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Erica hated Mondays.  It was statistically the worst day of the week.  There was research proving this.  People were 59% more likely to be more sleep deprived from the weekend.  62% of people were usually recovering from a hang over or just a very relaxing Sunday.  82% of people were just not ready to go back to work or school at the start of the week.  Therefore scientifically proven that Mondays are the least liked and most hated day of the week.


Grabbing her books from her high school locker, Erica headed to her first calls of the day, Math.  Just like any other Monday, Erica wasn’t feeling it as she adjusted her glasses on her face to the bridge of her nose.  As easy and simple her trigonometry class was easy, she wasn’t looking forward to it.  It was less about the topic they would be covering and more about the other students… or one in particular, Christina.  Out of all the girls that went to this all girls school, she was by far her least favorite person. 


Erica wasn’t a popular girl, she was way more into science, math, and fantasy stuff.  Christina was the polar opposite of her.  She went to parties, had a body that most boys and even most girls drooled over.  She happen to be in that “cool circle” that all the popular girls were in.  Erica sighed as she took her seat before anyone else was in the classroom, still continuing to think about Christina.  Neither of them “liked” each other.  Erica found Christina loud, annoying, and very snobbish.  Unlike Erica, Christina didn’t seem to take school grades too serious, always skating by with C’s and not trying to her fullest.


They were nothing alike, so it was obvious they weren’t friends or even that close.  Something that was made clear by their rough relationship since they met.  Erica just wish she wasn’t forced to sit near Christina, it would have been so much easier to ignore her silly questions and responses.  However with their last names, they were very close on the student list.  Almost as if fate for them to always be sitting near or next to each other… in whatever shared classes they have.  Four if anyone was counting (which she totally was).



Just like every morning, Erica was early to class and ready to learn.  She was looking at the door as each student came in praying that each one wasn’t Christina.  Soon the bell was getting close to ringing and there was no sign of Christina yet.  Erica felt her Monday becoming better already.  The bell was in the middle of ringing when all of Erica’s hopes were dashed away as Christina came into the room slightly panting and breathing heavily.  Her chest pumping from running from wherever she came from.  It was clear that there were a few pair of eyes marveling in awe of her chest pumping around like that.


“Sorry… I had to run all they way from the other side of the school,” Christina apologized to their math teacher, Ms. Lyod, who was young but still older than the students themselves. Erica let out a disappointed noise at the sight of Christina showing up to class.


Ms. Lyod simple waved off Christina’s apology and told her to go and take her seat.  It only annoyed Erica as she muttered, “Of course she’s let off the hook… again.”


Erica watched Christina take her seat in front of her.  The smell of her shampoo already invading Erica’s nose… she used waaaaaay to much shampoo and other highly sweet smelling scents.  Erica hated when she used this type of perfume, it clung to her for hours after class.  Almost as if Christina was following her around all day.  Just another reason to despise Christina.


Doing her best to focus on the topic today, Erica kept her attention on the board.  However it didn’t help that after every 15 minutes Christina’s hand shot up and she asked a stupid question, or worse asked for the teacher to slow down.  Erica let out another muttering groan as Christina asked to simplify the already simplified example!


It took even longer to go over the problem, as Christina seemed to be dumbing down the whole class.  Sadly Erica was the only one who seemed to notice and was bothered by this.  The delays and everything were working on Erica’s nerves, gnawing at her quite patient demeanor.  She was so agitated that she wanted to scream and throw her text book at the wall.


Finally they were on practice examples and trying to use the new formula they just learned.  Erica was done in a flash as she had this topic down sooner than some people.  However the class was moving much slower, especially Christina, and when the teacher was ready to reveal the answer she asked Christina to help.


“Christina what did you get,” Ms. Lyod asked calling out one of her students.


Christina chuckled, “This one was easy Ms. Lyod.”  Christina seemed so confident as she spouted out her answer without hesitation or regret.


It was completely wrong.  Erica held back a laugh as Ms. Lyod corrected her.  Christina looked so defeated at her wrong answer.  Erica couldn't stop herself from chuckling at Christina’s reaction toward her incorrect answer.  Suddenly Christina turned around and glared daggers at Erica.


