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April 20 2014

I have had the most incredibly wonderful dreams... of the most sensually orgasmic nature... 3 or 4 times a week. Beginning from when I was a small child... just after my 9th birthday in fact. :) In which... by some kind of questionable spell of magic. I am suddenly aware of myself bound helplessly captive... unable to move or make a sound of any kind. No longer do I appear to have a human body. Instead... my very existence is hidden deep within a chocolate body of some kind. Or alternatively in similar dreams… my existence is bound captive inside a cone... beneath what to me feels like a huge heavy blanket made of ice cream. My knowledge of humanity and everything that I knew previously… was replaced only with but 1 burning desire. Being only to find my Nirvana and salvation... which is my reward... this overwlelming love and gratitude and honour of a state beyond heaven. Such joy is for my universe! Alas... made only out of this girl's craving and unyielding enjoyment after finding my existence... hidden within her treat... then realising her favourite flavour of all... is bursting out of my unconditional total surrender weeping love to each single one of her welcoming tastebuds. As her enjoyment takes what is left of me without mercy... all the way into herself. To me... this feels like being suspended in a state of absolute orgasmic ecstasy.

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Her Chocolate Bar by JRamos, Her-chocolatebar, IsabelChris

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A music teacher is found by his student as a chocolate bar.

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