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Reviewer: Coldsnow Signed [Report This]
Date: February 05 2019 6:15 PM Title: Ultraxia's New Sky & Festive Tributes

Thanks for the quick reply. I reread the chapters and they were along the lines of what I was thinking about. It must be why it was stuck in my head. Glad to hear your going to be using the concept more in the future as I really enjoy reading it as a story setting.

Since my last suggestion kind of was already done I have another this one for Sarah. The sugestion is telling exactly where does Sarah get all the food supplies she uses besides the tinnes in her cooking. There was some mention that the Goddess wasn't sure where Sarah sourced some things in chapter 17 and I didn't really see anything since so maybe she finaly remembers this and decides to follow her to see where the produce is coming from. 

Sarah could have whole agriworlds setup to grow the fruits and vegetables possibly with humans fighting  wars against giant sized pests to keep them away from the equally giant sized produce. The tiny humans can ensure that not even the tinest imperfection goes unnoticed with only the imaculate produce being harvested. There could even be factories setup to proccess things into finished goods like the milk from millions of cows being proccessed into a single bucket of icecream or grinding down giant coffee beans to make filters or instant coffee packets. 

The other option I was thinking of is she goes from grocier store to grocier store on different planets picking up the different ingredents on each with no one knowing who she really is when she is shopping. A possible difficutly with this option is getting caught up while another maid is going through the proccess of punishing a planet for some reason and Sarah still must go through with getting the ingredents even though the world is going crazy all around her because it is a crucial part of a meal planned for the Goddess lster and there is no time to go to another planet.

She could also do a combination of both since maybe somethings can only be grown on one planet.

Keep up the great work.


Author's Response:

These ideas are pretty awesome, It fired up my imagination for a few storylines. However I am probably going to be closing off the GCU with the next story and work on a new series that is not based around a real world person. I created the Handmaids Tales to get around the need to consult with Goddess Charlotte when the content got a bit graphic. I will be looking to create a new setting with some equally unfair power dynamics just with my own characters inpired by the wonderful women in the community and not based upon.

Reviewer: Coldsnow Signed [Report This]
Date: February 04 2019 9:58 PM Title: Ultraxia's New Sky & Festive Tributes

Great to see your still making amazing stories. I really enjoyed these new chapters!

A suggestion I have going through my head, is wondering what happens to all the crumbs from the food the Goddess and maids eat since the humans in the food are invulnerable unless eaten they would be able to survie a fall to the floor and wouldn't be crushed when stepped on. Are they surviving hidden throught the house trying to avoid dectection in small villages/nomdic clans or are they cleaned up on a regular basis maybe as a competition or a reward for the Goddess's priestesses.


Author's Response:

Hi Coldsnow!

Thanks for the kind words!


This concept is something I have already been playing with and will likley come back too some more, to help here is the plot that already exists.
Fiona was originally a tribute in '28. Planet Ustola' and was destined for Charlottes bowl, Sarah accidently loses her after coating her to the floor and she vanishes. in '32. The Lost City' we join Fiona again as she mingles with those others the Goddess has lost and disgarded and where she meets Alyssa who was sent to locate the micro survivors by Charlotte, That story ses Charlotte collect the city as an ornament. Fiona goes on to be a slave to Alyssa in the Handmaids Tales GCU stories before being promoted to a maid herself, Her whole story is literally that of a discarded crumb :)
It is a concept i enjoy and will be using more, hope this helps.

Reviewer: Kosmita Signed [Report This]
Date: February 03 2019 9:11 PM Title: The Architect

Damn, you're just cranking out awesome chapters, one after the other. I really enjoyed this chapter! Great stuff. I'm really curious to see how the Architect develops over time.

If you're still accepting suggestions...I don't have anything specific, per se. See, I'm a huge vore fan -- especially soft-vore. I just think it's so much more fucked up to be swallowed oppose to chewed up. I love, love the casual vore the Goddess does in most of your chapters. With that said, have you ever considered following the fate of a tribute into the belly of the Goddess? Or even one of her maidens that also like to partake in the tributes?

Author's Response:



Many thanks for your feedback and support!

I am not so much of a fan of tracking inside myself, however I have given it a go for you.

The chapter "Fiona's Homecoming" in the The Handmaids Tales GCU is inspired by your suggestion.


