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A young, seventeen-year-old giantess is forced to serve as an executioner for an evil lord. However, it does not fit her gentle nature. Will she continue to conform?

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It seems like I have not really expressed my joy for the fact that the story has joined the 'Featured' section here, so having found some spare time, I decided to correct the many orthographical errors to make your reading experience more pleasurable. 

It's one of my first stories, and I never expected it to be acknowledged in this way, it really means a lot to me! Also: Thank you all for reading and reviewing!

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Published: June 03 2022 Updated: July 21 2022
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a shorter chapter

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Alright, it has been a while, but I finally managed to write the next chapter! Sorry for the lomg wait, but I really had soo many new ideas, and also managed to get a bit burned out in the process. Here I am after a break! I hope you enjoy it!

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