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Author's Chapter Notes:

I'd like to give thanks to Felwinter2187 on Deviantart for providing a second set of eyes to make sure the story came out well. Please go show her tons of love, she's very sweet and an amazing writer.


In other news, this chapter is a lot longer than the first and I feel it's a lot better. I hope you enjoy!

              The defroster roared to life and the fog on the windows faded away as the temperature in the frigid cabin slowly began to rise. Jackson curled up in the pocket, trying to conserve his body heat. As Lauren merged into traffic, she said, “Check on your little boyfriend, make sure he isn’t freezing. I’m pretty sure it’s not safe for tiny people to get so cold. Their bodies can’t regulate their heat well enough to keep up.


              Nodding, Ashley dug into her pocket, searching for her shrunken boyfriend. She hesitated for a moment as a tiny cold hand brushed against her finger, only for her to reach around the two-inch tiny and fish him out into the chilly cabin.


              For a moment, Jackson surveyed where he was. With Ashley’s fingers firmly secured around his waist, he was able to get a good view of the car’s interior. Mercifully, he knew Lauren to be a clean girl, and her car was just as tidy as he had hoped. Cream leather adorned virtually every surface of the vehicle, save for the shiny metal trimming along the dashboard and center console. Lauren pushed a few buttons on the infotainment screen, and slow jazz began to emanate from the car’s speaker.


              “Aww, I wanted to listen to rock!”


              “You’ll get your chance in a few hours, besides, it’s just before rush hour and everything is just so still. I feel like the jazz pairs well with the snow.”


              Ashley gave an exaggerated pout as Lauren changed lanes towards the highway.


              Jackson shivered between her fingers. Ashley brought him closer to her shiny pink lips, which opened to reveal the cavern of her mouth. Saliva dripped from the massive white teeth and across every surface of the pink maw. Instantly, he was blasted with a wall of warm mint as the aura of her gargantuan mouth washed over him. Jackson stared in awe at the living cave before him. Ashley’s lips began to purse as a gale-force wall of wind and drops of hot saliva washed over his body. His clothes and hair flapped and fluttered as Hurricane Ashley assaulted him with her hot breath. His chill melted away as her breath warmed his tiny body. As the winds subsided, Ashley smiled.


              “Feel better lil’ guy?”


              With a sigh, Jackson replied. “Yeah, feels much better. Like I can actually exist out here with you guys without freezing to death.”


              Ashely pressed the shrunken Jackson against her lips, mashing him against the moist, pillowy surface. “Mwah! Little cutie!”


              Deftly wiping him off with a spare napkin, she set him down on her plush thigh to rest. For a moment, the low rumble of the engine and the melody of Lauren’s jazz music was the only sound in the car as the three sat silent while the car continued to barrel down the highway.


              “Say, what’s for breakfast?”


              Ashley’s icebreaking question was punctuated by an unearthly growl. Jackson covered his ears as her stomach made its desires known.


              “Hang on, let me search for a place.”


              Ashley’s pulled her phone from her pocket, momentarily destabilizing Jackson as she reached for it. Unlocking it, her fingers danced across the screen as she searched for a restaurant. With a cheerful hum, she excitedly showed her find to Lauren. After receiving a nod from her, she turned her phone towards the tiny guy on her leg. Jackson squinted slightly as he stared up at the massive screen above him.


              “How does this place seem? Sound like somewhere you’d like to eat?”


              Staring at the images of the rustic diner on her phone. Jackson returned an enthusiastic thumbs-up.


              Beaming with pride, Ashley cheered, “I always find the best restaurants.”


              Placing the phone in Lauren’s phone holder, Ashley switched to the GPS and leaned back in her seat. While glancing down, she gently stroked the little tiny on her thigh. Her large fingertip effortlessly held him down with gentle force and rubbed along his body, the whorls and spirals of her finger easily obliterating any itch or ache in his back. Overcome by relaxation, Jackson instinctively let out a moan. He immediately caught himself and looked up only to be met with Ashley’s sadistic grin.


              “Was my massage that arousing? Did you like my finger poking you that much? What a horny little tiny.”


              She gently pressed his head into her pillowy thigh with the tip of her finger, smothering him in yoga-pant-clad thigh flesh. She held him there for only a moment, gently teasing him, before returning to massage his back.


              “Well, if you like it so much, guess I should keep going.”


              Ashley’s finger returned to her massage.


              Turning into the exit ramp for the restaurant, Lauren looked over at Ashley’s thigh, before speaking, “Hey, Ash, when we trade off, I’m good to mess with him too, right? Like, you won’t get mad if I play around with him as well.”