Many thanks


Reviewer: TitanTheia Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 31 2019 12:19 PM Title: Ultraxia's New Sky & Festive Tributes

I've only recently discovered this story, but god, do I love it! I went through almost everything in less than a day.

I really enjoyed the impressive displays of divine power and the cruelty only added to the overall experience. And you're really good at describing the brutality in high detail, especially in interactions with individuals, however destruction scenes don't seem to enjoy the same amount of detail. Not that this is really bad - I just thought of them lacking, but that might be my odd preference.

I feel you'd also like to hear a bit about your writing style, but I'm not good enough to give you proper feedback; all I can say is that it was easy to read, and you describe scenes very well.


Either way, are you still looking for suggestions? I'd be curious how you'd write something closer to a horror story/chapter... Generally I'd be happy with anything that actually terrifies the reader (but if you'd need a more specific suggestion, I'd go with some really devoted believer doing something that rubs the Goddess the wrong way, but that doesn't quite warrant death [idk, a renowned artist designing a misrepresenting mural of the Goddess to be chiseled into a mountain range, maybe?], and to teach them a lesson, the Goddess joins their dream and turns it into a nightmare? ... Though if that's not really fitting for this story, maybe it'd make for an alright chapter in the maid side-story? You'll know better.)

In any case, I just hope that you carry on writing in general - I've loved everything you've uploaded here so far, and I'm looking forward to more, no matter what it looks like.

Author's Response:

Hello TitanTheia! :)

Many thanks for your critical review! I appreciate you taking the time to leave such great feedback!

I will take your feedback in regards to destruction scenes into consideration next time I write about it, see if I can bring more life to them!

I am always lookin for suggestions :) I'll admit to not being too good with Horror but I gave it a go for you.


Thanks for the kind words, The new chapter "The Architect" was writting in honour of this review :D I really hopr you enjoy it!

Reviewer: Kosmita Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 17 2018 8:35 AM Title: Charlotte's Origins II

Hey, thanks for responding to my comment. :)

This was another great addition to the story. I really love this universe you created. All these ideas you come up with for each chapter are so great. Like the toe ring imprisonment. Good stuff! Can't wait to see more!

Reviewer: Puckett2733 Signed [Report This]
Date: December 16 2018 1:58 PM Title: Charlotte's Origins II

Can we get another chapter where Charlotte goes undercover through her tribute system maybe using a form of possession to make her experience more realistic 

Reviewer: JustForTribute Signed [Report This]
Date: December 02 2018 4:48 PM Title: Ultraxia's New Sky & Festive Tributes

Kosmita, A favourite author of mine for Brobdingnag holidays, left this review & I somehow managed to delete it. So here it is with my reply:

Reviewer: Kosmita Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: December 02 2018 Title: None

I feel really bad for not saying something sooner. I've been hooked to this story when I originally discovered it a couple of months ago. This story is quite unique and exhilarating. The ultimate power the Charlotte holds over the universe gets me worked up everytime I think about it. There was one chapter in which you described other beings ascending to godhood, only for Charlotte to obliterate them with minimal effort -- holy shit, that stands out vividly and is so hot in my opinion.


I love that you are continuing the story. Every chapter is gold. I have a suggestion that might seem unpopular. Given how arrogant and unmerciful Charlotte is, I wonder why she tolerates the girls that she picked up along the way. I don’t see Sarah going anywhere, but the other girls like Alyssa seem rather cheeky. It’s fun to see her grant a mortal a chance to experience power, but that doesn’t really seem like something she would continue to do. Given how she stole power from all gods to consume it all -- I see her being really selfish and giving an iota of power to someone else doesn’t seem to align with her personality. Or maybe I’m overthinking this. Maybe it’s a change of heart she has.


I love vore and hope to see more. I hope to see more of the story in general. Thanks for the awesome read. Cheers!





My Reply:


Many thanks for the review, I greatly appreciate it.


Charlotte does not share power, The Maids power is only ever loaned, I touch on this a little in Origins although i do try and preface any occasion where the maids show divine ability as "Granted by their goddess". They have no power themselves.

Cassi's tinkering is using Divine Tech granted by Charlotte, the same for Sarah's cooking chemicals. I tried to flesh teh concept out when discussing the temple and how it is run. Use of Size machines more than divine power.


I think Charlotte keeps them around for company more than anything, She is happy to mass dominate the population while at the same time likes to have consistency with people she can talk to and flaunt her power.

