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Shout Archive
Chapter 12 of the exchange student is live, go check it out
04/15/24 10:52 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Growing Closer Chapter 16 is up on my profile! Thank you to everyone who has reviewed it so far.
04/12/24 11:03 pm [Delete] [Edit]

@Kurogane335 just logged in on a computer just fine; provide more details or maybe try asking on discord
04/10/24 09:04 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Aight, fixed it. For some reason it only happened when I tried to break the whole thing into chapters. Interesting! No more chapters, then.
04/10/24 07:11 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Anybody know how to stop Giantess World from inserting breaks (<br>) at the end of every line? It does it to one of my stories, completely fucking up the formatting
04/10/24 07:07 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Anyone else can't log in on computer? I can't and can't even contact the admin... It's a little problematic to try and update the story I'm working on !
04/10/24 05:27 am [Delete] [Edit]

Chapter 14 of Growing Closer is posted, sorry it's late but the site seemed to have DNS issue. I also post that story to deviantart and giantesscity on the same schedule.
03/30/24 11:10 am [Delete] [Edit]

My new story the Apprentice is posted, it is short but potent
03/26/24 03:37 am [Delete] [Edit]

Well after two years I finally got around to updating my story. Chapter 17 for 'The Train' is out
03/26/24 03:18 am [Delete] [Edit]

Too bad we can’t upload stories less than 500 words, I’ve got a really good one!
03/25/24 02:12 am [Delete] [Edit]

Chapter 45 of 'GH-X2' is live! Please feel free to check it out and review x
03/23/24 11:37 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Is this website completely abandoned? Are there no admins around anymore?
03/20/24 03:49 pm [Delete] [Edit]

So, um, I finally posted Chapter 44 of GH-X2.
03/18/24 05:43 pm [Delete] [Edit]

The newest chapter of Growing Closer is up on my profile. New chapters posted every Friday. In this week's episode, Trish and Thomas navigate love making when one of them is over 20 feet tall
03/17/24 03:17 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Thinking about the eighties......
03/14/24 12:50 am [Delete] [Edit]

chapter 11 of of the exchange student is out now,
03/13/24 11:46 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Don't know why my text glitched but for clarity: looking for "Microrgy" by Finli chapters 2-4.
03/09/24 07:14 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Would really appreciate some help finding a story. “Microrgy” by Finli. The 1st chapter only is on Wayback but I’d love to get the rest. Also tried contacting Author to no avail.
03/08/24 02:44 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Hey guys, i once again need help finding a story. A guy shrinks on the hallway, and his neighbor kidnapes him. The distinctively scene is when she forces him to eat crumbles of crackers from her toes
03/08/24 02:17 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Newest chapter of Growing Closer is on my profile page. Thank you everyone who's reviewed it so far!
02/23/24 11:26 pm [Delete] [Edit]