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Author's Chapter Notes:

Here comes the second chapter:

A sudden itchy sensation at the sole of giantess' foot brought her back to consciousness. It was a guard stabbing her with a spear. She moved her leg back, startled by the sudden sensation. She unveiled her face moving her naughty hair to the side and sat up rubbing her sleepy eyes. Despite having slept for a few hours she was, quite understandably, still equally tired as before, if not even more.

Upon realising that his actions had taken effect, the guard left the chamber without saying a word of explanation.

"Hi!" said a shackled man standing in the distance next to the door while waving his hand in the air and smiling. His hair was black and he did not wear anything from the waist up. Lean muscles covering his torso were visible. He was young, possibly in his early twenties. Three-day facial hair adorned his smiling face.

The giantess was shocked. Where was this strange enthusiasm of his coming from? She had no idea how she should reply to that.

"I am Nathaniel and I am glad to meet you! What is your name miss?"

"Emily..." replied the giantess surprised. What was he up to? Was he not scared of her? Of being imprisoned? It was also the first time someone asked her about her name since she was faced with the humans initially.

"Nice to meet you!" The broad smile did not want to vanish from Nathaniel's face.

"Why are you so happy?" asked Emily, looking at him frowned. "Don't you know what you are here for?" she hated how oblivious he seemed to be. She hated swallowing all those innocent people and now it seemed that she would have to explain everything to him. "I am going to eat you Nathaniel," she added confused, seeing his smile broaden. She was so angry at herself and wanted it to be over already. She could not bear speaking with this human, who would soon end up as her food. It made her feel even worse.


Emily reached for Nathaniel but he jumped back swiftly, his movement surprisingly efficient considering heavy chains which were restraining him. She could not believe what had just happened. She tried to grab him one more time but again she was unable to succeed. Exhausted, she resumed her original position leaning against the wall.

"Why don't you just make it easier for us both, human?" asked Emily, visibly irritated.

"But is eating me the thing that you really want to do?"

"Of course not! I am being forced to! So don't make this any harder than it needs to be!" she shouted, her anger caused by his unfitting attitude increasing, slamming her hand directly at him. 

This time he did not move at all. Was her movement too fast for him to notice? It was rather awkward considering his previous demonstration of agility. Whatever. 

She kept him pressed to the ground under her palm before lifting him up with three fingers. She quickly put him into her mouth and swallowed hard, wincing a bit wanting to end all of this as fast as possible.

That was it. She sat hiding her head between her knees, her hair covering her tortured face. The lump in her throat disappeared behind her collarbone.

"Why don't you just escape instead?" a voice right next to Emily's ear spoke.

She jumped up startled by a sound entering her ear unexpectedly and hit her head against the stone wall.

"What the hell?!"

"You know it is pretty funny that you are letting those bastards keep you in here and order you around. Especially that what they make you do lies in contradiction with your kind nature. I can't believe that you are really too weak to oppose them!" said Nathaniel coughing. "Oh my... It really reeks in there." 

She lifted the man up from her shoulder and held him in front of her face examining him curiously. He was all covered in her spit and mucus. A quite unnerving sight. He used the palm of his free hand to get it out of his face.

"How did you..."

"I teleported out of there." he answered with that grin of his. "Good that your stomach was empty, though. I would have got burnt otherwise, hehe."

"Completely empty?"

"Completely. I thought you would get at least a little bit interested in how I can teleport..." he answered disappointed.

She was deeply relieved that he was alive. She definitely was not going to eat him again. She could not continue like this... She had to do something about her situation!

"It's not like that. I am curious... You see I just ate another prisoner before you..." she explained with guilt while placing Nathaniel on the ground next to her. "I was wondering if there was anything left of him..."


Before Nathaniel had the time to give a lecture on his teleportation skills, a loud rumble could be heard and Emily squeezed her knees tighter with her arms as her hungry stomach cramped.

"I am starving." she complained."I will die of hunger... It's been more than a week... Water..."

"Then rip those shackles apart and go. It is that simple!"

"Do you think I could do that?" asked the giantess showing Nathaniel a metal bracelet wrapped around her ankle. It was thicker than his body.

"Don't tell me you haven't tried it yet!"

"No," she answered a little embarrassed, realising how thoughtless she was dropping her gaze.

"Haha, despite your immense size you are just a little girl really," he laughed. "How old are you?"

"Seventeen," she blushed.

"Okay go! You have to understand how powerful you are! Otherwise everyone is going to continue using you."

Emily looked at the shackles restraining her. She grabbed the one on her left ankle with both of her arms and started pulling on it. She could feel the metal bend and stretch slowly under the force of her fingers until finally it broke at the point of weld. The giant girl smiled at her new friend, surprised with how quickly it happened. Nathaniel's smile widened. She was breathing heavily. Her exhausted body was barely able to move. She had to finish this quickly before fainting from overexertion.

She removed the other shackle from her foot. The ones on her wrists were more troublesome, as she could only pull with one arm at a time but they were also thinner, which allowed the procedure to be over in ten seconds or so. She leaned against the wall in order to catch a breath, a broad smile adorning her noble teenage face. 

For the first time since she had been captured she felt like she was breathing again. She could not understand why she had not put up a fight. She just could not believe that she had accepted their dominance so easily and without question. Stupid. STUPID! She thought of herself as she felt anger and primal energy rise inside her weakened body. Her home, her beautiful garden, her animals... 

"They are going to pay," she muttered.

Nathaniel watched her get up and with the newly found force plant an insanely strong kick on the large wooden gate which opened instantly, one of the leaves sent flying, the other left hanging on one doornail. He felt the ground shake beneath his feet and lost his balance for a while. Some dust fell down from the ceiling.

The sight of the raging giantess using her immense strength was a big turn on for Nathaniel. He teleported himself high up to the window sill, where no one could find him and prepared to witness the upcoming show. The guards were screwed.

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