Reviewer: Poe00069 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 20 2018 9:37 PM Title: Ultraxia's New Sky & Festive Tributes

If this is your first attempt then this is really really good! I would say you are a natural.

As for requests, it would also be interesting to dig into her origin story a bit more

Author's Response:

It is my first & only peice of writing. I am glad you enjoy it!

I have taken your suggestion & you are not the first to ask. There is an Origin story written, it will be chapter 31.

Just need to finalise some things :)

Reviewer: Poe00069 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 20 2018 9:35 PM Title: Ultraxia's New Sky & Festive Tributes

Sorry forgot the rating absolutely 10/10. If you continue this story I'd like to request more dirty bathroom play and related imagery!

Author's Response:

Many thanks for this!

Goddess Charlotte as you maybe aware is a real person who has limits on what she deems acceptable. I venture into this territory in implication only, I do not want to offend her with graphic descriptions! For sure expect more imagery however understand that some subjects are a no go, for this series.

Reviewer: Justicar Nigri Signed [Report This]
Date: November 18 2018 2:37 AM Title: Ultraxia's New Sky & Festive Tributes

I think i already left a comment here, but want to say it again: Great work! Its by far my favorite story here and to be perfectly honest, captures my fantasy quite accurate xD Some suggestions if you can be bothered :3

- 3rd Maid that survived years on the floor and is now discovered and trained to be the 3rd maid

- More holidays from charlottes perspective!

- Cass and Sarah getting charlotte's omnipotence for 1 day to play together

Author's Response:


Thanks for the feedback! Glad you like it!


I like your ideas, the new maid one is loaded with possibilities.


Recently is more about finding time to write than anything else!

Reviewer: Coldsnow Signed [Report This]
Date: May 22 2018 5:56 PM Title: Planet Capillum Penicilla

Great new chapter. I am always a sucker for multiple perspectives in a chapter as I feel it better idea of how the same event can be perceived differently so I like this style of writing. Also, thanks for using my idea, I can’t believe you were able to make a story out of it so quickly.

Another idea for a chapter would be Sarah using a similar kind of time manipulation like in Rise & Fall of the Umbran Society but this time on a piece of food or a dessert for Charlotte. With the shrunken people making cities out of the food they are on maybe a leaf house in a salad or chocolate skyscrapers on a chocolate bar. Depending on the size of the food and shrunken people there could be just one city or maybe even entire civilizations being nothing more then a decoration/garnish on the food Charlotte eats.


Reviewer: baaronz12 Signed [Report This]
Date: May 21 2018 6:37 PM Title: Ultraxia's New Sky & Festive Tributes

I really enjoyed the side stories of Sarah and Cassi! Perhaps delving deeper into the past of Charlotte can create a more meaningful relationship with her character.


I really enjoyed the domineering nature of Cassi and I hope to see more!

Author's Response:

Thanks for the feedback!

Look forward to the Origin Story of Goddess Charlotte as chapter 31! Also there is some casual Cassi snuffing in the chapter aswell just for you :)

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 21 2018 4:40 AM Title: Rise & Fall of Umbran Society

Thank you for adding another chapter.

I'm somewhat enjoying how sometimes this story shows alle the effort that goes into maintaning a goddes, like with those laundry factories. This is a detail not many stories look into and it was original I think.

I want to thank you for writing, and I'm still reading it even though I'm usually to lazy to leave feedback.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the reply!


There will be another chapter soon along a similar line thanks to the previous review :)

Reviewer: Coldsnow Signed [Report This]
Date: May 19 2018 8:12 PM Title: Rise & Fall of Umbran Society

Loving this series and I am always happy to see another chapter to read. As for an idea maybe Charlotte gives the task of cleaning her hairbush to a planet where the planet needs to use heavy machinery or a massive amount of people to even move the hairs. Keep up the great work.

Author's Response:

Thanks for this!

I really like that idea! I will make it work! :D 

Reviewer: Leylagts Signed [Report This]
Date: February 24 2018 10:28 AM Title: Ultraxia's New Sky & Festive Tributes

Wha does charlotte look like ? Can umdescribe?

Author's Response:

Reviewer: Panzer Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 08 2018 10:09 AM Title: Ultraxia's New Sky & Festive Tributes

This is a great story.  I defintitely like the size differences between chapters.  She's just so cruel.  I especually loved it when the cleaning unit got promoted just for a lot of them to end up as a quick snack.  

