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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry for the delay! I got a little busy in my personal life, but here it is!

               A cold draft washed over Jackson’s body as he awoke in the boot. Looking around, he noticed that her warm foot had been removed from the shoe, and the inside was cold and wet. Light streaked into the cave as he surveyed the illuminated worn cavern around him. Suddenly, the enclosure began to rise and tilt. The insole became his ceiling as he dropped and began to roll down the toe box until he plummeted through the opening. He landed with a gasp on a soft, warm surface. Looking up, he was greeted with Ashley’s beaming face.


              “Damn, you slept a long time! We’re already in Indiana, you slept through Gary, but you didn’t miss much. We’re out in the countryside about to stop for gas and a bathroom break. Also, you’ll be chilling with Lauren for the next leg of the trip, probably until we get to the hotel.”


              Jackson returned a thumbs-up as Ashley shoved him into her jacket pocket.


              “By the way, you smell like feet”


              Ashley shoved her shoe back on and stepped out into the cold. She dashed into the convenience store and towards the bathroom. Outside, the bathroom, Lauren leaned against a wall. She flashed a slight wave as Ashley walked towards her. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out Jackson and placed him into her palm.


              “Can’t have this little guy watching me use the bathroom.”


              Ashley left the two as she went into the bathroom, leaving Jackson staring up at the gigantic girl above him. Lauren stuffed him into her breast pocket as she roamed the aisles of the store, past displays of a wide variety of candies, jerkies, and snack foods.


              “See anything you want?” Lauren mumbled to her passenger as she idly scanned the back label of a box of candy.


              “Some chocolate would be nice”


              “Alright bug, but whatever you don’t eat, I get, ok?”


              “Of course!”


              Lauren gently stroked Jackson’s head as she grabbed a bar. “Let’s get checked out.”


              As Lauren meandered to the checkout counter, Ashley suddenly ran up and hugged her from the side, smashing Jackson between two soft meteors. His shouts for attention were instantly muffled as Ashley’s breasts slammed into Lauren’s. As the two embraced, a faint wiggle caused Ashley to step back.


              “Damn, little guy just got probably the best squish of his life. There’s more where that came from if you’re interested.”


              Jackson’s enthusiastic thumbs-up elicited chuckles from the girls. “Alright, let’s pay and get back on the road.


              As Ashley went to the counter to pay, Lauren returned to the car.


              “Alright, I need to get something out of my bag in the back, just climb wherever you want to sit.” She muttered to the tiny as she set him on the seat, before walking away. Jackson looked up at the center console, separated from him by a canyon and a high cliff. With nowhere else to go, Jackson sat on the seat while waiting for someone to return. A few moments later, the telltale thud of the trunk closing signaled Lauren’s return. The door swung open, blasting Jackson with cold air. As he moved his arms away from his face, he immediately noticed that Lauren was not watching out for him. His shouts for her attention were ignored, and the seat was soon cast in the massive shadow of Lauren’s ass. In desperation, he began to run, but his size meant he couldn’t escape before her ass slammed like a jean-clad meteor into the seat. Jackson was instantly slammed and pressed into the seat as Lauren adjusted herself. Moments later, Ashley returned, carrying a small bag.


              “Yo, where did Jackson go?”


              “I set him down on the seat to get comfortable somewhere in the car. Look around the center console.”


              After a momentary glance around the car, Ashley stared at Lauren.


              “You put him on the seat right? Get up.”


              After a momentary pause, Lauren immediately understood and raised her butt off of the seat. Ashley’s hand zipped into the gap and snatched Jackson off of the seat.


              “Lauren, you have to be more careful with him, you could’ve killed him!”


              “I’m… sorry.”


              Ashley grabbed her hand and gently placed Jackson in her palm. “Please take good care of him.”


              Climbing in herself, she started the car and pulled out of the gas station. Jackson sat silently on her palm, staring into the middle distance.


              “Jackson, look, I’m sorry. I did not realize that you couldn’t get off the seat, and it was a really bad idea for me to place you.”


              “Oh no, I forgive you, it was actually quite nice. I wouldn’t mind going through that again, though maybe with less clothing in the way. I just have nothing to say at the moment.”

              Lauren sighed in relief, “Hey do you want your chocolate now?” After receiving a small nod, she dug into the bag and fished out the chocolate bar. Tearing into it, she began breaking it into pieces before placing a small chunk on a napkin in front of Jackson. Staring at her fingers, she groaned slightly as she stared at the melted streak of chocolate on her fingers. With a slight smirk, she placed the digit next to Jackson.


              “Look, some more chocolate for ya!”


              Without a word, Jackson began to lick at the melted glob on Laruen’s warm finger, cleaning up the slightly salty chocolate.


              Ashley glared at the scene out of the corner of her eye. “Oh, so now you’re licking other girls’ fingers?” She exclaimed with an exaggerated pout, “Keep it up and I’ll make you lick chocolate from my toes.”


              “You act like that’s a bad thing. I’d lick your toes even without chocolate, and you know it.”

              Ashley and Lauren burst into giggles. “You’re on bug, you have some work to do when we get to the hotel tonight.”


              Jackson returned to his chunk of chocolate as the car retuned to silenced, with only road noise filling the void.


              The next few hours came and went as farmland and forest soon gave way to the suburbs of northern Indianapolis. Lunch came in the form of pastries at a local restaurant before the group returned to the road.


              “Say, where are we actually staying for the night?”


              “Knoxville.” Ashley commented. “Even got a hotel picked out, it’s a nice one so y’all will be happy.”


              “Sounds cool!”


              “They got a pool?”


              “Of course, we can play in it if you want. Of course, you’ll remain small, but surely you’d love to swim in the ocean surrounded by giant, beautiful islands.”


              Jackson smiled warmly.


              “I bet you like that, don’t you? Don’t worry, in just a few hours, you’ll get to swim the sea of giants.”


              Jackson began to blush, prompting a chuckle from Lauren.


              “Tell ya what, I’m gonna give you just a small taste of tonight right now!”

              Lauren snatched up Jackson and began unzipping her jacket. Without ceremony, she shoved him between her breasts and gently massaged the large round orbs, squeezing the tiny between the mounds. As the impromptu massage came to a halt, Jackson crawled up, popping his head out of her cleavage.


              “Just gonna leave you there for a bit, hopefully it’s a bit more comfy than the center console.”


              The drive continued through the afternoon. Indiana gave way to Kentucky, which in a few hours, gave way to Tennessee. As the sun began to set in the sky, Ashley merged onto an exit ramp. A few minutes later, the group pulled into the hotel parking lot.


              “Alright, Lauren, hide him, I’ll go check in and get a cart. Get everything ready to load up.”


              With this, Ashley walked towards the entrance while Lauren seductively pushed Jackson further down between her breasts, hiding him from view. Stepping out, she opened the trunk and began pulling out bags. Moments later, Ashley returned, pulling a cart. The two tossed their bags onto the cart and walked into the hotel for the night.

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