had been more of an introverted type and she had loved spending her leisure time in nature not disturbed by other people's presence, which was precisely what she was doing right now. The only sounds she was hearing at the moment were those of her feet hitting the ground as she progressed farther into the deep forest and her even breaths as she took in the fresh air. 

'Perfect for putting the mind at ease,' she thought. 

The path she was on right now must have long been forgotten, as the everpresent bushes and tree branches leaning over it made it increasingly hard to move forward.

Stacy was forced to slow down a bit, but continued her immersion into the kingdom of nature with even greater passion. She had been exploring this forest for a few years now and still had not discovered all its mysteries. Only recently had she come across this exact path, and determined to learn its secret, had waited till the weekend to be able to devote a full day to this new endeavour.

After having squeezed through a few extremely dense bushes, the girl suddenly realised that she had lost her sense of direction completely. However, she was already an experienced explorer, and this was definitely not the first time something like this happened. She knew that the only thing she needed to do to solve this problem was to go back following her own traces exactly, which was precisely what she did.

She thought she remembered where she had put her feet, but no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to resume the path that had led her to where she had found herself. Beginning to feel slight uneasiness, she eventually just chose a direction which seemed to be the most likely to be the right one. Moving and taking action was far better than getting lost in never ending analysis, which, more often than not, did not lead to finding any viable solutions in such situations anyway. Pure guess based on intuition was about the only option that she had.

Stacy soon began to regret not having taken a bigger food supply with her. Yes, the trip was supposed to last the entire day, but the way things were she was not going back home for the night. She stopped at a spot where the plant life was a little bit less intense and brushed her blond hair back, removing sweat from her forehead. She then took out a bottle of water and took a couple of sips of the refreshing liquid. At least she did not have to worry about quenching her thirst.

She sat on an old mossy tree trunk and rested her chin on her palms. She kept staring into space for some time, wondering if she had made the right choice. Could she have gone in another direction? Yes. Would that have turned out to be better? The answer was simple: There was no way of knowing that.

Her blue eyes widened suddenly as she saw a movement in the bushes directly in front of her. Was it some sort of a wild animal? She grabbed her pepper spray just in case. The animal must have been very small, but she was not going to let herself be surprised again after what she had experienced earlier that day. She decided to be cautious, just in case.

Some grass under one of the surrounding bushes moved a little bit, and a small humanoid creature came out from between the stalks. 

Stacy gasped surprised with what she saw and almost fell off the trunk she was sitting on. After the first shock had let go, she moved a bit closer in order to get a better look at the creature. It looked precisely like a human! From what she could see, he was a man around her age. He was only about six inches tall and wore primitive clothing; something one could only see at a fair in an open-air museum of some old tribe. 

"What. In. The. World," she uttered, pinching herself to check if she was dreaming. But the reality was there, right before her eyes.

"Yhm, hey... My name is Tim. I just wanted to ask if you could help me go back to my village. It’s getting dark, and I am afraid that some predator could attack me... You look really gentle and friendly and I feel like... I can trust you... " he said sheepishly in a very quiet voice. "It’s surely not very far away for you... Will you help me, please?" he added, seeing that she did not reply to him.

Had he just spoken? The girl put the spray bottle back in her pocket, crouched in front of the tiny man and put her hand out, trying to touch him. She needed just one more, tactile proof that he was indeed real. The man jumped back, startled, but Stacy was faster and managed to get a hold of him anyway.

She brought him close to her face and ran her giant fingers through his black hair. She squeezed him a little, feeling the tenderness of his puny body.

Tiny Tim did not like the look the giantess had in her eyes. She was not looking at him like on another person, but rather like on an object. A rare, valuable find but still just that – a thing. She did not even engage in any conversation with him, but focused on sheer appearance instead. She also took a hold of him even though she must have seen him back off. It meant that she had no regard for his feelings, nor did she care about what he was saying. Has her gentle appearance fooled him? He had never seen a human before, and this human girl was incredibly beautiful. She just had to be kind! There was no way that she was mean, was there?

