The Executioner by contentwelike

A young, seventeen-year-old giantess is forced to serve as an executioner for an evil lord. However, it does not fit her gentle nature. Will she continue to conform?

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Execution by contentwelike
Author's Notes:

She was lying there, in the cold darkness of her confinement, hungry and thirsty, curled up in a ball in the corner of a massive chamber to which her entire world had been diminished. Heavy shackles made of strong iron were closed around her ankles and wrists, restricting her movements, causing constant pain and discomfort, the only source of light being a small window near the ceiling which because of the chains holding her down despite her immense size, she could not reach.

Tears started filling her big blue eyes as she reminisced about the bright sun shining upon her body with its warm rays, refreshing wind dancing in her long blonde hair and green colour of leaves adorning the trees – the sign of blooming nature, the cold water of the lakes, source of life – a blessing for all living creatures. 

It was this, so simple and seemingly tasteless substance that her exhausted body was craving for the most at that very moment. The tongue of the giantess touched the palate in search for any remaining moisture, but there was none. She did not stop her swallowing reflex, yet it did not bring any relief to her suffering. The constant stinging pain in her stomach continued to subside and reappear in waves. Loud rumbling noises could be heard as it was crying for the slightest bit of food.

That was the point. That was how it had been thought up to be. The draconian system was working perfectly, not leaving any place for reflection or feelings, reducing her consciousness until nothing apart from satisfying the most basic instincts and needs mattered. The only thing that she cared about now was staying alive; just like an animal.

The time has come and a small door on the other side of the chamber was opened. Inside came three people. Two of them being armoured guards and the other one – an unlucky prisoner. His neck, wrists and ankles were shackled, leaving little freedom of movement, the weight of heavy chains pulling him down. He raised his head with difficulty and saw the giant woman lying on the ground in the distance. Upon this sight his body began to tremble.

"John Woodworth, sentenced to death for opposing the will of our mighty and infallible Lord," said one of the guards before kicking the captive in his back, making him fall forward and leaving the cell along with his companion. The sound of a key being turned in the keyhole echoed through the chamber. After that there was only silence.

The giantess raised her form from the cold floor slowly and looked at the man with a sad expression on her face. Her tired eyes spoke of broken will and resignation. Dried tears left shimmering lines on her smooth but dirty cheeks, her thick hair tangled and covered in moist dust coming from between the cobblestone bricks, which bedded the bottom of the cell.

For a second John thought her condition to be much worse than his own. Despite rough treatment, his body and his hair were rather clean. He had been captured just a moment ago and brought before the evil governor, who immediately passed judgement on him. The giant woman must have spent days if not weeks in the rough conditions of her confinement. He could not help but feel compassion for this poor creature, so similar to himself.

John began to notice the shape of her stunning, bare body as she was looking at him with those big blue eyes of hers. Beautiful curves of her hips and breasts contradicted his beliefs about giants. Her young face looked really pretty, its features resembling those of a noble, despite the dirt and exhaustion. He thought that she was really cute. She sat on her knees and straightened up showing her flat belly, which looked really attractive to the man, but he could not help but notice that the layer of fat was awfully thin, almost as though she was malnourished. They probably kept her here for days without anything to eat...

Suddenly a loud rumble echoed in the chamber, startling little John. It was her cramped, empty stomach repeating its desperate pleas yet again. The giantess' face winced in pain. John snapped out of his thoughts and remembered what he was there for. He started wondering how his execution was supposed to be carried out. What was the role of this beautiful giant woman?

Suddenly, the realisation hit him, knocking the air out of his lungs. She was there to eat him! He jumped back as a sudden wave of fear ran across his body. However, before he could escape far enough to get out of her range, he was attacked by the gigantic hand, and a set of elephantine fingers curled around his puny form as the giant blonde lifted him into the air with surprising gentleness. Slowly, she brought him up to her face.

John felt extremely uncomfortable being so close to the giantess' mouth. Her lips were slightly parted and he could feel the warm air of her breath washing over him.

"Please! Put me down!" he begged, waving his arms in a protesting manner and closing his eyes. "Don't do it!" He braced himself getting ready to meet his demise, but no event of such kind was taking place.

He dared to peek through partially closed eyelids. What he saw confused him. The giantess was crying.

"I am sorry, little guy..." she spoke with a gentle voice, which was far more delicate than John could have ever expected based solely on her incredible size, as tears ran down her cheeks. A hint of guilt and a flood of sadness were to be sensed as she spoke those words, "...but I have to eat you. They will kill me if I don't."

Hearing those words John started squirming violently, trying to free himself from her gentle but unbreakable grip. No! This could not be happening! He had to live! He was barely twenty years old! He had to fight for freedom alongside his comrades, free them from the tyran who raided and conquered their land...

"I am really sorry..." repeated the giantess, her eyes showing helpless compassion, "...good bye now!"

Her lips parted and John could feel them wrap around his body as she put him inside her mouth head-first.

"Noooo!" he screamed, kicking around wildly.

The giantess used her fingers to keep him inside her mouth. Despite severe dehydration, the saliva, prompted by John's presence finally appeared as her tongue began the process of lubricating the poor guy's body.

John felt the pink muscle lift his tiny form upwards and press him to the roof of the giantess' mouth. His arms touched her uvula. He was doing all he could to stop his descent, but it was to no avail. Soon he felt immense pressure squeeze his body as he entered her tight throat, never to see the outside world again.

The giantess could feel his tiny struggles as he travelled down her oesophagus, putting his arms to the sides, trying to slow his descent to the unknown. Ignoring the fear of death, which overwhelmed John's being, to the giant woman the sensation was almost equally as unpleasant. Her exhausted body had to work obscenely hard to deliver this little, hardly nourishing appetiser to the cavern of her belly, the lack of lubrication making the process far more painful than it would ordinarily have been, the hard shackles hurting her throat in the process.

She winced in pain as she felt John slide through her chest area. He soon passed through the sphincter, which was the gate to her awaiting stomach. The scary thought that the life of yet another innocuous living creature, intelligent and aware of the world, having feelings just like her is soon going to be cut short at the expense of her own did not want to leave her mind. She did not object to it. She knew she was to blame. Even though she was being forced to do this, still in the end the decision was hers to make. Why did she not give up her own life instead? Why did she not fight? Escape? Oppose?

Because she was too afraid.

She could feel tiny kicks and protests inside her belly. Being digested inside an empty stomach was sure going to be a very long and painful death. That was how she was told to execute them. They were supposed to suffer. She could not even chew her victims in order to provide a fast and painless death.

Why was she conforming to their demands?

Because she was scared – scared about risking her own life.

She used to live peacefully surrounded by nature, gardening and keeping animals she could use to prepare delicious meals without ever having to hurt any human, without the slightest need to even interact with any of them. Killing her cows or ship never brought her pleasure. She simply had to do that in order to survive. Despite her immense size, not once did she need to hunt any of the wild animals or steal from remote human settlements. She was self-sufficient and benign.

But then they came. When she was away in the mountains they burned her house down, and took away all her precious livestock. The garden, which used to be composed of beautiful apple trees, bearing huge fruits perfect for making compote, was completely annihilated by raging conflagration. When she came back she was met with a wall of catapults throwing flame balls. The fire hurt her skin and she was so lost and terrified. It was her first encounter with this kind of weapons and violence and her young mind, lacking the experience of the outside world, immediately gave in to the threats. She surrendered to their will and let them put shackles on her body. Then they led her here.

Little acid that could still be secreted was sprayed over John's body causing slight burns. The huge muscle twitched hard, knocking him down into the acidic pool building below. Acrid air started filling his lungs with agonising pain. Eyes and nostrils were burning like hell. As a result of his torment, he soon began to lose consciousness while the soft walls of the giant organ eagerly engulfed his body and started churning on him.

The giantess continued to cry, feeling the movements of her poor victim die down. She soon fell into a shallow, restless sleep.

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New perspective by contentwelike
Author's Notes:

Here comes the second chapter:

A sudden itchy sensation at the sole of giantess' foot brought her back to consciousness. It was a guard stabbing her with a spear. She moved her leg back, startled by the sudden sensation. She unveiled her face moving her naughty hair to the side and sat up rubbing her sleepy eyes. Despite having slept for a few hours she was, quite understandably, still equally tired as before, if not even more.

Upon realising that his actions had taken effect, the guard left the chamber without saying a word of explanation.

"Hi!" said a shackled man standing in the distance next to the door while waving his hand in the air and smiling. His hair was black and he did not wear anything from the waist up. Lean muscles covering his torso were visible. He was young, possibly in his early twenties. Three-day facial hair adorned his smiling face.

The giantess was shocked. Where was this strange enthusiasm of his coming from? She had no idea how she should reply to that.

"I am Nathaniel and I am glad to meet you! What is your name miss?"

"Emily..." replied the giantess surprised. What was he up to? Was he not scared of her? Of being imprisoned? It was also the first time someone asked her about her name since she was faced with the humans initially.

"Nice to meet you!" The broad smile did not want to vanish from Nathaniel's face.

"Why are you so happy?" asked Emily, looking at him frowned. "Don't you know what you are here for?" she hated how oblivious he seemed to be. She hated swallowing all those innocent people and now it seemed that she would have to explain everything to him. "I am going to eat you Nathaniel," she added confused, seeing his smile broaden. She was so angry at herself and wanted it to be over already. She could not bear speaking with this human, who would soon end up as her food. It made her feel even worse.


Emily reached for Nathaniel but he jumped back swiftly, his movement surprisingly efficient considering heavy chains which were restraining him. She could not believe what had just happened. She tried to grab him one more time but again she was unable to succeed. Exhausted, she resumed her original position leaning against the wall.

"Why don't you just make it easier for us both, human?" asked Emily, visibly irritated.

"But is eating me the thing that you really want to do?"

"Of course not! I am being forced to! So don't make this any harder than it needs to be!" she shouted, her anger caused by his unfitting attitude increasing, slamming her hand directly at him. 

This time he did not move at all. Was her movement too fast for him to notice? It was rather awkward considering his previous demonstration of agility. Whatever. 

She kept him pressed to the ground under her palm before lifting him up with three fingers. She quickly put him into her mouth and swallowed hard, wincing a bit wanting to end all of this as fast as possible.

That was it. She sat hiding her head between her knees, her hair covering her tortured face. The lump in her throat disappeared behind her collarbone.

"Why don't you just escape instead?" a voice right next to Emily's ear spoke.

She jumped up startled by a sound entering her ear unexpectedly and hit her head against the stone wall.

"What the hell?!"

"You know it is pretty funny that you are letting those bastards keep you in here and order you around. Especially that what they make you do lies in contradiction with your kind nature. I can't believe that you are really too weak to oppose them!" said Nathaniel coughing. "Oh my... It really reeks in there." 

She lifted the man up from her shoulder and held him in front of her face examining him curiously. He was all covered in her spit and mucus. A quite unnerving sight. He used the palm of his free hand to get it out of his face.

