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December 03 2014

I find writing provides me a release to understand this unusual fascination I posses and allows me to express my thoughts and stories in a forum of likeminded people.


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Anna's Awakening by Duggernaut

Rated: X • 84 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

A teenaged girl with a tragic and haunted past begins to experience startling visions and starts manifesting unusual abilities feeling something dark stirring deep within her...

Apex by Duggernaut

Rated: X • 4 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Henry Smith is a sadistic killer in search of his newest conquest. Providence smiles upon him when two tempting young lovelies find themselves in his crosshairs, but all is not as it seems as he soons realizes he may not be the apex predator in this scenario.

Bang Your Head... (Mo's Story) by Duggernaut

Rated: R • 59 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

When heavy metal loving, pot smoking seventeen year old high school junior Morris Jablonski cuts class to sneak out and blaze up, he unwittingly witnesses the school’s three hottest girls shrink down another student. Trying to sneak away quietly, he coughs, inadvertently drawing their attention…


Botched by Duggernaut

Rated: R • 38 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

When a bank robbery goes awry, the robbers are forced to take refuge and hostages back in the bank

Cold Case by Duggernaut

Rated: R • 31 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Straight out of Quantico, special agent Abel Stafford is assigned to the mundane world of cold case missing persons. His new partner, a much older and decidedly eclectic agent believes a series of seemingly random unsolved disappearances are related to a single perpetrator. When his partner vanishes from a busy crowded street, Abel gets drawn into a cat and mouse game with the woman his partner was pursuing.



Double Dog Dare by Duggernaut

Rated: R • 57 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

After an outdoor party they are attending gets out of hand and police arrive, four highschool chums are forced to abandon their ride and walk back to town. Crossing through a corn field, they stumble across the town's rural 'haunted' house, replete with the legend of missing people, a witch, and suicide. One things leads to another as the boys dare one another to venture into the dilapidated mansion as a test of courage. Getting in is easy...

Fan Girls by Duggernaut

Rated: R • 72 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

What happens when the members of the rock band Injustice get shrunk and stranded in the hands of their most ardent and fervent young female fans? Will they help or will they surrender to their star struck passion?

Hell Hath No Fury... by Duggernaut

Rated: R • 21 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Originally titled 'The Demise of Daryl Dobbs', the story is about a man who is stringing three girls along at the same time. When they find out, all hell breaks loose.

Michael's Story by Duggernaut

Rated: R • 136 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Teenager Michael Hearst born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a sense of entitlement given his family name, offends the wrong person. Shortly after, he begins to feel ill, returning home to a house where his younger sister is coincidentally having an unsupervised sleepover with a handful of her girlfriends.


Nick by Duggernaut

Rated: R • 117 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Joining a new school mid semester is hard enough, but for Nick, when his parent's divorce is finalized he is forced to move across the country to live with his dad who just so happens to have a new lady in his life and a daughter Nick's age who is one of the school's 'it' girls. When an accident leaves Nick and two other boys shrunken, he may be forced to turn to his step sister and her friends for assistance...

Property of Omega Pi by Duggernaut

Rated: R • 597 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

The positively beautiful sisters of Omega Pi are a selective sorority who possess a very curious secret, that being, they sustain their otherworldly looks by stealing the lives and life energy of unsuspecting young men.

Shoebox by Duggernaut

Rated: R • 164 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

A young woman keeps her playthings in a shoebox under her bed


Sir George and the Dragon (Daffyd and the Damsel) by Duggernaut

Rated: PG • 46 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

The tale of an aging knight and his young squire pursuing a dragon, who in the course of their quest, encounter something unexpected.

Sophie by Duggernaut

Rated: X • 71 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

When her boyfriend and two others are accidentally diminished in size at the research lab where Sophie works, she tries desperately to find a means to restore them. Her boyfriend suggests they take advantage of the new possibilities, but Sophie is initially reluctant. As things begin to heat up and she embraces the circumstances, the dynamic in the relationship shifts dramatically, leaving her boyfriend to wonder if he has made a big mistake.


The Ad by Duggernaut

Rated: X • 7 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

A philandering husband responds to an online ad for a discreet encounter and ends up out of his depth.

The Book by Duggernaut

Rated: X • 30 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

A high ranking member of a secret society called the Disciples of the Hidden Path, currently in a state of chaos, finds an old tome in a musuem store room. Believing it capable of summoning a supernatural being and binding it to his will, he becomes fixated on performing the ritual. When he conducts the ritual, not all goes as planned, and there is a very hefty price to pay.

The Contract by Duggernaut

Rated: X • 65 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

A supposedly easy burglarly into a high end estate yields much more than pilfered loot

The Legion by Duggernaut

Rated: X • 17 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

After suppressing an insurrection in an outlying province, Legion 1 Minerva is ordered to pursue remnants of hostile barbarian forces across the Rhine. Dispatching three cohorts under the command of a young and inexperienced officer, the cohorts are overrun. Survivors are forced to flee, finding solace in a cave containing a passage that travels beneath a mountain. Following the path, the soldiers find themselves trapped in a valley populated by gigantic women.

The Nefarious Nine by Duggernaut

Rated: R • 23 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Having been transferred in from several different high security prisons, nine extremely dangerous and notorius felons find themselves incarcerated in a privatized institution unaware they are the subject of a pilot project. 

Tom's Story by Duggernaut

Rated: R • 1031 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Enlisting the aid of his sister, a teenaged highschooler who has been inadvertantly shrunk decides he wants to crash the birthday party of the girl he's been crushing on, but the party is girls only.

After the party, the story tracks the tribulations of the shrunken lad as he navigates his way through a sea of lovely ladies.

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