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Story Notes:

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Any and all recognizable properties mentioned belong to their respective owners, All Rights Reserved.

Copyright. PleaseStepOnMeDamnit, 2022

Author's Chapter Notes:
It's a little short but it's just the first chapter. I hope to make a great story for everyone to enjoy! Minimal sizey stuff in this one admittedly, but it will come.

              *BZZT BZZT BZZT*


              Jackson groaned as his alarm signaled the start of a new day. His eyes burned against the bright sun as streaks of light filtered into his bedroom. As he began to sit up, his phone joined the alarm’s buzzing. Silencing his alarm, he reached for his phone.

              “Where are you?”
              “I just woke up…” he groaned, struggling to identify the caller.

              “Look, Ash and I are gonna get there in 30 minutes, get your shit packed and get ready to go!”

              “Sure thing, Lauren, I’m just getting up.”

              Shooting to his feet, Jackson scurried to his bathroom, freshened up, and ran back to his room to begin packing his bags. Flicking on the radio, he let the morning news fade away into the background as he sorted his belongings. Looking out the window at the snow-covered Chicago skyline, he groaned.

              “At least it’ll be warm in Florida.”

              Thirty minutes later, he sighed as the last bag zipped clothes. Turning his gaze back outside, he involuntarily shivered as snow began to fall from the sky. He sighed as the radio rambled about an incoming blizzard. Despite his inhibitions about Ashley’s sudden trip suggestion, he at least appreciated the opportunity to escape the frigid Chicago winter for a week.

              Throwing his stuff into his suitcase, he lugged his bag to the door. Just as he set it down to take a breath, the doorbell rang. Dropping his stuff, he rushed to open the door, and was greeted with a blast of cold air and his two friends, bundled in boots and coats, standing in front of him.

              “Heya Jack! Mind if we step in for a bit! It’s cooold outside.”

              Jackson stepped aside and allowed the two girls to scrape their shoes off on the mat before stepping inside.

              “Alright, I got my duffel bag, my suitcase, Lauren, Ashley, everything appears to be in order. Make sure there’s enough room for me and my stuff in the back of the car!”

              “Actually… that’s what we came in to discuss. I know your car is in the shop and it turns out that Ashley’s sister is borrowing hers so we’re kinda stuck with mine. We have more than enough room for the bags and everything, however it may or may not be… a coupe. I only have two seats.”
              Jackson stared at the bundled-up tomboy in front of him. “You’re kidding me. Why didn’t you call me earlier? We could’ve made alternate plans, rented a car or something. Hang on, let me see if we can scramble an emergency rental.”

              Ashley placed her hand on his wrist. “Look, we already checked, everyone is either sold out or too expensive to even be worth it. The coupe will have to do.”

              Gobsmakced, Jackson stared at Ashley. “What? How the hell are we going to be able to all cram into a 2-seater safely? We just can’t… We’ll have to-”

              Ashley’s face formed into a smug smile. “Well… There is a way. You remember my shrinking powers right? Well… on the way here, Lauren and I were talking… and we think we came up with a solution to the problem. What if we shrunk you and just carried you with us in the car? It would solve the issue, you would be able to stretch and move around, we could store you easily. C’mon! I know you like it.”

              Jackson stared blankly. “What?”

              “It’s simple, I shrink you, we find a comfy place for you, we get three people in a 2-seater, we have one less person eating snacks, or well, eating a full-size people portion. It’ll be great.” Ashley’s eyes beamed with pride as she spoke.

              Jackson simply nodded.


              Ashley closed her eyes and focused, holding her hands out towards Jackson. He sighed as the familiar feeling washed over him. Within a few seconds, he found himself eye-level with the tip of her boot. He craned his neck back to look at his girlfriend’s gigantic smug grin. He staggered for a moment as she slid her boot forward, shoving the dirty, wet, black wall in front of his body.

              “Kiss it!”

              Her sadistic glare quickly melted into a goofy grin. “Just messing with ya! You can if you want, I don’t care either way.”
              With a smirk, he planted a kiss on the tip of the boot.


              Ashley gently bent over to pick up her friend. Carefully grasping the miniscule form between her fingers, she lifted him up to her face.

              Meanwhile, Jackson’s world was cast in shadow as her enormous hand descended from above and gently wrapped around his tiny body.

              “There we go, nicely shrunken. You made sure get everything done before we left, right?”

              Jackson nodded, prompting an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

              “Alright, let’s get a move on!”

              Ashley tucked Jackson into a pocket before picking up his luggage. The two girls strolled out the door, locking his apartment behind them. Shielding their faces from the biting cold and wind, they quickly scrambled to the waiting car. Lauren unlocked the trunk, allowing Ashley to toss the suitcases into the back and dive into the passenger seat.

              Closing the door, Ashley briskly rubbed her hands together to warm up. Removing her hat, she flicked on the heater in an attempt to warm up the frigid car. Removing Jackson from her pocket, she inquired.

              “Ready to go?”

              The tiny gave a cheerful thumbs-up.

              “Let’s hit the road then!” Lauren cheered.

              Turning the key, the engine roared to life as Lauren pulled out of the apartment parking lot, officially starting the first leg of their trip.

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