"How did you..."

"I teleported out of there." he answered with that grin of his. "Good that your stomach was empty, though. I would have got burnt otherwise, hehe."

"Completely empty?"

"Completely. I thought you would get at least a little bit interested in how I can teleport..." he answered disappointed.

She was deeply relieved that he was alive. She definitely was not going to eat him again. She could not continue like this... She had to do something about her situation!

"It's not like that. I am curious... You see I just ate another prisoner before you..." she explained with guilt while placing Nathaniel on the ground next to her. "I was wondering if there was anything left of him..."


Before Nathaniel had the time to give a lecture on his teleportation skills, a loud rumble could be heard and Emily squeezed her knees tighter with her arms as her hungry stomach cramped.

"I am starving." she complained."I will die of hunger... It's been more than a week... Water..."

"Then rip those shackles apart and go. It is that simple!"

"Do you think I could do that?" asked the giantess showing Nathaniel a metal bracelet wrapped around her ankle. It was thicker than his body.

"Don't tell me you haven't tried it yet!"

"No," she answered a little embarrassed, realising how thoughtless she was dropping her gaze.

"Haha, despite your immense size you are just a little girl really," he laughed. "How old are you?"

"Seventeen," she blushed.

"Okay go! You have to understand how powerful you are! Otherwise everyone is going to continue using you."

Emily looked at the shackles restraining her. She grabbed the one on her left ankle with both of her arms and started pulling on it. She could feel the metal bend and stretch slowly under the force of her fingers until finally it broke at the point of weld. The giant girl smiled at her new friend, surprised with how quickly it happened. Nathaniel's smile widened. She was breathing heavily. Her exhausted body was barely able to move. She had to finish this quickly before fainting from overexertion.

She removed the other shackle from her foot. The ones on her wrists were more troublesome, as she could only pull with one arm at a time but they were also thinner, which allowed the procedure to be over in ten seconds or so. She leaned against the wall in order to catch a breath, a broad smile adorning her noble teenage face. 

For the first time since she had been captured she felt like she was breathing again. She could not understand why she had not put up a fight. She just could not believe that she had accepted their dominance so easily and without question. Stupid. STUPID! She thought of herself as she felt anger and primal energy rise inside her weakened body. Her home, her beautiful garden, her animals... 

"They are going to pay," she muttered.

Nathaniel watched her get up and with the newly found force plant an insanely strong kick on the large wooden gate which opened instantly, one of the leaves sent flying, the other left hanging on one doornail. He felt the ground shake beneath his feet and lost his balance for a while. Some dust fell down from the ceiling.

The sight of the raging giantess using her immense strength was a big turn on for Nathaniel. He teleported himself high up to the window sill, where no one could find him and prepared to witness the upcoming show. The guards were screwed.

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Freedom and new discoveries by contentwelike
Author's Notes:

As promised here comes new chapter! I did my best to describe everything in vivid detail. I hope you enjoy it!

Sam was getting bored. He was guarding the smaller door, through which the condemned were brought inside. The large gate was guarded by four of his colleagues. The giantess had never tried to escape. It seemed like she knew her place. 

He was new here and this was his first day doing a thing as mundane as guarding a door. He was a warrior used to working in the field, where something was always going on. Here, he just had to stand in one place forever. He tried to peek into the cell to see the giantess everyone was talking about. He heard that she was very beautiful and did not wear anything. This would have obviously raised any young man's interest. However, the door was sealed shut and there were no crevices. When they were bringing another condemned, he tried to get inside, but got pushed away by his superior. 

The Great Lord using the strength of his own and his fearless knights had managed to capture this mighty creature and imprison it. Although Sam had not taken any part in this great feat himself, he was proud of being a part of such a strong and capable nation, which, as seen, was able to dominate the strongest among all living creatures. It seemed that the giantess served the purpose of an executor now. Smart, thought Sam. It was a perfect deterrent for any rebels who would try to deny the supremacy of his beloved master. The thought of being devoured alive... It would have made anyone shiver. 

Alright, he thought, swallowing nervously. The motivation to be an exemplary knight is just that much stronger...

He looked up at the structure of the giantess' prison. It was massive. A corner in a natural rock massif had been used as the main source of support upon which two other walls and the ceiling had been built using large black stones. The entire castle in which his Lord was now residing was surrounded by mountains. Many of its walls had been erected using natural rock as base, much like in the case of the giant prison itself, countless caves connected together creating secret passages. When they raided this Land a month prior, the huge prison had already been a part of this castle. No one knew what purpose the structure had served. Well, it surely turned out to be useful. 

The sun was peeking out from behind the giant structure's roof. Soon it was going to set; a huge relief for Sam, who had been standing under its rays the whole day in his light but still full armour. He swept the sweat away from his face. His head, just like the heads of other guards and knights, was uncovered. There was no obligation to wear a helmet inside the castle.

Suddenly he heard a loud noise and lost his balance as one of the leaves of the humongous gate was sent flying through the air. It landed on a fountain in the centre of the courtyard, devastating it. Water started spilling on cobblestone. Loud ringing of an alarm bell could soon be heard and more guards started assembling in prearranged places. Archers on the walls and infantry down in the courtyard.

Sam could see a large shape emerge from the dark confines of the so created hole on all fours. Long blonde hair was covering the giantess' face, falling down, almost touching the ground. She was gasping and breathing heavily exhausted after exerting so much force against the door restricting her. Her shoulders were moving up and down as she was trying to catch a breath. He could see the line of her breasts and her flat belly. Her skin looked thin because of severe dehydration and malnourishment. The muscles flexing under her skin, now visible more clearly than in a healthy condition, combined with her stance made her resemble a starved predator on the hunt...

"Give me water!" she demanded with a hoarse voice in between her breaths.

The four guards visibly surprised with this sudden rebellion threatened to use their spades against her, should she not settle down. 

Arrogant as ever. But Emily was not going to let them fool her anymore.

"Fine then!" she stated. "In that case I will just drink your blood!"

Using both of her hands she quickly scooped all four of them up and stuffed them into her mouth. She threw her hair back and straightened up, sitting on her knees. The spears fell down to the ground. Sam could see the waving limbs of his comrades sticking out of her plushy lips. He noticed that the giantess was a teenager, her beautiful young face lying in stark contrast with her cruel behaviour. Dozens of arrows were shot at her only to bounce off and fall down to the ground. She completely ignored those. She was not that scared little girl anymore.

Sam watched as she kept her palms pressed down on her lips, blocking the only way out. Her cute cheeks were bulging to the sides, the four men filling her mouth to its limits. Their bodies pressed together and bent into unnatural angles, her mouth barely able to contain them. He could hear their muffled screams as she started to chew them up along with their armours. She was so hungry that she did not bother peeling them off. The condemned were shackled too and she dighested it all anyway. No one cared if hard pieces of metal would hurt her. Well, now she did not care either. 

Loud cracking noises as well as giantess' munching could be heard as she admired the rich flavours and wetness of the gory mess finally quenching her thirst after so many days of torment. Her house, her garden, her livestock; she was taking all of those back now! A trickle of blood appeared in the corner of her mouth and started running down. She gathered it with her now red tongue and brought it back inside. She moaned in utter delight acknowledging the supremacy of this dish over all the others she had tried up until this point. The tenderness of their flesh... The crunching of their bones... Everything wonderfully wet and lively.

Having sloshed the contents of her mouth around for a few moments Emily put her palm on her throat and swallowed everything down with a delightful expression on her face. Sitting with her head tilted back, eyes closed and mouth slightly opened, hypnotised by the newly discovered pleasure she enjoyed the feeling of her body absorbing the life force of her prey. She could feel awesome bliss melt in her throat as she traced it with her fingers, her strength returning to her body faster than one could have imagined. A waterfall of gore ran down her oesophagus, lubricating it like a refreshing milkshake. She put her other palm on her stomach and started massaging it, proper nourishment finally delivered. She licked her lips slowly leaving them covered in a dark shade of crimson.

Sam was petrified but there was also something fascinating in watching this giantess devour all those people. The crude, primal force of nature she represented along with her beautiful nude, body in the most sweet form of a teenage girl submerged in utter ecstasy ordered him to worship her immediately. He instantly knew that there was no opposing this goddess. Everyone who would stand against her was destined to meet his demise. Sam decided to shine with intelligence and try to secure his safety.

"Giantess! Please let me pledge my loyalty to you! I don't care about the Great Lord anymore!" he screamed, running behind her to escape the rain of arrows falling down on them from all directions.

Coward, thought Emily. Despite ever present yelling and being detached from reality she still managed to hear his words. How dared he approach her! How could he possibly believe that she could have any sympathy towards any of them. Little bastard thought he was smarter than the others, that his life was somehow worth more. Mattered more. Mattered anything. It did not! Having turned around she lifted him up into the air.

"What is your name, little human?" she asked with a giggle, a new idea appearing in her mind.

"Sam!" shouted the man in response, excited that his plan had worked.

"How was it..." she wondered for a split second. "Ah yes! Sam, sentenced to death for opposing the will of his mighty and infallible Lord!" she announced with a malicious grin, her blue eyes shining.

Sam could not believe what he had just heard. The cruelty of her little joke made him lose his tongue. Before he managed to react he was enveloped by Emily's plushy lips. 

Inside her mouth everything was covered with a mix of blood and spit. Little bits of armour and other, more hideous leftovers of Sam's comrades' bodies were stuck onto her tongue. The man was being covered in all of that now as the invincible pink muscle was lubricating him. He was being squeezed hard as she sucked on him. He could feel his eardrums explode and stopped hearing his own screams. He thought that his eyes were going to come out of their sockets.

Immense, almost crushing force pressed him against the palate of Emily's mouth. His face got smashed into pink muscle beneath him cutting of his breath. As the pressure increased even more he could feel his body slide into her throat head-first. He screamed again as his world shifted.

Engulfed by everpresent, undulating muscles he was sent down her throat; now used to swallowing large objects. He could feel his limbs disappear between the folds of surrounding flesh. Finally he felt his head being pressed through a tight sphincter; the entrance to her stomach. A wall of acrid air hit him. As the muscle let his legs free, he fell into the pool of gore and stomach acid. The fall head-down from this height would have definitely been fatal if it had not been for the plushiness of her belly. However, it was deeply misleading as the soft organ with help of strong acid and enzymes was able to corrode even metal.

Despite the armour the corrosive mixture started burning his skin. In fact wearing it made matters even worse because the substance was kept in the folds of his clothing even when he escaped the initial threat by jumping out of the pool. He quickly took his armour off, hoping for some relief but it was not coming.

The stomach contracted suddenly making him fall back into the gory mess. The grinding walls of the organ made sure he stayed down there as merciless Emily purred with delight feeling him squirm in agony. 