He could feel the warm, moist breath of the giantess wash all over him as her massive digits slid all over his body curiously. Being so close to the giant girl's lips raised some sort of primal, animalistic fear deep within his being, but he also could not help but feel a bit aroused by being so close to her pretty face. He imagined those big lips giving him a hot wet kiss, enveloping his entire head... He let her examine his body without protest and waited for the right moment to speak again. He felt his erection stiffen a little and hoped that she would not notice it.

Stacy could not get over the fact that what she was holding in her very palms was an actual living tiny man. As soon as she confirmed that he was indeed real, other thoughts began to enter her mind. 

Hidden in the most secret, deepest part of her psyche there was something she had never told anyone about, nor had she accepted herself. It was the thought of swallowing a tiny man just like the one in her hand. She never understood how she could have thought of something so surreal and nonsensical in the first place, but the sick idea did not want to leave her mind.

Thinking that there was something wrong with her; that being turned on by another living creature having family, feelings and dreams just like her being digested inside her might mean that she was a psychopath, she had pushed that bizarre side of her away until it seemed to have disappeared completely in the darkest confines of her brain.

But now, as she was holding this tiny man, who called himself Tim, in her firm grasp, her dark fantasies resurfaced again and she felt her arousal rise drastically. Her breath accelerated as she imagined him sliding down her oesophagus and wriggling inside her gut frantically as her stomach acids washed over him... 

A strain of saliva drooling from between her parted lips brought her back to the real world. She used one of her hands to remove the saliva from her face and swallowed a huge build up of spit that had accumulated in her mouth with an audible 'gulp'. She blinked a couple of times and noticed a dismayed expression on Tim's face. Leaning against the tree trunk behind her back, she closed her eyes and tried to regain her composure. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly as she gasped, feeling a tiny orgasm shake her body.

"I am sorry... I just never have seen a tiny like you before... and I guess I needed some time to believe it," she said, finally able to speak again, before placing him on the ground next to her feet gently. "Yes, I will help you, I am Stacy," she added, smiling cutely.

"I-it’s alright..." answered Tim, visibly unsettled. That look in her eyes, he saw just a moment ago, almost gave him a heart attack. She looked like a predator possessed by bloodthirst! Those hungry eyes of hers! Her drooling mouth was the last proof he needed. He was in big trouble here, and had to think of a safe way to escape somehow! For now, he decided to pretend not to have noticed anything, and putting on a forced smile, added, "Thank you."

Stacy pushed her dark thoughts away and decided to help the tiny man in order to redeem herself after having scared him so much.

"So, in which direction do we have to go?" A quiet voice in her head was telling her that she could not miss the opportunity of finding a whole village full of toys for her to play with as she wished. She shook her head angrily, which did not go unnoticed by Tim.

"That way..." He pointed his finger in the slightly wrong direction.  Now that he had discovered the true nature of the giantess, he could not reveal the precise location of his village to her; he could not bring a demise onto his fellow villagers and bear the responsibility for it! He also could not tell her that he did not want her help anymore; he simply could not risk upsetting her if he wanted to get out of this mess, his own stupidity had made him end up in, alive. 

The giantess seemed to be fighting her urges. It provided a thin ray of hope for Tim. However, it could also mean that she was holding herself back only to win a bigger prize: his entire village!

They had been walking for a few minutes, and a loud rumble arose from Stacy's stomach.

"Would you mind if we took a short break?" asked the giantess. "I would like to eat something."

Tim stopped, but did not reply. He was unsure what exactly it was that she wanted to eat. He was wondering if the best thing for him to do would be to jump into a random bush and start running. The problem was, the giant girl was not the only potential predator lurking in the forest, and if he had to choose between being devoured by a creepy fox or a sexy girl, he would have definitely gone with the latter. 

Much to his relief, the only thing Stacy did was to produce a chocolate bar out of her backpack. 

"Would you like some?" she asked him unexpectedly.

"What? Me?"

"Yes. I didn't see you carry any food with you."

She crouched down on the ground next to him and stretched the arm holding the sweet towards him. Reluctantly, Tim dug his hands into the chocolate and ripped out a small crumb, which to him was as big as a large piece of cake. For a second, he thought that she was trying to poison him, but when he saw her bite the sweet herself, he realised that it could not be the case. He took a bite of the chocolate and admired its taste.

