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Author's Chapter Notes:

As promised here comes new chapter! I did my best to describe everything in vivid detail. I hope you enjoy it!

Sam was getting bored. He was guarding the smaller door, through which the condemned were brought inside. The large gate was guarded by four of his colleagues. The giantess had never tried to escape. It seemed like she knew her place. 

He was new here and this was his first day doing a thing as mundane as guarding a door. He was a warrior used to working in the field, where something was always going on. Here, he just had to stand in one place forever. He tried to peek into the cell to see the giantess everyone was talking about. He heard that she was very beautiful and did not wear anything. This would have obviously raised any young man's interest. However, the door was sealed shut and there were no crevices. When they were bringing another condemned, he tried to get inside, but got pushed away by his superior. 

The Great Lord using the strength of his own and his fearless knights had managed to capture this mighty creature and imprison it. Although Sam had not taken any part in this great feat himself, he was proud of being a part of such a strong and capable nation, which, as seen, was able to dominate the strongest among all living creatures. It seemed that the giantess served the purpose of an executor now. Smart, thought Sam. It was a perfect deterrent for any rebels who would try to deny the supremacy of his beloved master. The thought of being devoured alive... It would have made anyone shiver. 

Alright, he thought, swallowing nervously. The motivation to be an exemplary knight is just that much stronger...

He looked up at the structure of the giantess' prison. It was massive. A corner in a natural rock massif had been used as the main source of support upon which two other walls and the ceiling had been built using large black stones. The entire castle in which his Lord was now residing was surrounded by mountains. Many of its walls had been erected using natural rock as base, much like in the case of the giant prison itself, countless caves connected together creating secret passages. When they raided this Land a month prior, the huge prison had already been a part of this castle. No one knew what purpose the structure had served. Well, it surely turned out to be useful. 

The sun was peeking out from behind the giant structure's roof. Soon it was going to set; a huge relief for Sam, who had been standing under its rays the whole day in his light but still full armour. He swept the sweat away from his face. His head, just like the heads of other guards and knights, was uncovered. There was no obligation to wear a helmet inside the castle.

Suddenly he heard a loud noise and lost his balance as one of the leaves of the humongous gate was sent flying through the air. It landed on a fountain in the centre of the courtyard, devastating it. Water started spilling on cobblestone. Loud ringing of an alarm bell could soon be heard and more guards started assembling in prearranged places. Archers on the walls and infantry down in the courtyard.

Sam could see a large shape emerge from the dark confines of the so created hole on all fours. Long blonde hair was covering the giantess' face, falling down, almost touching the ground. She was gasping and breathing heavily exhausted after exerting so much force against the door restricting her. Her shoulders were moving up and down as she was trying to catch a breath. He could see the line of her breasts and her flat belly. Her skin looked thin because of severe dehydration and malnourishment. The muscles flexing under her skin, now visible more clearly than in a healthy condition, combined with her stance made her resemble a starved predator on the hunt...

"Give me water!" she demanded with a hoarse voice in between her breaths.

The four guards visibly surprised with this sudden rebellion threatened to use their spades against her, should she not settle down. 

Arrogant as ever. But Emily was not going to let them fool her anymore.

"Fine then!" she stated. "In that case I will just drink your blood!"

Using both of her hands she quickly scooped all four of them up and stuffed them into her mouth. She threw her hair back and straightened up, sitting on her knees. The spears fell down to the ground. Sam could see the waving limbs of his comrades sticking out of her plushy lips. He noticed that the giantess was a teenager, her beautiful young face lying in stark contrast with her cruel behaviour. Dozens of arrows were shot at her only to bounce off and fall down to the ground. She completely ignored those. She was not that scared little girl anymore.

Sam watched as she kept her palms pressed down on her lips, blocking the only way out. Her cute cheeks were bulging to the sides, the four men filling her mouth to its limits. Their bodies pressed together and bent into unnatural angles, her mouth barely able to contain them. He could hear their muffled screams as she started to chew them up along with their armours. She was so hungry that she did not bother peeling them off. The condemned were shackled too and she dighested it all anyway. No one cared if hard pieces of metal would hurt her. Well, now she did not care either. 

Loud cracking noises as well as giantess' munching could be heard as she admired the rich flavours and wetness of the gory mess finally quenching her thirst after so many days of torment. Her house, her garden, her livestock; she was taking all of those back now! A trickle of blood appeared in the corner of her mouth and started running down. She gathered it with her now red tongue and brought it back inside. She moaned in utter delight acknowledging the supremacy of this dish over all the others she had tried up until this point. The tenderness of their flesh... The crunching of their bones... Everything wonderfully wet and lively.

