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Author's Chapter Notes:

I apologize for the low quality of this chapter.



We both stood still, completely motionless. I stared up at her, in a half-aware daze. She seemed to do the same, although for her, she was looking nearly right at her feet. I wasn't sure what to do. Panic? Laugh? Run? Speak? My mind was seized with the electric grip of shock, and I wasn't able to make a decision.

Of course, I was aware something strange would happen to me when Alexis brought me to her place. She had spent all night texting me about discovering some crazy phenomenon, and wanted me to come over to make sure she wasn't crazy. Well, she wasn't crazy. I'm not sure how it happened, whether it be magic or maybe the Matrix glitching out, but none of that mattered to me right now. I was hardly the size of her big toe. Maybe... around a centimeter tall now?

Alexis was the first one to speak, between the two of us. For her, she wasn't the one who had shrunken, and her mind probably had less to process than mine did because of that.

"Umm... uh... N-Nate?" Alexis finally spoke up.

I didn't answer, I found it hard to catch my breath. I was beginning to hyperventilate, and it was... obvious.

"Nate...? Are you okay?" she asked, sounding extraordinarily concerned, "You look like you're panicking..."

Her face was awash with worry. She wasn't able to hide it. Her forehead was beginning to perspire.


I didn't know what to do. Somehow, I had accidentally shrunken Nathaniel. I tried to call him by his nickname as usual, but he just seemed to freeze in place. Frozen.

I subconsciously began to lower myself. I wanted to either pick him up, or just squat to get a better look at him. Terrible, terrible mistake.

"A..AHH!" Nate screamed, and sprinted away, into the nearby corner of the room.


When Alexis began to lower herself down, I guess I finally snapped. She was so huge, and it scared me how fast she seemed to move. It was like watching a falling building, and I didn't want to get crushed. So, I just ran.

Alexis didn't give chase, and I didn't make it very far. I was pressed up very tightly against the intersection of two walls. In a corner.

"I'm sorry," Alexis whimpered. "I didn't mean to scare you. I'm just gonna get down lower so we can talk a little easier, okay?"

I nodded back, as best as I could manage, and Alexis got down on her knees, and rested her hands on her thighs, true to her word.

It was obvious she meant no harm, and this whole thing was likely just an accident. But still. I felt extremely vurnerable, and the power dynamic was completely in her favor right now. In the back of my mind, I knew she had no reason to, but if she felt like it, she could very easily end me in a myriad of different ways. Intentional or not.

"O-okay. I'm comfortable now. I'm not going to make any sudden movements, okay? I am just going to wait here until you're ready to talk," Alexis explained, and managed to produce a disarming smile.

I had always loved the way she smiled. Her efforts were going a long way into helping me calm down, too.

But, it's not that simple...

I faced the wall, knelt in a sort of fetal position, and softly cried.


Two or three minutes had passed before Nate seemed to calm himself, and stop hyperventilating.

"H... Hey," Nate managed to squeak out, after unburying his reddened face from the wall.

He had entered a semi fetal position once he had backed himself into a corner, and it nearly broke my heart to watch him cry.

"Hi! I'm sorry, I didn't know this would happen. Last night all I could do was change the colors of objects," I hurriedly explained myself.

I didn't know he would end up shrinking. This was a complete accident. And, much worse, I realized I didn't know how to undo this. I felt, well, guilty. Ashamed.


"I, uh.. I think I'm.. able to speak now," I managed to tell her.

Alexis perked up a bit once I finally found my voice and got over my episode.

"Yay!" Alexis beamed, before becoming a bit more serious, "Nate... I am very sorry, but I just realized I don't know if I have a way to return you to your normal state..."

My heart sank at this information, but I had anticipated such would be the case. There was no sense getting mad or angry.

Before I was able to reply, Alexis continued to speak softly.

"I swear I will do everything in my power to take care of you," Alexis promised. "This is my fault and I feel indescribably guilty."

Her lips were beginning to quiver as she spoke. I didn't want her to cry as well, so I put on a brave face and began to walk towards her, which caused her to gasp. It amazed even myself to be honest, but I can't just watch her cry. I might be tiny now but I'm still just me. I still felt the need to console her.

I walked right up to her knee, and placed my right hand on the fabric of her leggings. I'll never understand how athletic-wear became such a trend to constantly wear, but I was never one to complain, no siree.

Alexis stayed completely still, like a stone gargoyle. I swallowed a lump in my throat and decided to ask something.

"Can you pick me up, please?" I asked.

Alexis complied, and moved both of her hands very carefully around my entire frame. It took a minute, but I realized she was just as terrified of this situation as I was. I should know, because her palms were clammy and sweaty. She wasn't being impetuous. She was afraid of hurting me, or scaring me any further.

I was raised midway between her chest and her face, and she beheld me with a sense of awe. Her emerald green eyes were usually misty and stunning at normal size, and I used to think she had a bad case of resting bitch face before I was able to witness it at this magnitude. I pretty much had her sister-zoned up until this moment. But she was beautiful, and I was becoming painfully bashful now.

She corrected her slack-jawed expression, and spoke up.

"Are you okay? Does anything hurt?" she eagerly asked me.

"Nothing hurts, and I feel relatively normal, all things considered," I replied.

"Oh, okay. I'm going to move to the couch, okay? My knees are starting to get a tad sore. I'm not sure if you're afraid of heights, but I'm about to stand up. Close your eyes if you need to, but I promise I won't drop you," Alexis warned me.

"Yes, go ahead," I replied.

She was being overly thoughtful. Usually she was a lot more goofy and carefree, but now she was acting like she just got pulled over by the police, with a dead body in the trunk of her car.

I wasn't sure what I expected, but I was hit with a wave of vertigo as she stood up, and once I realized how high up I appeared to be, I quickly shut my eyes and buried myself as best as I could against her palm. I think Alexis noticed this, because as soon as I did, I was brought much closer to her sternum, nearly underneath her breasts. Usually I paid them no mind, they were smaller than average compared to most women, since she was a thin woman herself. But currently they greatly dwarfed me. At that moment, something awoke inside of me, and I felt a mix of being humbled as well as another strange, foreign feeling in my chest. Her intentions may have been pure on keeping me secure, but it certainly had an auxillary effect once I realized where I was.

I felt Alexis stop moving, and assumed she had finally sat on the couch. I was slightly lifted away from the shelter of her chest, back into the open, face to face with her again. I felt safe, I knew I could trust her, and yet, I still felt wildly helpless in a small way. Literally.

"So, um, you might be small for awhile, would you like for me to contact anybody for you?" Alexis asked, "People might worry or wonder where you are."

"That's true," I conceded. "But honestly, ever since I moved out, I really haven't heard much from my family in a long time. It's been pretty lonely."

Of course, this ellicited a small frown from Alexis.

"Well, you don't have to be lonely any longer," she answered with a wink. "If anyone starts asking around about you, we'll figure something out. Your landlord also might think you just left town. You're going to turn up as a missing person eventually."

It was true. I pretty much just disappeared. I didn't even drive here, she picked me up, and I live in a rural area.

"So I've been kidnapped, essentially," I joked.

A small, forced laugh from her.

"I suppose, maybe..." she trailed off. "I usually wouldn't have the courage to say this usually, but..."

She hesitated.

"Um, yes?" I asked, completely confused.

"N-nevermind," she answered, blushing.



Chapter End Notes:


I'm planning on writing another story soon, hopefully it will be more cohesive than this mess.. (shrug)


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