“What’s so funny?”  She asked, her tone deadly serious.


“Uh… well… I mean,” Erica stuttered at the way she sounded, “Well… it just seemed like you put your foot where your mouth was, that’s all,” Erica said with a weak response now that she was on the spot.



Some of the class let out a soft chuckled that got Christina to glare at them before turning her attention back to Erica.  Erica now was feeling horrible as Christina gave her an intense and hate filled look.  “My foot?  In my mouth,” Christina repeated sounding outraged.  The class was silent and the teacher looked worried she would have to jump in between them.


“I-it was a figure of speech,” Erica blurted out.  “I...I’m sorry?”


Christina looked at Erica for God knew how long, but that hatred slowly simmered down.  “You’re going to regret having ever said those words,” Christina said with a deadly calm tone.  


Erica was prepared for Christina to jump at her and attack her like some kind of wild animal right in the middle of class. Yet, Christina just calmly spun around and took her seat, acting like nothing happened.  Erica’s lips were sputtering at the sudden deescalation of the situation.  One second Erica was tempted to grab her text book as a shield and the next thing she knew Christina was acting like she hadn't’ even stood up and shouted at Erica.


It seemed even the whole class forgot those words as Ms. Lyod went on with her lesson.  Erica almost missing out on the lesson from the daze she was feeling.  The rest of the class blurred by and Erica soon heard the bell and got up to leave.  Christina didn’t say anything as Erica started to leave, prepared to fight in the hallways or cuss each other out, or something.  Erica watched Christina head down the opposite hallways without even looking at her, it ended just like that.


Erica went her way not even regarding the argument she had with Christina.  Heading to her next period, it was a class that Erica was looking forward to.  Erica had only a few friends, one of them, was her best friend Sarah.  Both of them were in the same French class.  A class she tended to goof off with her besty.  Erica did pay attention for the most part but today they were watching a french movie, or a movie in french.  Shrek, a film Erica knew by heart.  It was going to be played in French and they would have to write something about it in french.  Erica saw this as a free period since she knew french pretty well, and the movie itself.  


“Sarah,” Erica greeted as she entered the classroom.


“EEEE” Sarah squealed calling out her nick name, as she saw her enter the class.  “Oh my god, you got to hear about this,” Sarah told her as she started to go into her detailed story that she had to tell her. 


Erica sat down right next to Sarah and listen to the latest school gossip.  It wasn’t anything new but she still entertained Sarah on her explosive explanation on what was going down.  As Sarah talked, their french teacher quickly tossed in the movie for everyone to watch.  Once the lights dimmed and Erica was starting to pay attention Sarah did the most unexpected and bizarre thing in the world.


“Hey can you massage my feet?”  The question was out before Erica had time to react.  Sarah’s feet were already off the floor and plopped right into Erica’s lap.  She could only do a quick glance at Sarah with a confused look, “WHAT?!”


“You know, like rub them and stuff,” Sarah nonchalantly said as she left her shoe covered foot in her lap.  Erica let out a baffled huff but her hands were already moving on their own. It was like they had a mind of their own as they started to touch and pull at the tennis shoe on Sarah’s right foot.  Erica was slowly untying the laces of the shoe in her lap and soon her hands were slowly pulling the sneaker off.


“What am I even doing, you’re lucky were friends,” Erica muttered as she thought of stopping her hands, and to playfully shove her friends foot off of her thigh.  However Sarah continued to sit sideways, propping her foot up in Erica’s lap.  Erica wasn’t sure why but she just went along with it.  Like her body was acting on instinct or something.  Erica wasn’t thinking at all as her hands found their way toward Sarah’s sock.  They started to rub and massage the heel and base of Sarah’s foot, rubbing in circular motions.  Erica found her fingers pushing and kneading her friends foot.  As disgusted as she should have been, it wasn’t so bad.  As the film went on, Sarah soon pulled her foot back and slapped her other foot up.


“And this one too,” Sarah told Erica with the same care free tone.  