The experience was so different from when she had forcefully executed the innocent. Emily's entire being was on fire now. The squirming in her stomach, the arrows flooding her entire body covering it with tiny kisses. More and more of her strength returning with every second. Going back to life in every sense. Being born again! She was submerged in complete and utter ecstasy, the nerves she had never even known existed, stimulated by her guilty pleasure, delivering novel feelings to her awaiting brain. She could feel the shivers originating in her stomach going up and down her spine. No. Not in her stomach. It was connected to the sensations in her belly but somehow different... Lower. Down in her pussy. What was this incredible feeling?! 

"Ohhh!" screamed Emily as she felt immense fire explode inside her, the new, most powerful of sensations running through her body like a tsunami wave, reaching every last one of her nerve endings. She clenched her legs together and fell down to the ground.

She felt so powerful, so unstoppable and relentless. One with the earth below her and the sky above. She was the lord, the one and only goddess of this world! 

She should have known sooner!

She should have dealt with them at the start! Punish them right at the site of their crime. She should not have let them dominate her! Then all those innocent people would not have died because of her. Part of why she had conformed to those bastards was because she had not wanted to kill any of them. She had not intended to cause any suffering. It had been a mistake. 

She was maturing quickly now, her kind soul never to resume its original, innocuous state. She was taking vengeance for herself and for the innocent whose lives she had been made to take away.

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Further indulgence by contentwelike
Author's Notes:

Emily continues with her meal

Nathaniel watched Emily consume the guards from his vantage point high up with morbid fascination. Her rage must have reached its pick as the level of cruelty she presented was rather impressive for someone as kind and caring as her. He loved how she recited the formula of death sentence to Sam and made him see what an opportunistic coward he was. He could see the bliss on her face and witnessed as she fell down to the ground with a scream of ecstasy. 

Ever since he had heard about the giantess he wanted to see her. The idea of a giant woman, especially one dominating people, had always been a centre of all his fantasies. He had no idea that they existed. And now here she was, her might presented to him in its full glory! It was a dream come true and he realised that he was falling in love with her. He felt that he could do anything for this wonderful creature. Giant, seventeen-year-old-old Emily. He was so happy that he had had an opportunity to turn out useful to her and help her realise her true strength. 

Archers continued to fire arrows at Emily. After she had finally awakened from her fantasy and went back to reality she decided that it was enough. Nathaniel could feel his body shake again as she ripped the remaining gate leaf out of the frame and threw it at the archers. Massive board built of smaller pieces of oak wood, carefully fit together, guarded by iron plates and huge rivets soared through the air and hit the wall surrounding the castle from which most of the projectiles were coming.

Under the massive force of impact pieces of wood and metal were sent flying in all directions posing great danger to bystanders, killing many. The stone wall, much thinner than the one in giantess' prison, cracked and collapsed in the middle, the archers losing their footing and falling down to the ground. Seeing the scale of the danger the giantess posed, all the others decided to retreat and hid in the interior of the castle and surrounding walls.

Emily put her palms on her hips and sighed. Finally all the screaming and shooting had stopped. Only groaning of injured casualties could be heard. Using this moment of peace Emily reached the leftovers of the fountain and bent down in order to drink some water. She secured her hair from getting wet and gulped down mouthfuls of refreshing liquid.

The sun was almost set and it began to get darker. Emily decided to fill her belly up with tiny bastards before it was too late. Having devoured five men, each one bigger than her middle finger she still had room for many more. Realising that the injured humans by the wall were unable to move, which meant both no fun and no worries, she devoted her attention to the castle. She forced her arm through the shatters of a large window and searched with her fingers in pursuit of tasty morsels. 

She could feel various objects appear in her way as if to hinder the pursuit. Soft beds with delicate sheets and thin curtains, probably for those with higher ranks, cupboards, tables and all sorts of different furniture, then thin walls which gave away under immense pressure exerted by her fingertips. She had already put her arm up to her shoulder in there but still could not find any people. 

Emily roared angrily and moved her hand up violently, ripping through a few floors followed by the roof. Half of the castle's higher floors got annihilated.

"Well, shouldn't you be a bit more careful?" asked a voice next to her ear as a slight weight appearing on her shoulder could be felt. "Remember that the castle belongs to good people really."

"Shut up. None of those bastards are getting out of here alive. They can rebuild it later. It's still better than losing it completely." she answered, focused on digging through the rubble. "There you are!"

Emily shot forward in order to block a group of knights she had discovered from escaping. Nathaniel had to hang tight onto her hair so that he would not fall down to the ground. She closed both entrances to the room in which they were standing with her palms trapping her screaming, unlucky victims inside. These were equipped with swords and started attacking her. However, her skin was too thick for them to be able to inflict any damage with those. They simply did not possess enough strength to swing their weapons with sufficient amount of force and even if they had been able to achieve that, thin metal straps would have just bent at the impact.

Smiling, she lowered herself down, a curtain of hair covering the room with darkness. 


We have to hold her off somehow, thought Rick feeling the ground beneath his feet shake followed by the sound of falling rubble. Suddenly the roof was torn off and he could see a giant shape loom over them, the words escaping the giant creature's mouth showing excitement of finally having come across them. 

He took out his sword preparing for the hardest fight in his life. He had no idea that the giantess could be this vicious. It was so easy to dominate her back when they had first found her. She had been shy and quiet, agreeing on everything they had demanded. Scared, disoriented and crying. Just like a little girl. But he saw it just a moment ago. He saw what she was capable of. How she chewed four of the guards. Alive. Armoured. Seeing that cute face of hers. And then she swallowed... and... orgasmed? He trembled at the memory. But now she was here. Right before his eyes. He had to stay focused or it could end really bad.

Rick had offered to stay behind with his most trusted men and hold the monster off while his Great Lord escaped. A third of the knights got killed or injured from her previous attacks. The others escaped together with the Lord in order to secure him should the danger reoccur. The Lord went to join up with his main forces, prepare catapults and other strong weapons which were not available at the moment of rebellion.

Rick was prepared to give his own life. The reality of their situation looked rather grim. He was determined to risk everything if need be. It seemed like the giantess was not interested in following the Great Lord at all. Instead of digging through the building farther she stopped. That was good. It was not like they had any chance of defeating her but still it did not seem that she would be able to catch his master. All of her attention was devoted to them. The giantess blocked the only entrances right away trapping them and it did not seem like their attacks were having any effect.

"Fight!" he screamed trying to give his comrades more courage as he swung at her hand with his sword. Each time it would just bounce off. But they kept going. The more time they could buy the better. He looked up. She was not moving. Just observing. Looking at them with that playful smile of hers. The food was hers for the taking. That was the priority now.

She started to lower her form down slowly, her eyes fixated on them. Rick could see her mouth open and her long tongue emerge from it. Everything visible in dim light, her hair concealing the sight as if the ceiling had still been there. She was looking right at him now, her blue eyes shining with desire. He was the most active out of all six. It probably drew her attention towards him. He could feel her humid breath wash over him, drops of saliva dripping from the pink muscle.

She moved her tongue towards Rick to which he responded with a swing of his sword. The flesh engulfed the blade and threw it to the side as if to parry the blow. He jumped back and swung at her eye only to be stopped by the pink monster. This time it directed his sword towards the ground and he was caught by her lips before she sucked him in with a loud slurping sound. Rick dropped the blade, the shock of being sucked on making him lose control of his body. Streams of saliva were running down his legs and he could hear a girly giggle resonate all around him. 

"Mmmm. Nice fight, little one, hehe" said Emily in a deep voice, partially deformed by Rick's presence inside as she lifted her head back up in order to swallow her prey.

Rick knew that the situation they all have found themselves in was their own fault. That it was them, who started it all initially. They destroyed her house, stole her animals... It had always been a natural course of life that the stronger had been taking from the weaker, dominating them. Raiding their lands... Only that all along it was really her who was superior. They stood no chance against her immense strength and size. It was only her kind nature that had been stopping her from taking back what had previously belonged to her. The fact that they had used her, played with her feelings, their lack of respect... It would have only naturally led to their demise! Justice has come and there was no turning back.

"Damn! She swallowed him whole like a damn snake!" screamed one of the remaining warriors named Bryan, seeing a large bulge travel down Emily's neck. He wanted to jump to Rick's rescue as soon as he saw her attack but he did not manage to reach him in time. Everything was over in just two seconds. 

Heartbroken he watched as all the other knights were dealt with in the same exact way. Her long tongue parrying each one of their blows. Completely immune to the touch of sharp edges. He wanted to run and help them but before he managed to turn his attention to one of his comrades he was already gone and the other was being targeted. Disheartened he just stood there in the middle of the room petrified and watched. 

The last one of his friends fell over and Bryan could see the giantess lick the entire length of his body slowly before planting a wet kiss on his head and chest and sucking him in with a lewd moan, a puddle of spit being the only remaining trace of his existence.

"So now it's just you!" she said to him, a strain of saliva falling down from her lower lip as she spoke before falling down to the ground at Bryan's feet. "I guess I can finally use my arms!" she added with a girl-like giggle. 

Sighing she laid on her back on the cobblestone of the courtyard holding Bryan above her face. Brian noticed chained Nathaniel standing on the ground next to Emily's ear. He remembered him. He was supposed to have been executed!

"Help me!" he screamed to him on top of his lungs as tears were starting to build up in his eyes.

"Nice joke there!" answered Nathaniel with his signature grin. Of course he did not intend to help any of those evil invaders, who wanted him dead. He was enjoying how they experienced, what was initially supposed to be his own fate one by one.

"Can I lay on your throat when you swallow him, Emily?" he asked, much to Bryan's horror.

"Little pervert," she answered. "You are enjoying this a bit too much! But sure, if only you climb there yourself."

He immediately vanished from his initial spot and materialised on her neck already in a sitting position.

"Yeah. I suspected that would be your go to method," she stated a bit disappointed with how easily he coped with a challenge she had given him. "Well! In you go!" she invited Bryan, her eyebrows rising for a second as she spoke.

Bryan was devastated. Seeing Nathaniel getting excited about his death just killed his will altogether. He was lowered into her mouth slowly, his limp body passing through Emily's lips. She manoeuvred him inside for a while before swallowing.

Nathaniel was lying face down on Emily's neck. He could feel the muscles under her skin move. After that a large lump passed under his body lifting him slightly as if he was carried by a sea wave. The experience was equally as intense now as at the time when he had been swallowed himself. He could feel his erection getting rock hard and blushed. He hoped Emily did not notice. This teen giantess was turning him on like no one ever did. He was going crazy.

"It's a pity he didn't struggle," said Emily. "I love it so much when they do."

"Y-Yes." answered Nathaniel, barely being able to mutter this simple expression. Her words alone brought him to the edge of an orgasm.

