A Descent Into Her Mind by Tada7

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The Challenge: A gorgeous incredibly smart crafty woman with some sort of relationship to the main character is injured and drawn into a coma. The main character somehow has access to technology that allows him to for the first time to enter the mind of a coma patient and he does so to visit her.

This is where it gets interesting, in her mind she makes all of the rules. She controls the flow of time (a second in the real world could feel like a year in her mind), environment (whether they are in a castle of her design, or fantastical forrest), how large/small he is relative to her. By the time our hero realizes what he's gotten himself into, she has already trapped him.

That's the crux of it.


  • Maybe he wakes up inside some familiar environment to both of them, like an office or home and she has removed his memory of how he got there. She then proceeds to mess with him in various sexual ways like walking up to him as tho everything is normal then surprising him by taking off her clothes and enticing him to fuck her, only to shrink him when he tries and use him as her dildo.
  • Perhaps when he gets used as a dildo by her, when she orgasms, she literally swallows him into her and he passes into another of her worlds, sort of like Pagemaster (the way every world had an exit door to another world) if you ever watched that movie.
  • Perhaps at one point she erases his memory again, puts them at work in his office as tho everything is normal, and slowly shrinks him while she walks around eating ice cream in a skirt without underwear making fun him trying to work I don't know.

Lots of insertion if possible, feel free to add in whatever else.

This is an idea I've had kicking around in my brain for about 4 years now but will likely never get the chance to write myself. So be free little idea! You belong to the world now!

Categories: Body Exploration, Humiliation, Insertion, Mouth Play, Slow Size Change
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When Emma returns to get her revenge she tries to get Belle in a car accident and into a coma. Now it's up to Dylan and his best friend Kevin to create a divise that will allow them to go into a portal that leads to her dreams. They find themselves in a town called Bricksburgs and they get help from Emmet, Wyldstyle (Real name: Lucy), Batman, Unikitty, Benny, Metal Beard, Vitruvius (Ghost), Bad Cop, and Lord Business to get to the Octan tower to defeat Belle which is 69¾ feet tall to wake her up.

Categories: Giantess, Teenager (13-19), Animal, Adventure, Young Adult 20-29, Object, Adult 30-39, Mature (40-49), Couples , Middle Age (50+), Growing Woman, Mouth Play, New World Order, Vore
Characters: None
Growth: Brobdnignagian (51 ft. to 100 ft.)
Shrink: Micro (1 in. to 1/2 in.), Minikin (3 in. to 1 in.)
Size Roles: F/m
Warnings: The Following story is appropriate for all audiences, This story is for entertainment purposes only.
Challenges: Happy Endings, A Descent Into Her Mind, Action/Adventure (Challenge), The LEGO® Challenge, “Adventure is out there!” (Challenge)
Challenges: Happy Endings, A Descent Into Her Mind, Action/Adventure (Challenge), The LEGO® Challenge, “Adventure is out there!” (Challenge)
Challenges: Happy Endings, A Descent Into Her Mind, Action/Adventure (Challenge), The LEGO® Challenge, “Adventure is out there!” (Challenge)
Series: Dylan's Adventures, Adventure Diary, The LEGO® Series, Planet Tiny: The ‘Small’ Adventures, Giant Girl, Transformation, Action/Adventure (Series), Micro Man, Little Lady, “Adventure is out there!” (Series), Comedy, Science Fiction (Sci Fi), Musical, Season 01
Chapters: 6 Table of Contents
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[Report This] Published: June 27 2014 Updated: July 03 2014