Now Erica felt like this joke had gone on far enough, “Are you kidding me?  Come on…” Erica complained but found her hands moving on their own.  Grumbling at how rude her friend was being.  Erica pulled the shoe off and started to rub Sarah’s OTHER sock covered foot.  Starting from the boom of the heel and making her way upward.  Rubbing the ridge between her heel and toes, making her way to each fluff covered toe until Erica had Sarah pleased.  It didn’t feel like it, but it seemed that Erica spent most if not the whole period rubbing her friends feet.  By the time Sarah pulled her foot off of Erica’s lap the bell started to ring.  Sarah was wearing an even happier smile than before, as she slipped her shoes back on, leaving without so much as a thank you.


“Your welcome,” Erica muttered as Sarah left the class.  That had to be the weirdest thing she ever had to do for a friend.  Next time, Erica would have to have Sarah return the favor. It only seemed fair after such a weird and disgusting request…




Erica felt weird all day after that little weird event with Sarah.  She never did anything like that before, and in fact she wasn’t a big fan of people’s feet.  It just wasn’t a thing she found “likable”.  So why did she massage Sarah’s feet…  


The question lingering on her mind throughout the rest of the day.  She hardly noticed the Christina in her other classes.  Odd enough it seemed Erica being distracted by the weird actions of both her and Sarah in her French class help push the school day along very quickly.  Before she knew it school was over.  Erica felt some sort of relief at the quickly passing school day.  Wanting to get rid of the distraction of what happened in French class, Erica decided to meet up with her gym partner and do a quick workout.  It was something Erica did every once in a while to keep from gaining too much weight in some areas.  Zoe, her workout partner, on the other hand was a gym rat.  Everyday she would go to the school’s gym and workout, Erica had a feeling that she even came on the weekends too.  Now that was way too much.


Unlike Zoe, Erica never really felt the desire to work out as much.  So when Erica did a light workout session, a few weights here and there maybe run for 10 minute on the treadmill, Zoe went all out.  She seemed to love the burn, the actual loss of body fat and gains she would make on her more toned body.  A feeling that Erica wasn’t as inclined to enjoy.


Today was no different.  Erica watched her workout buddy going hard core today as she worked mostly legs and lower body.  Squatting in her gym shorts as she talked about class and family, things she hadn’t shared with Erica in a few days since last workout session.  It was just small chit chat between the two girls as they did their work out.  Just when Erica thought that Zoe was going to use every machine and weight in the school gym, she finally told her, “Okay, time for some cardio.”


Erica raised an eyebrow at how exhausted and sweaty her friend was.  “You sure… you are drenched.  You’re not over doing it are you?”


Zoe laughed and blew off the concern, “Oh this nothing.  I still need to hit the treadmill for at least half an hour.”  


This seemed to shock Erica, but she didn’t argue with her.  Zoe knew her body better than anyone.  All Erica could do was watched the many beads of sweat trail down Zoe’s thigh and right into her gym socks.  The dew drop of liquid quickly vanished and was absorbed into the drenched material, as if it were slurped up.  Erica could only imagine what it would be like to wearing those drenched socks on her feet, it would be like stepping in a puddle.  It sent a shiver of disgust down Erica’s spine, but she quickly adjusted her glasses and followed after Zoe to another room.  In here, there were a few unused treadmills and a couple of exercise bikes in the corner.  


Erica never liked running, she was more of a, sit down and pedal girl.  Grabbing a seat she did a slow pace on the stationary bicycle while Zoe grabbed a treadmill.  Erica watched her workout buddy start off with a jog and soon ramp it up to a dead sprint.  She was looking to sweat out ever cell in her body.  Good God…


By the time Zoe was done with her run, it was like she ran through the rain.  


“What a workout,” Zoe laughed as she walked over to Erica who was waiting for her.  Erica could have left but it felt weird not to change and leave the school’s gym together like they always did.  Following after Zoe, Erica headed into the lockers and started to change out of their gym clothes.


“Aren’t you thirsty,” Erica asked feeling her own parchment from her measly workout she did.  She could only imagine the amount of thirst Zoe must have right now.  Especially with all the sweat rolling down her body.  Erica could almost taste it in the air.  Zoe just seemed to shrug as she sat down on the bench to pull her shoes off to change.


Erica sat down next to Zoe, and continued with her little chit chat.  She chuckled before saying, “I know I’m extremely tired but way more thirsty.”