"But the ones in my belly are really lively now!" she added, excited. She could feel them move around trying to avoid falling into the expanding acidic pool. The walls of the organ contracting around them. Tiny limbs trying to push them apart. Rick attempted to cut a hole in the flesh using a knife he had on him but each time its entire length was just getting engulfed by the folds without inflicting any damage. It was as if the stomach had known how to avoid getting hurt on its own. Intensifying contractions caused the remains of previously swallowed people to wash over them. The space tightened more and more with every second till it started crushing them, the level of liquid raised high above their heads, the sack now contracted into a narrow tunnel.

Emily felt that she was beginning to get tired. She needed to get some quality rest, now that she had finally managed to quench her hunger.

"I am gonna catch those escapees later. The sun is about to set." declared the giantess. "They probably ran away through some secret corridor..." she added, disappointed.

Having placed Nathaniel on the ground, she laid down on the side, her fingers caressing her belly. She massaged her gurgling stomach with rhythmic motions as her tired eyes closed, sending her into the realm of sleep.

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People of the castle by contentwelike
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a chapter which keeps the plot going

Nathaniel observed the sleeping Emily for a moment. He just could not take his eyes off of her, her beautiful form occupying almost half the length of the large courtyard, a small strain of saliva dripping down out of the corner of her slightly parted lips as her warm, even breaths, sent gusts of wind through the air. He came closer to her stomach and put his ear on her skin just below her left breast. He could hear loud gurgles and sloshing of its contents. 

As much as he would have liked to keep marvelling at the giantess he knew that it was time to check for any imprisoned and set them free if need be. So he walked around Emily's legs and headed straight for the main gate of the castle. Passing next to her gargantuan pussy he felt an intense urge to touch it but decided not to be so rude as to do it when she was asleep and unaware. He could feel the smell of her juices, which sprouted out when she orgasmed. It was quite a bit of a turn on for him.

Ignoring his growing erection he walked past her feet and admired their immense size. Her soles were curled in a cute way, creating wrinkles. They were a bit dirty from walking barefoot all the time but did not have that much of the callouses. The skin looked really smooth. He came closer and took in the smell. It was quite intense and he enjoyed how it dulled his senses.

After he had managed to regain straight thinking Nathaniel reached the gate. He tried to press on it but it did not want to budge. He decided to exhaust all the remaining energy he had accumulated from the surrounding nature before to allow him to use his magic, and teleported once again, reaching the hole created by Emily. From there he was finally able to gain access to the interior of the castle.

Inside there was complete chaos. Many of the walls had been destroyed and pieces of furniture were lying everywhere. Stars of the night's sky illuminated his path, the lack of the roof making it possible. After some searching he heard a harsh voice coming from a dark space in the distance.

"Who is there?"

Nathaniel froze. Have the invaders not left the castle afterall? He hoped that whoever it was, was on his side. He decided to play openly. If anything he could always wake Emily up. He was sure she would help him, the way she hated them.

"I am Nathaniel, I am a guest here. I was supposed to be executed but I managed to stay alive," he shouted. 

A man wearing white robes emerged from behind a corner. He was carrying a small torch, dim light made visible only after he had actually shown himself. He was looking at Nathaniel with caution, trying to determine if he could be trusted.

"I was going to search for other prisoners and try to set them free..." continued Nathaniel.

"Okay, I believe you," answered the man. "Let's go. The dungeons are that way. I have already recovered the keys."


"By the way, my name is Thomas. I apologise for not introducing myself right away. I guess the stress of it all is much too great for an old servant like me."

"No problem."

"What about the giantess? Has she settled down?

" Yes, she is sleeping."

"Good. We should evacuate as fast as possible."

"I don't think that will be necessary really," clarified Nathaniel. "She was very gentle towards me. She only hates those bastards who made her kill innocent people."

"From what I've seen it is hard to believe that your words are indeed true, young man! Here we are." answered the old servant.

Having walked down a long set of stairs they reached the dungeons. Behind thick iron bars they could see a group of people, both men and women, staffed together in a narrow space of a cell. They were all in bad condition, probably malnourished just like Emily. Many of them were sleeping leaning against the walls.

"My Lord!" shouted Thomas. "The invaders are gone! I brought the keys."

A middle aged man sitting in the back, dressed in a simple grey robe, which was probably what he used to wear under his noble clothing, narrowed his eyes trying to see better in a dim light of the torch. 

"Thomas!" he exclaimed with a weak and a bit hoarse voice, which indicated his dehydration.

As Thomas was turning the key in the hole more and more people started waking up. A chatter of excitement started filling the dungeons.

"We have to be quiet!" whispered Thomas. "The giantess is sleeping outside!"

"The giantess?"

"Oh no!"

"We are screwed!"

"Don't worry," Nathaniel tried to calm them down. "It was her who bit the invaders! She is on our side!"

"And just who are you to be in any position to talk?" a voice asked.

"Yeah. I don't remember you," followed the other.

"I am a guest from a different land. My name is Nathaniel. I just came here, because I wanted to see what the giantess looked like. I got arrested and sentenced to death immediately. However, the giantess, whose name is Emily by the way, spared my life.'' He did not need to go into detail of what exactly happened. "Then I managed to persuade her to rebel against those evil people who enslaved her and so: she freed us all!"

After Nathaniel's speech there was only silence. People looked at each other confused. They remembered that some of their relatives were executed by the giantess. What could have made her spare Nathaniel's life?

"My Lord, I suggest that we eat a quick meal to restore our strengths and escape as fast as possible! I saw this Emily of his mercilessly devouring some of Erren's knights alive and taking improper satisfaction out of it. She also destroyed a large part of the castle. She is a psychopath!"

The people in the cell looked more and more horrified as he kept talking about what the giantess was capable of. Especially the women reacted in an interesting way. They were appalled by the fact that this vicious, merciless creature was a woman but it also made them feel quite a bit curious. After all she was dominating adult men and it did not seem like there was anything that could stop her.

"No Thomas!" answered the man referred to as 'lord' after a moment of thought. "I want to see her and talk to her myself when she wakes up. That bastard Erren killed most of our men. We don't stand a chance against him. There is no knowing what he will do. He can come back and take possession of the castle yet again! If we really want to get to the root of the problem and solve it we need to make her our ally." 

No one expressed any objections against his will and soon all of them, fourteen people in total went about finding something to eat. Nathaniel and Thomas, who were the only fully healthy ones in the castle now, prepared the meal. 

Thomas was the only servant, who did not end up locked up. Being his lord's personal attendant he was also chosen to serve the new governor. He was happy to have finally been able to go back to serving his true master, whom he loved.

Thomas managed to find some chickens, which served as a base for a delicate and nourishing chicken soup. A perfect meal to help a weakened body regain its strength. 

"I hope you aren't getting us into trouble, young man!" said Thomas. 

He was angry that his lord listened to this Nathaniel rather than to him. He really did not like the idea of working together with a voracious monster, the giantess clearly was. Erren should not have played with this immense force, a fight with which he surely could not have won. Were they going to repeat his mistake now?

Nathaniel did not follow this with any sort of reply. He just continued to do what needed to be done until they were finally able to eat. 

During the meal everyone was quiet, the main priority being quenching hunger. They all sat at a large, long table suited for banquets. Nathaniel marvelled at the ornaments which covered the walls of the room as well as the patterns on the tablecloth. He did not ask any questions, not wanting to be rude. 

After they had finished eating Thomas offered to keep watch during the night in order to warn them should the giantess wake up as all the others went to sleep just like they were, not having much strength to change their dirty clothes.

Nathaniel asked if he would like to change midway through but the servant refused. He did not trust this man, who was so gullible.

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Breakfast by contentwelike

When the lord of the castle opened his eyes in the early morning he felt well rested, although not all of his strength had been restored yet. Such was the contrast between sleeping in the cold cell and finally being able to use one's own room with a comfortable bed again. 

Throwing the bed sheets to the side he stood up and reached out to open the shatters of a large window in order to finally get a good look at what had been going on in the courtyard. 

What he saw was a giantess, bigger than he could have ever imagined. She was lying with her back towards the castle still sleeping, her shapely butt drawing his attention right away. He looked away feeling guilty. Watching another naked woman was similar to betraying his wife. He could not picture himself talking to the giantess this way. It would be impossible for his wife to accept this. He saw that the fountain was completely destroyed. It was a depressing sight for him. He had built it for his love. Pieces of wood and metal lying everywhere. The wall cracked. Knights of Erren lying down, none of them moving, possibly sleeping or dead. 

Thomas, who looked visibly tired, had already prepared a bath for him, so he undressed and entered warm water, finally relieving his body from the burden of accumulated dirt. He let his head sink beneath the surface for a moment.


Nathaniel had woken up long before that and was sitting down next to Emily's head intoxicated by her beautiful face. He saw that she was still asleep and decided to wait next to her until she woke up. Looking at her full lips he was reminiscing about the events of the previous day. He wondered what her reaction to the owner of the castle would be. Should not be anything negative, he thought.

Nathaniel knew that she would never hurt an innocent person. The vision of a giantess administering justice was very thrilling for him. When it came down to the bottom of it, it was really a very simple and effective solution. Not only was she able to find food in this way but also the world was becoming a better place with each tiny morsel devoured. He wondered if she was going to pursue that lord Erren. In truth it was all his fault. The warriors where just doing what they were told to do. That was all. Emily probably perceived it all the same, though.

Then he heard a screeching of a gate and the lord of the castle, along with his servant Thomas, appeared shortly after, having walked around the giantess' body. They were surprised to see Nathaniel there.

"Oh, you are here already?" asked the lord.

"Yes, I did not have anything better to do, so I decided to watch Emily sleep until she wakes up." replied Nathaniel smiling widely and closing his eyes.

"I told you he cannot be trusted, my Lord!" added Thomas, "He must have been plotting something..."

Thomas' speech was interrupted by Emily's voice, excited as she was much louder than it would normally have been, "Oh, hello there Nathaniel!" 

"Hi there!"

"I slept sooo well!" she added while raising her immense form from the ground and stretching her arms to the back with a yawn, presenting her breasts in their full glory, the lord t r y i n g not to look again.

Thomas could not help but feel intimidated by the great size of her opened mouth. He imagined himself disappearing forever in that wet cavern. He subconsciously moved back a step, levelling with his master.

"Oh, and who are you two?" asked the giantess when she finally noticed the other men.

"My name is Ron Worthy, I am the true governor of this castle and surrounding land." said the lord, putting his palm on his chest.

"Nice to meet you," smiled Emily cutely. "I am sorry but I wrecked your castle a little bit..." she added shortly after, blushing a little.

"I know..." replied Ron, "It is okay. The most important thing is that the invaders are no longer here. I would like to thank you for..."

"Oh yeah, the invaders. That reminds me of something. I think it is time for breakfast," interrupted Emily while patting her flat tummy.

She stood up and made her way towards the broken wall. Her immense foot landed just a few inches from Ron and Thomas, making them jump back. She then crouched by the fallen warriors and waving her hand said, "Wake up my tasty morsels. It is time for your goddess to have breakfast!"

