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The year is 1900. China is exploited and bullied by foreign powers, all seeking to dominate it for selfish purposes. Its people are starved, murdered, and beaten. Among the chaos, a mystical secret society known as the Society of Righteous Fists rises up, and using power from the gods, create a giantess. Its goals are horribly xenophobic in nature. However, as she fights the foreign armies and even meets some of them, she realizes that maybe comitting murder in return isn't the best way to solve her country's issues...

This is a historically based story set in Qing China, since most of the stories here are in medieval Europe. (A couple are in Sengoku Japan though) Since this is a fetish story and not a historical analysis, do not take the beliefs of the characters within too much, as they are meant to somewhat accurately convey the general beliefs of the period. 

If there are any complaints with this (admittedly not very good) story, you may be entitled to a 10 cent refund on your next purchase of diet or regular coke, (usual restrictions apply) subject to regional availibility. If unavailable, please refer to the mailing address on the back of this pamphlet to lodge additional complaints or call toll-free at 1800-stopreadingthis. 

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