“Oh” Zoe commented sound surprised at the news.  While still sitting down and yanking her right shoe off her right foot.  Zoe slowly started to extend and present her sock covered foot to Erica who frowned at it.  Zoe held her right foot, extended outward sticking closer to Erica’s confused face.  “Here you go,” her gym partner said without a hint of a joke in her voice.  She almost seemed so casual about it, her long leg pointed at Erica’s face with the smell of her fresh but slowly aging sweat stained sock hovering right in view.  The stench already starting to creep into Erica’s confused nose. 


“Wh-what?”  Erica sputtered looking at how causal Zoe was acting right now.  Like she wasn’t shoving her nasty sweaty foot in her face.  It was almost like she expected Erica to know what to do with it.


“You were thirsty, you can drink this,” Zoe responded.  No joking tone or sinister meaning to her voice.  Just as if she were handing her a water bottle to share after a good workout.


Erica opened her mouth to shout at Zoe, but words didn’t come out.  In fact her mouth was left wide open, as if her jaw broke and couldn’t close shut anymore.  Erica let out a deep surprised gasp at the shocking reaction to her body.  Trying to stand up, Erica found her body wasn’t going to move. It was frozen in place like a statue.  Eyes widening at the new turn of events, Erica looked at Zoe… she was pushing her right foot closer at a very slow pace.  The damp nearly dripping sock covered foot was aimed right at her still open mouth.  Silent screams echoed throughout Erica’s head and soul as the still warm sock was slowly placed on her bottom lip.  Zoe slowly inserted her stretched foot into Erica’s mouth.  Immoderately tears came out of Erica’s eyes as she screamed harder as the liquid drenched clothing entered her mouth with a squishy texture.  The taste of the salty dirty fabric rolling over her lip and toward her tongue and throat made her want to gag and throw up.  The heavy stench of Zoe’s heavy workout smell filled her mouth, throat, and nose.  A burning sensation filling her open mouth and nostrils as the sour and bitter taste of Zoe perspiration oozing into her still open maw.  Erica was ready to spit the foot out of her mouth, but to her shock and disgust, now her lips started to close on their own.  Her mouth clamping and sealing Zoe’s toes and front half of her foot in Erica’s mouth.




Erica wanted to rip the foot right out of her mouth, but her arms stayed at her side.  Zoe than started to pull her foot out of Erica’ mouth slowly.  With Erica’s mouth holding onto the foot, she watched as the foot was retracted slowly and the sock stayed still.  Erica was peeling off the sweaty sock with her mouth!  As soon as the foot was out of the sock, Erica’s body started to slurp up the putrid dirty used footwear into her mouth… and sucked hard on it.  Every bit of grimy greasy drop of sweat was pulled out of the horrible used sock and swallowed down Erica’s gagging throat.  The nasty workout juices were quickly drawn out of the semi-white cotton sock and into her gut.  What was worse, it was still hot and warm from use.  The warm fluid crawling down to her stomach heat up her throat on the trail it took to her tummy.


“Better?”  Zoe asked without any hint of malice or hatred toward Erica who was sucking on her sock like it held the essence of life itself.  Erica wanted to cry even harder and to scream!  She wanted to spit the ball up sock in her mouth and vomit the horrible briny stew she swallowed.  Only her body still refused to do as she told her.  Another muffled scream priced Erica’s stuffed mouth when she watched Zoe take her other shoe off, and started to peel an equally drenched sock from her foot.  “Here you go,” Zoe said smiling like she was doing her friend a favor, pushing the sock closer to Erica’s slowly opening maw.  The second sock was pushed in with little to no remorse, but it wasn’t jammed in.  Erica’s mouth hurt as it tried to close around the second sock.  One was bad… two was a nightmare as Erica felt the fresh and old juices starting to be squeezed and sucked out of the new fabric in her mouth.  Both Zoe and Erica sat there for a few minutes looking at each other.  One with horror etched all over her face, and the other just offering a friendly unfazed smile.  


Finally Erica felt every drop of nasty sweaty excretion from Zoe’s body drained and swallowed, Erica felt her hands moving to her mouth.  She slowly pulled one than the other sock out.  She gently placed them down on the bench as if they were precious treasures before looking back at Zoe, unable to move freely.