Several screams followed this statement. Emily chose one man and, tilting her head back, raised him high above her open mouth while sticking her tongue out. The man had broken his lumbar spine while falling down in a fight the other day and was unable to control his body from the waist down. Like many others he had spent the whole night lying there, unable to escape. 

He was being held in the air by one of his arms, his shoulder joint strained because of his inability to keep sufficient amount of tension in the surrounding muscles.

"Wait, you can't do that!" protested Ron.

"Why not?" asked Emily puzzled, "Why should you care about this guy? In fact it would be logical if you were happy with the fact that I am going to eat him."

"No! I forbid you!" insisted the lord.

Emily lowered the man into her mouth while looking straight into Ron's eyes. She rubbed him against her tongue a few times, lifting him up and down with her fingers before letting him go, his body sliding in fully, and swallowing open-mouth with a wet gulping sound. Ron and his servant watched in horror as a big lump travelled down her feminine neck.

"Nobody is going to forbid me from doing anything," said Emily slowly licking her lips, "I won't hurt you, because you did me no harm but don't think you are in any position to order me around."

Having said those words, she picked up another man and slurped him into her mouth like a string of spaghetti. She sucked on him and moved him inside for a while. Then she swallowed.

"W-Well, I just... Going back to what I said before..."


"I would like to..."


"T-To thank you..."


"For defeating the enemy!" Ron finally managed to finish.

Emily looked at him with her mouth full. She was trying to swallow two at the same time now without chewing. She placed one of her palms on her neck and relaxed her throat letting the gravity pull them down slowly. When their bodies finally went past her gullet she gave a huge "gulp" followed by a crunch of broken bones. She sighed.

"Oh, no problem!" she exclaimed smiling, her belly letting out another gurgle.

"I would like to ask just one more thing of you,'' said lord Ron, ignoring what he just saw, "Would you be willing to help me fight those bastards when they come back? They killed all my warriors. I don't have any means to oppose them. I've got a lot of gold hidden in the dungeons..."

"Oh no, I don't need any payment. The only thing I want is to devour all those bastards. Feel them squirm down my throat and in my belly. I learned to love their taste. It's addictive. The funniest part is that swallowing people was their own idea to begin with. I would have never thought of it myself and am very grateful to them for showing it to me. Now it is going to be their demise. I will stay here with you. I don't have anywhere to go anyway, now that my house has been destroyed. I will execute my vengeance with pleasure." she answered excitedly.

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Magic and First Love by contentwelike
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another chapter: Enjoy!

"My goodness, I really needed this!" roared Emily with satisfaction, her body submerged under water up to her chin. She left the castle's grounds in order to take a bath in a nearby lake. She loved the refreshing sensation interacting with the clean, cold water provided. She washed her hair thoroughly and took care of her face. She also cleaned the stickiness between her legs.

She watched Nathaniel sit on the ground cross legged without moving. He had been doing this for half an hour already, not once had a single muscle in his body twitched in the slightest way.

"Hey, Nathaniel! What are you sitting there for?" asked the giantess curiously.

"I am gathering the life force from the nature around me. It allows me to use my teleportation and various other techniques." he answered without opening his eyes, the only body part moving being his lips.

"So you are a sorcerer?" she wanted to know.


Emily moved her massive form through the water and rested her arms on the ground surrounding the lake in front of Nathaniel.

"What other stuff can you do?"

"Well... I can strike my opponent with lightning, or create fire for example." replied Nathaniel, losing focus and breaking his meditation.

"That sounds really cool! Can you show me?" Emily moved her arm towards him.

"You want me to strike you?" asked Nathaniel, frowning. "I don't want to hurt you..."

"Oh come on! Show me!" she said in a girly tone.

"Alright, you asked for it," said the sorcerer, finally agreeing. 

He closed his eyes for a moment and building tension could be felt in the air. Then he touched the skin of Emily's finger with his palm.

A flash of white light appeared and a loud zap could be heard. Emily moved her hand back reflexively. She felt an electric shock, which made the muscles in her index finger twitch. It was a bit painful and she was rather surprised. Real bewilderment, however, could be seen on Nathaniel's face.

"This would have been lethal for a regular human." he exclaimed. "For you it seems to be not much more than a joke! Haha! Thankfully. At least you felt it. That's something."

"Yeah. It was quite unpleasant. Still thank you for showing it to me. I think it is really cool!"

"That was my strongest assassination technique. You really are invincible, haha."

Emily rested her chin on her palms, looking friendly at her companion.



"Is it possible for you to shrink things? I mean... Would you be able to use your skills to shrink me down?" she asked. "So that I could experience what being a human is like?"

This shocked the young sorcerer. He would never have expected to be asked something like this. He wondered what she had in mind when she said 'experiencing what being a human is like'.

"Well... technically it is possible but it would require an immense amount of natural energy and quite a bit of time..."

"Will you please try and do it for me?" she asked, making a cute face.

The man just could not resist her. 

"Okay... I will try," he promised. "But I have to warn you it is dangerous. If I make a mistake your body could end up being deformed..."

"Yes. I am sure."

"Please get out of the water then and put out your hand so that I can sit on your palm for a few hours."

"Sure!" she exclaimed excitedly. "Thank you!"

Emily sat down on the grass and moved one of her palms forward. Nathaniel climbed onto the right one and sat there cross-legged, both of his palms pressed into her skin.

"Please, do not talk and be patient. This is going to take a very long time and there should be no interruptions!" said the sorcerer.

She watched him sit there with his eyes closed for two hours while nothing interesting was happening. She was starting to get quite a bit uncomfortable but made her best effort not to budge an inch. She was also starting to get a bit hungry. She hoped that the spell would soon be ready.

Looking closely at her skin right before Nathaniel she began to see small black patterns appear. They looked like ancient runes of some kind and were dancing around on her skin like tiny snakes. She had never considered having a tattoo but now she thought that it might actually end up looking cool.

During another hour the runes formed a full circle on Emily's palm around Nathaniel. Rows of letters of various shapes and sizes filled it in the middle and kept moving. Emily started to feel really heavy and she saw the world around them get darker. The air was saturated with heavy energy making it harder to breathe. The giantess was doing her best not to interrupt the process in any way. 

She could not help but move her arm slightly with a view of getting it into a more comfortable position under this immense pressure. Nathaniel winced a bit when she did so but did not say anything. With his eyes still closed as before he remained focused on the task at hand. He was sweating intensively. Emily noticed that the trees and the grass in the surrounding area were starting to lose their colours. Then dried leaves started falling down. Chirping of birds stopped a few minutes later. 

The amount of energy required for the spell to work on someone as big as Emily was immeasurable. Even Nathaniel had not considered that it would have been this much. He also felt deeply dissatisfied with the amount of damage absorbing the energy caused. He could feel the nature around him die. However, he kept going. He had to finish what he had started. This was a great challenge and succeeding would prove his abilities tenfold. He did not want to hurt Emily, though, so this was his main concern at that time.

After another three hours Nathaniel collapsed saying that the spell was done.

Emily fell to the ground as well breathing heavily. She could feel soreness in her lower and upper back from sitting in the same exact position for six hours straight. It was probably the biggest trial of patience in her entire life. Even when imprisoned she could at least move to some degree, or sleep. Here it was just sitting motionlessly for the entire duration of the session.

"Did it work?" asked the giantess, confused. She was still as big as before.

"I designed the spell in such a way that you can will yourself to change size from your current one to the average height of a human woman. Try it. You have to feel it in order to be able to use it. Unfortunately there is not much more that I can say to explain this..."

Emily looked at her palm. The circular tattoo guarding the spell formula was still there. She closed her eyes and imagined being small. She visualised the transformation as vividly as she possibly could.

Suddenly she felt a sensation similar to falling down. It was a little nauseating and generally rather unpleasant but when she opened her eyes she realised that it had worked and forgot all about that.

She lifted herself up from the ground and looked at Nathaniel who was sitting cross-legged grinning at her, satisfied. He was both relieved and proud that everything had gone as planned. He was also happy that Emily was able to grasp the technique so quickly.

The girl moved closer to him and observed his face curiously. She could see every wrinkle on his skin and every single piece of his hair. It was... strange. She had never been able to see such subtle details of human faces before. She noticed the muscles of his chest and torso. They seemed different from before. When she first saw him she did not pay any attention to them. He was just another puny human. But now it was different. It was somehow impressive looking from this new perspective. Drops of sweat were running down his body, shining in the afternoon sun.

Nathaniel did not say anything. He just waited for Emily to accommodate herself to this novel experience before they could head back to the castle to finally eat something after exhausting themselves for so long. Now her beauty struck him even stronger than before. A moment ago she was an invincible goddess, an existence beyond his reach and comprehension but now she felt just that much more real and tangible. He also felt a bit guilty looking at her bare body, now that it was finally possible to find a suitable piece of clothing for her. He looked away.

"I feel strange..." said Emily. "Everything is so different."

Nathaniel looked back at her. Her beautiful face was inches from his now, her lips parted slightly. He could feel her warm breath wash across his skin. Her blue eyes fixated on his lips. She placed her palms on his shoulders and pulled herself towards him giving him a short kiss. After that she jumped back for a moment and looked into his eyes to see his reaction. 

Nathaniel was astonished. He could feel his heart rate rise at the sudden sensation. He did not expect something like this. His lips curled into a subtle smile mixed with disbelief. Before he managed to say anything Emily pressed her body into his and planted another kiss on his lips simultaneously wrapping her hands around his neck. 

The man fell on his back. He felt as her tongue entered his mouth and danced around his own, her lips pressing into his greedily. Her warm and soft breasts squeezing against his chest. He could feel his erection harden instantly, pressing against his trousers painfully. Emily must have felt it as well because she started grinding her already wet pussy against it. She moaned at the feeling. 

Was she going to do it with him? Was it right? Nathaniel unzipped his trousers and shoved them down when the pressure put on his cock began to get unbearable. As soon as he let it free Emily's pussy wrapped around it hungrily. She broke a kiss and looked down at her womanhood and his dick stuck inside. She then took it out before shoving it back inside her again. She shivered at the immense pleasure which ran through her body. She hugged him closely again and continued rocking her hips.

She was squeezing his shaft really hard and the man groaned in delight. Emily's pussy was extremely wet and it enveloped Nathaniel's cock completely with its soft folds stimulating every little nerve.

He rolled on top of her and kissed her neck passionately. The girl arched back at this new, amazing stimulus, her muscular tunnel contracted even harder. Nathaniel was squeezing her nipples with his fingers now. Emily gave out a high-pitched scream. She was at the edge of her orgasm.

Nathaniel shoved his dick inside her as hard as he could while simultaneously going back to kissing her in the lips and looking for her amazing tongue. Emily screamed again, this time much louder. She rolled on top of him wildly switching their position again and shoved her big tongue deep inside his mouth before her orgasm finally hit her. Arching back she roared like a wild animal and squeezed her pussy as hard as she could, making Nathaniel come as well, moaning loudly.