              “No problem from me! As long as you don’t hurt him, you’re free to mess with the little cutie as much as you like!” Ashley punctuated her words by jamming her finger into his back, eliciting a series of pops followed by another moan from Jackson.


              “Did… did you just crack his back?”


              Jackson gave a weary thumbs-up. “Yep, it feels amazing. You should do this to more people Ash.”


              The three laughed together as Lauren began to slow down, exiting the highway and turning onto the surface road. Ashley reclaimed her phone as Lauren turned off the road into the diner’s parking lot.


              “Alright, now how are we going to do this. Do we want to leave Jackson small or unshrink him? If he stays small, we’ll have to hide him the entire time in the restaurant, but if we unshrink him, we’ll have to find somewhere private to do it. Thankfully the restaurant is quiet right now but still, we don’t know where the cameras are.”

              Lauren chimed in, “I think in the interest of security, we should keep him small. Plus, it’ll save us money since he can just eat off of one of our plates.” Jackson gave a thumbs-up to her suggestion.


              “Alright, it’s settled. Jack, where do you want to ride? I’m more than happy to hide you wherever you desire.”


              Jackson replied, “Could you put me in your bra? It would keep me warm while we go outside.”


              Ashley returned a cheeky smile. “Sure thing, bug.”


              Taking the tiny into her fingers, Ashley pulled her top and bra opened and lowered Jackson in. A wall of warmth slammed him as her body began to vent heat through the opening. The air became humid the closer he got. As she lowered him further, the lights of the outside world began to dim as he descended deep into the cave. To his chagrin, Ashley had forgotten to shower, and her body smelled of old sweat. Then she let go. Instantly, he tumbled down into the depths, bouncing between her soft flesh and the thick clothing that covered it. Each impact left him lightly dusted in her warm sweat as he eventually skidded to a halt in the middle of a large cloth bowl. In the dim light, he could sense the presence of a massive presence before him. The thin window to the outside world high above him provided a view of the massive woman’s friendly wave as the opening began to close.


              With a slight snap, Ashley let go of her clothing, allowing her bra to rest snugly against her breasts. Straightening herself, she opened the door and stepped out into the cold. As she exited, the wind increased, buffeting her with an icy blast of thick snowfall. After briefly looking into the dark, turbulent skies, she and Lauren darted inside.


              Inside Ashley’s bra, Jackson was mercifully spared the cruel blizzard. As she closed her bra, he found himself pressed into a soft wall. Despite the omnipresent smell of sweat, and the quickly dampening surface as Ashley began to sweat in the thick clothing, he quickly found himself comfortable pressed into her boob. However, as she sprinted to the entrance, his girlfriend’s large breasts began to violently jiggle, tossing him around with them as her sweat adhered him to the hot flesh.


              To the delight of the two girls, the restaurant was virtually empty. A single man sat in the corner, hurriedly reaching for his wallet as he perused his bill for breakfast. Lauren sighed in relief as an older woman approached the two.


              “Two in your party?”


              Ashley nodded and the two were led to a small booth by a window in the back corner of the restaurant. Settling into place, the two watched as the waitress set down the menus and walked away. As soon as she disappeared into the kitchen, Ashley reached down into her shirt.


              Buried deep inside the bra, Jackson felt the world shift as his girlfriend dug for him in her bra. Two massive objects wrapped around his tiny body and gently peeled him off her sweaty breast and into the light. The sweat chilled his body as Jackson re-entered the normal world, freshly freed from his girlfriend’s ample chest.


              “Did you like my breasts?” Ashley cheerfully smiled down on her boyfriend.


              “It was tight, but comfortable. I guess I wouldn’t mind being back there.”


              “So you liked my tits, eh? Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty more times to hang out with them.” Ashley punctuated her words with a flash of smugness before opening her menu. “So what do you want?”


              After perusing the menu for a moment, Ashley’s eyes settled on a bacon and sausage omelet. Out of the corner of her eye, Lauren spotted their waitress exiting the kitchen, with two glasses of water in hand. Without a word, she reached over and snatched up Jackson, shoving him between her thighs to hide him.


              In a blur, Jackson went from being on the table to being whisked through the air by fingers from behind. When he came to, he found himself between two dark blue walls. His hand sank into the walls as he tried to climb out of the crevice he was stuck in. The air was thick with heat and a strange smell as he emerged out the top to find himself wedged between Lauren’s thighs beneath the table. Looking around, he saw Ashley’s legs excitedly bouncing under the table as well as the waitress’s frock. As he turned to face his captress, he found himself less than an inch away from her crotch, which radiated heat over his tiny form. Immediately he turned away from the area, blushing madly. Thankfully, he was not trapped between her thighs for long, as the waitress began to walk away, and Lauren reached down to grab him and place him on the table.