Wasn’t she done?  Whatever the fuck this was, was it over?!


It wasn't’ till Zoe started to lift her right foot up again, “There’s still more on my foot…”


“no...no no no, please,” Erica tried to beg, but her body was moving on it’s own.  Her mouth dipping in closer and closer to the toes clearly still damp with sweat.  Erica’s whimpering lips puckering and soon smooching the toes of Zoe’s right foot.  The smooching soon turned to licking as her tongue started to lap and lick up the sweaty particles that escaped the socks.  The sweat left on Zoe’s feet were cooling and much colder than the from the socks.  A new feeling of sick disgust hit Erica’s gut.  Yet she didn’t stop.  Soon, Erica’s tongue was dead to her as it slathered up any remain debris and droplets left.  Than Zoe soon swapped to her left foot.


It would have been a blessing if her mind snapped and she didn’t have to see or taste any of this, but no matter what kind of messed up torture this was, she was fully aware of it all.  Erica was unable to flee to her inner world of peace and was forced to witness this one full of sweaty feet and toes.  When Zoe was satisfied, or maybe it was Erica, the licking finally stopped.  Zoe moved her feet out of the way and grabbed her socks and started to put them on.


“Better?” Zoe asked. 


Erica didn’t say a word as she felt dead inside at what she had to go through.  She couldn’t feel her body, was she still frozen or too traumatized to move?  

Zoe was getting dressed and went to leave the locker room not reacting to Erica being a shell of her former self.  Asking Erica if she was going to be here Wednesday for another work out, Erica felt dread at what she had to look forward to, “Alright, oh and it’s cardio… so get some nice shoes and socks, we going to be running our little feet till they are stinky with sweat,”  Zoe chuckled at a joke that Erica wasn’t finding all that funny.  


Zoe didn’t find anything out of place in the locker room, so she left, leaving Erica by herself in the room.  


It wasn’t till the door closed that her body crumpled and she gagged and wheeze and spit with all her might.  Panicked that she was going to black out or something she ran to the nearest faucet and swallowed and rinsed her mouth of the horrible filthy lingering taste stuck to her tongue.  Her lips were quivering and her throat was on fire, despite the gallon of cold water chugged.  Tears were flowing down her face from the torture she received.  Why would Zoe do that to her?




What was going on?!


She shoved her foot in her mouth...

Those words echoed like a chime in her head.  No… but, how?  Was that even possible?  Christina, did she do something to her?  It, was the only seemingly logical idea, something that made her life revolve around feet now?


“I need to find her,” Erica spoke hoarsely, desperate at finding Christina.  She recalled that today was Monday, there was extra tutoring that Ms. Lyod would offer for her math class.  Christina usually stayed for those to catch up.  Not wasting a second, Erica went to go find Christina and find out what the hell was going on.





Erica peeked into Ms. Lyod’s class room to see Christina was in there taking notes while Ms. Lyod went over the material once again for her.  Erica wasted no time as she opened the door, practically flinging the door open as she entered the room.


“Christina!”  Erica shouted out the name of who might be behind this.


Christina on the other hand didn’t even so much as flinch as she wrote a little more down for a few seconds before looking up, “Erica…” Their was a look on Christina’s face that told Erica that she knew exactly why she was here.  In fact she looked smug about it.  “Took you long enough…”  Than turning to Ms. Lyod who looked perplex.  Christina spoke to Ms. Lyod.  “I think that was rude of her to barge in her like that, right Ms. Lyod?  I think Erica STEPPED way out of line, don’t you think?”


Erica frowned at how Christina said that, or would have if her body didn’t freeze up.  Oh no…


Christina grinned to Erica, “Ms. Lyod I think you should put your foot down on such behavior…”


Erica felt her eyes grow wide in fear of what Christina was suggesting.  Even more at how she was doing this to her body.   Sure enough Ms. Lyod seemed to agree and nod, “Yes your right, Erica… come here.”  Erica felt her body moving to their Trigonometry teacher.  Suddenly Ms. Lyod pointed to the floor.  Erica didn’t say a word or protest as she did as she was told.  Erica started to lay down on the ground, face up.  