"Thank you," he said, between munches.

"You are welcome!" She smiled at him, swallowing a large chunk of chocolate bigger than his head.

Tim watched the unnerving sight of the large lump travelling down the attractive neck of the giantess. He wondered if she would be able to swallow him whole, or if she would chomp him just like that chocolate bar. He suddenly lost all his appetite.

Stacy could not help but imagine the sweet in her mouth to be Tim. She took another bite, this time stuffing her mouth full, and chewed it briefly before sending it down. She was surprised with how easily it slid through her seemingly tight throat. Wanting to try out one more thing, she finished the bar by sliding the last piece into her mouth and swallowing it without chewing. She tilted her head back a bit to make the process easier, unconsciously showing Tim the full length of her frightening neck. Its feminine attractiveness only made it look that much more scary. She moaned, feeling the big lump disappear behind her collarbone.

"What is it? You don't like it?" she asked, diverting her attention back to the tiny man.

"I-I do!" he answered. "It is just a bit too much for me..."

"You can give it back then. I am starving," she said massaging her gurgling belly.


She swallowed the little crumb Tim had placed on her palm and stood up.

"My goodness, I would give anything for a nice piece of steak right now... Shall we resume walking?"


As time went by, the girl was starting to become a bit annoyed with Tim's pace. At this rate, the seemingly short trip was going to take them hours! She would much prefer to just carry him in her hand and get this over with already. It was high time to go about setting up a camp! Ideally, she would prefer to do this before the sunset. On the other hand, she did not want to be rude again, or cause the tiny man any more stress than he was already feeling while being around her. She was beginning to feel more and more tired, and the energy from the chocolate she had eaten was already starting to fade. Her deranged mind continued to torment her with visions of consuming the tiny man.

She wondered if it would be easy for her body to digest him. Raw meat was not something she was used to eating, and it could end up causing her serious indigestion. Could a human stomach even melt unchewed meat? And finally, perhaps the biggest concern: Would she even manage to swallow him? At six inches tall he seemed awfully big... But his body was so soft... Maybe he would squeeze through somehow... 

Bored and exhausted, she did not push the crazy thoughts away this time. After all, the thoughts alone were not going to harm anyone. Her hand slipped into her pants, and her index and middle fingers slid into her already wet pussy. She stopped.

Feeling the booming of Stacy's footsteps behind him die down suddenly, Tim turned around. What he saw was the giant girl masturbating! 'Why is she doing this right now of all times?' he wondered, feeling his own arousal rise in response. He knew he should not look at her, but just could not get his eyes off of her. He heard her moan quietly, and saw the movements of her hand in her panties get faster. 

It was right then that she opened her eyes and looked directly at him. He turned around immediately, pretending not to have looked, but it was already too late to hide it. She had seen him peek at her while she masturbated.

Stacy's face turned red as she blushed. She just stood there confused. She had not even realised it when she had started playing with herself, and all this time he had been watching her. If he were normal-sized it would have been a disaster, but now? She realised that she did not really care. Who was this puny little bug to judge her? Did his opinion matter at all? She realised the great difference that stood between them. She was basically a goddess to him! It was just like a dream: no consequences! She decided to tease him a little.

"You know what, Tim? You are turning me on!" she said to him, slipping her hand back into her panties and sticking her tongue out.

"W-what?" asked the tiny, not being able to believe in what was happening.

"Have you ever been with a woman? Do you think you can take on a big gal like me?"


Stacy unzipped her shorts and slid them down. She then crouched down in front of the tiny man, her wet panties just an inch away from his face. 

"You can touch them!" she moaned.

Soon enough, she felt the tender touch of a puny palm through her thin panties. Of course he could not resist her! She bit her lower lip. "Climb inside, and eat my cunt!" she whispered lewdly.

Tim was in two minds about what he should do. Was it wise to play with this unknown, terrifying force? But he just could not resist her attractiveness! She was far prettier than any girl in his village, and her immense size and power were also very hot to him somehow. Eventually his body took the better of his mind, and he began climbing up her panties obediently.

