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Reviewer: Divediveburners Signed [Report This]
Date: May 17 2022 9:08 PM Title: Frigid Planet

This particular story has been my favorite one-shot in recent memory. Some of my favorite giantess tropes have been depicting typically mean/cruel scenarios such as crush/vore/scat in a gentle context. I also enjoy the trope of having evil-looking characters turning out to be sweethearts. And finally, a giantess feeding off of predatory creatures while sparing the tiny is *chef's kiss*.
Despite Ymyr's limited vocabulary, you are able to portray her with a lot of character. She appears to be a kindly soul, if lonely. This does remind me of your Naga story somewhat, where instead of using one-word phrases, the character is mute. The tiny guy, as depicted here, works, he seems to have a sense of bravado that makes him easy to root for.
Best scene here was when Ymyr reveals that she can't regurgitate. A great depiction of a ... crappy situation.

Author's Response:

Hey-o Dive, thanks for the review again! I'm very happy to hear you like my work. I obviously enjoy some of those same tropes as you, otherwise I wouldn't have thought to write them out. I wanted Ymyr to be visually intimidating, and then try to make her do her best to calm down the tiny protag. I wanted to mention that her limited vocabulary would actually be much more efficient if she were to find another of her kind, and that she was having to limit herself to communicate in a way a human can comprehend. It's hard to explain, I suppose. I suppose it is similar to the naga story somewhat, I think. Different in small ways. But I agree, I love how usually cruel situations hit so much different when thrown into a gentle context. I also love stories where giantesses are either aware of unaware of the power dynamic they have over their tiny friends. If they're aware how scary they are, it's cute to watch them try and minimize how imposing they are, and work to eliminate those nagging thoughts at the back of a tiny's mind: that they could be hurt or killed so easily... Conversely when a giantess is unaware of how scary she seems, and causes the tiny to suffer mini heart attacks just by her presence, being hugged or kissed or whatnot, I find it cute as well when they do not quite grasp their own power, but have no intention of being malicious. All the while, their tiny is aware and thankful of their situation. :)

Reviewer: Milla Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 15 2022 8:52 AM Title: Frigid Planet

Wow! I ABSOLUTELY loved this story! This is pretty gentle and is for sure one of your best stories so far, in my opinion.

What I liked most is the perfect detailing of the world your built. It can even be the very Earth, billions years later, and the female creature can be some sort of Homo Futurus or something lol. But considering what you wrote about the ship's direction in outer space, it probably just went to another very very distant world.

And the creatures, the icy nature... girl you're very very good at this! You managed to create an initially intimidating, but currently a very gentle creature, one that many astronauts would die to live with! You could use that to write a full story, what about it?

Author's Response:

Hello Milla, and thank you for the nice review! I'm happy you enjoyed that chapter.

If you like, by all means, I wouldn't mind if you considered that story as a future version of Earth, but it would have to be way before 5 billion years have passed because the Sun would have turned into a red giant by then I believe. Earth will be quite toasty in the distant future.

I feel like a broken record saying this, lol, but I can't accept a compliment. I'm very grateful for what you've written, but I'm never ever satisfied with my entries. In addition I'm usually too depressed and scatterbrained to make my stories longer so I try to make them short and simple. If you, or anyone else reading this, want to take one of my stories and add to it, feel free to. <3 

Again, I'm in a bad place mentally, I wish I was a better writer. However, I will say I do think I'm better at writing gentle stories when I'm feeling under the weather. Short stories, that is. I lose motivation the longer they get, and my writing quality suffers horribly.

Take care!!

Reviewer: Cinnamon_Toast Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 13 2022 3:28 PM Title: The End

Awww. I’ve always gravitated heavily to the gentle stuff, and these short exercises were no exception. I look forward to checking out some of your other work and I’d consider myself a new fan :D  

I find it admirable when writers are tough on themselves and are willing to be vulnerable. But seriously, sometimes I just don’t get it. Take it from a guy who has little experience writing and struggles to find the right words: you make it look very easy. And from your attitude, I know that you’re only going to get better! Major props. 

As far as the actual “fetish material” goes, you’re hitting the nail on the head, at least for me. I find comfort and consent sexy, and it appears I’m in the minority there, at least on this site or in the community in general. So, thanks dude. You made my day. 

Author's Response:

  Good morning, Cinnamon Toast (excellent delicacy by the way, I'm getting the urge to have some now lol) I'm glad you enjoyed it. Little ideas pop in my head at work and I sometimes type them down if they get too complex.

 I'm not sure if I'll ever get better, I've kind of just been writing the same way for years by this point. I don't see myself as a writer with much potential, I'm stuck in my ways. I'm critical of myself, and critiques long in the past have caused me to delete at least 5 stories (about 60,000 words with the longest chapter being 13000 words), and I also gravitate towards first person perspectives because I can't nail third person without it sounding wrong. I've decided I'll never delete another story I upload on here, but a lot of them don't even make the cut in my phone's drafts. At the end of the day, I think I just hate my own work because it always seems better in my head before I type it out.

