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Author's Chapter Notes:

Another short one, but it ended nicely where it did.

             Lauren looked at her friend with a worried expression. Surprised at her friend’s sudden panic, she almost went to the bathroom to check, when she returned with puffy, scarlet eyes.


              “Ash… are you ok?”

              Ashley sat quietly before Jackson spoke up. “She accidently almost ate me. It’s ok though, I’m alive.”


              Ashley mumbled quietly before speaking, “No… Look, to make up for it, I’ll let you do whatever you want to me. I can’t just get away without giving you something in apology. Whatever you want, time in my panties, in my bra again, say the word and I’ll place you there for as long as you want.


              Jackson pondered for a moment as the girls continued to munch on their breakfast. Taking a shard of bacon into his hand, he replied.


              “Well, I guess… maybe some time in your shoe might be fun.”


              Ashley looked down nervously. “A-are you sure? My feet get quite smelly and dirty, plus, I walk quite hard on my feet. I could crush you and not even know it!”


              “You won’t be walking on me for much, I just want to cuddle your feet. You like shoving your feet in my face enough, so I think we’ll both have fun.


              “Fine, you can sit in my boot for a while. After we get in the car.”


              The three continued to eat their breakfast. Ashley placed bits of her food on a napkin for Jackson to eat. Eventually, the tension broke, and the group resumed their normal cheerful chatter. Jackson finished what he could before hiding as the waitress presented the bill to the girls. Ashley handed over her card with a smile. As the waitress walked away, card in hand, Jackson peeked out from behind the display.


              “Is it time for me to be placed?”


              “I guess so, let’s make this quick before she gets back. Wedge yourself between my toes so I don’t crush you by mistake.”

              Her words sent a slight chill down his spine as she removed her boot. Gently taking Jackson in her hand, she lowered him towards the dark cave. As she lowered him in, a wall of heat and humidity slammed him. Looking back, he saw her bus-sized foot eagerly wiggling its toes. Nearing the bottom of her boot, her fingers suddenly released, sending him plummeting into the cavern. He landed on her sweat-soaked insole with a damp splat. As he came to, he suddenly became more aware of the powerful stench of her foot. Every surface reeked of old sweat, and Jackson coughed slightly in the musty, stale air. Suddenly, a voice from above boomed down.

              “Hey, start running, I’m going to put my foot in.”


              The cave rustled and shuddered as a massive, dark mass entered through the top shaft. The light went from minimal to nearly dark as her foot slid in. Instinctively, Jackson began to run, rushing to the toe of her boot with the foot hot on her tail. Turning around, he pressed himself against the front wall as a toe larger than him settled less than an inch from his tiny body.

              “Now climb between my toes!”


              Scrambling in the darkness, Jackson reached around the massive toes until he nestled himself into a crevice. The sweat smell reached its peak between her toes, and the skin around him was cold and damp. Her toes gently gripped onto him as she stood, shifting her weight. Outside, the two girls gathered their things and returned to the car. Inside the boot, Jackson was violently tossed around with each step, leaving him clinging to her toe to avoid falling beneath her feet. As she walked towards the exit, a loud crunch echoed through the cavern as an object that was caught in Ashley’s path crushed beneath her boot. Another chill greeted Jackson as he realized that Ashley was completely unaware and didn’t even pause at the crunch underfoot.


              The two quickly returned to Lauren’s car, jostling Jackson around even more. As the two dived in, Jackson lost his grip and bounced of the ceiling of her shoe. Above, Ashley slid into her seat and buckled in, granting the weary Jackson a bit of respite. From there, it was smooth sailing. Inside the shoe, Jackson was already getting used being inside. The stench that left him reeling now suddenly became highly pleasant, and Ashley’s warm foot was more than willing to supply more. Her foot was like a furnace, emitting a powerful heat, which the thick winter boot radiated inside the space. Wiping sweat from his brow, he nestled between her toes as his phone buzzed.


              “How are you holding up?” Ashley’s text read.


              “It’s alright, quite hot in here though and I don’t have any water, so I’m a bit worried about that, but it’s ok. Smells lovely in here.”


              A soft giggle resonated from outside the boot. “Water? Look around, there’s plenty of water!” A soft toe wiggle accentuated her playful comment, rubbing a bit of sweat across his body. With a sigh, Jackson stooped over and licked one of her toes, filling his mouth with the salty liquid. Satisfied with his hydration, Jackson leaned back between the soft toes. Lazily, he typed out a text to Ashley.


              “Can’t really see anything in here, to be honest. It’s pitch black in here without my light.”


              “Just think of it as one of those sensory deprivation chamber things, just with my feet.”


              “Don’t think those smell like sweat, and aren’t they supposed to be super quiet?”


              The toes Jackson was nestled between suddenly clamped down, squeezing him tightly.

              “Quit texting me, focus on enjoying my feet instead.”


              Jackson put his phone to sleep with a soft click and closed his eyes, savoring the dark, murky cavern as much as he could. With not much else to do, he found himself drifting off to sleep.

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