“Shall we continue,” Ms. Lyod asked Christina who agreed.  “As I was saying…” Ms. Lyod remarked as she slowly slipped out of her flats.  The thirty some year old teacher slowly slipped out of her heels.  “If you take the angle of A and use SIN to find the length…” Ms. Lyod went on covering the same topic from this morning, all while getting her feet closer to Erica’s face.  Erica wanted to shake her head, but Ms. Lyod was already lifting her sole up and dangling it over her face.  Casting a shadow over Erica’s frighten and horrified face.  She gently pushed her foot over Erica’s face, pushing her glasses out of the way and off her head.  The sheer mass of Ms. Lyod, even small as she was, was devastating on Erica, as the stuffy smelling feet buried themselves in her face.  Her lips and nose were mushed into her skull as Ms. Lyod literately started to step on her, all while teaching Christina about Trigonometry.  Erica felt her vision fading from the bone crushing weight of Ms. Lyod pressing down on and into her face.  Finally after just a brief moment of standing on Erica, Ms. Lyod stepped off and went to take a seat.  “Try problems 1-11, and I’ll check them for mistakes.”  Even with her weight left Erica’s face, she swore she felt indents on her face from the imprint of her feet, left on her face.


“Okay Ms. Lyod… oh, Ms. Lyod did you hear,” Christina asked with an almost mocking tone to her words.  Erica didn’t know what to expect but the next words out of the horrible monster of a classmate brought disgust and fear to her heart.  “A foot massage is,” Christina snickered, “Good for the sole?  You know like your feet?”


Christina was the only one laughing as Ms. Lyod sounded surprise, “Is it now…”


Erica on the other hand, felt her body already moving as she started to crawl toward Ms. Lyod.  Ms. Lyod pulled her chair out from her desk and looked down watching Erica slid under the desk and lay down.  Not looking back at Erica, Ms. Lyod proceeded to plant her feet right on Erica’s face yet again.  Mashing her bare sole into her face and rubbing them up and down Erica’s face.  Pushing her lips all over the place, shoving her nose upward as she rubbed toward her forehead.  Stepping on her eyes and chin, trying to scrap off either Erica’s face or the dead skin off her feet and heels.  Ms. Lyod was using Erica as a doormat or something as she shuffled her feet slowly and deliberately over Erica’s face.  Grinding and pressing her dirty and over used feet from standing and walking all day, onto of Erica’s head.  Smearing whatever built up grime and stench that accumulated over the hour of teaching today.  Erica wanted to cry when she felt her mouth opening… 




Her tongue slowly started to drift out, and now was being dragged over the underside of Ms. Lyods horrid feet.  Sweeping and cleaning the under heel of the woman, and all the way back to the tips of her toes.  Lines of slobbery spit covered the underside of each foot, cleaning any lint, sweat, and whatever else off.  Finally Erica gave a very loud and slow swallow, sending everything gathered down her poor throat.  Over 8 hours of built up grime and gunk being licked clean of her math teacher's foot hit Erica hard.  It sunk in just as much as the smell and taste of bitter sweaty feet did into her face.  If it wasn’t any more demeaning, Erica could hear Ms. Lyod, who was still pushing and mashing her feet into Erica’s defenseless face, help Christina with her school work.  She wasn’t even on her mind, just an after thought if anything.  Erica was just something Ms. Lyod was using and not even a person.


Erica closed her eyes as Ms. Lyod pushed her left foot further forward, grazing past Erica’s eyes and straight into her hair.  Her hair was simply rubbed and shuffled around making it look out of place and even more disheveled.  Yet it wasn’t like anyone could see Erica under the desk like this anyway.  Ms. Lyod still wasn’t done, as the massive soles and heels of Ms. Lyod slapping and rolling over Erica’s face continued for what felt like forever.  The bell finally rang and Ms. Lyod slowly pulled her sticky and now tongue cleaned feet off of Erica’s ruined face.  Her face was sticky and damp from both her spit and any old and new sweat.  Her hair was all over the place, Erica panting from being both exhaustion and nearly being smothered under her teacher’s feet.  The sound of the chair rolling back and Ms. Lyod getting ready to leave was all Erica could hear.  It wasn’t till she closed the door that she could move.