Having sloshed the contents of her mouth around for a few moments Emily put her palm on her throat and swallowed everything down with a delightful expression on her face. Sitting with her head tilted back, eyes closed and mouth slightly opened, hypnotised by the newly discovered pleasure she enjoyed the feeling of her body absorbing the life force of her prey. She could feel awesome bliss melt in her throat as she traced it with her fingers, her strength returning to her body faster than one could have imagined. A waterfall of gore ran down her oesophagus, lubricating it like a refreshing milkshake. She put her other palm on her stomach and started massaging it, proper nourishment finally delivered. She licked her lips slowly leaving them covered in a dark shade of crimson.

Sam was petrified but there was also something fascinating in watching this giantess devour all those people. The crude, primal force of nature she represented along with her beautiful nude, body in the most sweet form of a teenage girl submerged in utter ecstasy ordered him to worship her immediately. He instantly knew that there was no opposing this goddess. Everyone who would stand against her was destined to meet his demise. Sam decided to shine with intelligence and try to secure his safety.

"Giantess! Please let me pledge my loyalty to you! I don't care about the Great Lord anymore!" he screamed, running behind her to escape the rain of arrows falling down on them from all directions.

Coward, thought Emily. Despite ever present yelling and being detached from reality she still managed to hear his words. How dared he approach her! How could he possibly believe that she could have any sympathy towards any of them. Little bastard thought he was smarter than the others, that his life was somehow worth more. Mattered more. Mattered anything. It did not! Having turned around she lifted him up into the air.

"What is your name, little human?" she asked with a giggle, a new idea appearing in her mind.

"Sam!" shouted the man in response, excited that his plan had worked.

"How was it..." she wondered for a split second. "Ah yes! Sam, sentenced to death for opposing the will of his mighty and infallible Lord!" she announced with a malicious grin, her blue eyes shining.

Sam could not believe what he had just heard. The cruelty of her little joke made him lose his tongue. Before he managed to react he was enveloped by Emily's plushy lips. 

Inside her mouth everything was covered with a mix of blood and spit. Little bits of armour and other, more hideous leftovers of Sam's comrades' bodies were stuck onto her tongue. The man was being covered in all of that now as the invincible pink muscle was lubricating him. He was being squeezed hard as she sucked on him. He could feel his eardrums explode and stopped hearing his own screams. He thought that his eyes were going to come out of their sockets.

Immense, almost crushing force pressed him against the palate of Emily's mouth. His face got smashed into pink muscle beneath him cutting of his breath. As the pressure increased even more he could feel his body slide into her throat head-first. He screamed again as his world shifted.

Engulfed by everpresent, undulating muscles he was sent down her throat; now used to swallowing large objects. He could feel his limbs disappear between the folds of surrounding flesh. Finally he felt his head being pressed through a tight sphincter; the entrance to her stomach. A wall of acrid air hit him. As the muscle let his legs free, he fell into the pool of gore and stomach acid. The fall head-down from this height would have definitely been fatal if it had not been for the plushiness of her belly. However, it was deeply misleading as the soft organ with help of strong acid and enzymes was able to corrode even metal.

Despite the armour the corrosive mixture started burning his skin. In fact wearing it made matters even worse because the substance was kept in the folds of his clothing even when he escaped the initial threat by jumping out of the pool. He quickly took his armour off, hoping for some relief but it was not coming.

The stomach contracted suddenly making him fall back into the gory mess. The grinding walls of the organ made sure he stayed down there as merciless Emily purred with delight feeling him squirm in agony. 

The experience was so different from when she had forcefully executed the innocent. Emily's entire being was on fire now. The squirming in her stomach, the arrows flooding her entire body covering it with tiny kisses. More and more of her strength returning with every second. Going back to life in every sense. Being born again! She was submerged in complete and utter ecstasy, the nerves she had never even known existed, stimulated by her guilty pleasure, delivering novel feelings to her awaiting brain. She could feel the shivers originating in her stomach going up and down her spine. No. Not in her stomach. It was connected to the sensations in her belly but somehow different... Lower. Down in her pussy. What was this incredible feeling?! 

"Ohhh!" screamed Emily as she felt immense fire explode inside her, the new, most powerful of sensations running through her body like a tsunami wave, reaching every last one of her nerve endings. She clenched her legs together and fell down to the ground.

She felt so powerful, so unstoppable and relentless. One with the earth below her and the sky above. She was the lord, the one and only goddess of this world! 

She should have known sooner!

She should have dealt with them at the start! Punish them right at the site of their crime. She should not have let them dominate her! Then all those innocent people would not have died because of her. Part of why she had conformed to those bastards was because she had not wanted to kill any of them. She had not intended to cause any suffering. It had been a mistake. 

She was maturing quickly now, her kind soul never to resume its original, innocuous state. She was taking vengeance for herself and for the innocent whose lives she had been made to take away.

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