              “I’m so sorry about that by the way. I just panicked and shoved you in there.” Lauren looked down on the tiny guy worriedly.


              “It’s ok…” Jackson blushed as he tried to repress the memory of being so close to her crotch.


              Ashley smirked down on him. “What, too close for comfort to her crotch? You know, you’re only one question away from spending time in my panties. Say the word and I’ll do it. Up to you!”


              “I’ll think about it. In the meantime, can I get some of that water?”

              Ashley picked up a spoon before sinking it into her water cup. It emerged with a small puddle inside, which she held up to Jackson. He eagerly drank up as much of the ice-cold water has he could, leaving little more than a slight dent in the water level of the spoon. Ashley then held the spoon up to her own mouth before effortlessly sucking up its content.


              “That spoon looked like it was enough to fill a bathtub for you, but it was just a spoonful for us.” The two girls laughed heartily at Lauren’s observation.


              After several minutes of waiting and idle chatter, Jackson ducked for cover as the waitress returned with two plates and cups of coffee. He stumbled as the plates impacted the table, only for Ashley to brush him out of view once more. The two thanked the waitress as she left.


              Jackson emerged from behind the table sign to come face to face with a giant plate. Climbing up, he stood before an omelet the size of a small house, with Ashley’s massive knife and fork deftly carving out a chunk. He watched in stunned silence as the massive piece of food ascended towards Ashley’s enormous mouth. Her teeth made short work of anything unfortunate enough to be caught on the fork, and anything in the omelet was instantly obliterated into mush by the shiny white pillar. A chill ran down his spine as he watched her unconscious show of power, a simple activity to her but a potential danger to him. As he walked along the rim of the plate, he tripped on a piece of hashbrown and fell down on top of the omelet. As he rushed to scramble off of the steaming surface, a metal spike suddenly hooked his pant leg and pushed it into the egg. Looking up, he saw a fork pinning him down, and a knife carving out the piece he was on. In desperation, he screamed for help, but Ashley had stopped paying attention, instead chatting to Lauren about an upcoming movie. The world rushed upwards as the fork elevated the piece towards her enormous mouth.


              Once again, Jackson found himself staring into the cavern of his godlike girlfriend, her teeth once again glistening in anticipation for the next morsal. Her first bite sliced though the omlete slice like a guillotine, and quickly mulched it into a slurry. As she swallowed the chewed food, she opened her mouth for another bite. His screams fell on deaf ears as the morsel passed between her lips. As her mouth closed behind her, the fork removed itself from the bite, granting Jackson his freedom. His minor victory was quickly overtaken as she began to chew. Instantly, her mouth became the site of a raging storm, as food chunks flew every which way as she chewed. Her hot mouth filled with saliva, drenching him in chewed food and Ashley spit. Out of desperation, he made his way under her enormous tongue, just in time as she swallowed, sucking everything above him down her throat. Frustrated, angry and scared, he staggered to his feet in the muggy, sweltering omelet scented cavern and kicked her gumline as hard as possible. Ashley winced for a moment before her mouth reopened, flooding light into the cave. She reached in and grabbed a hold of the offending object before pausing.


              When Jackson re-emerged into the light of day, soaked in saliva and chewed up piece of food, Ashley was on the brink of tears. Panicking, she bolted to her feet and rushed to the tiny bathroom, locking the door behind her. She turned on the water and began scrubbing the battered tiny with tears streaming down her face and a torrent of babbled apologies pouring from her mouth. When the torrent subsided, Jackson looked up at his girlfriend’s pained face, her cheeks turned a glistening scarlet, soaked with her frantic tears.


              “Please…” she stuttered out, just barely maintaining her fragile composure, “Don’t hate me, please, I’m so sorry I didn’t see you, I didn’t notice anything, I could’ve killed y-”


              “Ashely stop!” Jackson shouted, mustering as much project as his tiny body could produce. “Calm down, I’m still alive, you didn’t kill me. It’s ok, you can calm down now.”


              The massive girl looked back at her sopping wet boyfriend on the counter. With a sniffle, she dried her tears and composed herself.


              “Wash your face off Ash, it’ll be alright. I’m fine, no injuries, I’m just a little shook, that’s all.”


              He moved to the side as she leaned over the sink and splashed cold water over her face, soaking him in another blast of water. Once she had suitably scrubbed away her tears, she straightened herself, and held Jackson under the dryer. The hot gale that blasted from the vent quickly dried off his soaking clothes, even down to his underwear and socks. Concealing Jackson in her fist, she took a deep breath, driving out the last of her worry, and returned to her concerned friend.

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