Each delicate pull at Stacy's panties radiated through her pussy and sent shivers up and down her spine. Tim finally reached the waistband of her underwear and fell through the edge, causing her to elicit a short high-pitched moan. She lay on the ground and relaxed her body, taking in all the amazing sensations. Tiny limbs moved all over her nether regions as Tim was trying to position himself in the right way.

He let his legs slide down and felt Stacy shiver when his feet ran across her butt hole. He positioned himself in front of her gargantuan pussy and began to lick and massage her engorged clit. He immediately felt his world shift a bit as Stacy lifted her hips up slightly, responding to the amazing stimulus. He shoved both of his arms deep inside her pussy and sank his fingers in the wet meaty folds. The wet tunnel contracted around them strongly, and a new wave of mucus flooded his upper body. He continued to lick her clitoris, running his teeth across it occasionally to which the giantess responded with more thrusting and rocking of her hips. 

Stacy was in heaven. The unpredictability of Tim's movements was letting her experience a whole new spectrum of feelings and pleasure, she would never have thought was achievable in this world. It was even better than having sex with a normal sized man, because the awareness of utter dominance she could execute over him at any minute was making her feel that much more horny and powerful. Now she finally understood what the reason for the existence of her strange fantasy was. It was about the complete domination over the tiny man by digesting him and absorbing his life force into her body like a true predator! The sexual turn on was the response to the incredible empowerment and the fact of her owning him fully in all possible measures, to all the extents – owning his entire existence!

Stacy's view of the world had changed drastically as she was laying there with this miniature human squirming in her pants. Now she understood that those tiny people existed only to serve regular humans as tiny slaves and food, and she was probably the first one to have discovered this awesome forbidden fruit, she was now fully determined to consume!

Not being able to hold herself back anymore, she slid her soaked panties down her legs and got a hold of surprised Tim. She took a deep breath and shoved his entire body into her pussy head-first. He was just the perfect height to fill her up entirely, and the helpless struggles of his tiny arms fighting against her muscular tunnel as he was trying to breathe made her scream out in utter ecstasy. 

Tim was trying to free himself from the crushing force of Stacy's pussy, but her huge hand was keeping him deep inside and there was no escape. He put his arms to the sides and tried to press his body out as the last bits of air left his lungs and got replaced with dense mucus. Rhythmic contractions were squeezing his body with increasingly strong force, threatening to crush the life out of him while the strong tunnel of muscle continued with its suction. Finally the strongest contraction of all came and compressed his body with unimaginable force, causing the skin on his head to turn red and veins to appear on his forehead. He felt like he was going to explode and shoot out of her crushing pussy in the form of a gory mixture of blood, guts and pulverised bones. A few weaker contractions followed that most terrifying one, until finally he could feel his body slide out of giantess' vagina slowly.

She was holding him upside down by his ankle, and he coughed a couple of times, his body trying to restore its breathing ability. He felt another movement as he was being carried up to the giant girl's mouth. He saw her flushed cheeks and the sweat covering her face. Her chest was rising up and down as she gasped and one of her perky breasts was sticking out of her loosened bra, her shirt lifted up to her armpits. Her hair was straddled on the ground around her head.

Stacy brought the tiny close to her plushy lips and covered his entire head in the most wet and amazing kiss of his life. He could feel her tongue run across his face and tickle him under his chin. When those amazing lips sucked on him, his breath was taken away for a moment.

"Thank you, Tim," she whispered. "We can go to your village now. Is it far away?"

"It is a bit to the left there," he answered, pointing in the right direction, breathing heavily. Despite rough treatment before, this last kiss assured him that he could trust the beautiful giantess. Maybe she could even become his wife and protect his people? Could she really love the tiny man that he was? "I was unsure of telling you the right direction right away, because I thought you might turn out to be evil after all... But now... I feel like… I can trust you!"

Tim realised that he was being lifted up again. This time the thumb and index finger of the giant girl gripped him under his armpits, providing much more comfortable support. She lifted him high enough to give him a good look on her entire face, and giving him the cutest of her smiles said, "Thank you for your sincerity..."

Tim smiled back, happy to have made friends with such a beautiful and charming giant girl.

"...and trust," she added, opening her mouth wide and showing him a terrifying view of her even, perfectly white teeth and the bottomless pit below. She slid her tongue out, as if to express an invitation for him to jump in.

