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Story Notes:
I mistakenly deleted this story so here I am again republishing it
Author's Chapter Notes:
Chapter 1 again
Matthew was just enrolled to his new school. "Giantess high" a school for giants a boarding school.
Ever since the giantesses appeared the world has now been ruled by them. Humans once at the top of the food chain were now regarded as playthings. Even tho the humans had almost the same structure and statue as them they didn't think that the humans are equally to them. The humans were easily overthroned because of the size and power difference between the two races.
The giants also had only the female gender. Most humans were treated like food,toys,pets ( you get the point). Humans had no say but some countries gave them. Little bit of right. A law was passed that a giantess are allowed to own not more than 2 humans and could kill only 2 in a week. the humans were allowed to walk freely if they don't get captured, They were allowed to build and go to school but those that can't afford to put their children in humans school could enroll them at the giantess school where some laws don't apply to them.
Matthew's father went missing and was assumed to have been captured. Matthew's mother couldn't afford to keep him in human school because she earns a little amount of money as the gardener in Mathew's former school
Matthew has just arrived at the school and was excited about how life would be in his new school. Although he had heard terrible stories of how the giantess mistreats the humans and even killed some.
Matthew arrived at the school gate where he saw giantess waking around. He then went inside and stood close to the gate fearing on being stepped on. The a man who seems to be a at his late 30s directed him to a sign that's says "human path way".
He walk for what seems like 10 mins till he was in front of a large door. He looked around and found a normal door. He entered and the meet the hallway which were filled with both humans and giantess walking about. The humans were at the corners while the giantess were at the middle
After asking some humans he came to the principle office. The principal was a middle age man with White hair and brown eyes, brown skin with a mustache.

"Good afternoon" Matthew said as he entered the office.
"Good afternoon, what may I help you with" the principal replied

"I was told to come here so I can be assigned a dorm to stay in".

" Ok" the principal said as he looked through some record

"Oh no, it seems the humans dorm is full and you can't stay there unless you are willing to stay in a giantess room" the principal said with a sadistic tone

"Well, I have no choice but stay with a giantess then" Matthew said

"You can keep your luggage at that corner" the principal said pointing at a corner close to a desk

"You can start class immediately, but I'll speak with the girls to see who wants to allow you to stay with them"

"Were is my class then" Matthew said

"Class 7 section b" replied the principal

The principal then called on his phone instructing one of the girls to come take Matthew to his class
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