 I can't write a violent character for very long, they always seem to end up guilty or turn over a new leaf immediately within a chapter or two.

 Eventually I'm afraid all of my characters will be too similar to each other, as well. I try to give them personalities, sometimes.

 I can't seem to commit to large stories anymore (20k words or more are big for me) so I opted for more short stuff. And there's loads of other stories on here that blow my work out of the water. I love to read them, of course, but I end up feeling inadequate.

 I think we may have similar tastes in giantess content, I love the power dynamic and having a powerful guardian take care of whomever.

 Kind reviews like yours and others' do keep me going. I hope you have a fantastic day. I have moments where I'll upload a bit and then stop for a year or so. But I always check for reviews once or twice a month because they mean a lot to me. I don't even text my friends this much, (*a103;*;)

 Also, I'm sad to hear that you're not quite happy with your own writing style, but by leaving a review, you activate a small butterfly effect and encourage your favorite writers to eventually keep making stories. You and others like you are the fuel for it. I wouldn't upload near as much (even though I'm very infrequent already) if that weren't the case. So, thank you again. Please take care.

Reviewer: Divediveburners Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 11 2022 5:34 AM Title: Made for Me

Excellent entry. While I do prefer tinys that tend to be somewhat self-sufficient, and have plenty of swagger themselves, sometimes, you want your giant girl to cuddle a guy (or gal) that needs it. You've got a nice snappy writing style for this one, although I believe you went into a tad more detail in your last two entries in terms of setting the scene and describing actions and moods, which is something I generally prefer.

Some people (including myself) enjoy a mix of cruel and gentle content, but I tend to stomach pure benevolence far better than pure malevolence, and this story, as well as the ones before it, are no exception (even though I believe they are quite exceptional).

Nevertheless, "Made for Me" is another successful exercise.

Author's Response:

I appreciate your feedback! I feel like I'm better at writing natural dialogue than describing stuff. For me, I think natural dialogue is better for Gentle and being able to describe stuff is better for Cruel/Mischievous.

I've written and deleted stories involving vore, death and domination with morally ambiguous giantesses, I'm my own biggest critic and usually am never satisfied with anything I make. The real exercise for me is even posting these things at all *flamboyant bow*

Regardless I do think my pacing is very fast because I don't elaborate enough on things.

Most of my tinies are usually in need of protection or mentally piss themselves the minute they meet a giantess for the first time.

I won't even hardly read pure malevolence stories. I like kind giantesses, or neutral ones that can dominate their enemies while being pleasant to their allied tinies.

Thanks for leaving a review I appreciate it

Reviewer: Divediveburners Signed [Report This]
Date: April 07 2022 10:29 PM Title: Date-us Ex Machina, Part 1

This collection appears to have the potential to be something special. You've said it on the tin, these are writing exercises, and for your own self-improvement. Already, between "The End" and "Date-Ex Machina" you've really cleaned up your style. Even in the relatively messy first chapter, you had a pretty good character voice that kept me involved.

Your characters are nice and wholesome, so far, but they're not carboard cutout stereotypes. Even Sarah, who doesn't show up in the chapter, from conversation alone between the tiny and Stacy, you get a pretty good idea of who she is. All your characters are likeable, and in a gentle romp such as this, that's to its benefit.

Author's Response:

Indeed! Sometimes I'll have some daydreams and I want to archive them on my profile, and usually end up reading them in the future again. Gentle is one of my favorite kinds of giant/tiny interaction. I'll read other stories and they're just so much better than what I can do, but there is a sort of liberating feeling to get these things out of my mind and into the physical world.

As for the characters in Date-us Ex Machina, I'm trying to keep them wholesome if possible to fit the gentle theme, but I don't think I'm very good at making unique characters. I'm looking forward to introduce Sarah at some point soon, and my goal is to make her act sweeter than Stacy, who does not have a secret crush on Theodore.

Thank you for the review, it means a lot to me.

Reviewer: Javert Signed [Report This]
Date: December 10 2020 3:07 PM Title: The End

Really like what you've done here, and we should all be doing such writing exercizes.

I dunno if you're looking for constructive feedback, but here's a small suggestion that might clean up some of the prose (not that my prose is worth a damn, haha). You've got some duplicative phrasing, such as "Alexis was the first one to speak, between the two of us." The second clause isn't necessary since it's already implied that there are two participants in the conversation and only one of them can speak first.

A little more obvious is a sentence like "Her forehead was beginning to perspire. She was starting to sweat." It's the same concept, just restated. Sometimes this is good for stylistic purposes, but usually it's better just to convey an idea clearly and singly.

Anyway! I don't want that to sound discouraging! Just wanted to offer a little editing tip. Happy writing!




Author's Response:

Naw it's not discouraging. I mean it might have been discouraging in the past but not now. I'm just happy when someone leaves a review. I agree, I think I was trying to be stylistic but it just kind of makes me sound like a rambling preacher at a church or something lol.

I can't decide whether I want to lean with first person or third person perspectives. But anyway I'm happy you left a review and some advice. Thank you

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