Author's Response:

Thanks alot! :D

Reviewer: Kurt70000 Signed [Report This]
Date: January 24 2018 2:34 PM Title: Fashion Sense

Reading Chap 16, 19 and 20 how is this for a future chapter idea? Charlotte or one of her loyal Associates comes into posession of a magical jewel in a ring. When worn the wearer has the power to shrink and capture the entire population of a newly acquired 'world' inside of the gemstone. Up to 5 worlds which are destined for 'renovation' can be 'stored' inside the gemstone. The wearer can then go back to their Home Castle or Place and then re-animate the entire population of these worlds back into any size or shape they desire en-masse. Charlotte dispatches her trusted Associate (name) to three worlds she has newly acquired for population 'removal'. Upon arrival home Charlotte is standing inside her newly re-modeled 2nd bathroom in a lower room of her Abode. Inside the ornate room with 4 hanging lamps above the center is an enormous round marble bathtub which could easly accomodate six people! (name) points the ring on her hand towards the empty massive round marble bath speaks the key words and a golden ray shoots from the ring into the bath. Moments later it is filled with multiple millions of the former planetary denizens, all naked and prepared!! Charlotte is utterly pleased and asks (name) to 'modify' the denizens, now 'Minor Tributes' using the ring's secondary powers, into something akin to fattened grapes. Another word is spoken and a blue ray comes from the ring and the masses in the bath-vat become roundish obese purple, green and red "human grapes'. Still alive en-masse but fully aware, but round and plump! At this point Charlotte is utterly estatic with desire, and she asks (name) if she want's to join her inside her new bath to enact it's first use together!  (you take it from there for the story chapter)  Hope you like this idea! Sort of carries over from an earlier suggestion or it can be a whole new follow-up chapter in itself! enjoy! ;)

Author's Response:

This is a great idea, I actually left the "wine making" plot line open to allow for something like this in future.

My most recent work is pushing the boundry a little on what Charlotte is willing to have written about her so chapters are on hold awaiting her approval before i share them.

Reviewer: Kurt70000 Signed [Report This]
Date: January 24 2018 1:52 PM Title: Ultraxia's New Sky & Festive Tributes

I greatly enjoyede the first Chapter. The Festival tributes destiny in the giant bath was simply amazing. Would have been nice if perhaps more fine detail added to Charlotte's activity before, during and after her bathtime! Things like what she did with her Tributes, in detail, their reactions to the same from their POV. The sounds, sights, colors and finer nuances of the scene in Charlotte's private fun time in her ornate bathroom. Perhaps re-visit this scenaro in a future chapter, with double or triple the number of Tributes and perhaps a second bigge additional royal marble bathtub! Perhaps even one in which she can re-visit her later winemaking experiment combining her Humanity Bath with some grapes harvested from the vineyards tossed in along with her tributes!  

Author's Response:


Many thanks for the feedback :D
Festive Tributes was my first real short story so it leaves alot to be desired although I have a tendancy to focus on the bigger picture rather than the details. Something That i hope to address going forward.

The premise of the festive tribute does carry into future chapters but as of yet has not been directly revisited. It is something i want to do though!

Reviewer: Nothingness Signed [Report This]
Date: January 05 2018 6:35 PM Title: Omnipotence

Very clever having that world dress as sweets for Charlotte and her maids. Haven't seen something like that on this site personally. You're definitely thinking outside the box :)

Author's Response:

Thanks, It was another power play, They all knew in the back of their minds what they were doing, they just also knew there was no choice.

Next chapter is Sarah focused. :D


Any suggestions welcome!

Reviewer: Nothingness Signed [Report This]
Date: January 03 2018 11:21 PM Title: Fashion Sense

You're writing is definitely stupendous that's for sure :) Charlotte is truly powerful, maybe too powerful. While sexy and domineering, I wish we could see a more vulnerable side to her once in a while, maybe not physical but emotional. Maybe she can have some sympathy for her maids like Sarah who I feel bad for. 


As for suggestions, how about a vore focus chapter were Charlotte or Cassi eats numerous tinies? 


It's definitely a nice story you have here overall :)

Author's Response:

Thanks for the feedback! :D
I agree on the power level and to be honest the next chapter only makes that worse, however growing attachment to her longer-term subjects would certainly help! Thanks for that.

There is a little somewhat quirky vore chapter coming next! :)

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