With his dick still inside her Emily layed on top of the young sorcerer. Her head rested on his chest, her mouth drooling. They were both breathing heavily.

"Wow..." she muttered. "Thank you..."

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A dinner in the castle by contentwelike
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"You've shrunk?!" asked Thomas with disbelief looking at Emily, when she and Nathaniel returned to the castle. "But how?!"

"It's a long story," she replied, making a gesture with her tattooed hand. Nathaniel asked her not to tell anyone about his skills, so she intended to keep it all secret. "You better give us something to eat, old man. I am starving..." 

Emily rubbed her belly, which gurgled quietly. Thomas could not help but wonder about the fate of the warriors she had eaten that morning. The young woman looked much less lethal now, had it not been for her uncommon beauty, one could have called her ordinary, but it only made the fact that she had eaten them, as well as all the others, that much more creepy. 

"Now that you are normal-sized, you could at least put something on!" stated Thomas. "The Lady has been feeling quite uncomfortable with you going around all naked without any sense of shame!"

"Why is that? I am used to it. There was no way to find such a big piece of clothing, and I have never felt cold either..." when the last of her words escaped her mouth she shivered a bit. 

She leaned against Nathaniel in search of warmth. The evening was near and it began to get colder. For the first time she was able to feel it. The sorcerer put his arm on her back, patting it gently. They followed Tom to the interior of the castle.

"Give her something to wear," Thomas instructed a middle aged woman, who was also a servant, and was just passing by.

The woman looked at Emily in shock, then nodded and ran to her room quickly in order to find a suitable piece of clothing. However, she came back shortly after, lord Ron walking on her side. 

"Thomas, she is our saviour, we cannot allow her to wear such poor clothing!" he exclaimed pointing at a folded piece of grey material in the woman's hand. "C'mon Emily, my daughter will share one of her dresses with you."

Neither the lord of the castle, nor the female servant had asked about her sudden shrinking. They were either too polite to do that, or had seen enough surreal things already to be able to believe in just about anything.

Having walked through a long corridor and up a set of stairs, they reached a closed door. Ron knocked on it.

"Honey! May I come in?"

"Yes father," a quiet reply could be heard, before the door opened.

From the inside emerged a girl, about Emily's age, however, slightly shorter. She instantly took a step back, taken aback by the unexpected sight.

"What..." she muttered, her brown eyes wide open. "Father...?"

"This is my daughter, Sarah," announced the lord, presenting his child to Emily. "Sarah, this is Emily, the giantess who saved us. Will you please find a dress you could share with her?"

"Yes..." answered the girl hesitantly, still shocked. 

She did not like standing next to this woman. The tales of Thomas had created a very negative image of the giantess in her mind. She was a monster! It was the first time she saw her. All the time before then, she had spent locked in her room, afraid to look outside. And now, the giantess appeared here, in front of her, and she was somehow normal-sized!

The image of her nude, perfect body did not help at all, as the young lady began to feel intimidated by her beauty. She was getting jealous of her body and her power. And, as if that alone was not enough, she was simply scared of her.

Sarah went back into her room, Emily following her. Ron closed the door behind them and, along with Thomas and Nathaniel, headed to the dining room.

"Nice to meet you," said Emily with a warm smile.

Sarah did not reply.

"I have never had any clothing on, you know?" said Emily, trying to break the awkward silence between them. 

"So that's probably why you don't feel any shame." sounded Sarah's reply. "Are you sure you need a dress?"

Aversion could be heard in the girl's voice.

"Well, to be honest, I've been feeling a bit cold since I shrank down. I would be glad to try one out. I wonder how it would feel."

Emily's stomach rumbled again. This time a bit louder than at the gate. Sarah took a step back in fear. She was staring at Emily's abdomen. 

"Sorry, I guess I am a bit hungry," said the former giantess, justifying her belly making strange sounds.

"How... Can you still be hungry after... having eaten multiple men, bigger than you are right now?" stuttered Sarah.

"Well, I guess they shrank along with me... Besides, it is not like I have actually eaten that many... I've been starving for days... Mmmm... I would love to eat some more, but I did not see any of the ones who were at the wall this morning."

"How can you be so casual about this?!"

"I think it is funny. Actually, I would have never thought of it myself, but after they had forced me to execute people this way, I thought it was a perfect way to punish them for that, and... I came to realise that I love it!" 

The sheer playfulness of Emily's voice and the causality with which she was describing her attitude towards her actions made Sarah shiver. Finally Emily noticed her strange behaviour.

"What? Are you afraid of me?" she asked, laughing.

Sarah took another step backwards, her body was now visibly shaking. Emily jumped forward, cornering her. 

She licked her lips, and looking directly into the girl's eyes asked, "Are you afraid I am gonna eat you too?"

Suddenly, with a quick movement of her tongue, she licked Sarah's cheek. The girl screamed in terror. Emily jumped back laughing.

"Oh my, ha ha! I guess I really scared you. You better give me that dress quickly, or I might actually really eat you if I don't get my dinner soon. You taste really nice!"

At these words Sarah fainted. Emily caught her at the last moment, before she hit the ground. She put her down on her bed.

"Hey. Wake up. Hey! Sarah!" she waved her hand in front of Sarah's face trying to direct some air onto it. Thankfully it soon worked. "Listen, I am sorry. Maybe I was too mean towards you..."

Emily was doing her best to hold back her laughter. She really did not mean to scare the girl so much, but it was just too funny. Sarah looked at her with a sad expression on her face, then got up and took one of her dresses, along with white panties, bra and a pair of light shoes out of her wardrobe, handing it to Emily without saying a word. Then she sat down on her bed, her back towards her unwelcome guest.

Emily observed the other girl for a moment, before diverting her attention to the dress. She did not really know how to put it on, but decided to try and do it by copying the way Sarah was dressed. She decided that there was no point in wearing the two small, white pieces of clothing, because they would be invisible anyway. She also had no idea what they were, and what their purpose was.

She squeezed herself into the tight dress. The three inches height difference that set the girls apart was enough to create an even bigger one when it came to clothing size. 

Sarah turned around and this time it was her, who laughed. Emily's face turned red. Maybe she was invincible, but her lack of knowledge about the clothes was something which could not be overcome with brute force alone.

"Why didn't you put a bra and pants on?" laughed Sarah.

"I... am not exactly sure w h e r e I should put them," she replied hesitantly, blushing even harder. 

The situation was really making her uncomfortable. Her, the invincible goddess, was being ridiculed by this puny human and a simple action of dressing up.

"Can you help me?" she asked.

"Girl... you are hopeless..." replied Sarah, before giving her instructions on how each part of the clothing was supposed to be worn.

‘Well, at least she is not scared of me anymore’, thought Emily squeezing her long feet into small shoes, this makes things easier.

When everything was done, Emily felt really tight, but she decided not to complain. They both went to the dining room to finally join the others.

Emily sat next to Nathaniel, while Sarah joined her father.

"You look cute," complimented the sorcerer with a whisper.

"Before we begin, I think it would be essential to finally introduce ourselves properly," stated the lord. "I am Ron Worthy, the lord of this castle," he pointed to his right and left, "This is my wife, Lady Hannah and this is my young daughter, Sarah." 

He gave Emily an encouraging look.

"I am Emily, I am a giantess who had been imprisoned here but with encouragement of Nathaniel managed to regain freedom and this is my first dinner with humans," she said smiling. "I mean, first one, where we are eating together..." she corrected, only Nathaniel lauging a little. "And nice to meet you Hannah!"

The woman seemed to be shocked by the girl's rudeness, but did not say anything. Thomas grimaced, visibly annoyed with her lack of respect for his masters.

"I am a traveller and come from a far away land. I only came here because I wanted to see the amazing giantess, Emily, but all the fortunate events have led to our meeting here." 

He did not know if there was a need for him to introduce himself, but he did, because during the meal the other day no one was really talking. He still did not want to reveal his secret, so he stuck to generalities.

Servants brought in large platters with baked chicken and some vegetables. Emily began eating with her fingers, yet again unaware of appliances such as cutlery. She was so hungry that she did not even realise the others were using them and looking at her strangely. The taste was really nice to her. Eating something hot and not raw was good for a change.

"So, what do you plan to do now, without your army Ron?" she asked, not bothering with the proper titles at all. After all, who was he to her, for her to address him in any other way than by his first name.

"Well... I am probably gonna have to get some mercenaries. Of course that will never substitute my beloved knights..." he answered, his voice full of sadness.

"Maybe you guys should move out and live peacefully in some secluded area."

"We can't! This whole land belongs to me! I can't just leave it."

"The way things are now it seems that everything belongs to that damn bastard who had imprisoned me. I can't believe I was so foolish! I should have just crushed him underfoot and made his knights rebuild my burnt house..." said Emily with anger. "Wait... that is actually a pretty good idea! I will kill him and make his entire army my personal slaves!"

She was very enthusiastic about the idea. All the others, however, with a visible exception of Nathaniel, were looking at her with utter terror.

"C'mon guys! Cheer up! I will end this war in no time! you should be happy!"

"Do you even know how many warriors Erren has?" asked Lord Ron.

"Erren? So that's his name? No I don't know."

"Two thousand!" exclaimed the man. "There are Five Great Castles in this land, each one of them belongs to a different lord, like me. Around one hundred knights serve each lord, and the villagers living around the castle serve them. That bastard Erren was a lord of one of the Five Great Castles himself, but he gathered mercenaries and decided to raid all the others! Bastard! He completely destroyed everything we all have worked so hard to create! He is sick! He kills everyone! I am sure the other three lords are in the same position as me. I don't know anything about the villagers, maybe they managed to hide somewhere... Erren's warriors rape women and burn everything behind them! It was a miracle that he spared us, but who knows what would have happened?! Maybe we were meant to be fed to you one by one. Thankfully you broke out and put an end to this..." his long speech ended with coughing.

"Mmmm, two thousand men... all for me!" murmured Emily, before swallowing a large bite of chicken and closing her eyes, imagining it to be Erren. "I will kill him and make all of them my personal slaves to play with and devour as I wish!" she giggled excitedly. "Do you think they are gonna come here with all their forces?"

"It is very likely. You surely pose a great threat to Erren's rising imperium. He will do anything to make sure that he can stop you! And I am sure that beating them won't be easy!"

"We will see about that," Emily was now confident of her power. "It was foolish of him to play with me. Bastard was too full of himself. Now it is going to be his demise! haha!" laughed the former giantess with a devilish grin. "I already have a plan for making the day of attacking this castle the worst one in his life. It is going to be a surprise for all of you!"

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Quiet before the storm by contentwelike

Nathaniel woke up, feeling bright sun rays caress his face and sneak under his eye lids. Yawning, he searched for Emily with his left arm. To his surprise, she was not there. He finally opened his eyes fully and looked around the room befuddled.

Sarah's dress and underwear, which Emily had worn the other day, were lying in a pile on the edge of the bed, just as she had left them upon getting to sleep the day before, the shoes standing on the floor below. 