Confused, Tim shifted his gaze from the wet cavern to the giantess' eyes. What he saw was the same glowing predatory look from before. The cute and gentle giantess was gone, as though she had never even existed. What was the meaning of this? He started kicking with his legs in the air frantically as he felt his body being lowered towards her awaiting mouth. 

"Hey! Stacy! What are you doing?! Aren't we supposed to be friends?!!" he screamed.

As a response he saw the corners of her mouth lift up a little, forming a devious smile. One of his feet touched her soft lower lip, and he lifted his legs up in panic, trying to escape her hungry mouth. 

"Are you crazy?! You can't eat me raw and alive like this!" he protested, seeing her lips and tongue follow his feet and feeling her fingers move his body around, trying to create the best conditions possible for her to get hold of his legs. He knew that once she managed to do that, it would be over for him. 

Suddenly Stacy's teeth got hold of his clothing, and ripped it off of his body, "You don't need this anymore!"

Making eye contact with her prey, the giantess let her meaty tongue make a slow circle around her mouth, before suddenly attacking the tiny man’s hips, passionately gripping them with the soft but deadly plush of her lips. She slid her mouth down the entire length of his legs, finally getting hold of one of his feet. 

"No!" Tim screamed, feeling strong suction and tongue movements all around his foot as the giantess began sucking his left leg in like a piece of spaghetti, keeping eye contact with him at all times. She deliberately decided to eat him legs-first in order to be able to hear his pleas and see his face till the very end, till he passed the point of no return. 

His entire left leg was in her mouth now. He was doing his best to keep the other one out of her reach, but the merciless muscular tongue soon directed it inside as her molars held the other one in place.

"I could just chew you up, you know? But I am eager to feel you wriggle around in my stomach as I digest you, so I am gonna swallow you whole!" Stacy teased, and gave an evil laugh, her voice deformed slightly.

"You monster! I trusted you!" Tim was kicking her palate, trying to make her spit him out, but it only added to the girl’s experience. Still holding him with her hand just in case, she flicked her tongue between his legs, feeling his tiny member harden against her rough pink monster. She slid the tip of her tongue all over his prostate and even his anus. She soon felt a tiny ejaculation and swallowed it down greedily, his legs entering her throat along with it.

"No! Please! Let me go! Why are you doing this?!" he cried, feeling both of his feet pass next to her uvula and not being able to take them back out. Not bothering with giving an answer to her food, Stacy swallowed again, and the legs of her prey slid down her throat up to his knees. "Just let me go already! You have no right to do this, you fucking bitch!" he screamed, hitting her cheek with his fist as strong as he could. He did not get any reaction apart from another giggle and increasing pressure around his feet, as this little laugh caused Stacy's swallowing reflex to kick in again, sending his legs even deeper into her gullet. No matter how hard he tried to push himself away from her, he could not overcome the force of her throat muscles gripping him tightly. 

Stacy relaxed her throat and pressed her index finger on top of Tim’s head gently, pushing him into her oesophagus up to his hips,  her cruel eyes piercing into his. Only his shoulders, arms and head were left outside now. She swallowed again, her large tongue pressing his body against her palate painfully, causing his back to arch uncomfortably. He tensed his core, trying to fight the immense pressure, but it too was to no avail. He slid down another inch, and the soft, pink lips of the giant girl closed around his head. She sucked his arms in too with a wet slurping sound, and so he was fully inside her mouth now.

She tilted her head back, ready for the last, hardest part of the process and brought her fingertips to her feminine neck, feeling the already pronounced bulge inside stretching her oesophagus to its limits. She braced herself, letting her saliva accumulate in her mouth for a while and then swallowed hard.

A loud crunch could be heard as her throat muscles reduced the diameter of Tim's chest and shoulders in order to let him pass into her gullet fully, and his limp body was sent down the tight fleshy pipe.

Inside, Tim suffered from unbearable pain, as his broken ribs threatened to puncture his compressed lungs. He had barely any air left, as all of it had got squeezed out of his lungs forcefully by the bone crushing force of that last 'gulp'. His limp arms were dragged behind him, since his shoulders and clavicles had been shattered. Apart from the banging of his own blood being pumped through his veins, he could hear the accelerated breath as well as the beating of the giantess' heart all around him as he was being consumed by her flesh.