Sitting up with a panic and horribly disgusted feeling running through her body, Erica crawled over to a trash can to puke up the disgustingly bile of salty and bitter tasting foot sweat stewing in her stomach.  It was on the third dry heave that Christina came over from her desk and took the teacher seat.  She simply rolled out from the desk over toward Erica.  The grin that Christina had told Erica all she needed to know.


“It’s you… isn’t it,” Erica weakly stated, knowing it was true.


Christina did a quick twirl around in the teacher’s chair.  She was laughing the whole time before slowing down and looking at Erica’s nearly curled up body on the floor with a smirk, “Yup.”


“How… why,” Erica asked again not feeling like she could move all too well.


Christina just shrugged, “Don’t worry about the how, not really important.  It’s more of the why.”  Christina continued to roll around in the teachers chair like she didn't have a care in the world.  Slowly circling around Erica’s limp body on the ground.  “What was it that you said… OH yeah,” Christina acted like she just recalled it, “Something about a FOOT in the mouth?  Or well something like that, to be honest didn’t really listen to what you said.  So I thought hey, why not see how you like it.  You know being humiliated like that.  Having to deal with feet, all day…”


Erica felt sick to her gut at the news.  How would she have known such a simple common phrase would spell such horror for her.  Erica let out a soft whimper as she recalled what Zoe and Ms. Lyod did to her.  But at least the day was over…


“Oh,” Christina chirped up leaning forward in the chair toward Erica’s still curled up body, “Oh, you think it’s just for today?  Yeah, sorry that’s a no no…”  Erica froze at those words.  Her weak eyes looked at the smirking girl grinning like she just won the lottery.  The delight she was getting out of this.  “I probably shouldn’t have given you hope by saying that… no, I meant like all your life.  Yeah, my bad.”


Erica had never known such dread and plight till she heard those words, “no-no, no, NO!  PLEASE!”  Erica squeaked out as she tried to gain some kind of mercy from Christina, who was sitting just outside of Erica’s reach.  Christina pulled back just enough to be out of reach, still occupying Ms. Lyods chair like it was her throne.


“Mmm, I don’t know… I mean, I’m finding this just, hilarious, don’t you?!”  Erica shook her head no.  “No?” Christina replied just shrugging, “Well, that sucks… but hey,” Christina said slowly getting up out of the chair and heading to her book bag and school supplies, “Maybe it’ll be better tomorrow?  Oh, but don’t we have to run the mile in gym…” Christina mutter and just shrugged,  “Welp, see you in class,” Christina wished to her, just before she started to head out the room.


Erica made a mad dashing crawl toward Christina screaming her name, “NO WAIT PLEASE I’LL DO ANYTHING!!!  JUST DON’T MAKE ME- DON’T… PLEASE!!!”  Erica nearly screamed at Christina who still had her back toward her.  Erica couldn’t help but start sobbing like she was in a living hell, which she was.  The pause in Christina path to the door gave Erica hope, “I’m sorry,” Erica whimpered trying to find some sort of mercy in Christina to forgive her for saying something so mean and humiliating her.  “Anything, I’ll do your homework… uh, I’ll…” Erica mind was racing, “I can get you money?!  Anything please,” Erica begged at Christina’s heels.


“Hmmm…” Christina hummed as she thought about it.  She lifted her right hand and gave it a snap.  “I’ll think about it.  I’ll let you know tomorrow… till than, I guess I’ll have mercy on you till than.  You wont have to worry about any more feet, for now.”  


Erica didn’t feel any different, in fact the taste of Ms. Lyod still clung heavily to her mouth.  However she never felt different when she first starting pleasing people’s feet… she would just have to trust Christina words.


Erica wasn’t sure if it was dread or hope that she felt but tomorrow she would get her answer to how merciful Christina could be…






Erica could hardly sleep last night.  Christina told the truth, there were no more feet incidents since she saw her.  However that didn’t mean it was over.  Christina still had God knows what control over her.  All she knew was that she had to make her like her or something so she didn’t go back to tasting-


Mentally and physically gagging at the range of flavors she experienced yesterday, she shudder as she walked into Ms. Lyod’s classroom.  She froze the moment she saw the only person in the classroom right now.  It was Christina.  Christina waved Erica over to her seat behind her.  She turned around and looked at Erica with that same smile she wore last time they met.


