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Perfect man thank you, I found it on the archive
10/20/20 12:16 am [Delete] [Edit]

Son of a bitch. Okay, uh, it was archived on the wayback machine so just navigate that to get to his author page in 2018, you'll see it.
10/20/20 12:03 am [Delete] [Edit]

It was called Lilly Tours by Kosmita. hp?sid=3694 (just insert periods where they need to be) (site hates links)
10/20/20 12:01 am [Delete] [Edit]

she's the vacation guide for. The giant couple use the smallest tinies for their sex games, which involves the tinies being trapped in a tube that the giant guy uses on his gf. Anyone know the sto
10/19/20 09:34 pm [Delete] [Edit]

hey guys, I'm looking for a story on this site that I know is here but I can't find it. The main character is a girl, she has an inch tall bf, but she's an inch tall to this couple that sh
10/19/20 09:32 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I'm back! Check out 'The Resort' in One-Shot City. It's a big one, pun intended.
10/11/20 04:17 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Chapter 10 of The Toy and the Trainer, which is also Chapter 50 of The Cougars Get Hotter as The Boys Get Smaller, is now posted. Ryan announces his "pro name" and gets tattooed with it.
10/10/20 07:54 pm [Delete] [Edit]

The Shrunken Scholar
Finally got around to posting something after being on a break for awhile. Check it out if you’re interested.
09/29/20 10:33 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Kck you
09/28/20 05:23 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Okay,thank you @inwiththebooks
09/21/20 09:49 am [Delete] [Edit]

@Fitish, That is normal whenever you first upload the story. Those just appear when its first uploaded and previewed. It shouldn't show up in the final version when you upload.
09/19/20 09:26 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I'm trying to upload a story but whenever I preview I see different series and categories that I didn't add to it. What's wrong?
09/19/20 08:07 pm [Delete] [Edit]

@Larissa with Epiphany I get "Your shoutbox and/or poll could be here. Just edit the footer.tpl" :D (yes, there are polls - try the surpriseme theme)
09/19/20 12:10 pm [Delete] [Edit]

By the way, I just published two new chapters of 'Make love, not war'. Have fun! :)
09/14/20 07:30 pm [Delete] [Edit]

There's something wrong with the BerryGood skin? I can't see the shoutbox while using that skin (that's my favorite by the way).
09/14/20 07:29 pm [Delete] [Edit]

The First of two extra chapters is out for The Wrightton Solution, please let me know your thoughts.
09/12/20 04:28 am [Delete] [Edit]

I mainly noticed this by accident when I misclicked my title instead of my username to get to edit. I avoid messing with the read-counter if I can help it. Wanted to be sure it was just me.
09/10/20 08:18 pm [Delete] [Edit]

@Xiao-renzhe when you go to edit something while logged in, it also sometimes occasionally will do the same thing, only showing Title-Author name, then under it Reviews and Tabs. The rest is blank.
09/10/20 07:58 pm [Delete] [Edit]

@Xiao-renzhe I don't think it's anything to do with the skins. I was messing about with it a bit more, in any PC Browser I tried it doesn't load your published stories but will load others
09/10/20 07:56 pm [Delete] [Edit]

@ChronicLifetime, you could also try going to preferences and experiment with different skins to see if your browser loads one better than others.
09/10/20 07:11 pm [Delete] [Edit]