It was a miracle that he was still alive, but it did not look like he was going to last much longer. The muscles of the giantess' oesophagus were squeezing his body with unimaginable force. There was nothing he could do to stop his descent into her stomach, but it was also painfully slow, so much in fact that he almost wished he had already fallen into her gut.

Stacy let out a satisfied sigh of relief as she finally felt the huge lump pass under her fingertips. Tim was stretching her oesophagus to its absolute limits and the sensation was almost painful, but the satisfaction of having successfully swallowed something so big made the effort absolutely worth it. She massaged her itching clit a bit, feeling another tiny orgasm run through her body after she had felt Tim's body being crushed at the back of her tongue.

Just after the huge lump in her oesophagus had passed behind her collarbone, she felt it stop suddenly. She sat up, took a bottle of water from her backpack, and gulped down a third of its contents very quickly, completely flooding Tim. After that, he rapidly slid all the remaining way down without further interruptions.

Another fearsome contraction squeezed Tim's body after his feet had entered the sphincter at the end of giantess' oesophagus. He was squeezed through the tight ring, and finally landed in her stomach along with a massive amount of water, the weight of which had successfully pushed him down.

The landing in Stacy's gut was surprisingly gentle, although still caused pain to Tim's broken body. The walls of the hungry, contracted organ spread to welcome the long awaited meal. He was finally relieved of all the crushing muscles, and could lie down peacefully for a while. Despite a slight smell, the air inside the giantess' gut, although awfully hot and moist, was not too acrid, and he had to admit that he was relieved to be lying there in the shallow pool of cool refreshing water which eased his pain, at least for now. If he were able to spread his arms to the sides, their span would be equal to the diameter of Stacy's stomach. 

He realised that there was no trace of the chocolate bar she had eaten about half an hour ago. That was probably the reason why her stomach was so peaceful at that moment. But she also said that she had been hungry which meant that she was bound to start digesting him very soon.

Happy to feel the weight of tiny Tim's body appear inside her stomach, Stacy put both of her palms on her exposed abdomen. He was large enough for her to be clearly noticeable. She did not feel full, but the meal was big enough to satisfy her initial appetite. She could not feel him squirm inside her gut at all, though. Had the powerful contractions of her throat and oesophagus killed him? She giggled at the thought, though could not help but feel a little bit disappointed. Without the struggles of the prey she would get to experience only half of the fun. She rolled to the side, feeling the weight inside her stomach shift and massaged her belly. 

To her satisfaction, she felt a few delicate pokes as Tim rolled back onto his back, a position more comfortable for his devastated body. He then stopped moving again. 

'He is probably going to die soon', she thought.

The tiny man coughed, spitting out the water which had gotten into his mouth during the sudden movement. He hoped that she would stay still, and let him drift into sleep from which he would hopefully never wake up.

The girl stood up slowly and dressed back up. She removed her wet panties and put on her shorts only. There was barely any daylight left, and she had to prepare a comfortable shelter for the upcoming night. She could not stop thinking about the tiny village and all the possible forms of entertainment awaiting her. She decided to go there the next day in the daylight and just hoped that none of the little people saw her devour one of their kind, as that would surely make all of them escape before she even got a chance to play with any of them.

She found a few large sticks lying around and used them to build a small makeshift tent, the roof of which she covered with leaves and moss. Each time her position shifted, she felt some slight movement inside her gut and could not help but wonder how long the digestion process was going to take. She wondered how much was going to be left of the tiny when she shits his remains out the next day or whenever the full circle of digestion would have been over. Could she digest his bones, or would they end up stuck somewhere inside her? What would the doctors say to something like that? It was too late to think about that now…

Having these thoughts she went to gather some wood for a small fire to keep her warm during the night, a beam of light from a small torch she had brought with her just in case illuminating her path.

As she leant down to pick up some thin sticks she had found, she felt a slightly more pronounced kick inside her stomach. Surprised, she rolled her shirt up and directed the light beam towards the skin under her left breast. She could almost see little bulges appear as Tim's legs kicked the wall of her stomach. She pressed her fingers against her abdomen, and the kicking stopped for a moment, only to resume with doubled intensity.