Nathaniel opened the door and left the room. Outside, down the corridor he saw Thomas.

"Hey, have you seen Emily?" he shouted towards the old servant.

The man looked at him unwillingly.

"I have not. Isn't she supposed to be with you? She insisted on it so much."

"Well, yeah..." replied Nathaniel blushing. "But she is nowhere to be found!"

"Maybe she went out for a walk." answered Thomas, before turning around and heading towards his master's room. "Breakfast is in ten minutes," he added shortly after, from the distance.

"I will check out the courtyard then..."

Erren had managed to gather all his forces and was heading straight for the castle of Ron. He had made sure to bring all the necessary weapons. 

Flameball catapults were the best means of battling the giantess, as the high temperature of burning oil inflicted much more damage to her skin than spears or swords of any sort. They were also suitable for fighting at a bigger range. Not letting the giantess get close to them was of the highest importance, being the first step on the way to securing a winning position.

Extremely large amount of food was required to keep such a big number of mercenaries intact and in strength to fight. Luckily for him, ever since he had stolen the giantess' livestock, food had been in abundance. 

The warriors were walking in a wide column, surrounded by catapults from all sides in order to provide instant protection, should it be necessary. The weapons were kept ready to fire at all times, in all situations. These precautions were supposed to give them the time to react as soon as the giant woman appeared in the distance. 

Large carts carried huge coils of thick rope and iron shackles, designed to restrict the giantess. Of course this time it was going to be much more difficult. Now that the giantess was aware of her strength, sheer words would not be enough to make her obey. They had to use force, and manage to overpower her somehow.

There were no warriors left inside the castle, the only obstacle they had to deal with being the giantess. Still, they would have much prefered standing against another two thousand men, or even more, rather than face her. The morale was pretty low. Everyone seemed to be anxious about their safety. 

The knights believed in the great, ambitious plan of their lord and the mercenaries believed in money. However, the tension could be felt in the air. All the talking ceased. Grave silence accompanied their efforts as they kept ascending through the mountainous terrain. The only audible sounds being their breaths and creaking of carts' wheels. 

Erren could already see the castle in the distance. The attack was going to start soon.

"My lord! We caught this little bastard in the forest! He was definitely trying to escape!" reported Matt, one of the lieutenants. 

With his muscular arm he was holding a short warrior dressed clumsily in full armour. 

"What is your name?" asked Erren angrily. He hated desertion.

"Tom." answered the short man. Judged by his voice, he must have been a young boy.

"You know how we punish escapees, right?" 

"Yes but... I am just so scared... Please forgive me!"

"Take off your helmet when you talk to me!" ordered Erren.

"I-I can't... It is jammed!" cried the boy.

The lord nodded at the lieutenant sternly. The man grabbed the young boy's helmet with his huge arms and started pulling on it. Finally it came off. A mane of long, blonde hair swung through the air.

"Surprise!" said the person, whose face had just been unveiled, suddenly smiling widely.

Erren could not believe his eyes. It was a woman! A young, beautiful woman! It was... It was...

"You are..." stuttered Erren, taking a step back, his knees shaking. "No! This can't be!"

The Storm by contentwelike
Author's Notes:

Alright, it has been a while, but I finally managed to write the next chapter! Sorry for the lomg wait, but I really had soo many new ideas, and also managed to get a bit burned out in the process. Here I am after a break! I hope you enjoy it!

"Oh crap!" exclaimed Nathaniel, seeing the army of two thousand people in the far distance. He began pulling on the rope of the bell next to him. "Alarm! ALARM! Erren is coming!!!",'Shit, Emily where are you? At a time like this...' he thought. He had searched for her everywhere, and finally ended up up here on the wall.

Lord Ron along with his servant Thomas appeared next to him very quickly followed by some servants.

"There!" he pointed.

"Oh no! Have you found Emily yet?"

"No! It seems that we have to escape..."

"Oh. My. God..." Thomas interrupted Nathaniel, suddenly pointing towards the troops with a pale face. "I-is this what she meant by her 'surprise'?"

Erren watched in fear as the girl in front of him tilted her head back and spread her arms to the sides. He could feel the vibrations of strange energy in the air as his vision morphed. He saw the body of the girl expand, the armour she was wearing inflate like a balloon, before bursting and falling down to the ground in pieces, the pressure on her body causing her to moan.

"A-attack her before she reaches her full height!" he ordered.

The archers immediately followed his order with a series of shots, but it was already too late. Only the very tips of the arrows were able to puncture the giantess' skin, before falling off as she continued to expand. 

"You tiny bastards! That hurt!" complained Emily, before lifting her foot into the air and smothering those of the archers who were closest to her. Some of the men managed to put their arrows perpendicular to the ground in hope of saving their lives, but after Emily had reached her full height her skin was so thick that everything snapped, before being ground to dust against the hard soil. The bodies exploded with a loud squelch, spraying the bystanders with gore and blood.

The warriors froze and looked at the unstoppable force before them. In utter terror they witnessed her lift her foot up to her face and lick the blood off of it.

"Mmm... It's been a while since I've tasted you... I shouldn't have crushed them under my feet. What a waste, hehe." she giggled looking directly into Erren's eyes, her red tongue running across her lips.

'Damn! What should I do? What should I do?' wondered the evil governor, 'Since we are next to her ourselves, we can't use the catapults... The arrows won't work...'

"Swordsmen! Attack!" he screamed finally.  

All the mercenaries were running away, and the only people who stayed by his side were his knights. With their legs shaking they approached the giant woman towering above them.

"Swordsmen? I think I have already developed a great method for fighting those!" She sat on her knees and dropped her head down, letting her hair collapse on the twenty nearest men.

Heavy blonde ropes fell on them covering everything with shadows, wrapping around their arms and weapons, restricting all movement. 

Matt had found himself among them, since he was the one in charge of leading Erren's knights. Wanting to lead by example he was the first to run towards the enemy. Right now he was entangled in the endless mass of hair of the giant woman. The weight of the countless thin ropes was holding him down, and he was trying to free his sword with all his might. The blade was not even able to cut through the hard matter, making it a perfect natural weapon. Just when he was about to unwrap his sword he saw big lips emerge from between the strands of thick hair.

"Holly shit!" he screamed, trying to direct his sword towards the wet cavern. He saw a giant pink monster slide out of the darkness and move towards him like a huge snake. The pick of his sword touched it and sunk into the flesh.

"There you are, my little snack!" giggled Emily, before enveloping the arm holding the sword with her plushy lips and beginning the suction.

Matt was desperately trying to swing the blade inside the giantess' mouth, but he soon felt the tongue raise his hand upwards and press it against Emily's palate. The handle was ripped out of his hand. A wet gulp followed it, sending the sword down her throat.

"Well, I could not let you swing a sharp blade around in my mouth! But you can have it back once I have swallowed you! There where you are going no weapon can help you anymore, hehe." she said to him, her voice deformed as she held Matt's arm firmly between her teeth. After that she sucked him in fully, and swallowed the squirming knight down forcefully. Having removed a naughty strand of hair from her mouth, she began fishing for another snack.

On the outside the knights could not see anything from what was happening behind the thick veil of hair, but they wasted no time. Seeing that the giantess was not paying any attention to them they quickly moved away and began preparing the catapults. They heard screams and loud swallowing sounds followed by loud moans of pleasure.The knights entangled in giantess' hair had no hopes of survival, but at least their sacrifice was going to make the victory of all the others possible. Meanwhile Erren got onto his horse, and began chasing the escapees telling them to go back and fight according to the new plan. Luckily for him the mercenaries had not managed to get too far away yet, and seeing the new situation they began to resume their positions. Erren promised not to punish the escapees as long as they stayed and continued to fight, which most of them did.

More men began assuming their positions next to catapults and started loading them as fast as they could. The already prepared fire made everything that much easier and faster.

"It seems you are the last one!" exclaimed Emily, seeing a young knight, whose helmet had fallen off as he struggled against the mane of her hair.

"I beg you! Don't eat me! I was against all of this from the very beginning!"

"Oh? But you did attack me!"

"I had to! What could I have done? Please, you have to understand..."

Before the young man could finish his sentence, his entire world was enveloped by wet darkness, and before he knew it, he was being squeezed down the tight throat of the merciless Emily.

Feeling extremely full, the giantess lay down on her back. Her gut was stretched to its limits, the bulge under her left breast clearly visible on the outside. She could feel countless strokes of swords and sharp edges of all those armours as her gut tightened around the largest meal she had eaten so far. The swordsmen were squeezed so tight that they barely had any space to move, their bodies mangled, the bones of many broken from the immense pressure. The air resources were extremely scarce, yet they still struggled helplessly against the powerful contractions. Emily ran her fingers across her abdomen, and purred feeling that orgasmic ecstatic feeling between her legs take over her body again as the amazing feeling of fullness and satisfaction overpowered her mind. 

That was the first meal the giantess had eaten that day, so naturally her stomach was empty, but after having been filled with so many bodies it soon started secreting the digestive fluids. All those fluids were gathering at the lowest part of the organ, where the fleshy walls, with help of the pressure from above, were already grinding the soaked knights. Powerful contractions were squeezing and twisting their bodies as the acid continued to corrode the leather straps and small pins holding the armours together. They soon began to fall apart revealing the already broken bodies and mixing everything together into much thinner mush. Only the thickest bones and larger pieces of metal were left, as those needed much more time to be fully digested. 

The people above could hear the screams and struggles below them die down as more of their comrades lost their lives in the fight against the merciless gut. They could feel the space getting less tight, which gave the ones still alive a bit more room to move around. They began attacking the walls of Emily's stomach with doubled intensity, but each time the flesh would just envelop the blades without even letting them attempt to cut through. Some of the stronger pokes caused the gut to twitch violently flooding everyone with acidic gory mixture. Soon the air got so acrid that breathing was not possible anymore and the men lost consciousness letting Emily's body take care of them.

Only the young knight who was the last one to go down Emily's throat was still alive, and he was still clawing at the sphincter through which he had entered, but the muscle was too strong, and he was unable to open the tight ring. He soon felt his body begin to sink in the dense soup below. He tried holding onto the wet folds but they burned his skin, the natural reaction of his body being to let go. His numb form paralized by the everpresent pain soon disappeared in dense mush.

Emily felt the heat of an orgasm begin to spread through her body slowly. She completely forgot about her surroundings, and lay down on the ground relaxed, waiting for the wave of intense pleasure to wash over her. 

"Mmm... Yes... Oh! YES! OUCH! WHAT IS THAT?!"

She felt a very painful sensation on her right thigh followed by another at her lower abs. Disoriented by her still blossoming orgasm, she used her hands to get rid of the pain, but soon felt the unpleasant feeling spread to her fingers. She opened her eyes and saw flames. She immediately began rolling on the ground trying to put the fire away. She also rubbed her fingers against the sand, finally relieving her of the pain. 