“Well, I thought about it.  You won’t have to worry about anyone else feet,” Christina told her.  Erica never felt so relieved in her life, the weight coming off her shoulder and chest was so refreshing.  Erica was about to thank Christina when she quickly add, “Just mine.”


Eric paused her joy and frowned, “Your… yours?”


Christina smiled, “Yup.  Instead of everyone using you, you’re going to be my personal foot servant.  Anytime I want it, anywhere I want it.  I wont even force you, isn’t that nice?”  Christina asked smiling a very evil grin.


“Wh-what? But…”


Christina raised an eyebrow, “What? Do you want to go back to everyone using you?  Yeah, I didn't think so… anyway, I think a thank you is in order here,” Christina asked in a superior tone.  “So?”


“Uh…” Erica didn’t know what to say but repeat the words, “Thank you…”


“See?” Christina continued to smile.  “… okay, I think now is a good time,” Christina said turning around facing forward.


“Good time?”  Erica asked looking around to see if Christina was talking to someone else.  There was no one here except for themselves.


“Yeah, for my feet… don’t keep me waiting,” She warned as she didn’t bother to turn around.  Christina sat forward waiting on Erica.


Unsure, Erica slowly got up and headed to the front of the empty class and toward Christina’s feet.


“Go ahead.  You can rub them, lick them, and praise them.  However,” Christina held back a snicker, “I will warning you, I was so busy last night worrying about what to do with you, that I might have forgotten to wash them properly… so if they kind of,” Christina gave her an eww look before returning to her evil smile, “But I’m sure you don’t mind right?”


Erica could feel her body wanting to freeze up or run away at those words as she looked at Christina’s flip flops and bare feet.  A slight stench coming up from her feet, “no-no,” Erica muttered not liking where this was going.  However what was the alternative, say no and be reduced to a foot slave for everyone else to use?  Erica slowly pulled off the left footwear, baring Christina’s naked foot to her hands.  Erica slowly started to rub Christina’s heel and side of her foot.


Suddenly someone called out as they entered the class room.  “Hey Christina, you’re here early.”


“Mina,” Christina smiled waving at her as she took her seat next to her.  Erica paused and watched with dread wondering what Mina would say seeing her like this.  How was she going to explain this?


“Hey Erica,” Mina greeted giving a soft wave as she looked down at her for a moment, before turning back to Christina.  As if Erica down by Christina’s feet was all but natural for her.  “So, Christina did you hear about next weeks party?  Everyone was thinking about throwing one for celebrating Joanna’s birthday.”


Christina nodded as she talked to Mina, “Oh yeah!  I totally knew about that, I was the one that set it up.”


“Really, no way,” Mina seemed shocked at the sudden news she just learned. 


Erica was stunned as Mina didn’t even seem to notice her down at Christina’s feet.  It was either she didn’t see here or just thought it was normal.  Soon, more students came in all greeting Christina.  Each one had an average reaction or greeting for Erica, but nothing about her rubbing and holding Christina’s feet in her hands at the foot of her seat.  Finally Ms. Lyod came in.  The class greeted her before she started the lesson.  


“Let’s pick up where we left off last, shall we,” Ms. Lyod asked as she went to the board.


Everyone started to take notes, except for Erica who was busy massaging Christina’s feet.  The sharp odor getting all over her hands.  Christina looked down at Erica, not even whispering spoke to her like everyone was okay with hearing her talk, “Oh, and don’t forget to lick between the toes before class is over.  Could use some cleaning before the mile run next period… oh and don’t worry, I’ll have you lick them clean during history.  Thanks, your a peach,” Christina smiled like what she just ordered wasn’t a hellish demand.


Christina left Erica with that shitty grin as she leaned back and started to relax and take notes in class.  All while Erica looked at the wiggling toes, each one waiting for her pink tongue to do it’s dirty job.  Worse thing was she knew this was just the beginning.  Christina would find new and more horrible ways to torment her.  It was only a mater of time...



Chapter End Notes:

There might be another chapter following, I know it was mentioned but up to commissy (when I get back to accepting commissions)

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