"I can feel you moving in there, hehe," she said to him, not knowing if he would be able to hear anything. She felt the tingling feeling inside her pussy appear again. "Mmm... keep wriggling..."

"You fucking bitch! Let me out of here! You are digesting me!" Tim screamed on top of his lungs, kicking the surrounding flesh as hard as he could, feeling the increasingly acrid air inside the giantess' stomach begin to burn his eyes and lungs. 

In the darkness of his confinement, he could hear what deserved to be called an entire orchestra of all sorts of new scary sounds begin to play all around him. The now aggressively shaking walls of the organ started to secrete acidic fluids, which were causing the pH of the pool he was lying in to drop slowly, his skin already soaked and softened from lying in the water alone, beginning to itch. He had heard the voice of the giantess boom all around him when she had spoken, and the fact that his struggles only brought her more pleasure made him cry.

He still could not comprehend why she did this to him. Why was she so cruel? Why was it bringing her pleasure? She was the most malicious and sadistic predator of all! He realised that being ripped apart by some wild animal would have been a much better and less painful death. He never should have asked this ugly female human for help. The stories he had heard, but could not believe, turned out to be true, and he was experiencing that truth first hand. Now he was going to be absorbed by her and add to the sexy curves of her body. How humiliating!

But that was only the beginning! He had brought a demise upon his own people! He had trusted this voracious monster and revealed the so long protected location of his village to her! There was no turning back now. No way to warn them about what was going to happen! Heartbroken, he continued to kick her stomach as strong as he could. He did not care if she derived pleasure from it or not. Now he was just releasing his own, helpless aggression. 

Stacy was surprised to be able to hear her meal scream from within the depths of her body. She grinned maliciously and resumed her work. She removed some moss from the ground next to her shelter and in a so created safe space set up a small fire. 

She lay down on her back with her head rolled to the side and observed the flames dancing in the dark. She wondered how she would be able to fall asleep with Tim struggling inside her gut. The feeling was making her extremely horny, but she could not let her shorts get dirty too. How would she go back home with glossy stains all over her clothing?

Eventually she just decided to take them off again and relieve herself in order to relax and make falling asleep easier. The heat of the fire seemed to provide enough protection from catching a cold. 

She let her fingers slowly circle around her pussy as she focused on the sensations inside her stomach. The kicks were still very pronounced, and the digestion seemed to be going at full speed. She could hear loud sloshing as the tiny in her stomach continued to move around. Her gut was cramping around his body in response to unusually strong stimuli, trying to fragment the stubborn piece of meat into smaller parts. Stacy thought that she heard another long scream and felt her clitoris erect more and more. She stuck her fingers into her pussy and began shoving them in and out slowly. Suddenly she felt her stomach cramp much more forcefully than before, and a loud burp escaped her lips. This turned her on even more, and the fingers in her vagina got replaced by an entire fist as she moaned in ecstasy. Her stomach gurgled loudly as it continued to churn on Tim's body.

Inside Stacy's stomach there was not anything else than pure hell. Pain caused by increasingly strong contractions and corrosiveness was immense, and Tim, lying in the foamy pool of the giantess’ digestive juices and what had already melted away from his skin, was now screaming ceaselessly. In the last attempt of regaining freedom and saving his life he bit the folds of Stacy's stomach as strong as he could, ignoring the acrid taste and new itching inside his mouth. His entire body was covered in serious burns, and this new painful sensation did not make that much of a difference.

The girl felt a slightly unpleasant sensation in her stomach, and a next forceful contraction followed it. After that Tim's movements inside her belly stopped completely. Had her stomach finally crushed the life out of him? The food she had eaten had posed a danger to her stomach, but the powerful organ took care of it on its own instantly!

When Stacy realised that, she felt a wave of powerful orgasm shake her entire body and squeezed her legs together arching her back, biting her teeth, trying to stifle a loud scream of pleasure. Forgetting about her pants, the forest and the fire, she drifted into sleep as her gut continued to churn on tiny Tim's mangled and burnt body.

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