"You bastards..." she muttered. 

Those were those flameballs again. The only thing she feared. They were coming from all directions now, and Emily was unable to escape all of them because of the afterglow of her orgasm still weakening her body. 

She started running away in a random direction as fast as she could. The only thing she needed to do to stay safe was getting out of their range. After a few long jumps she managed to do just that. She looked at her body furiously and examined the spots covered by the painful burns. 

"You want to play with catapults?! Fine! I will show you a true catapult!" she screamed angrily, before ripping out a large oak tree and throwing it into the direction from which the projectiles were coming. The tree soared through the air, and took down two catapults at once. The flameballs started rolling on the ground, leaving fiery traces as if to chase after the fleeing mercenaries. A few additional throws of the same missiles seemed to have done the trick.

Now everyone was running away and this time no force in the known universe would have been able to make them go back. Even Erren himself was fleeing, finally having understood that he cannot win.

Not without difficulty Emily finally managed to notice him among the countless crowds, his horse running over other escapees. She began chasing him, not caring about the countless men crushed under her feet in the process.

"I almost forgot about you, you bastard! You are responsible for all this!" she said, before grabbing the man. His horse kept running on its own, led by its instinct. "I have to punish you, but I can't just simply swallow you like the others! You deserve much more pain!"

She wondered for a moment where to put him. She could not catch the escaping mercenaries and watch him at the same time. She thought about squeezing him into her pussy, but that felt like betraying Nathaniel too much. The bastard who had caused all her suffering did not deserve to be put in heaven. She quickly thought of the perfect alternative. Those two stood in perfect opposition to each other. Really quite like heaven and hell!

"Let me go you fucking bitch!" screamed the evil lord.

"I will punish you later. I first have to catch all those bugs serving under you! For now..."

He could feel his world shift as he was being lowered to her crotch. Was she going to stick him into her pussy? But he soon passed further between her legs.

"What are you... Oh no!" 

The ring of Emily's anus twitched slightly as he was being brought near it. He felt his head being pressed against the muscle and felt the unpleasant smell of her excrements.

Emily relaxed her butt and began pressing the man inside. Since she had never done this before it was quite difficult. She did her best to relax the muscle, and slowly pushed him into her anus. The sensation was strange, but rather satisfying. She giggled imagining the torment he must have been living through, and hoped that he would not get crushed too fast. She jumped up a couple of times preparing for the upcoming run, her anus sucking the man deeper still.

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The End by contentwelike

The mercenaries had managed to spread across the entire field, which to Emily was around as wide as three spans of her height. She began chasing them, trying to catch as many as possible. No matter how hard she tried, though, she simply did not have a suitable means for gathering all of them. Being much bigger and faster, she was able to run around them in circles, making them go back, but this could potentially take as long as forever to work. 

However, the tiny humans were at a great disadvantage here, as their miniscule bodies had to work obscenely hard to cover long distances, just single steps for a much bigger giantess. Eventually, completely out of breath, and wasted from running in full clad armours, they slowed down, some even stopped gasping for breath. 

Emily then jumped high into the air, and let her massive feet fall to the ground causing huge tremors to run through the earth, making all her prey fall over. Smiling mischievously she started scooping them up and bringing them all closer to the centre of the field. 

"Okay then," she sighed, "From now on you are my slaves, and I can do with you as I wish. Just like you took me into custody and treated me as though I had belonged to you." She smiled with content, having finished her hard work. "Now  we are going to the castle. There is a perfect place for all of you to live in from now on! You are lucky that I am not hungry right now, but should any one of you try to escape, I already have plenty of free space in my tummy!"

The men began walking towards the castle with resignation. They knew there was absolutely nothing they could do apart from hoping not to be the next ones to be devoured. In the matter of seconds their situation had changed from serving under a strict but well paying lord to being slaves to a merciless monster, who not only treated them as nothing more than food and playthings, but also hated them deeply.

Lord Erren also used to punish insubordination with death, but clear rules were what made it possible to not only stay alive, but also get awfully rich. Now there was no knowing when the giantess could decide to kill someone just on a whim and without any justification at all.

After a toilsome climb on the steep hill they managed to reach the castle's gate. 

Lord Ron, Nathaniel and all the others, apart from his wife and daughter, who could not bear to look at others' suffering, even enemies', were watching the giantess lead the exhausted mercenaries to the giant cell in which she had previously been kept herself in awe. They heard her instrue them to stay inside, and threaten to punish any escapees with slow death inside her stomach.

"So? Were you watching my little show?" she asked the inhabitants of the castle with a wide grin.

"Yes! Thank you so much for helping us! Without you we would have had no chance of survival!" exclaimed Ron bowing to Emily, who sat down on the ground with a sigh, causing the castle's foundations to shake. "I don't know what we can do to pay you for this... You are hurt!" he added, looking at the burns on her body.

"Well, I guess I just got lost in pleasure, and got a little careless..." She said, blushing a little. "It's nothing really. I am sure that with good nutrition my body will heal very soon." she grinned again as she massaged her stomach. "And you don't have to do anything! The only thing I will take in return is Erren and his people, of course I will leave some men for you to fill the place of your fallen knights.

"Oh, but you can't take Erren... He needs to be punished properly. All the other lords also have the right to make him pay for their losses..."

Madness could be seen in her eyes as a new type of cruel smile contorted her face. It was a truly terrifying sight, much different from her usual diabolic playfulness. "Well, I assure you that I can provide the most profound kind of torture for him!" 


"I was the one to have defeated him, so naturally, I get to decide his fate! Why do you oppose me?" Before she would always remain calm, but now it seemed as though she had lost her composure. Even Nathaniel could not help, but notice this sudden change in her character. The events that have befallen her, had surely left wounds on her psyche. "So arrogant! You humans are nothing compared to me, yet you still want to talk as equals. You seem to be more just and righteous than Erren, but really you are all the same! You fight among yourselves, kill each other, and feed off the ones you have defeated. The strongest always wins! If that's the case kneel before me, bugs! I am the new ruler of this land!

"So disrespectful! My lord, we cannot tolerate this..." shouted Thomas, not being able to hold his tongue.

"You..." Emily looked at the man with disgust. "...need to learn your place most of all. Nobody asked you to share your opinion. Lick my foot, and maybe I will spare your worthless life." She moved her right leg forward, and placed the ball of her foot in front of his face.

Seeing the gory staines and human remains on her sole, the man jumped back in disgust. Emily's foot followed him and he was forced to fall onto his knees, then lay flat on the ground as she kept pressing down.

"No! Please don't harm him! Why are you doing this?" cried lord Ron. He simply could not understand this sudden change in her mood. He must have struck a nerve talking about Erren, and now, his most trusted and loyal servant was paying for it.

Looking straight into Ron's eyes she continued to apply pressure to Thomas' tiny form. Her sole enveloped his body, threatening to crush him like a grape.

"Emily! Emily, stop! What's gotten into you!? These people did you no harm! They are your friends..." Nathaniel shouted, not being able to believe what was happening.

"They are bugs, they cannot be my friends."

"What are you saying? Bugs? Am I a bug to you as well?"

Emily stopped her foot just before her sole was able to fully touch the ground. Nathaniel's words seemed to have finally touched her heart of stone, "Nathaniel..."

"You weren't like this! You are turning into a true monster, far worse than Erren has ever been. It is not who you really are! You just have been hurt so badly, it left a deep wound on your psychology! Please turn back from this path, before you become what you have thought against!"

"Nathaniel..." Her expression changed to that of pain and sadness. She realised how her words must have hurt him. A tear ran down her cheek and she removed her foot from Thomas. 

Ron jumped to him immediately. His beloved servant had fainted from fear, but was fully alright. He quickly regained consciousness, and looked around confused, breathing heavily. The lord thanked the gods that Nathaniel had been around.

Nathaniel, not caring about hiding his abilities anymore, teleported up to Emily's shoulder, and pressed himself into her neck hugging her in this only possible way.

"My sweet little Nathaniel... I am so sorry..."

"It is alright now. I know full well how hard it's been for you." He caressed her neck with his palms. "It is over now. You don't have to do anything else. You coped with the threat, and helped many other people, who were too weak to protect themselves. Don't follow this path of revenge any further, and cherish the peace you have created. Don't turn into what you have been trying to destroy!"

She gently put her palm on his back and pressed him into her body, her warm embrace being the proof of her being back to her normal self. 

"All of you, I am really sorry for what I have said..." She spoke. "And done," she added, looking at Thomas.

None of them responded to her. Their eyes expressed relief, but they were still scared, not knowing if their words could make her angry again, so they just stayed silent.

"You know what? I can even give Erren to you, I think he has suffered quite a bit from me already..." she said, wanting to break the uncomfortable silence.

This raised the curiosity of all the present, as they began to wonder where she could have kept him. Was he among all the other prisoners? 

They watched her lift up from the ground and assume a crouching position. She then spread her buttocks to the sides and flexed her abs. 

To their highest shock and disgust, the tiny people saw Erren's limp and dirty body slowly slide out of her anus. He fell onto the ground, and lay there unconscious. Fortunately for him, he had been inserted head-first, so while getting back out he did not end up with his neck twisted from the fall.

Loud growling could be heard as the giantess' bowel movements became more intense in response to her actions. Having already started, she decided to release it all. Moving backwards a bit in order not to flood and crush Erren with her turd, she relaxed her anus and let all the waste from her digestive processes leave her body. All the warriors who had fallen prey to her during the fight earlier that day and possibly some of her previous snacks as well left her body in a form of perfectly smooth brown paste, and formed an impressive pyramid in the middle of the castle's courtyard.

Nathaniel could not help but giggle to himself. This girl was the pure definition of tactlessness.

Sighing, she got up, and went to the huge cell. 

"Now listen slaves! I am gonna miss the feeling of you sliding down my throat, but I decided to let all of you live. You are going to serve lord Ron, and the remaining four lords, whose lands you have ravaged. But remember this: If any of you do even just so little as to try to oppose the will of your new masters, I will be back here, and there will be no mercy! I trusted you. Me not eating any of you right now is proof of that. Choose your actions wisely."

"You are not gonna make them rebuild your house?" Nathaniel asked, shocked.

"No. I am just going to travel around the world with you, and sleep under the open sky." she replied. "I am gonna start my life all over. With you, my little lover."

Nathaniel smiled, hugging her neck again.

"Good bye!" she waved to lord Ron. "All the mercenaries now belong to you. Divide them between other lords and rebuild your kingdom!"

Nathaniel also waved them goodbye from the giantess' shoulder, and Emily stepped over the castle's gate.

End Notes:

Okay guys, seems like this is the last chapter of "The Executioner".

The story has a potential for part two, where Emily and Nathaniel would travel the world, ending up in various situations in which Emily's size could end up being helpful (or not)

I don't know if I will find the motivation to write it, though. Definitely I am going to be focusing on other unfinished stories now, and I have so many other ideas too.

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